A Double Tease

A Double Tease

Chris just got up and turned the TV off. He just finished watching another episode of The Dukes of Hazard and boy was he horny. He was in total lust with Daisy Duke the way she would wear those tight little cut off shorts and those sexy
high heel strap on pumps.Ê

Chris loved seeing her in those pumps but he wished he could see her bare feet sometimes. Chris was just aching to jerk off at the moment but he decided to go downstairs before he jerked. He saw the mailman coming so he decided to wait till after he left then he would jerk. He walked into the upstairs bathroom to get a cup when he head a noise outside. He quickly got in his empty bathtub and peeked out the window.Ê

What he saw almost made his eyes pop out of his head. He looked out into the neighbor's back yard and there was his across the street neighbor Lisa in a pair of shorts and shirt. She was with two other girls and they went inside for a minute and then came back out. Chris watched as Lisa waved good-bye to her parents and could overhear them saying 'see you on Monday'.Ê

Lisa and her friends just stood there as her parents car pulled out of the driveway and then they ran inside. Chris even from a distance could see Lisa looked really good. She had been away all winter for her freshman year in college and Chris guessed she was back home for spring break or something. There was a knock at the doorbell; it was the postman. Chris grabbed his mail and threw it down and went back up in the bathroom. He looked across the way and they were gone. Damn Chris said to himself. He started to walk away when he heard female voices. He pulled the window open some more as his eyes were transfixed onto his neighbor's backyard.

He watched as a screen glass door opened and out popped Lisa and her friends and they had on a pair of jean shorts, a shirt and sandals. Damn, Chris said to himself, as his dick grew in his pants. Lisa pulled out a lawn chair as did her friend. He could hear a few words and he heard Lisa call her friend Deirdre as she slipped off her shoes and Jenn did the same.Ê

He overheard them saying they thought they would never leave. Chris continued to watch Lisa and Deirdre talk as he got brave and made his way down closer to the kitchen. Chris decided to get real brave and slowly and quietly walked toward the ten foot wooden fence that separated the two houses. He looked around as he opened his back door and didn't see anybody around and he told himself he was only going to sneak a quick peek and then go back in the house. He approached the fence careful not to make any noise. 'Don't get caught,' Chris told himself, it would be so embarrassing.Ê

He walked up to the fence and peeked between the cracks. Damn, Lisa looks so good and her friend Deirdre is nothing to throw out of bed neither. Chris could see Deirdre's white bikini as she laid out and Lisa had on a blue one but still had on her blue jean shorts on. Chris then began to walk away and he accidentally hit his foot on a stick making a small noise. He just stood there and hoped he hadn't been heard.Ê

But he had been noticed as unknown to Chris Deirdre had gotten off her chair and looked through crack and then quickly went away. Chris waited a few more seconds then bolted in his house. Deirdre went back and told Lisa who it was. "That is my neighbor Chris, he is kinda cute but very shy. I can't believe he was spying on us. Well, I tell you what Jenn let's return the favor later." Lisa purred.Ê

Jenn and Lisa went back inside and Lisa pulled out a pair of binoculars.Ê

"Let's see what are little spy is doing now." Lisa said she spotted Chris watching tv. She couldn't make out the program at first but then see saw The Dukes of Hazzard on tv.Ê

She also saw Chris rubbing his crotch everytime he saw Daisy Duke in those shorts. "Jenn take a look at this, Chris is watching Daisy Duke and he has a hard on" Lisa said as she handed the binoculars to Jenn. "You know Jenn come to think of it I just now noticed that Chris was always more friendly with me when I wore heels or was barefoot. I bet he has a foot fetish. Lisa giggled. Jenn also laughed. "Jenn since my parents aren't around why don't we find out if Chris really does have a foot fetish.Ê

"Ok but how Lisa" Jenn asked. "I have a plan wait till tomorrow. I know Chris has off from his job as they are closed so we will put my plan into action tomorrow" Lisa said as she sat down the binoculars and smiled.Ê

The Next Day

Jenn got Lisa up as they got some breakfast and talked about what they were going to do to Chris. They finished breakfast and got out their binoculars and tried to see what Chris was doing. They saw him going into his garage and pull the garage up and pull his car up. "I think the little weasel is going to wash his car a perfect set up for what I have in mind. Go get my dog and let's me and you go upstairs" Lisa giggled. Lisa went upstairs and looked in her closet. She got out a tight white shirt and slipped it on, not bothering to put on a bra. She went into her drawer and pulled out a pair of semi tight blue shorts and slipped them on, also not bothering to slip on any underwear. She bent down in her closet and found a pair of high heels. She slipped off her socks and slipped the heels on her feet. "What do you have in mind Lisa? Jenn asked. 'Just wait and see, we are going to tease the shit out of our little neighbor, I'll teach him to spy on us' Lisa said as she went downstairs and grabbed the leash for the dog.

"Come on me and you are going for a walk" Lisa laughed as she closed the door and her heels began clicking on the hard sidewalk. Lisa and Jenn quickly started to walk and slowed down a bit when they saw Chris in sight washing his car. Jenn looked over at Lisa as a big smile came across her face. "

Watch me" Lisa whispered as they were now 2 houses away from Chris's. Chris had the music on as he was washing his tires when he heard a click click and he looked up. He almost fell into the bucket of water as he saw Lisa walking toward him with a pair of shorts and heels. Her legs looked sssoooooo nice in those heels Chris said to himself. He also saw that her nipples were showing right through her shirt. Chris could hardly contain himself as the 2 girls got closer. His dick started to grow in his shorts as sheÊ
tried to think of a way to get the girls to stop and chat.Ê

He looked at the heels and imagined to himself how Lisa's feet would look like barefoot. He told himself he would have died had she been barefoot. Her bare feet walking down this black pavement her bottoms getting filthy black. Chris was so lost in his train of thought he didn't even hear Lisa say hi to him. Lisa's dog began to bark and that woke Chris up from his state of dreaming. "Washing the car today huh Chris?" Lisa purred as she walked up onto the sidewalk. Jenn broke out in a grin as Chris rushed up to try and make conversation with Lisa and her friend. "yes, yes" Chris muttered trying not to stare at Lisa's heels and trying not to stutter his words. Lisa quickly saw the bulge in Chris's pants and let out a grin as she said I was feeling so hot today I decided to take the dog for a walk cause I just wanted to get out of the house ya know" Lisa said as she went over and leaned on Chris's car.Ê

"You don't mind if I lean do you Chris?" Lisa asked as she began to slip her feet in and out of her heels. This movement didn't go unnoticed by Chris as she tried to hide his hard on as he continued to buff his car. "It is such a nice day Jenn, maybe we can lay out later"Ê

Yeah Lisa that would be fun" Jenn chimed in as she also leaned against the car. "Chris you don't mind if we hang here for a minute do you" Jenn asked now getting into the game herself. "No not at all I am almost done anyway" Chris said in desperation hoping the 2 girls would hang out for a bit. Chris decided to let the 2 girls talk as he finished up. Lisa noticed Chris bending over on the other side to wash a tire and she winked at Jenn as she slipped her foot completely out of it's heel and twirled her foot around before slipping it back inside her heel. Jenn got a quick peek and saw Chris squint and squirm as Lisa slipped her foot back in her heel. Lisa leaned over and did the same thing with her other foot this time leaving her foot out of her heel till Chris came back up and then quickly slipped her foot back in her heel preventing Chris from getting another peek at her bare feet.Ê

Chris got up not wanting to seem to obvious although he didn't know both girls knew exactly what he was thinking. Jenn looked down at her watch and told Lisa they best be going. "Chris me and my feet thank you for letting me lean on your car, they are absolutely killing me in these heels. I don't know why I wore these, I should have just walked the dog in my bare feet" Lisa purred as she watched Chris who was sipping some water almost choke on the water that was in his mouth. "I'm going to have to go home and soak my feet they hurt soooo bad" Lisa said to Jenn as Chris just stood there dumbfounded. He couldn't utter a word.Ê

"Chris I will see you later ok" Lisa said as her dog began to grow impatient. Jenn kept her eye on Chris, but didn't stare as they began to walk away. When they were next door to Chris and Jenn saw Chris dumping out his bucket of water and said now Lisa. Lisa then handed the dog lease to Jenn and made sure Chris was looking as she bent over and slowly slipped off her heels and put them in her hand as her and Jenn moved onto the street as she and Jenn walked up the street barefoot, Chris stared as he couldn't believe Lisa just slipped off her heels as he had never seen her feet barefoot and he couldn't get a great look. Chris quickly ran in the house and went upstairs to take a cold shower.Ê

Lisa and Jenn laughed as they walked up the street as Jenn told Lisa that Chris ran in the house. Both girls walked the rest of the way around the block and got back to Lisa's house. They put the dog inside and decided to give Chris a little show. Lisa and Jenn went outside and Lisa who's feet were a bit black from walking on the street laid out on her patio on her stomach. Jenn slipped off her sandals and both girls laid out for a few minutes hoping Chris was watching. Chris was watching he had a pair of binoculars in his hand and his other hand was jerking his cock. His eyes were squarely focused on Lisa's bare soles as he worked his cock back and forth with his hand. He scanned over Lisa's nice ass inside those cut off shorts as he started to jerk his cock faster and faster. He looked at the dirt on the bottoms of Lisa's feet and imagined his tongue down beside her licking off the dirt and sucking on her toes. He then noticed Jenn getting up and she got some lotion and began to rub it on Lisa's back.Ê

God Chris was trying so hard to hold back and Jenn's hands worked her way down towards Lisa's butt. She then squirted some lotion on Lisa's legs as she rubbed Lisa's thighs and toward her calves and over the ankle bracelet. Then she got some more out and began to squirt some on Lisa's feet as Lisa got up and began to rub the lotion herself on her feet. At this point Chris was wishing he lotion was his cum as his dick buckled as he shivered and his cock hit the volcano point now as his eyes were on Lisa's feet her hands rubbing the lotion all between her toes.Ê

At this point the first load escaped the head of Chris's cock as it shot on the floor. Chris kept his eyes on Lisa's feet as the 2nd and 3rd shots spewed from his cock onto the floor. God Chris thought to himself as he twirled his cock and the cum continued to spew out of his cockhead Lisa rubbed her fingers all up and down her feet as Chris drained the last of his cum from his cock. His dick went limp as he sighed to himself as he walked into the bathroom to clean up the mess. Lisa then took her hands away from her feet having no idea what she just did as her and Jenn just laid out taking the rays of the sun onto their bodies. Jenn then before she went inside whispered something to Lisa and Lisa giggled. 'Oh he will love that, that will be total torture. Both girls then went inside to plot their little plans.


Lisa and Jenn kept going in and out of the house hoping Chris would show his face in the back yard. Finally after a couple tries they heard a noise and saw Chris bringing a rake into his back yard. They watched Chris bring the rake out in the yard and go back in. Lisa then sat down at her table and Jenn waited till Chris came out and then Jenn gave Lisa the signal. Both girls made some noise so they would assure Chris would hear them. He did and he just stood there as he heard the 2 girls talking but couldn't hear what they were saying. He slowly and silently made his way to the fence as he saw the 2 girls talking.Ê

Cupping his ear to the fence he could hear them now. "Lisa I'm going inside to get some polish let's do our toes and fingers out here it is such a nice day" Jenn said as she went inside. Lisa said ok as she then stood up. Jenn went up stairs and saw Chris by the fence as she quickly grabbed some bottles of polish and went back into the yard. 'We have an audience Lisa" Jenn said as she put the bottles of polish on the bench.Ê

Lisa stood up and ever so slowly pulled her shirt out of her cut off jeans and pulled it up and over her head and laid it down on the chair that was nearby. She then unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped the fly and moved her hips from side to side hoping it was getting to the little peeping tom on the other side of the fence. She slid the jeans down past her hips and let them fall to her feet. She then bent over giving Chris a nice view of her ass as she put the jeans on top of her shirt. She put her fingers inside the bottom of her bikini and made it like a thong. Her bright blue bikini sparkled off her tan body and Chris almost jerked off right there. Jenn then slipped her shirt off and quickly slipped off her shorts revealing a tight small white bikini. Chris had on a massive hard on as he stared at both girls.Ê

He stared them up and down looking at the long legs, tight asses, and beautiful feet. Jenn put her feet up on the edge of the bench giving Chris a beautiful shot of her feet. Jenn's feet looked so soft and had just a coat of dirt on the bottoms from her walking around outside all morning. God I would suck off that dirt Chris said to himself as he stroked himself through the shorts. Lisa then picked up a bottle of dark shiny purple polish and opened the bottle and in a move that almost caused Chris to cum in his pants, Lisa took the polish and began to do Jenn's toe.Ê

She took her foot and lifted it up in the air giving Chris an unholy view of her semi dirty soles as she put them up on a table and began to blow on the toes as she applied the polish to them. "Your toes will look hot now" Lisa giggled. "Now your toes will match your fingers" Lisa said as she applied the polish to her big toe and worked her way down to each toe. Soon all 5 toes were a bright purple matching Jenn's fingers. Lisa leaned over and began to blow dry on the toes as Chris was almost ready to cum in his pants at this point.Ê

Lisa leaned over and was inches from Jenn's big toe as she leaned over and let her tongue lick on her big toe for a second. "Lisa, don't do that nobody would dare lick my dirty feet" Lisa giggled as Lisa pulled away and Chris almost passed out. Jenn slide up her foot. "Lisa who in their right mind would want to lick dirty feet, I mean clean maybe, but dirty nah I couldn't see a guy doing that" Jenn said as she winked at Lisa who got up and began to walk around a bit.Ê

Lisa then put her foot up and Jenn began to paint her toes a wicked red. Lisa wiggled her toes as Jenn finished and she blew on her feet as well. Lisa and Jenn hoped that their little friend was enjoying the show as Lisa then got up and took her little bikini bottoms and slide them up revealing her whole ass as she gave herself a wedge and then laid out on her stomach. Jenn got the hint and did the same with hers as both girls laid there and smiled as the music played on.

Chris was in absolute desire. He couldn't stop looking at both girls nice round butts. God how he would love to go over and lick on their feet and then lick those 2 nice round butts. He couldn't take it anymore and he just got up and left as his cock was oozing pre cum almost. Both girls heard him leave and then they decided tomorrow was going to be the big day. The day when there were going to tease Chris so bad that he would die. Lisa had an ultimate little thing up her sleeve. She just hoped that Chris would be outside and if he was, boy was he ever in for it.Ê

Final Action

Lisa woke up around 8am and got some breakfast and then let Jenn in on her plan. The girls waited around a bit and then Lisa saw from her parents room that Chris was outside working on his car in the garage. "oh this is too good Jenn let's go and get our prey" Lisa purred as she went over to the closet and pulled out a small white tank top and a pair of old cut off blue jean shorts. She eased her jean shorts up her legs and buttoned them on. They were very small and her butt cheeks hung out of them just the tiniest bit as Jenn slipped on a pair of black spandex shorts and a black T-shirt.Ê

Both girls decided to take the long way to Chris's as they slipped out the door in their bare feet. The girls were excited and Lisa for one was really so of turned on by all this. She wanted to make Chris pay for spying on her and also she was excited by the fact that he was turned on by her feet. Both girls made sure they walked in the black pavement and soon they were just down the block and in the distance they could see Chris walking into his house as they decided it was time. Lisa and Jenn began to walk slowly as they got next to his house.Ê

"Hey what are you doing Chris" Lisa asked as his head popped out from under the car and his eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw both girls were barefoot and walking toward him. Both girls made sure not to walk on the grass as they walked on the sidewalk and up the driveway.Ê

"Uh not much...working on my car" Chris managed to slip out. "Oh I love cars" Jenn said. "Maybe we can uh you know help ya" Lisa purred as Chris went back under the car for a second. "Give me like 3 minutes girls and I will be right with you" Chris said.Ê

"Yeah Chris I mean I haven't been able to stop by and chat so I figured with me home and stuff now would be a good time" Lisa said as she moved closer to the car. Chris got up and Lisa sat up on his hood and began to innocently swing her feet up and around as Jenn sat down and crossed her feet across denying Chris a view of her soles. Lisa then jumped off and began to lift her feet off the ground, arching on her tipsy toes.Ê

"God my feet hurt Chris, I was out dancing last night and they still hurt" Lisa cried as Jenn almost started to laugh. Chris then went over and got a sip of water. "Hey we can help you with your car if you want while we chat" Jenn asked.Ê

"Ok sure" Chris said as he was dying inside. His cock began to grow and he quickly got under the car hoping the girls wouldn't notice. Lisa then went over in the garage and slide her foot in a nice spot of oil as Jenn looked on as Lisa ground her feet in the oil then quickly got back to the car. She then leaned against the side door and propped up a foot and rested it as she uncurled her toes. Chris who wasn't looking at first, turned and saw the foot and gasped out loud as both girls smiled and winked at each other.Ê

"Something the matter Chris" Lisa asked. "oh no...uh I just found out the problem what is wrong with my car that's all". Lisa saw Chris was in absolute agony. His cock was rock hard and he looked over at Lisa's dirty foot. The entire sole was covered in black. And it was a deep black. God she must have barefoot all day Chris said to himself. He needed to get this hard on down so he could come out from under the car.Ê

Lisa retook a position and put the other foot in the same spot and unknowing to Chris Jenn was spying on him from the other side and she gave Lisa the thumbs up sign as Lisa was soaked. This teasing was turning her on more than she thought. Lisa then rubbed a foot in the ground and then lifted a foot up and began to rub it all the while knowing that this was driving Chris insane. Lisa then got on her knees and pushed herself up giving Chris a view of 2 extremely dirty feet. He saw them and had to cover his mouth to stop from yelling. He couldn't keep his eyes off them as he looked over every square inch of her feet, which was pitch black. Dirty everywhere. All 5 toes, under the toes, the middle, the arch and the bottoms. Lisa turned with her hand, back still to Chris and rubbed each toe as if she was scratching an itch.Ê

Jenn watched and was in awe that a guy could be that much into feet. She was starting to get turned on too. She wanted to tease Chris too. She wanted him to look at her feet like he was Lisa's. She got up and went over to the oil patch and grinded her feet in it and decided it was her turn as she went back to the car.Ê

Chris stayed under the car pretending to be doing some work when in reality he was staring at feet. Jenn sat down and he moved over for a better look. Her soft soles were black as could be and the sides were the only part that was white. Her black soles were curled in and Chris was almost coming in his pants. He then watched as Jenn sat up and she curled her toes inward as Chris almost shot right there. The girls while teasing Chris had a good idea what they were doing to him. Chris then did notice a loose bolt on his car and he asked Lisa to get him a pair of pliers. She went in the garage and got them and she slid them to Chris. Lisa then decided she was bored and went to get the vacuum, might as well make it look good Lisa said to herself. She grabbed the vacuum and turned it on.Ê

"Chris I'm going to vacuum the back seat" Lisa yelled and Chris said . Chris went over to the loose part and began to tighten it up. He was so into tightening up the part that he didn't see Lisa coming toward him. She walked over and began to vacuum the back seat. She do the left part of the seat and then moved to the right part. She lifted her foot off the ground and her foot ended up going off the ground a few inches, just inches from Chris's nose and face. Chris didn't notice at first, but as soon as he worked the bolt tight and he turned his head his eyes latched right onto Lisa's right foot. His eyes nearly popped out of his head as he was literally inches from her feet. If he stuck his tongue out he would have brought back dirt. His nose quickly inhaled the dirty foot aroma as he was in total heaven now. He looked over at how filthy, dirty, oily her foot had become. He would have done anything to clean off her feet right then and there. God I can't wait to go jerk off Chris said to himself. He was so caught up in himself that he didn't notice Lisa had gotten done.Ê

Lisa noticed where Chris was and decided to really get him going. As Chris was sliding out of the car, Lisa ACCIDENTALLY put her foot on his forehead. "Oh I am so sorry Chris I didn't know you where coming out" Lisa said as she winked at Jenn. "I am so sorry" Lisa said again as she was so apologetic. "ah don't mind I still have to take a shower later." Chris said.Ê

"But I got some dirt on your forehead, here let me clean it off" Lisa said as she reached in her pocket and got out a tissue and cleaned off his forehead. "I am so sorry Chris, I went outside barefoot today and I guess my feet got a little dirty" Lisa purred. "I noticed' Chris said before he caught himself and wiped off his hands. The comment didn't go unnoticed by both girls "Chris do you think we could use your hose on the side to wash our feet off, they are so yucks' Lisa asked. Chris was about to die as he realized his little foot thing was almost over. "Uh I guess you could' Chris managed to stammer out. Both girls said cool as the lifted up their feet and asked Chris to comment on their feet.Ê

"Well, they are dirty and all, I think they look kinda sexy in a way. Lisa then walked up toward Chris. 'What do you mean by that Chris' she asked. "Well I mean they just look sexy a bit, I mean summertime is the time to go barefoot that's all' Chris said putting his foot more into his own mouth as his face turned red. '

"Chris come over here' Lisa said as Chris was over in ten seconds. "Chris since I think you are cute and all and I need to ask you a big favor" Lisa asked as she pulled a quarter out of her pocket. "See this quarter here?" Lisa said. Chris nodded.Ê

"Well, since I am in sort of a horny mood and all I am going to give you a chance of a lifetime. Chris just stood there his hard on still there. "I am going to ask you if you would like to be with two girls? Chris's eyes nearly popped out of his head. "Hell yeah" he yelled out with total enthusiasm. "Ok good, now the conditions are if the coin comes up heads you can do whatever you want to for 20 minutes, if it comes up tails you have to pay us $200 and we get to do whatever we want to you for 2 hours".Ê

"Fuck yeah let's do it. Chris said as he shook his fist in the air. Lisa put the coin in her hand and let it fly. He hit the ground and landed, the 3 went over and looked it landed on???

The 2 girls and Chris ran over to the coin and saw that it handed on heads. Chris jumped and down for joy as he had 20 minutes to tell the girls to do whatever he wanted. The girls looked at each other as Lisa said a bet is a bet, what do you want us to do.Ê

Chris wanted them to go inside. He quickly put all his stuff away and closed the garage door and closed all the shades. He ordered the 2 girls upstairs. The 2 girls sat on the edge of the bed as Chris thought for a moment. "I want you 2 girls to strip for me and I want a good tease strip, you know what I like so as Nike says, do it' Chris commanded as he sat down. "Come on ladies time is a wasting' Chris growled.Ê

The girls looked at each other as they sat up and Chris put some dance music on. "Dance for me" Chris yelled. Jenn got up and started moving her hips to the music as she slipped her shirt out of her jeans and ever so slowly pulled them up past her belly button before putting it back down then going up another inch. Lisa got into the game as she stood up and bent down exposing her ass in the ultra tight daisy duke cut off jeans. Chris gasped as her saw some her beautiful ass exposed as Lisa ran her red fingers all around her ass, she whispered almost talking silently as she asked Chris if he liked what he saw. His penis told the story as he pointed down to it. Lisa smiled as she laid down on the bed and put her dirty feet directly up in the air and ran her fingers all up and down her dirty feet as Jenn got her shirt above her breasts. She slipped the shirt past her now naked breasts as she flung the shirt to the floor. Jenn's breasts were firm and her nipples were hard.Ê

"Lisa suck on Jenn's tits and I want you on your knees while you do it and then I want you to kiss her stomach and unzip her jeans ok" Chris said as they did what they were told. Lisa bent down and got on her knees her bare, filthy dirty feet in plain view as he gasped as she saw them again. Lisa kissed Jenn right on the lips to Chris's surprise as she then kissed her neck and made her way down to her tits. She took Jenn's left breast in her mouth as Chris bent down to get a closer look at how filthy Lisa's feet were. He was literally inches from her feet as he took in a deep breath to inhale the dirty foot aroma as he slipped off his shorts.Ê

He looked up and saw Lisa with her whole mouth over Jenn's breast. He got up to get a closer look. "That's it suck on her breast, roll your tongue across her nipples. "Chris said as he watched Lisa's tongue roll out of her mouth and make circles around Jenn's nipples. "Suck on the nipple and with your hand unzip her jeans. Chris watched as Lisa made her way down past Jenn's breast as her tongue circled Jenn's belly button as her hand un buttoned Jenn's jeans and with her mouth unzipped the fly.Ê

"Very good" Chris said as she watched the 2 girls go at it. "ok girls now I want you 2 to eat each other out, do it all while I watch. Lisa watched as Jenn's jeans disappeared down her legs as Jenn stepped out of them. Chris looked down as Lisa lifted up Jenn's foot and ran her fingers through the toes as Chris stared at the black polish. Lisa then turned around as Jenn lightly kissed her ass throughout the shorts as she also unzipped Lisa's shorts. Lisa then backed away as she walked up to Chris and slowly let the jeans fall to the floor as she kicked them out of the way. Both ladies were now naked as they tongue kissed.Ê

"Lay down I want you girls to 69 it." Chris said. The girls did just that as Lisa moved on top of Jenn as she kissed all around her thighs as Lisa stuck a finger in Jenn's pussy. Lisa then flicked out the finger as she tasted it in her mouth. It must have tasted good cause Lisa quickly stuck her mouth in Jenn's pussy as she started to lap at her pussy like a dog in heat. Chris couldn't take it anymore as he stood up and walked over to Jenn he spit on his cock as he watched Lisa take a quick grab of it and suck on it quickly. He then replaced Lisa's tongue with his cock. His penis slipped in Jenn's pussy with no problem at all as her pussy was so wet. Lisa reached up and played with Chris's balls. Chris started off slow then started to increase the pace. It wasn't long before he felt his load begin to build up and wanting to exit. He pointed down at Lisa's mouth as he pulled out and she put his cock in her mouth as the first, hot splash of cum hit her in the back of the throat.Ê

Lisa continued to feel Chris's balls as the 2nd and 3rd shots hit the back of her throat with a f***e. She reached up and jerked on Chris's cock giving it a little tug as drained his cock of the cum. She drank down load after load of the white cum as it continued to spurt in her mouth and down her throat. She continued to tug at his balls getting every last drop of cum in her mouth as she took her mouth off Chris's cock and sucked the last few drops of cum out of his now limp cock. With one last load of cum in her mouth she moved over to Jenn and Jenn got below Lisa and with Chris watching Lisa let the cum slide from between her lips and into Jenn's open mouth, the cum fell flow like a slow motion waterfall as it dripped onto Jenn's tongue and down her throat as Chris looked on in amazement!Ê

Lisa walked over to her purse and pulled out a pink strap on. She walked over to Jenn and Jenn quickly began to suck on the dildo getting it wet as Chris just looked on his cock starting to grow again. Lisa turned around as she took the dildo and slipped it up to her hips as Jenn slipped and strapped it on.Ê

Lisa turned around and gave Chris a great view of her ass in that strap on thong. Lisa bent over and the strap on rode up the crack of her ass, only the strap part was in her ass as it was like 3 inches across. Chris licked his lips as he wanted to jam his tongue deep in Lisa's ass now. Lisa slowly rose up and used her long nails to run her fingers up from her thighs up to her ass and she teased Chris by paying special attention to her ass.

Jenn continued to suck on the dildo and got it nice and wet. Lisa then pushed Jenn to the ground and spread her legs wide giving Chris a great view of her still dirty feet. Lisa moved the dildo into position and slipped the now slippery wet cock into Jenn's now wet pussy. The dildo slipped right in and Lisa began to rock the dildo back in forth slowly jamming it in and out of Jenn's pussy teasing her until she begged Lisa to jam it all the way in.

Lisa complied as she jammed the dildo all the way in. "You want it Jenn, tell me you want it" Lisa screamed as Jenn screamed YES and Lisa began to ram it hard and fast as Chris sat there with a huge hard on. Jenn exploded into a 2nd orgasm with the big mechanical dick inside her. Lisa sloped the dido out and walked over to Chris. She looked at her watch.Ê

"Chris your time is up, now it is our turn to do the commanding
"Lisa said and smiled. "Come over here and suck the penis, suck the juice off this dildo" Lisa said as Jenn walked over to watch. Chris opened his mouth and sucked on the tip of the wet, pussy juiced dildo. Chris slipped his tongue out and slipped the pussy juice off the dildo and quickly deposited it down his throat. Jenn's pussy juice tasted sooooooooo good it was like a fine wine to Chris.

"Finish cleaning this dildo" Jenn said as she watched Chris slide his tongue all over the rest of the dildo and cleaned up the mess off the dildo. Chris then asked the girls something that even shocked the 2 girls. "Lisa I want you to slip that dildo back on and fuck my ass. It has always been a fantasy of mine to have a woman fuck my ass" Chris pleaded with Lisa. Lisa who didn't need to be told twice began to strap on the dildo and Jenn helped her before Chris would change his mind. Lisa then had an idea and she went over to Jenn and told her.Ê

"Chris as I am fucking you, I want you to fuck Jenn right in her ass as well. "Mmmmmmm OK" Chris said as Jenn got on all fours to show her ass to Chris. "But I want to watch Lisa fuck you first" Jenn said as she got behind Chris and spread his ass cheeks wide as Lisa poured oil on his ass and on her pink toy.Ê

"Yeah get it nice and wet" Jenn said as Lisa rubbed the tip getting a few extra drops on the toy as she was ready. "Ready for me Chris cause I am coming in" Lisa screamed as she slide the tip against his tight hole and in the tip disappeared as both girls watched on as the 1st inch went inside his ass. Both girls could hear Chris groan as Lisa slide back and forth a bit opening his ass even more as the 2nd inch went in as his ass opened more.Ê

"Chris now you know what it feels like baby" Jenn said as Lisa rocked back and forth and the dildo went in even more as Jenn then moved in front of him and offered her ass to him. "Fuck me Chris, like Lisa is fucking you" Jenn purred as she opened her ass for him. Chris had her move back a bit and then he got his cock and oiled it up and slide it between her cheeks. She was on fire as his cock entered her ass.Ê

"Ooooooooo yeah split me in 2" Jenn cried as the cock went into her ass deep. Chris slide is cock back out then slide it back in all 8 inches now buried deep in her ass. Lisa continued to fuck Chris hard, her plastic balls hitting his as she watched Chris fuck her best friend in the ass. "Oh I'm gonna cum soon" Chris cried as Lisa quickly slide out and un strapped the toy. She got under Chris. "I want it in my throat" Lisa cried as she began to lick his balls as she watched the cock pound into that asshole. Chris began to pound Jenn faster and faster as Lisa watched his balls blow up for the 2nd time and she grabbed the cock and jerked it a few times as she moved it toward her mouth, but instead of the hot cum going in her mouth, Lisa milked the cum into a glass she had in her hand.Ê

Chris cried out loud as the first shot of cum blasted into the glass as milky streams of cum shot right into the glass. Lisa milked his cock dry for the 2nd time as she gave his balls a little kiss as she handed the glass to Jenn unknowing to Chris.

Lisa flipped Chris over and began to kiss him on the lips. "Jenn has a surprise for you for fucking her in the ass" Lisa said as she took a finger and rolled it around his lips as Jenn got the glass and Lisa took 2 fingers and opened his mouth wide.

"Swallow this" Jenn commanded as she took the white glass and tilted it sideways and the thick, hot, salty cum dripped from the bottom of the cup right into Chris's mouth. "Oooohhh yeah swallow it baby" Jenn said as she smiled as her and Lisa watched Chris take the cum in his mouth and then watched his throat go "gulp" as the cum went into his stomach.Ê

Jenn rolled the cum onto his lips and they watched as he sucked the cum off his lips as she set the glass down. "Now that was hot Chris...you drinking your cum. you can have our feet anytime" Lisa said as they all took a well deserved shower and nap.

100% (9/0)
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2 years ago
Literally for this foot freak, a story from heaven! Thank you for sharing it!

3 years ago
Great story, thanks for sharing!