Come Bust a Nut in Bobby's Butt !

I know that peeping into someone's windows at night is wrong,especially when You're the son of a Security Officer,but what I witnessed that first time was so thrilling and erotic,I became addicted right then and there! And now that I'm older,like any other addiction,if I don't get my fix there's going to be a problem!

My addiction started on a mild,Spring evening back when I was a K id. Only I didn't know it,yet.

My neighbor,Cooper,and my Dad were hanging out in our garage drinking a few beers and shooting the shit,when Coop asked if I may be interested in making a couple of extra bucks. They knew that Bobby,Cooper's son,and I were trying to buy new bikes for the summer,and like most Dad's mine didn't even ask me,He just said "Sure!".

I was eating breakfast the following morning when Dad mentioned it. He was walking out the door,on his way to work,when he stopped and said "By the way,You're going to mow Coop's yard this morning. Be sure to do a good job,Son, Your reputation is at stake!" He said and after giving me a wink,He closed the door behind him.

Well,that was a suprise,but no biggie! I don't mind doing yard work,and Cooper was even going to pay me for it! WooHoo,Money! Gotta Love it!

As soon as Dad left I got naked,like I always do,and finished eating. I did the dishes,played with my dick,took a quick shower,played with my dick,threw on a pair of threadbare corduroy shorts,a T-shirt,my ratty sneakers,and played with my dick again to get it really hard. Then I walked across the street,to Bobby's house. I was excited thinking that someone maight notice my boner through my thin shorts. Maybe that Hotty,Mrs.Williams,perhaps? But no-one was outside yet.

Coop had left the old,push mower sitting next to the garage for me,and there was a note hanging off of the handle.

"Andy. Thanks for doing this for Me,Buddy. As You know,Bobby just isn't strong enough to do the job and I knew that a strapping,young lad like yourself,wouldn't have any problems. When You're done,ring the doorbell and I'll pay You. Do a good job and I'll even give You a tip! I hope this helps You out. Thanks! Cooper."

"A tip? Hell Yeah I'll do a good job! Shit,I'll do a Great Job!" I thought to myself. In my opinion the grass didn't really need to be mowed yet,so I knew that I could get the job done in almost no time. I guess I overestimated my abilities,because by the time I finished,I thought I was going to die of thirst! So I walked over to the hose,turned it on and drank my fill. Satisfied, I held it up,so the hose's nozel was over my head,and I soaked myself down.

God that water was cold! My hair and T-shirt clung to me,and when I looked down,I noticed my nipples were poking through the T-shirt's flimsy material. Shit,I could also see the outline of my dick and balls through my shorts! I was too embarrassed to ring the doorbell and ask Coop for my money while looking like that,so I went around back to knock on Bobby's window. What I saw stopped my hand in midair.

Cooper was kneeling on the floor next to Bobby's bed,and They were naked! I could only see him from behind,but I knew what they were doing! Cooper was sucking on Bobby's dick! I couldn't believe it!

Bobby wrists were bound together and He hung from a cord that was tied to a hook in the ceiling. He was standing on his tippy toes,laughing and bucking his hips back and forth! "Oh Daddy!" He giggled "When do we get to play Cowboy?". "Real soon Son. Real soon! I think We should wait for Andy to finish up first. Don't You? It won't be long now!" Cooper said after taking Bobby's skinny,little dick out of his mouth.

Without making a sound,I stepped away from the window,then ran,pushing the old mower,back to the front of the garage! My dick was hard as a rock and I felt a weird tingling sensation between my balls and asshole that I hadn't felt before.

I was headed back to my place,and had made it almost half way across the street,when Mrs.Williams called out to me. "Andy! Good Morning,Honey! Would You be a Dear and bring me my paper?" She called out.

Damnit! Thinking about Her seeing my boner was one thing,but actually having it happen,was something totally different! Mortified,I walked over to her driveway,turned my back to Her and bent down to pick up the paper. She gave a low,wolf whistle and laughed. "Nice butt there,Andy!" I was so embarrassed! I held the paper over my crotch as I walked up to Her,and after I handed it over I turned around as fast I could.

"Hold it right there Mister! What? You can't even say "Good Morning" to me?"
"Morning!" I said and raised my arm to wave good-by when she closed her hand around my wrist. Turning me back around to face her,she looked me up and down. Looking into my eyes and smiling at me,she said "I may need to have a talk with Your Father,Andy. I can't believe He would let You out of the house wearing clothes like that. Do You know that I can see Your butt crack and a few other things,through those shorts?"

"God! Kill Me Now!" I thought. Mrs.Williams is a Fox! In Anyone's Book! She is tall and thin with long,curly black hair. She has a set of big "Torpedo Tits" and you could bounce a dime off of her tight,bubble butt! Having Her this close,dressed only in a robe,made my dick even harder!

She leaned over,and ran her long fingernails along the buldge of my pecker,teasing me,while holding my gaze with hers. "Don't worry Baby. I won't say a word." She cooed. "My! What A Nice Cock,You're growing there! In a couple of years,I just may be having You "Mow My Lawn" too. If I can wait that long!" She sighed. "Now,go home,Andy. But,please keep me in mind!"

I pelted across her yard,ran up the porch stairs,two at a time,and bolted through the front door of my house. I slammed it closed behind me so hard,it sounded like a gunshot going off!

I was standiing in the foyer,breathing hard,when the phone rang. Trying to control my breath I answered it and was suprised to hear Coop's voice on the line. "Andy! Wow! You did an Awesome job on the lawn! I just looked out the back window. I'm impressed! Why didn't You let me know You were done?" He asked.
"I needed to use the restroom and didn't want to bother You!" I blurted out the first thing I could think of.
"Um. O.K.. You could have used our's,ya know. It wouldn't be the first time." He laughed "But,No Problem. I'll send Bobby over with Your money in a few minutes. Thanks Again,Andy! Bye!"

It wasn't three minutes later when Bobby opened the door and walked in without knocking. He was holding an envelope. "Here. My Daddy wanted Me to give You this." He said,offering it to me. I took it from his hand and found that I couldn't look him in the eyes. I just stared at his bare feet and said "Thanks."

"Wow! Andy! You better change clothes before Your Dad comes home for lunch. I can see Your cock through the front of those shorts! Man! You sure are getting Big "Down There"." He said stepping close and putting his hand on top of my dick,squeezing it firmly. "When did that happen? It didn't look that big on Halloween! Boy! Was that a fun night or what? Remember? We stole those beers from Your Dad and drank 'em? Then You let me play with Your dick? I sure liked that,I'll tell Ya."

Bobby knelt down in front of me and undid my fly. I didn't even try to stop him! He pulled my shorts down and told me to step out of them,which I did. I stood there in the foyer while Bobby reached up and held my balls in his hand. He began slowly,gently rolling them together with his fingers. A small moan escaped my lips. "Bobby. Wh-what are You doing?" I stammered.
"Oh.Nothing much. Yet!" He moved his head closer,till could feel his hot breath,then He stuck his tongue out and swirlled it around and over the head of my dick! With every movement of his tongue,My entire body trembled! But when He sucked the head of my cock into his mouth,it took my breath away! Oh God! I had never felt anything so wonderful! No wonder he was laughing while Cooper sucked His cock!

God! Bobby was sucking my dick! It felt so amazing! I couldn't believe it! We hadn't done anything like that in months! He always shied away from the subject whenever I mentioned Halloween! And Now Here He Was, Kissing my cock! He began licking it and slowly stroking the shaft up and down between his thumb,index and middle fingers! My hands hurt from being balled up tight into fists. I panted and my knees kept buckling,threatening to drop me,whenever he would pop the head of my dick out from between his sucking lips! I had no idea what was going on with my body,but God did it feel great!

Bobby suddenly stopped what He was doing and stood up fast. We could hear my Dad's voice talking to someone. Fuck! He was standing on the porch! There wasn't even time for me to put my pants back on! "Run!" Bobby whispered! "Run! Stupid!" he said tossing me my shorts. And I did! Straight to the bathroom! I jumped in the shower and turned the water on. I remembered hearing some of the older guys talking about taking a cold shower when they got hard-ons,so I turned on the tap and proceeded to freeze my ass off! It worked,but my balls were sore and it felt like there was something swollen between them and my asshole!

"Hay Sport!" My Dad called out. "I can't stay for lunch. I just wanted to check up on You! I have to work till Midnight,so order something for dinner! Cash is on the dining room table! Love Ya!" and with that He was gone again.

For the rest of the day,my dick kept getting hard for no reason at all. My balls hurt more than ever,and I thought there may be something broken "down there". When my dinner arrived,I was embarrassed to find out the "delivery guy" was actually a delivery "girl". She was an older si ster of a girl in my class. I couldn't believe that I had never noticed her tits before,but the blue and red shirt clung to the them,showcasing them. I could tell that She wasn't wearing a bra,and just the sight of them made my cock instantly hard again! She noticed it too. She started blushing,and as she was trying to make change,I watched her nipples getting hard!

I don't know why I said it,but I blurted out "You have real pretty tits,Cathy! I'll give you an extra two dollar tip if you show them to me!" I'm not sure who was more shocked,me or her! But She smiled at me,handed me my change,and lifted her shirt up exposing her tits! "No Charge,Andy!" She laughed and left me standing there with my mouth open.

I still don't know why,but it was that evening when I started peeping in people's windows!

I left the food on the kitchen table,turned all the lights in my house off,and snuck out the back door.

I made my way down the block and stayed away from the two houses that I knew had dogs. I was rewarded as soon as I began. At my first stop,I went from window to window. It was Mrs.Olsen's house. She was old and fat,but I didn't care. It was the thrill of being naughty and maybe getting caught,that I was starting to get off on! I watched her through the bedroom window getting undressed and ready to take a bath. Her tits hung down almost to her belly button,and they spread out over her fat stomach! I stayed there until she crossed the hallway and closed the bathroom door! I couldn't wait to see what I would find at the next house.

That was Old Mr.Evan's place. I heard water running,so I peeked into his kitchen window,but he wasn't there. I circled his house,keeping to the shadows,until I spotted him in the bathroom! Watching Him,He reminded me of a bald gorilla. He had a big belly,his head was shaved and he had big muscular arms! He was standing in front of the mirror tugging on his long,limp cock! He was doing what Bobby had done to me,except he was using his whole fist! His thing was huge! I stared at Him as his hand began moving faster and faster,and I could see his fat,wiggly cock was turning dark in colour. Then it started to get hard! I couldn't imagine any man having something that size between his legs! I felt like I had to keep watching Him! What was he doing? I had my nose pressed against the window pane when,all of a sudden,He grunted and said "Yeah,Clair! Take it! Take it all!" and I gasped as something thick and white shot out of the head of his dick! I knew it wasn't piss,but I wasn't sure what it was!

"Is that His cum?" I mumbled out loud before I caught myself. His arm had become a blur as he continued pumping away. He was flinging the stuff everywhere,as squirt after squirt shot out of the head of his dick! It spattered all over the mirror,counter,walls and floor! I stood there glued to the spot till He pumped out one final glob into the palm of his left hand! "You're such a Dirty Cunt,Clair! I know You want it!" He said,and began licking the stuff off of his fingers and hands. Clair? Mrs. Olsen? Really?! My cock hurt so bad from watching him,I almost had to crawl away!

By the fourth house I had worked out the perfect pattern. First check the bedroom and then the bathroom windows. Don't waste time on anything else. If a house is dark and no car isn't in the drive? Keep moving on to the next!

I was sorry to see that Mrs.Williams wasn't home,I Really wanted to peek at Her! I was dying to see her naked! As long as I didn't get caught,that is!
But I wasn't going to get bummed out! Hell! I had already seen more titties today than I ever had in my life! And what Mr.Evan's did was seared into my mind! I found myself wanting to go back and ask Him if I could suck on his cock,like Bobby had done to me! All evening I kept finding my hands either rubbing my dick,or pinching it's head between my fingers! It was constantly hard and my balls were still killing me!

There was only one other house on the block that had someone home,and that was Cooper's place. I had purposly saved Their house for last. I didn't know why. It just felt like it was the right thing to do!

The first window I checked was Bobby's room. Nothing. Damnit! Then I went to Coop's. No-one was there either,but from there I could see through the house,and noticed they were sitting in the living room watching T.V.,so I creeped around to the kitchen window to get a better view.

They were sitting on the couch together. I could barely see the top of Bobby's head as he leaned up against Coop's shoulder. I had just stooped down when a commercial came on and I heard Bobby say "I need to tell You something,Daddy. Earlier today I..." but I missed what He said next because the volumn was too loud!

Tired of crouching there in the dark,thinking about Mr.Evans,I was getting ready to leave when I saw Coop stand up and walk over to the entertainment center. He was naked again! I lost view of him when He squated down,but when He stood back up he turned to look at Bobby and My jaw dropped! His cock stuck out in front of him and it was at least as big as Mr.Evan's! But where Mr.Evans was long and floppy,till he started tugging on it,Coop's stuck out from his crotch and about half way down it's length it bent,and pointed at the floor!

I watched as He tossed a DVD to Bobby and I heard him say "Want to watch that one?"
"Ooooo,Yeah! Isn't that the one Mr.Evan's and I made? I love the title,Daddy! "To Bust a Nut In Bobby's Butt!" How well is it doing?" Bobby asked.
"It's one of the most requested,so far!" Coop laughed. "But wait till they see "Bobby The Twink,The Ass Fucking Freak!" Remember making that one?
"Remember it? Are You k**ding?! I Loved making that! T was amazed that I could take almost all of that Horse sized Cock of His! I can't wait to see it! When will the editing be done?"
"In about a day or so,Son." Coop told him,taking back the DVD and putting it into the player.

I thought I would faint! The movie started with Bobby blindfolded and tied spread eagle between a couple of chairs! Mr Evans was leaning to the side,twirling and stroking Bobby's dick between two of his fingers,as he dipped his big,floppy cock into and out of Bobby's mouth.
"Suck it you cunt!" He said over and over. The longer his dick stayed soft,the more upset Mr.Evans was getting! "If You don't do a good job,Bitch,I'm gonna stuff this thing down Your throat! Now Suck It!"

Bobby was doing the best that He could,but evidently Old Mr.Evans didn't think so. "That's it You little fucker! How do You like that?! Huh?" Mr Evans said and flicked Bobby's dick,hard with his middle finger! You could actually hear it go "FWAP!" Bobby was screaming till Mr.Evans began shoving his cock straight down Bobby's throat,like he promised he would! He throat fucked Bobby till Bobby's face started turning dark red. When He finally pulled his cock from Bobby's throat all that I could hear was ragged,gasps for breath! "That's better,Cunt!" Mr Evans said,holding his semi hard cock in his hand. He stroked it up and down till it was almost fully erect.

"That is so fucking hot,Baby!" Coop said. "What do You think?"
"Look at my dick and You tell Me! Can't You see how hard I am?!" Bobby moaned. "But I love what comes next!"

Stepping between Bobby's legs,his back blocked the view till the camera angle changed. I could now see that Mr Evans had his hands wrapped around Bobby's waist. Once again the angle changed to show the tip of his pecker glistening in the light. He took a step forward and rested his cock head against Bobby's ass hole. "Ready Bitch?" He asked,and before Bobby could say a word,I watched in amazement as that fat cock parted Bobby's pink asshole and sink almost all the way in,up to Mr.Evans big low hanging balls!

The old man plowed into Bobby's ass! There was no mercy in Him! He rammed into Bobby jike a jackhammer! Bobby's screams could be heard over the sound of Mr.Evan's heavy breathing. "You Cunt! You Fucking Little Fag! More! Take More! Aah Fuck! I'm Cuming! Oh,Shit! I'M CUMING!" Evans panted,till he shoved his cock,nut deep into Bobby! I watched as His balls lifted and sank f******n times,then dropped back down to swing there in front of the camera.

I was biting my knuckles to keep from making a sound. And even tho my legs were cramping I stayed where I was!

I continued watching the movie as slowly,ever so slowly,Old Mr.Evand withdrew his softening cock from Bobby's hairless asshole. When the head finally slid out with a "plop" I gasped out loud! Thick,white liquid poured out of Bobby. There was a close up as he tried to pucker his asshole all the way closed and couldnt! And Still Mr.Evan's cum dripped out! "Well Boy? How was it?" He asked. Bobby just hung there sobbing.

The last thing I saw on the T.V. was a shot of Mr.Evans standing back next to Bobby's head. He was shoving his cock back into Bobby's mouth again. "There's a good little cunt! Suck it off! Clean Me up,you little bitch!"

"OH,Daddy! No wonder this is so popular! I get so horny every time I watch it! I wish I hadn't drained You Dry earlier! I sure could go for some more dick,right now! Could I at least suck Your cock? You know You'll get hard again,and I don't care how long it takes,or even if I only get One Drop of Your Cum,let me suck on it! Give Me That Cock!" Bobby insisted!

Cooper didn't say a word,He just stood up. His cock was still partially hard,but when Bobby wrapped his hand as far around it as he could and began sucking on the head of his cock,it began to grow hard once again! I tried to sneak away as quietly as I could,but with my legs cramping like they were it was almost impossible! I needed to get out of there! I Had to Go Tug on my cock till I shot out that same stuff Old Mr.Evans had pumped into Bobby's asshole! I knew I could do it! I had watched him do it! All I had to do was copy him!

I was using the window sill to help me stand,when I looked back into the window. Shit! Cooper must have heard me! He stood there pumping his cock into his Son's mouth and looking right at me! Pointing a finger in my direction he motioned for me to come in. I stumbled over to the back door and opened it. "Well! It's about time! Come join the Party,Andy! I have Your tip waiting for You!" He said and Bobby took his father's cock from his mouth. They both began laughing at the expression on my face!
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