A Nice Tight Taboo Ass! His Birthday Present pt.2

My asshole felt like it was being destroyed by Walt's enormous cock! For nearly 20 minutes He plowed into me with total abandonment! I was getting fucked so hard,my cock slapped against my stomach with every thrust,and my asshole felt like it was on fire! When He pulled me hard against him and started to shake,I knew the moment of his climax was upon Us!

Tears of joy slid down my face mixing with Winnie's cunt juice,as I felt the rivers of his cum erupting into me! He filled me to the point of overflowing! Litterally! There was so much cum it started squirting out of my asshole as he repeatedly rammed his big,hard cock into my upturned ass!

It was like someone threw a switch from "off" to "on",because as Walt was pumping me full of his nut nectar,Winnie chose that same moment to orgasm as well! I could barely breath! Her thighs were tightly clamped around my neck,and she smashed her cunt hard against my nose and mouth.

Now,Winnie is a "squirter" and Thank God she always lives up to her reputation! I knew that's why Gina chose her! Winnie's pussy juice poured past my parted lips with such fo rce,I almost gagged! And what I couldn't swallow I had to spit back out,soaking the crack and cheeks of her ass. The overflow ran up her back to make a puddle on the floor between her shoulder blades!

The Crowd went wild,and I crumpled to the floor!

As Walt stood over my prone body shaking the cum that clung to his huge cock onto my ass cheeks,and Winnie was crawling across the floor to Karen's open arms,Chris walked over to me and said "Next!".

I could feel Walt's cum oozing from my gaping hole,when Jerry took me by my hips and lifted me up to my knees. He wasn't playing around either! He stuffed his cock right in! "Tighten Up,Bitch!" He laughed! So did the rest of the spectators.

God! His cock is almost as big as Walt's,and He wanted to put on a Really Good Show! Jerry also happens to pride himself on his technique! It had been along time since Jerry had fucked me,so I made sure I gave Him the ride of His life!

I knelt there getting fucked and listening to the sounds of the women's moans and grunts as they licked,fingered,and dildoed each other's gashes and asses! Chris had dragged out my sybian and a couple of the gals were putting it to good use as well!

Now,I don't know about You guys,but I find sapphic sex acts to be very erotic,and I was getting inspired by what I saw,so I began to gyrate my ass and hips around imitating what Betty was doing. That was all it took to push Jerry over the edge!

I could feel his cock swell with every spurt of cum he deposited! I was amazed at the amount of spunk he shot into me as well!

I had just sat up,pinching my asshole as tight as I could so nothing would leak out,and was giving my aching cock a few strokes when Chris caught me. I felt like a little boy being busted jerking off by a disapproving Aunt!

"Don't You Dare,Mister!" He scolded me,then He took some of the sting out of his comment by shoving his cock into my mouth and letting me suck on it. My head was bobbing up and down on his dick when He said "Karen! Go get the cock cage! Someone's been a Bad Boy!"

Willian and Ed held my arms as Karen fastened the straps around my waist and locked the brass cage over my cock!

I was pushed back down into the doggy position,and William laughed when I spread my ass cheeks and asked him if he wanted to fuck me. "Shit Fire and Damnnation! I sure do! I've waited all week for this!"

No wonder I already had so much cum inside of me! These Guys had abstained from busting a nut for a week or more! I felt totally honored by their sacrifice!

Unfortunately,William didn't last more than 10 minutes. I don't know if He was overly excited by watching the women,or if my ass was just so damn good that He couldn't take it anymore! But,for me,it ended all too soon.

William doesn't cum like most men. When it's his time to pop,his spunk doesn't shoot out,it pours out in one long steady stream. At least that's what it feels like,when He cums up Your ass,anyway. After his orgasm,William pulled his dick out of my ass and stepped in front of me. I watched in amazement as Melody walked over,knelt down and sucked His cock clean! If I could have laid ahold of my dick,I probably would have shot off right then and there!

I could feel the cum dripping from my open hole and running down my ball sack. Some of it was even seeping into the cock cage!

Ed was next. Now,Ed may not have a very big dick,but He makes up for it with enthusiansm! He's like a little Bunny! He was fucking me with such speed,my asshole began to burn,even with all of Walt's,Jerry's and William's cum lubing me up! And when Ed came? It was with such for ce,I felt the sprem shooting deep into the folds and coating the walls of my rectum!

The next few men that fucked me were a blur,I'm sorry to say. I wanted to enjoy every moment as long as I could,but somewhere along the way,I kind of got lost in a hormonal,sexdriven,fuck frenzy!

I bucked my hips,and ground myself onto every cock that speared into me! I swung my hips and squeezed my sphincter,as hard as I could,against every pecker that drove into my depths! I know that My ass squelched and leaked cum with every thrust of every cock. I remember watching James,Bruce,David and Frank walk past me before and again after they had emptied their balls into my wanton fuck tunnel! And I know without a doubt,that I had screwed them better than they had been fucked in a very long,long time!

Earlier,at some point while William was nailing me,Chris had placed a bowl under my swaying cock and ass. For some reason,He wouldn't tell me why,Chris was trying to catch as much of the runoff as he possibly could.

When Frank had finished having his way with me,Chris asked me to squat over the bowl and squeeze out as much of the dick spit as I could. Of course I willingly complied.

Taking a break,I looked around the room and noticed that most of the people had already left. In fact,the only ones left were Fred,His Wife Chastity,Chris and myself.

"Don't worry,Mate!" Chris grinned at me "Everyone had a Fantastic Time! They All said so! Some of Us have to go to work in the morning,You know. But We filmed all the action,so Never Fear!" And sure enough,there was Chastity holding a video camera and waving at me. I had to laugh.

She handed Chris the camera,got down on her hands and knees and backed up so I could give Her a rimjob and have easy access to her sweet,red haired pussy!

Chastity is another "Squirter" and she has been known to have several violent freeflowing orgasms,one right after the other!

Fortunately,my head had cleared up some and I had my wits once again about me.

Unfortunately,my cock shaft had swollen so much that the bars of the cock cage pressed into the sides of my throbbing member! And My cockhead was smashing painfully into the bulbous cup at it's end!

"Aaannnnnd,Action!" I heard Chris exclaim.

"Eat My sweet ass,Baby! Come on! Eat Me out!" Chastity cooed. "Tongue fuck My ass! Do It! Eat Mommy's little red rosebud!"

I leaned in and went to town! She didn't really need to keep telling me to. Hell,I Wanted To!

I ate Her ass till she started to cry and her cunt was actually dripping with her love lube! While I was doing that,Fred was doing something very similar to me!

His tongue darted in and out of my asshole. He licked and sucked at the cum clinging to the hairs of my ass. He probed at my gaping asshole,tickling and teasing me till I sqirmed with impatience.

"Oh Shit! Fuck Me Fred! Please! Just Fuck Me! Let me feel that big cock of Your's deep inside of Me!" I moaned.

Chastity repositioned herself in front of me. She was now on her back and holding her legs open. "Eat Mommy's cunt,Sweetheart! Be a Good Boy and Eat It!"

Well,Fuck! I didn't have to be told twice! I went down on her like a shark on a wounded tuna!

"OH GOD! BABY! YOU MADE MOMMY CUM!" she hollered and with that,Her pussy erupted all over my head and face! I was just coming up for air when Fred decided to bury the bone in one long thrust!

Now,Fred may not be as long as Walt,but he is every inch the size of Jerry. He is also Much,Much thicker than either man! Fred also has no mercy in him. He slammed into me! He punched my asshole till I thought I was going to split wide open! Again and again I thought he would cum,but He didn't. He was doing His best to prolong this experience!

"MMmmmm,Baby! Mommy's gonna cum! MOMMY'S GONNA CUM AGAIN!" Chastity yelled out. This time she shot out 3 Big Soakers! Her Snatch Soda ran off of my face and covered my neck and shoulders! Her ass splashed the stuff everywhere whenever it bounced onto the floor!

By now,Fred had had enough! He picked up his pace. I felt the head of his cock swelling and I laughed with glee as he pulled me tight against him and pumped so much ball batter into me,I knew I must look like that Romanian Twink we watched get fucked by the stallion!

"Holy Shit!" Chris and I said at the same time.

Chastity was laughing and said "Here comes another one,Smootchy Face! Ride the Wave,Baby!" then she grabbed my head,and planted her open pussy right over my mouth! "You better drink it all! Don't muuuuhhhhhaaaake Muuuuuuhhhhmmmmy Maaaaaaaad!"

A Wave was right! It was more like a tsunami! I swallowed as much as I could,but when I tried to take a breath,more filled my mouth! I was coughing,which made my ass squeeze tight around Fred's cock! He took that as a sign and started fucking me all over again!

Chastity laid in a puddle of her own making. Chris was trying to make sure that the bowl didn't get knocked over,and film all of the action at the same time. Meanwhile,Fred had got his second wind and I was being treated like a rag doll,as He pummeled me to pieces!

I hadn't been treated like this since I was in the fif th grade,and My Science Teacher,Mr.D,fucked me in the cloakroom the first time I stayed after school to help him "grade papers". I stayed after school alot that year.

Sweat dripped off of Fred and his thrusts were becoming more and more violent with his urgency. Finally He came a seco nd time! He unloaded another torrent of sperm,and pulled his cock slowly from my red,swollen asshole! I could hear the nut butter splashing into the bowl Chris held up against my tight ballsack. Then I farted!

Chastity burst out in laughter and Fred gafawed as cum shot out of my ass and flew in a straight line,splattering right in the middle of Chris's chest!

"Dude! What the Fuck?" He admonished me. "I have half a mind Not to give You your last present! What a Turd! Chastity! Come lick this off!"

Fred filmed as his wife sucked and slurped all of the cum smearing Chris's chest. Then she rubbed any that was left over onto her face. She crawled over to me,took my face into her tiny hands and gave me a deep,snowballing french kiss! When we parted lips,long strands of sperm connected us till Chris stuck out his tongue and licked our mouthes clean!

As Chastity and Fred were getting dressed,Chris whispered "Just a little longer,Pal O' Mine."

We made our kisses good bye and promised to call each other over the weekend. This left just Chris and myself at home.

"Hay,Chris. Where's the damned key for this fucking thing! I'm Dying here!" I said pointing to my imprisioned cock.

"Shit! Dude,that looks like it hurts!" He laughed and swung the key around his right index finger. "I'll unlock You in a bit."

"You'll fucking unlock me right now!" I blustered. "I don't think so. First,You have to suck me off. You,have to Make Me Cum In Your Mouth! Then,You have to promise me that no matter what,You Will Not Touch That Pretty Pecker of Yours! Deal?" "Deal!" I agreed. "I can always bite his dick." I thought,while smiling at Him.

"Before we start,let me put this on ice." He said,showing me the bowl of love lube,that he was holding.

I paced,bowlegged,through the livingroom. I decided to make myself another drink and took a hit off of a roach I found in an ashtray. My dick really was killing me. "How in the hell can some guys wear one of these things all day?" I said to the empty room. And what the hell was taking Chris so long?!

When he walked back into the livingroom,Chris was carrying a chair with a seat that was partially cut out,it looked like a camping toilet without the bag! He had a smirk on his face "Not too much longer,Buddy". Pointing at the chair He said. "Sit down,here." and I did.

Chris can be a bitch sometimes. This was one of those times. He said he was going to make a drink and I should just sit there and mellow out. So I took another hit off of the roach and tried to let my muscles go slack. I was amazed when my cock finally started getting soft,and my ballsack relaxed enough to let the ol' fellas swing between my legs again.

That was when I felt a cold metal ring fasten tightly around the top of my nuts. The bastard had snuck up behind me!

"Stand up! Spread Your ass ckeeks and sit back down again! Do it!" He commanded me.

When I did,something ice cold and slightly larger than a softball pressed against the opening of my asshole.

I heard another click and almost cried when I realized Chris had just locked a wide padded leather cuff around one of my wrists to the armrest of the chair. He Looked me in the eyes and winked as He did it to the other one as well.

"Put Your legs back." He told me,and I did. Two more padded leather cuffs went around my ankles. No matter how hard I may try,I couldn't raise up very far. On top of all that,all of the excitement made my cock get hard again! I could feel my balls try to tighten,but the ring held them in place. It hurt so bad,that it actually felt good!

"Now. If You're a Good Boy and let Me have some fun,I'll take off that cage. Promise Me?" I nodded,yes.

He knelt down and I felt the cock cage fall away. Instantly My dick swung to life! I can't remember the last time it was so big! To My amazement,it was about to get even bigger.

Chris slipped a footlong,beer can thick,clear plastic tube with a rubber gasket in it,over my hard-on. I could see my cock turning dark red where the gasket bit into my flesh. How in the Hell was this better than the cock cage?

He pressed a button and My eyes crossed! My cock swelled up till I thought it would burst!

My dick filled the tube from wall to wall and didn't stop growing in length till it was a couple of inches from the very top!

He smiled at his handywork,and I watched through tears as he slid a thick rubber band with a string tied to it,down the tube and off of the end. It clamped around the base of my turgid member,and there was nothing I could do about it!

Turning the vacuum pump off,He slowly broke the seal and lifted the tube from my almost purple cock.

"Ooo,Baby! I bet I can hardly get my mouth around that monster of Yours! Just look at it! Let's find out if I can,shall We?"

The head of my cock was so big He could barely fit it in his mouth! Chris was entertaining himself by flicking his tongue across the tip of my dick. "Ready?" He asked.

"Oh My God,Chris. What now?" I croaked,then all of the air left my lungs! I threw my head back and tried to scream,but I couldn't make a sound! Whatever had been pressed against my asshole punched upwards and sank about six inched deep into me! It stayed there for a moment and pulled all of the way out,only to repeat the action again and again! Up and out,up and out!

Chris was laughing. "I told You I was going to have some fun! Let's try this!"
He stepped behind me and the machine picked up speed. It started going deeper as well! Everytime the ball would pull out of my asshole It made a loud "Pop!" and when it went in,there was a "Skrissssh!" as it plunged back in!

I was too afraid to move! All I could do was sit there and take it! My cock jumped and swung in a frenzy and I began to bray maniacal laughter! I hate to admit it but,I was totally enjoying myself!

It wasn't long before Chris turned the machine off. I sat there with sweat pouring off of me and breathing long,ragged gasps of air! Clear liquid hung in long ropes from the piss slit of my cock,and my balls were filled with pins and needles!

Chris pulled on the string that was tied to the rubber band around the base of my dick and stretched it wide enough to pull off. Then He removed the ring that had my balls trapped. I began to writhe as the circulation returned to my nethers! Then,when He took off the wrist and akle cuffs,I fell onto the floor at his feet. My legs were just too weak to hold me up! I laid there smiling up at him and said "Feed Me,Seymore!"

He stepped forward and rubbed his hard,thin prick across my pouting lips. I was looking around the room and noticed that there were still cameras set up. They must have been recording the entire time!

Digging my fingers into Chris's asscheeks I devoured his cock! I sucked him right down to the base,grinding my nose into his short pubic hair! I knew how to deepthroat the little fucker,and I knew all of the tricks it took to get him off too!

I used every one I could think of! I teased him for almost a half hour till He was Begging me to make him cum! At the 45 minute mark He laid on his back pounding his fists onto the floor as I edged him closer and closer to climax. Tears were streaming down his cheeks when I finally pushed him too far and he filled my mouth with his jizz! I made sure I swallowed every last drop! But I wasn't finished with him,Oh No! Not By A Long Shot!

Revenge is sweet,cum is sweeter,and turn about is fair play!

As he laid there,breathing hard and hicupping,I reached over and jammed the vacuum pump onto his still semi hard cock! Before He could do a thing I turned it on and watched as his dick began to swell and get hard again. I found the stash of rubber bands and wrapped one around the base of his cock,turned the pump off,removed it,and began sucking on his dick once more for all I was worth!

When I could tell that he was close to cuming again,I fliped him over and made him get on his hands and knees! Lathering up my fist and forearm I placed my left hand in the small of his back and told him to spread his cheeks wide!

Silly Boy,He thought I was going to fuck him,and I did. Only,where He thought I was going to fuck him with my dick,I knew I was going to fuck Him with My fist!

He took first 2,then 3,then 4 fingers before I shoved my fist deep into him! For the next 10 minutes I jack hammered his ass! At times I was almost elbow deep,and he kept telling me how much He Loved it!

I made him stand up and gave him another blowjob. His hands slapped at my shoulders till I agreed to remove the band that kept his cock hard. I admit,I was a bit disappointed when his dick began to deflate,but I expected it. So I buried a couple of fingers back up his ass and massaged his prostate till he shot a few more globs of cum into my mouth! Mmmmm!

Chris lovingly patted my cheek and said he had to take a piss. I watched as he made his way to the bathroom. So,imagine how fucking mad I was when I heard his car start and then watched him drive away! I was livid! I purposely had not jerked off,and I had a five day load that ached to be released! Not to mention all of the abuse(no matter how much I loved it)that I had to endure all night long! My Dear Lord! I thought my balls were going to fill up and drop off!

I was about to do a shot of Jack when I saw the note taped to the back of the chair. I duck walked over to it on shakey legs and felt bad as I read the letter.

Chris's name was the first one at the top,and He signed it a second time after everyone else had. I was moved beyond belief at all of the well wishes and the sentiments of gratitude for a wonderful time spent among loving friends. There was a P.S. at the bottom that stirred my curiosity.

P.S.: I told You earlier that You weren't allowed to cum till I gave You Your Final Birthday Present. Go to Your bedroom. You will find it on the bed waiting for You. I hope You like it. In fact,I Know You'll Love it! I just wish I could give You More! Love,Chris.

I wiped the tears from my eyes and grabbed the bottle of Jack,taking a long pull. I don't know what made me do it,but I lubed up my cock and stuck it back into the vacuum pump! When my dick was as big as it could get,I slipped one of the rubber bands around the base and stood there admiring myself.

When I got to my bedroom,I noticed there was a lump under the covers. My heart pounded in my chest and I shook with anticipation. What in the world could it be? With trembling hands I threw the comforter back. I almost passed out when I saw what it was!

Chris's nephew,Sammy,sat there naked,tugging on his mini dick and licking his lips as he stared at my engorged cock. He had a big smile on his face,and was clapping his hands together when He said "I've been waiting a long time for this! Damn! Is That Big Hunk of Tube Steak for Me?! I sure hope so,because This is for You!" He spun around and got on his hands and knees. Reaching back he spread his ass cheeks wide,showing me His dime sized butt pucker. "There's something on the pillow for You." He added in a muffled voice. It was a hand written sign that read,"Happy Birthday,Buddy! Just What You Always Wanted,A Nice Tight Taboo Ass! Enjoy!"

I knew I would!

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great story
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great story
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Loved it
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WOW!!!!!!!!!!! hot one and hot ending as well!!!!