me and my bbc

The previous storys i have posted where from my fall meeting last year , i have kept in touch with both Paul and Marcus , Paul and i have met up . Marcus lives in Washington so no luck in seeing him , i am currently writing this from my hotel in Vancouver as i am at our yearly meeting, and i am waiting for Paul , like i mentioned i have seen Paul since the first meeting and have become a slave for his huge black cock, i have only been able to meet up with him once ,the time we did meet since that night , we met chatted for a while then i just had to have him i was dripping , the image of that huge cock kept crossing my mind, once in his car i told him to take me somewhere and smiled all the time thinking off the night in the hotel, , i wanted him bad , we had met out by the ferry he had come over for the night we drove to his hotel , i live in in the sticks, so i was hoping know one would recognize me in town, i was scared but so horney , what a slut ive become , if you had told me two years ago id be driving to a hotel with a hung black guy , id have thought you where nuts , but here i am lol he checked in , came and got me and we went to his room , my stomach was churning he opened the door dropped his keys and grabbed me and kissed me , put me down on the bed , i kicked off my shoes he then stood up took off his jacket and shirt and grinned at me , and said is this what you want baby and un did his pants and dropped them to the floor , no briefs no boxers , just a really hung man , he laughed and said this time im not wearing , oh my god i was in heaven , i sat up on the bed grabbed his cock and proceeded to suck him, i could feel him harden , i pulled back looked up at him and smiled , he pulled me up to him kissed me, and started to help me out off my jeans and tank top , he then put me on the bed , took off my soaking panties , opened my legs and stuck two fingers in , i squirmed he thrust them deeper , finger fucking me , i must have soaked him , he then stood up and i could see his cock was rock hard , oh my god i looked at this huge cock , and that was going inside me , then he grabbed my legs thrust them apart and started to push into me a little rougher than the first time but i loved it , it hurt like hell as he pushed further and further inside me but the pleasure i was feeling made it all worth while , he pushed deep inside me holding himself and letting his cock throb inside me , mmmmmm what a beautiful feeling , i then felt him run his hand down my side and under my ass , he didnt lift my ass but poked a finger into my ass hole , i had never had this done before , but i didnt care , he started to slowly fuck me my legs stretched my ass stretched , i lost count the times i came , he fucked me harder and harder , fuck i thought i was going to die , at the same time pushing his finger deeper , now there was two , i started to panic a little and told him i couldnt take it in my ass
he smiled and said he wouldnt do anything that i didnt want , he got faster and faster , i reached down and grabbed those nice big balls and squeezed them as we fucked , he was shredding me inside and then i felt him shoot inside me he then pulled out and sprayed his cum all over my tits and hitting my face i grabbed his cock and wrapped my lips around it , i sucked and he came again and again it hit the back off my throat and seeped out my mouth , he then sprawled across the bed , i just lay there in heaven , i knew i couldnt stay , i had two k**s and a hubby to get back to , Paul asked me to spend the night , i wanted too, he teased me saying that he would be hard again in no time , but i couldnt , he got up and walked towards the bathroom , i swear his cock limp is 8 and so thick , when he came out the bathroom i grabbed his cock and started to suck on him , he played with my hair , and asked if i liked having my ass played with , i said it was a first but i enjoyed it , he then asked if i would want to meet up with him and some friends when i came to Vancouver , i said what for dinner , sounds so stupid now , no he laughed for fun like the first time with him and Marcus ,
100% (9/0)
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2 years ago
All your stories are very hot. thanks
3 years ago
Very hot
3 years ago
Incredible.. Sexy story
3 years ago
Awesome story,and what nice pics you have of you.I love to watch you with Paul. I bet he deserves your white pussy too.
3 years ago
Love this story, so hot and nasty! Reminds me of my story on my profile about my wife and my cousin! Thanks for sharing this!
3 years ago
Thanks I enjoyed being part of it
3 years ago
Nice story.