gangbanged at party

about a month ago my husband bill went off on a business trip and i was sitting around the house all friend becky called me up and said that there was a party and if i wanted i could go with her.
we got there and there were several guys and a few woman and i have to admit i was getting off on the attention i was getting but figured it was all innocent flirting.
after awhile i noticed becky and some guy was hitting it off and she asked if i minded if they left for awhile and i said "no,go carefull" and they took off.
a little bit later a guy named randy started talking to me and and was really coming on to me,i was starting to get tipsy and before i knew it we were slow dancing in the corner and he was feeling my ass thru my mini skirt and asked if i wanted to go to a bedroom upstairs.
my heart was racing and couldnt even believe my self when i said "yes" and we went upstairs and i layed on the bed and he lifted up my dress and pulled my panties a side and started to eat my pussy.
then the door opened and there were 3 more guys and at first they said "sorry,we didnt know anybody was in here" but the didnt leave and just watched.
i knew i had to end this but never said a word and another guy asked if he could have a taste and one after annother started eating me and then i heard a zipper getting undone and before i knew it i felt a cock being pushed into me and he started fucking me really fast and before i knew it he just came in me without asking if it was ok,randy then pushed himself in and i asked him to pull it out but he said "no way,you getting filled up" and after a few minutes he came in me and the next 2 did the same thing but i have to admit,i came several times myself.
i then got up and left the party and woke up the next day and then thought what if i get pregnant...took the morning after pill and a few days ago my period finnaly showed up.
as guilty as i feel id still love to be taken like that again.

80% (11/3)
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3 years ago
lucky guys:)
3 years ago
3 years ago
very hott wish I was at this party!
3 years ago
damn that was a hot story! ur not far from me im in Williamsport im sure i could find a couple guys to share u
3 years ago
How much do you charge for a night? Is there a max number of guys you will do?
3 years ago
my bad luck i wasn't in this party.