Mouthful for Mommy pt.2 of Over Mom's lips

If the title bothers You,quit reading now.

A couple of months ago,I came in my Mommy's mouth for the very first time,and ever since that day,things have been pretty fucking wild at my house! My four little s*s ters have all become pussyeating,cocksucking experts! My Mom and Dad walk around smiling all the time. And most nights,for hours on end,our fam ily is spent in a big sweaty,pussy juice slicked,cum smeared,Mommy-milk covered, jumbled up pile! And WE LOVE IT!


I must say,I am always amazed by my Mother's control and composure in certain situations. Like earlier today for instance. One moment she had my cock in her mouth,lovingly sucking and drooling all over it,and the next she was answering the phone. Like it was the most normal thing in the world!

"No. I'm sorry,Jacky. I just can't right now." she sighed. "Why? I told You why last night. I'm busy dealing with two sick chil dren,Honey. I don't care if He told You He was going to stop by. You can call Him back and tell Him not to, Jacky. I said "I don't care!" Just call Him!" she said into the phone's receiver and hung it back up. I would be suprised if Jacky couldn't hear my cock slapping back and forth in my mother's hand,since Mommy had continued jacking me off while they were talking.

"Stupid Bitch!" Mom laughed. "I told Her last night...Oh! HuhHUMMmm! Yes, Megan! Huhhmmmmmmmmm,God! That's Wonderful,Sweetie. K-K-EEeep it Uhh-up!...To tell Paster Greg,Not to...Huunghhhh...come by today! That f-fat c-c-cow! Oh! Yes! Right there! Megan! UhHunghhh,Yeauhhh! Oh,Sweetie!" she exclained,digging her fingers into my ass,and then she squirted all over my s*s ter Megan's forearm and face!

While Mommy had been giving me a mind numbing blowjob,my little s*s ter Megan was laid out on the floor,naked,with her face between Mommy's knees and her fist stuffed into our Mother's cunt,giving her one hell of a fist fucking session! You see,once again it was "Play Time" at our house,and Mommy always insisted that we enjoy ourselves and our special time together. "Because The Fam ily that Plays Together,Stays Together!" she loved to say.

Now,before I get ahead of myself,I better go back a few hours and start at the beginning.


Today it was only Mommy,Megan,and myself at home. Dad had already taken my three other s*s ters over to our Grandma's for the week,and altho Megan and I were supposed to go with them,we had worked out a plan to stay home and keep Mommy company. So last night,Megan and I suddenly became "sick".

Our plot didn't fool our s*s ters,but it wasn't them we were trying to pull one over on,it was Dad. Megan and I had to promise our s*s ters that they could "Do whatever they want,whenever they want!" for them to keep their silence and we did. I mean,why not? It's all good! That only meant Megan and I would be eating and fucking ALOT of pussy for the next month! Why would We say "No" to that? Our plan worked too,but I think Dad may have had some suspicions.

Now,it's no big secret,to our Mom's relatives at least,that we are a fami ly of total perverts! Hell,They are too! She and her sist ers were all brought up the same way,and every one of them liked to keep the "Fam ily Tradition" alive and fucking! But to the rest of the World? Well,we're just a normal,quiet,mainstream f****y that likes to keep our private lives just that. Private.

Anyway. After Dad and Co. left,I got cleaned up and was headed back to bed,when I saw Megan in the hallway standing outside my bedroom door. She was naked,as usual,dragging her stuffed bear right along with her and sucking on her thumb. So I took her by the shoulders,marched over to my bed,and told her to get up on it. I watched her cute little ass wiggle back and forth as she crawled up to sit on the pillows.

"Get comfy!" I told her,as I went to my closet and broke out a couple of her favorite toys. The first one is a big,vibrating ball,covered with multi-coloured knobs. I bought it from Toys-R-Us for her last birthday,and she will sit on the damned thing till the batteries go dead,if I let her! The other toy she loves,is a purple,vibrating bullet about the size of Dad's thumb. I stole that when I was over at Cindy's house last month. Cindy is my s*s ter Karen's best friend,they had made the mistake of leaving me alone,so I went to her Mom's room,and rooted around till I found something interesting I could use!

I had just stuck the bullet up into Megan's tight little asshole and turned it on,making her squeel with delight,when Mom busted us!

"Well. I see You're feeling much better this morning." She laughed,while watching us. Mom was leaning her back against the door frame. Her fists were held against her naked hips,her legs were spread,and I could see the wires hanging down from the vibrator she had stuffed into her shaved,bright red,pumped up snatch. The wires were running to the garter belt around her left thigh,and the pussy pump was slung over her right shoulder. "Well? Move over,You Two! There's pleanty of room for all three of us!" she said,crossing the room and crawling up on the bed,tossing the pussy pump to Megan. "Now. Who wants breakfast?" Megan and I eack took one of our Mother's large,milk bloated tits into our mouths and began sucking away! "Oh! Babies! Mommy was dying! That feels so much better!"

Since Mommy had been pregnant with me,she has never stopped breastfeeding. And even after giving birth to five c***dren,Mommy has wonderful tits! They are huge,round and really don't sag very much. The circles around her nipples are about the size of tea cups and dark brown,and the nipples themselves stick out at least two inches! She really loves it when we squeeze her tits tight,with both hands at the base,then pull them forward as we suck on her nipples,stretching them out as far and as hard as we can! I wasn't suprised that
Mommy's pussy soaked through the pillow under her ass,and left a big wet spot on my bed. Hell,she does that all the time!

I had just taken Megan's head in my hands,and was licking off the milk that was around her lips,when I heard Mommy say "Oh Fuck!" I stopped what I was doing and looked at her. Her nose was scruntched up and she suddenly sneezed. The vibrator shot out of her pussy,landing between her knees! Megan and I couldn't help it,We started laughing. I watched Mom lean over and without any warning,she grabbed the wire and pulled the vibrator out of Megan's ass! "Hay! What's that for?!" Megan whimpered.

"I'm making room for this,Sweetie!" Mommy laughed,then worked two of her fingers deep into her slippery pussy,pulled them out,and shoved them straight up into Megan's ass! "Mommy,Mommy,Mommy!" Megan yelled and grunted.

I was on my knees,watching my mother finger fucking her own daug hter's ass,when Megan reached out. She was trying to grab my cock. So I moved forward till she could wrap her lips around the head of it. The faster Mommy fingerfucked Megan's ass,the more she moaned! Her moans were becoming so intense they were vibrating the head of my cock till I thought my balls were going to explode! I had to pull out before I came in her mouth!


To reward Megan for her good behavior,Mommy took the pussy pump and put it between Megans legs. She slowly pumped till Megan told her to stop. Then,after a few minutes,Mommy removed the pump from Megan's pussy and inserted a vibrating egg between her swollen pink lips. It disappeared with no hesitation,sliding right in! "Oh My Gawd! Mommy!" She panted and closed her eyes. She was lost in extacy! She slowly rolled from side to side and began laughing!

About an hour later,Megan laid on my bed,totally spent. Her little hands clenched and unclenched in my hair as I continued to suck on her clit and eat her pussy out. Her legs dangled over my shoulders,occasionally giving a feeble kick when another wave of pleasure coursed through her swollen cunt. "More. I want more! Fuck Me!"

I looked at Mommy,not knowiing what to do. Mommy shook her head "No". Megan hadn't had a cock in her pussy yet and Mommy wanted her to wait just a little bit longer. "I-I'm Sorry. I can't" I told her,and she started to cry. "Please!" Megan was now Demanding It! "I Want It Now!"

"Not Yet,Baby!" Mommy told her. "Maybe later. O.K.?" That's when Mommy made me get up and leave my room. I turned to look as they were hugging and I saw Mommy whisper something in Megan's ear.

I was downstairs when the Girl's came down and walked over to me. I don't know what Mom told her,but Megan was nothing but smiles! I was just taking a drink of water,and offered Megan the glass,when Mommy stepped up to me and told me to bend over. I knew what was coming,because I recognised the long,curved dildo Mommy had in her hand. Hell,she had used it on me more than she used it on any of my s*s ters!

I did as I was told and was immediately rewarded. God I love it when Mommy fucks me with that thing. And she was really working me over,too! My cock was hard and pointed at Megan's face as she knelt in front of me. "You're a Slut!" she told me. "Look Who's talking!" I laughed. "Yeah? Well You're the one getting his boy-pussy fucked! Fuck Him,Mommy! Fuck Him!"

"I have a better idea,Honey. How would You like to fist fuck Mommy's pussy?" She asked Megan. "Boy! Would I!" and Megan laid down,naked with her face between
Mommy's knees and without a word she shoved her closed fist up into Mommy's cunt,when she squatted down! I watched in awe as Megan's arm moved like a car's piston! She was fisting Mommy as hard and fast as she could!

Mom reached out and pulled me over to stand in front of her. I thought I would die! Mommy worked up a mouthful of spit and began to make love to my cock with her mouth! I was growing weak in the knees,my head began to ring and I was getting ready to cum,when the god damned phone rang! Mommy didn't miss a beat,she pulled her head back till my throbbing cock plopped into her waiting hand,and then she pressed down even farther onto Megan's arm. Mommy's fist was a blur as she answered the phone. She was jerking me off while talking to Jacky!


Mommy had just squirted all over Megan! But that didn't stop either of them. Megan kept pumping her fist into and out of Mommy and Mommy began sucking my cock again! She was cuming over and over. I could hear Megan's hand squelch,with every thrust. Megan was giggling and laughed out loud when she said "I made Mommy Rain!"

I couldn't last any longer! "Mommy! Stop! MOMMEEE! STOP!" And the bitch did.
I almost fell over. I was reaching for my dick when I felt Megan's hand try to close around my cock shaft. Their cheeks were pressed together and as Megan jerked me off,Mommy blew her hot breath over the head of my cock!

I watched them staring at the slit in the head of my dick and that was all it took! I couldn't hold it in any more! I came in five long spurts all over their faces! Megan wouldn't let go of me,and when I reached for her wrist Mommy slapped my hand away! I continued to watch as Mommy put her hand on the back of Megans head and move her forward. "Suck it,Baby Doll! Suck his cum out! Get a Big Mouthful!" She did too!

They looked at each other smiling. Then Mommy took my cock in her hand and wrung it like a rag! She placed the head of my spent dick in her mouth and gave one last,long,deep suck dribbling some of my cum down her chin and letting it drip onto her tits! When she did that,My knees buckled and I hit the floor.

When I regained my senses,I could hear a knocking. I laid on the floor looking up at my mother and s****r. I watched in horror as Mom stood up,took Megan by the hand and then walked over to door. My mother's face was covered with my cum! Megan had globs of it in her hair and cum was running from the corners of her mouth down her chin. Mommy's tits leaked milk with every step she took,her stomach and thighs was coated in it!

"Watch this!" She told me. Reaching down with her free hand she worked it between her legs,covering it in her pussy juice. Megan opened the door,and before I could do or say anything,Mom reached out and put her fingers into Paster Greg's mouth! Then I almost died when Megan opened her mouth and my cum poured out! "Hi!" she said,blowing bubbles with my sperm. "Wanna come in?"
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Wonderfully perverse as always.
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Wish ilived in a family like this
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great story
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lol awesome
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What a family! Great work.
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hot story