Courtney,One Crazy Little Bitch. Part 1

Courtney has been a bubble off plumb since she was a toddler. There's just no two ways about it. If You don't keep a constant eye on the girl,she'll do the damndest things! Like the last time I had to watch her. We were in the den,watching cartoons on the TV,and all I did was go to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. When I got back she was gone! I searched the whole house and finally found her,after I heard her voice coming from the back yard. I was in the attic by then,so I looked out the window and there She was, swinging on one of the vines and quacking like a duck. She also didn't have a single stitch of clothing on!

There's no telling what she had been doing,but She must have been putting on one hell of a show because Malcolm,the man who lives next door and happens to be almost eighty years old,was leaning on the chain-link fence,licking His lips. He stood there staring at her,unashamedly rubbing his old,flacid cock through the front of his pants,trying to make it hard!

I didn't quite know how to handle the situation. Should I scold Courtney,And Malcolm,or just scoop Her up and go back inside? I opted for the latter.

I was running through the back door when I watched Courtney let go of the vine and squat. She was spreading her pussy lips wide open with her fingers,like she was about to take a piss,and quacking at Malcolm. I made one last mad dash, and reached her just as she burried a finger deep up into her vagina! Grabbing Her under the arm pits,I picked Her up,threw her petite,naked body over my shoulder and headed back across the yard as quickly as I safely could.

As for Malcolm,I just smiled,waved with my free hand,acted like I hadn't seen a thing and said "Sorry,Mate! Hope She didn't bother You!"

I heard him grumble something and go back to raking the leaves, but I knew He was still watching Her.

Hell! Who wouldn't be? After all,She was waving at Him with both hands and quacking even louder! Then She started pushing her butt against the side of my face saying "Kiss it! Kiss My Butt! I know You wanna,I'm gonna let Ya,I know You wanna,I'm gonna let Ya..." over and over in a sing song voice as we made our way to the house!

I was so embarrassed!

I carried Her inside and all the way to her room,then I plunked her down on the bed. Even while I was telling her to stay in the room and closing the door,She continued her litany of "I know You wanna,I'm gonna let Ya... Kiss My Butt!"

That was the day I begged Courtney's mother,Samantha,not to ask me to babysit any more. I didn't tell Her why,I just told her I thought Courtney needed a Woman to take care of her. It didn't do any good. Seems like Courtney gets into even worse trouble if someone else tries to babysit her. Why,just last week Mrs.Williams was watching Courtney,when she pulled her vanishing act one more time.

Poor,old Mrs.Williams. She was frantic at first,then she went ballistic when Jimmy,from the corner market,called and told her "Courtney is Naked and Running wild through the store! She's...Stop That! Courtney! She's doing "Really rude things" with a cucumber,Mz.Williams and She won't stop throwing stuff at the Customers! God Damnit,Courtney! Take That Out Of There! Shit! You need to come get Her! Courtney! Put that bottle down! No! Don't You Dare,Courtney! Courtney! Don't You Dare Stick That In Your...!"

Mrs.Williams fought the good fight! She rescued Jimmy and the Customers,captured Courtney,by tackling her in the produce isle,and swore up and down on a Stack of Bibles that she would never watch Courtney again! She even put it in writing!

"Dear Mrs.Samantha Meddows," Mrs.Williams wrote "You don't have enough money in Your Bank Account (Or the World for that matter!) to put Me through that kind of humiliation! Not Now OR Ever Again! How am I supposed to go to Church on Sunday morning and face People? Can You tell Me that? I'll pray for You,Mrs.Meddows,but You Had Best Be Glad I Don't Sue You! Not a Jury on Earth Would Blame Me! Really! I mean it! That c***d of Your's needs to be tied down or locked up! Which is exactly what I did! I fought with her till I had her tied down and then I locked That Crazy Little Bitch Up! You will find Her in her bedroom safe and sound! Do Not Call Me Again! Ever! If You Do? I Will call The Authorities!"

Of course,when Samantha got home Courtney wasn't in Her room. Instead,She was laying in the driveway acting like Mrs.Williams ran Her over with the car! She even put ketchup in her hair and had it running from the corners of her eyes,ears,nose and mouth! I think I was the only one to find the whole situation funny!

Because of that,I wasn't too suprised when I answered the phone Thursday night and heard Samantha on the line. "I Know You don't have to work this weekend And You're Her Godfather! Damnit!" were Samantha's first words to Me. "You Have To Help Me! There's No-one else can I ask! It's Your Duty,You Know! Or Do You Want Me to drop Courtney off at her Loser Father's house? You know what he's like! He's a Dru nk! And a Pervert! He's a Dru nk Fucking Pervert! Plus,I will have to drive for almost four hours! That's Two Hours Each Way! Coming and Going!" Samantha was shouting into the phone. "I have to go into Pittsfield tomorrow morning and then I have to come back and be in Albany on Saturday and Sunday! The Firm is counting on Me to close a deal with...Well I can't tell You yet, but that doesn't matter! Do You want Me to lose my job? Do You want Us To Be Homeless?!"

"God,Samantha! You're Such A Friggin' Drama Queen!" I thought to myself,but what I said was "O.K.! O.K.,I'll be there. Give me a few. Calm Down!" So I took a shower,smoked a bowl and drove across the valley over to their place. I figured I may as well crash in the den,that way I wouldn't have to make the drive in the morning.

I'm a such a sucker.

I didn't know Courtney had sneeked in and spent the night on the floor,behind the same couch,until She opened her mouth at Breakfast. "Did You know that sometimes,while You're sl**ping,Your Penis Gets Real Big! Did You know that? It's kind of funny looking but,for some reason I wanted to kiss it. Why are You coughing? It was really hard when I felt it. Hot too. Does it hurt when that happens? Is it going to get big like that again? Can I see it when it does? I want to see it! You have snot hanging off of your nose,You know."

Fortunately,Samantha was in the bathroom during that conversation! Unfortunately,Courtney decided it was playtime about ten minutes after Samantha left for work!


Courtney came galloping,pell mell down the hall on her hobby horse. She was wearing her cowgirl hat and boots with neon green socks on her hands,and except for the toy cap gun in it's holster belted around her waist,She was as naked as a Jay Bird! I know my face must have turned five shades of red when She started yelling at Me "Get It Up,Pardner! This here's a "Stick It Up!" Does that help make Your penis hard?".

She stopped in front of Me and stared at my crotch,then planted the butt end of the hobby horse's broom-stick body onto the floor,while her hands had it's neck in a strangle hold. She then began to grind and slid her pink,bald pussy up and down along the staff.

"Look at how Naughty My Stud is being! Can You Believe It? Watch what He's doing to me?" She was bucking and swinging the horses head from side to side,grinding even harder against it. "Oh How I wish He was real! OH! OH WOW! Will yuh-You buy Me a-ahh-a Real P-P-P-Pony?! Oh! OH!" she grunted. I couldn't help it,watching Her masturbate in front of Me was giving me a massive Hard-On and there wasn't a damned thing I could do about it!

Shaking her sweaty,long,red-gold hair out of her face,Courtney tried to grab the cap gun and pull it from the holster but couldn't,as She yelled "I Said! Get It Up,Mister! Now drop your belt and give Me Your Iron!"

She threw the hobby horse on the floor and used her teeth to pull the socks off of her hands. Squatting down,She put her left fist on her left knee and used her right hand to knuckle her pussy! Her smile looked more like a grimace as She squatted there,staring at Me and pleasuring herself.

My breath caught in my throat,making me cough,when I tried to tell her to stop.
This caused me to sneeze,and when I raised my hand to my mouth and closed my eyes, Courtney was on me! She jumped up and drove her bony little shoulder into my stomach,knocking the wind out of me. I was suprised to find myself falling over backwards!

When I hit the ground,Courtney was straddling my legs,and pressing her face against my hard cock as her fingers fumbled with my belt! I closed my hands around her wrists,and She closed her teeth around the base of my cock!

"Let Me Go!" she said,biting on my cock's shaft.
"No Courtney! Now Stop This Right Now!" I chided her. She slid her teeth along the length of my hard cock until they rested just behind it's head and bit down harder! "LET ME GO!" She insisted through,clenched teeth. Believe Me,I let Her go.

Sitting up,she looked at Me and smiled,then giggled "There Dear. Now,Isn't that better?" It only took Her a second to roll off of Me,get up and run down the hall to her room. "You Haven't seen the last of Me,Mister!" She yelled and then slammed the door shut.

The vision of her young petite,lithe body in motion stirred Me. Deeply. In My mind I kept seeing her cute,bare ass swaying from side to side,her hand as it reached up to hold her cowgirl hat in place,and the cap gun's holster bouncing and slapping her on the thigh,as she ran down the hall! Fuck! I could even hear the echos of those silly red and silver cowboy boots! And I didn't think My cock could get any harder!

I wasn't taking any chances on Her disapearing again,so Every ten minutes or so,I would walk to her room,knock on the door and wait for a response. I never knew what I would get,but as long as I heard something I knew She was still at home.

The first few times I knocked she clucked like a chicken or quacked like a duck. Then,after me constantly bothering her,she started barking or growling. It wasn't till I asked if she wanted lunch,that she giggled and opened the door.

I stood in the doorway staring at her with my mouth agape. Courtney looked absolutely amazing!

Red Glitter sparkled in her tousled hair. She had made herself up with dark green eye shadow and lipstick. Indigo mascara made her eyelashes almost impossibly long and her face was dusted with a gold powder that shined like a captured sunset. Courtney is beautiful anyway,but this made her look like a work of art.

Then I noticed what she was wearing. She wore a forest green unitard with silk vines and leaves glued onto it. It was so tight,it looked like it was painted on! I could clearly see her hard little nipples pressing against the material and her mini-cameltoe was prominently displayed and noticeably wet. Once again My cock started to swell! I couldn't wait to watch her walk down the hall to the kitchen. I had to see her ass!

I wasn't disapointed. The unitard sank deeply between Courtney's ass cheeks,giving Me a thrill! I was breathing hard and didn't care if She knew how excited I was! Damn Me! I just didn't care!

When We got to the kitchen I pulled the chair out for Her and held it until she sat down. As I pushed her in,I kissed the top of her head.

"Baby? Would like to start with some salad?" I asked,offering Her the salad bowl.

"Hisssssssss! I Want Meat! Honk! Meat! Grrrrr! Gimme Meat You Fuck! Quack! One way! Buckawk! Or the other! Merowww! I'm gonna have me some,Heehuhaw! Meat! Meat In My Mouth! Buckawk!" She exclaimed and stood up so fast she knocked the chair over."Now give Me Yours,and I'll give You Mine!"

"Are You sure?" I asked once again.
"Yesssssssssss!" She insisted as She reached for my fly and un-zipped it!
End Part One
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