The Villa - Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Those Threads That Bind Us

We crawl out of the pool and return to the bedroom, showering; taking far longer that it has a right to, just can't seem to keep my hands off you. The only clothing that seems right are the sarongs'. One each, mine around my waist, yours covering your body from your breasts to your knees, just.

We go to the kitchen, for some reason we are both ravenous. Part of the deal was a small stock of food, just enough to get us through the first morning. Problem, they forgot the bread and milk. Never mind, if that is the only problem it will be a small price to pay. I remember passing a small shop when we went through the village the previous night so get dressed and go to by some bits and pieces, leaving you pottering in the kitchen.

Drove the 400 yards to the shop. Small but, as it is in places like this, selling just about everything. Picked up what was required and also something for lunch, would go shopping tomorrow. I also picked up a local English speaking paper, just to see what was happening on the island and returned to the villa.

We spent the day chatting about just about everything. Just wanting each others company, to hell with the rest of the world. A few dips in the pool, some clowning around, just what lovers do. In the late afternoon we got dressed and decided to have a wander around the village. A beautiful place, white washed walls with the typical green shutters and doors. Small streets just wide enough to get a car down, totally different to the wide roads from your home. Small gift shops, once again selling just about everything. We sight see until early evening and decide to eat in the local restaurant. Then back to the villa.

By the time we return it's dark. The night is presently cool after the heat of the day but we decide to stay inside. I have brought out a selection of CD's as the villa comes with a player. You leaf through them and on selecting one put it on. A lovely slow instrumental. We meet in the centre of the lounge; your arms go around my neck and mine around your waist. We move our bodies as one, in time with the music. Just holding each other. "I've waited a long time for this." I say softly, you just murmur and we loose ourselves in time.

We both notice at about the same time that the music has stopped. For how long we neither know nor care. You pull away, "Give me ten minutes Lover." you say. Turn and walk down the corridor towards the bedroom.

Ten minutes, ten minutes! A long time, an eternity for some. Now, did you mean exactly ten minutes, approximately ten minutes? Oh god decisions, decisions. I wait, time passes, so slowly. Then there it is. I walk slowly down the corridor. At the end is a chair. There is something on it. I stop and look down. Christ, I hope her bags weren't checked. On the chair were several lengths of silk cord and a vibrator. I pick then up and open the door to the bedroom.

Your there, lying on the bed. Arms above your head, touching the rails in the headboard. Your body is covered with the sarong. It's so sheer that I can see every wonderful curve of your body. You turn your head towards me and say just one word, "Anything." and smile.

I move around the bed, sit on the side and put down the vibrator and all but one of the silk cords. With trembling fingers I tie your wrists to the headboard. Pick up another cord and move down your body. I gently lift up one of your legs and bend it outwards at the knee. Tie another cord just above the knee and secure it to the side of the bed. I move around to the other side and repeat the process. Lastly I fold another cord into four and lay it across your eyes.

I stand up and undress. No words, none needed. The sarong is still covering your body as I collect the vibrator and return to your side. I turn it on to the slowest speed and start at your neck, gently caressing your skin. Down, still over the sheer material of the sarong, tracing lazy circles around your breasts. Seeing your nipples harden I move the tip of the vibrator closer and closer. Finally circling your nipples. One at a time, don't want to make them jealous.

I continue the downward travel for the vibrator. I lean forward and take one of your nipples in my mouth and suck. A moan escapes from your lips; I move over and suck the other before returning my attention to the vibrator, which is now caressing your inner thighs. I slowly pull the sarong off your body exposing you go my gaze. With your legs so wide your pussy has opened like a flower opens to the sun. Soft, pink and very, very wet.

I move the vibrator around your pussy and more gasps escape your lips. I slide it up one inner lip and down the other, causing shudders from your body. You moan when I make contact with the hood over your clit. Around and around, causing it to peak out, swelling in front of my eyes. I lean forward and lick the whole length of your slit finishing on your clit. You thrust up, pushing your pussy into my mouth. I lick and suck at your lips. Wetter and wetter. All the cords are now taught as you strain against your bonds.

Then it's back to the vibrator. I slide the first inch into you causing you to scream in pleasure. Then I push, slowly, further and further inside you. Your back arches and you scream in the first of your orgasms. I don't stop, thrusting into you again and again, making you moan and twist against your bonds.

You scream again as another orgasm racks your body. You shake your head, the cord lying across your eyes falls from your face and you look at me. "Fuck me, fuck me now." I discard the vibrator and move up your body. Positioning my cock at the entrance to your hot wet entrance. I push forward, all the way in, building up a slow rhythm. Backwards and forwards. You thrusting back up at me. All the time straining at the cords. "Please," you whimper, "Untie me, I want to hold you so much."

I reach up and undo your hands, then down to your legs. Your arms and legs instantly wrap themselves around me, holding me tightly. Pulling me further and further into you. I fuck you hard and long. When I withdraw I'm only just inside you then plunging into your depths, again and again.

I feel it building inside me, can't stop, don't want to stop. I scream as with one last thrust I come inside you bringing you over the edge again. You cling to me as I shudder uncontrollably, holding me in you, soothing me, waiting for me to stop shaking.

Slowly our breathing returns to normal as I slip from you. Not wanting it to end I just hold you, feeling your heartbeat in time with mine I slide to your side and we cuddle. No words are necessary as we drift into a deep, deep sl**p.

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