she wanted to watch

birthday,What she didnt tell me was who else was going to blow me...I mean my mind....Details cumming soon!

elayne promised me that her gift to me for my birthday would blow me away and that was exactly what happened......It was the perfect gift! When I walked into my house after work elayne took my hand and led me into my bedroom, And laying there on my bed was a hot naked woman playing with herself!
She led me straight to the shower where she undressed me then removed her skirt,panties and top her nipples hard like diamonds, With a view of the stranger that was sprawled out on our bed legs open wide massaging herself with a small vibrator slowly teasing her pussy while elayne and I watched the show. elayne massaged my entire body with soap pressing her nipples hard against my slick soapy skin getting more eroused with every movement the stranger made!
After ten minutes or so elayne suggested that we join her friend in the bedroom she told me to go on in and help Connie while she went and fetched cocktails for us.I asked elayne what she wanted me to do and she just said to join Connie on the bed. She knows what to do, then off to the kitchen she went.
I did as I was told and slowly walked into where Connie was laying out across my bed her legs open wide her long fingers slowly moving across her hard nipples and down between her thighs she looked into my eyes saying nothing,The look on her face was as if she was begging me to join her and who am I to say no and let down this gorgeous naked woman? I introduced myself and sat down on the bed beside her, she looked at my rod now as hard as a preachers cock on his wedding night and getting harder still when her hand reached out and touched my naked thigh wrapping her sticky wet fingers around my shaft and slowly started stroking my full length.
Taking my hand and placing it on her breast I gently pinched her nipple between my thumb and fingers causing her muscles to react to my gentle touch. her entire body shook uncontrollably as my tongue circled her nipples then wandered downward to her belleybutton tasting the sticky necter that remained from the earlier show!Her skin smelled of the satisfaction that she had brought to herself only minutes ago I teased her with kisses to her inner thighs making her squirm raising her hard round ass up off the bed her juices began flowing again as I slithered my tongue across her smooth lips finding her clit.Her breathing becoming more intense, her fingers winding tight into my hair and pulling my face firmly into her crotch grinding herself hard against my tongue she gasped louder as my tongue parted her lips entering her pussy like the vibrater she was using moments ago her body wet with perspiration her red hair dripping with sweat she slipped toy into her throbbing pussy moaning "oh baby" as she bucked wildly her body spasming uncontrollably.
Connie didnt waste any time her legs still shaking she pushed me back onto the bed lowering her head taking my rod into her mouth her tongue circling the head of my cock, slowly her velvet lips glided up and down my shaft taking the full length of my hard cock into her throat It wasnt long before I was pumping my load into her mouth she licked me clean not stopping till I was hard again I heard a noise coming from across the room I looked over to see elayne watching Connie suck her husbands cock her fingers buried deep inside her pussy our eyes meeting as Connie straddled me, guiding my cock to the opening of her pussy as her lips parted and she lowered herself around me elayne just watched as Connie rode the full length of my hard cock elayne rose up from her chair and climbed onto the bed and positioned her dripping pussy over my mouth facing connie.
as she slid her tongue inside her friends mouth her hands playing with Connies breasts and down to her pussy bringing connie to a screaming orgasm my tongue stroking elaynes clitoris and across her asshole making her gasp. connie removed my cock from her spent pussy taking my it and in her hand as elayne straddled me lowering herself down as connie slipped the dildo into elaynes pussy and my cock into elayne ass making her moan loud with pleasure her pussy swallowing the vibrating toy my cock buried deep in elaynes ass I could feel it vibrating inside her. we both came hard before falling fatigued onto the wet sheets! Happy Birthday Don

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