my first black man p1

i had sex with a black man for the first time , infact apart from my husband whom ive been with since high school . ive never had anyone else , my hubby is a great guy but ive always wanted to sl**p with a man that was larger than 6 inchs , talking to girlfriends it seems that the average guy is about the same as my hubby but all agree black guys are well a lot bigger , so i became curios to fingd out if this was true , having looked at some internet sites it seemed that all black guys where huge , so the next step was to find one , i really didnt know what to do so again i talked with a couple of close gf and told them what was on my mind , they didnt agree with me and said it would hurt my hubby , so i agreed and told them i would forget it , but i couldnt stop thinking about it , i found myself going to more and more websites infact thats how i came across this one , i work for a public service company and once a year we have a general meeting which is hosted in another city , funny ive been to this meeting 9 years running and never once thought about the people that i was meeting there, sure ive been hit on at the after party/drinks at the bar etc etc , but it was always older men and i took it as just flirting and i would always bring up my husband in the conversation , anyway the same thing happend this year , same older guys flirting and buying you more drinks than you needed , but i took them and said thanks , it was around 9.30 nd i was feeling a little tired so i finished my last glass off wine made my excuses and left to head back to my room , feeling a little more tipsey than i should i got to my room and ordered room service , 25 mins later and another 2 glasses off wine there was a knock on my door i opened it up and my heart for some reason started to beat really hard , the guy delivering the food was black and tall and built , i just stood there stammering and he walked in the room smiled at me i just couldnt speak , he asked me where i would like him to put the tray , i just pointed to the table he asked if there was anything else i shook my head and he left , i sat on the bed and between my legs was really really wet , i think i had orgasmed just looking at him
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3 years ago
cant wait for the rest!
3 years ago
nice start I cant wait for the rest!
3 years ago
nice start....
3 years ago
If he was built between the legs and had got your pussy you would have been looking to be with him on a regular basis since your husband could not give you what he did.
3 years ago
it worth trying keep on.