The Villa - Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – A Bit of A Splash

I open my eyes, I'm staring at the ceiling, and it only seems like seconds since I closed them. But there is something wrong. The light, there is light coming in through the window. Not a lot but I can make out everything. Has it all been a dream? Am I home? No, something is different. I hold my breath. Is this real? I listen, breathing, I can definitely hear breathing. With pounding heart I turn my head and there you are, lying next to me, looking beautiful in your sl**p.

I smile, and then it hits me. "Christ what happened last night," I think to myself. "Oh god, I fell asl**p. What a way to start. What shall I do? Lie here and wait for you to wake up, wake you up." I just don't know. So I chicken out and, very quietly I get up.

I walk through the villa, seeing it for the first time in daylight, a lovely place, everything neat and tidy. Just as promised on the web site. I round the corner to the lounge, ahead of me is the kitchen and to the right are the patio doors leading out to the pool.

I decide that outside is where I'll go to wait for you to wake up. Out I go, still naked, and head for the pool. I wander around for a bit, looking at the villa. Sun loungers chairs, table, parasol, everything we need, and the magnificent views. To hell with it, lets get wet.

Down the steps into the water, slightly cool after the night, it will soon warm up. I swim around a bit and end up with my back to the side and my arms on the edge. I close my eyes and rest my head on the lip of the pool.

It could have been seconds or minutes, I couldn't tell. The hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Someone is watching me. I open my eyes and you are standing on the opposite side of the pool looking down at me, with a sheepish look on your face. Your only clothing is a sarong around your waist. Apart from that completely naked.

"I'm so sorry," you begin to say, "I was just so tired, I couldn't keep my eyes open."

I smile back "I thought it was me, I don't remember a thing."

Your smile widens as you walk to the end of the pool. Undoing the knot in the sarong as you go. You drop it on the floor just as you start down the steps. Entering the water, completely naked, you shiver a little as you enter the water. We meet in the middle; I take your face in my hands, pull you towards me and kiss you, long, deep. Our bodies get closer and closer, trying to merge into one being. You hold me around the waste and seem to pull me even closer.

We come up for air and look into each other's face. "Good morning," you say.

"A very good morning," I reply. Then we just hug each other, not wanting to break the spell, but someone has different ideas. You pull away a little and glance down. "Hello," you say, "nice to finally meet you." Your hands slide from around my waist, one cupping my balls the other gently encircling my hard cock. My eyes close, my head rolls back and I moan. So long, I've waited so long for that touch, and now, beyond my wildest dreams. I pull you towards me again and kiss you, long, slow. You just keep stroking me.

"Stop!" I say, "or there will be an accident, and I don't want that."

"Then," you say, "fuck me, here, now." You release my throbbing shaft and put your arms around my neck as I move my arms down. You lever yourself upwards, spreading your legs to go around my waist. My hands go under your thighs for support and we are there. You balanced just above my cock. I start to lower you, down, very slowly down. Contact, a slight resistance, then the head slips inside. I stop. Your eyes close, your head rolls back and I lower you, down, down all the way down my shaft. Filling you until I am all the way in. Exactly at that moment your head snaps forward, eyes wide, mussels tense and you scream "I'm Cumming." Your body shakes and convulses. On and on, slowly slowing to little shudders, then you just cling to me.

We stand there, motionless, for what seems like ages. Your breath returns to normal. You pull away slightly and look into my face. You glance around and look at the steps leading down into the water.

"Take me over there," you say, "lay me down and do it again. This time I promise to wait for you."

I do as you request, slowly moving through the water. My hard cock still deep inside you. We get to the steps and I lay you down, not wanting to release you.

You lay back and I kneel between your thighs, slowly moving backwards and forwards. The water lapping over your body with every thrust. Slowly at first then a little quicker. You start moaning as my hands move up your body, stroking your stomach. Around your breasts, gently squeezing them. Feeling the nipples harden in the palm of my hands. Oh god, I'm out of control. My hands slip from your breasts and down to the steps. I lean forward and thrust deeper, faster. "Cum my baby," you say "Cum deep inside me." I explode. My back arches as I try to get even deeper inside you. I see red, my vision fades for a second then I feel your hands on my waist, your nails digging in causing me pain, and I don't care. I look into your lovely face and you are cumming as well, we both spasm together. Holding each other until we both come down from the peak.

I collapse on top of you, you hold me. Everything is going to be all right, if we don't kill each other first.

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