My Silly L ittle S ister

My s ister is such a silly l ittle thing. She thought she could blackmail me into doing her math homework with the threat of showing our parents a video,that she took on her cell phone,of me jacking off to a nude picture of our Mother and then cuming into a pair of her used,black lace panties! I laughed because Crissy doesn't know that Mom and Dad gave them to me,just for that purpose!


Last Sunday morning,I decided I finally had to go to my folks and tell them all about the dirty little fantasies I have been having about them. I didn't care how embarrassed I may be or how much trouble I may get in,I just couldn't take it any more! It's all because My folks kept fucking each other senseless,right in front of me at any time,any where! They constantly fucked like bunnies all over our house,yard and even at their Business! It was driving me crazy! So,I told them about my fantasies and that because of them I was walking around all day long with my dick so hard,the head was swollen and purple! I also told them "You don't get it do You? My dick hurts something fierce! Constantly! And it's All Your Fault!"

My Dad laughed and told me my cock needed to get some relief,and that if I didn't get laid soon it would turn black and fall off! Talk about Me freaking out! I was frantic! My dick was already killing me! It poked out hard and rubbed against the inside of my PJ's! It throbbed so badly,I thought my cock head was going to burst open,like an over ripe tomato! So I stood in front of them,at the kitchen table,wringing my hands and I started to cry. Now,my Mother,being the wonderful woman that she is,didn't say a word. She just got down on her knees,pulled my pajama bottoms to my ankles,freeing my erection,and began to give me the very first blow job of my life! Right then and there in front of My Dad! Dad just sat there watching us, smiling and drinking his Irish Coffee. Then He began urging us on! He was giving my mother pointers and making comments and suggestions until Mommy took my cock from her hot,drooling mouth and told him "Shut the fuck up and stick that big pecker of Your's up my ass,will Ya?"

He did of course. First I watched him dunk his long,fat,turgid cock part way into his coffee cup,then walk around and kneel behind my Mom. He made a loud grunt as he grabbed her ample ass cheeks,spreading them apart and then buried himself balls deep up her asshole,pushing her forward! Mom groaned and gagged as she gripped my ass cheeks,pulling me into her and shoving my cock as far as she could take it,into her mouth. I couldn't control myself when I felt my dick head slide down my Mother's throat! My whole body began to shake and tingle! There was this strange,tickling and burning sensation traveling down my spine to my asshole. It made my body erupt with goosebumps! This new wild,fantastic feeling made it's way into the pit of my stomach and down to my crotch! A pleasurable pain that made my toes curl and filled my balls and the head of my cock till I thought it was going to pop!

Mom pushed me down. She took her hands and guided me to the floor,with my dick still held firmly in her mouth. I laid on my back and looked into my Father's eyes. I heard his balls slapping against her wet cunt as he plowed over and over into my Mommy's ass! He and I smiled at each other until suddenly,my eyes crossed! I was seeing two of him! I screamed out when Mommy pinched both of my stiff nipples between her fingertips and stretched them out from my body as far as they would go!

Without warning,my body began to shake with tremmors and the head of my dick exploded as it was being milked by my Mommy's throat muscles! I could feel Something hot and itchy,tickling as it continued shooting out of me in spurt after spurt!

I tilted my head up off of the floor and watched as my mom raised her face from my crotch. She lifted her head till I could see the shaft of my dick,trapped between her lips and sunken cheeks as it pumped time and time again into her hungry mouth! Mom was looking in my eyes,when she gave a little,closed mouth cough and white liquid,mixed with her spit,shot out of her nostrils in two streams that landed in my pubes at the base of my dick and hung there connecting us all together!

That's when Dad pulled his massive cock out of my Mother's ass! He walked over,continuing to stroke his big,slimy cock and knelt down over my head. "Open your mouth,Boy!" he commanded and I did so. "Now,eat my cum! Suck it out of your Ol'Man's dick! We've been waiting a long time for you to say something to us! What the fuck took you so long?"

I was asking myself the same question as I felt my Mother's lips continue to suck and her tongue swirlled around the head of my dick! It felt like Heaven! I tried my best to copy her. My Fathers cock was shoved into my mouth only a short time,when He looked down into my eyes again and said "YEAH! SUCK IT,BOY! HERE IT COMES!" I tried to swallow as fast as I could but I couldn't keep up with the amount of cum he was filling my mouth with! I gagged a little myself and then coughed,just like my Mother had,and cum shot out of my nose and the sides of my mouth! I watched through watering eyes as some of it flew through the air and landed on Her face!

Still sucking away on my cock,Mom reached down between her legs and pulled the soaking wet,black lace panties she had been wearing off. Finally letting go of my shrinking dick,Mommy first wiped her face,my Dad's dripping cock and then my face with them. She handed me the panties and said "Here Honey! You keep these. I think you've earned them!"

The three of us had just left the shower when Crissy came home from Sunday school.


Crissy was mad as all Hell at my laughter and the look I gave her! I smiled wide and stuck my finger into her chest,right inbetween her two perky,budding breasts. "I dare You to show that video to the Folks! Go On! I Double Dare Ya!"

"Wh-What makes you think I won't?" she stuttered. "I bet You'll get a wh-w- hippin' when Mom finds out what a pervert you are! Just be glad I won't show Dad!"

"Like I said. Go ahead and show them! Show Both of Them! What do You think will happen to You when they see it? If You think I'll get in trouble for Jerking Off,Do It! It's only Natural for a Boy my age to jerk off. But let me ask You this. How do You think They'll feel about You Filming Me Doing That? Hmm? And Not Only Filming Me,But You KEPT the video! How many times have You watched it? I bet You have been rubbing that sweet l ittle pussy of Yours almost cotinuously since last night! Haven't You?" I sneared. "Oh yeah,Who's the Pervert now,Crissy? I bet Your pussy's all hot and wet right now,just because we've been talking about it! Isn't it?"

"Fuck You!" Crissy screamed at me. "You Just wait! And quit saying that my pussy is wet! I only took the video because You were doing it with your bedroom door open and I noticed you had a picture of Mom that You were Jerking Off to!" She started to cry then. "And I only watched the video a couple of times! I couldn't help it!"

As much as Crissy and I argue,We do love each other. I was starting to feel bad for teasing her,so I went to give her a hug,saying "I'm sorry,Crissy. I'll Help You with the math homework. O.K? But let's keep the video just between us. I promise I won't tell,if You don't. Deal?"

To my suprise,She let me hug her. I reached up with the tail of my shirt and dried her tears. She really is a cutie,You know. With her heart shaped face and her nose covered with freckles. She has big,round indigo blue eyes with long eyelashes and her pale blond hair is cut in a Pixie style. She kinda looks like Tinkerbell.

Crissy took a step back. She was looking at me with a weird expression on her face and said "Please don't mention my pussy getting wet,O.K? It's embarrassing when that happens. And I can't control it,anyway. It just happens. All the time now." she then looked at the floor and said "Do You want to see the video I took? You can if You want to. It's really good. We can watch it together."

I was stunned! I heard a noise and looked down at the floor. Crissy was kicking her right foot back and forth on the carpet. The tip of her l ittle,shiny patent leather shoe then began to make small circles. I was mesmerized by the tiny gold buckle on the strap that let her frilled,pink bobby sock show just above and below it.

The sound of Crissy's voice pulled me back to reality. "Well? Mom and Dad are going to be working late tonight. I'm Really Sorry I tried to blackmail you. Jessy me to do it."

"Oh My God! Crissy,you didn't show anybody at your school that video did you?" I gasped.
"No. I wouldn't do that! And I certainly wouldn't show that slut Jessy. She told me she has the Hots for You and wants to suck on your dick." Crissy said in a very quiet voice. "She wants to come over and spend the night,then sneek into your room after you fall asl**p and F-Fu-Fuck Y-You!" And Crissy really burst into tears!

My hands rested on her small shoulders. I stood looking at her standing there in front of me,dressed in a thin,short sleeved white cotton blouse that was untucked from the black belt holding up the mid-thigh length blue and dark green plaid skirt. She was being quite the rebel by wearing those pink bobby socks. She risked getting suspended wearing those. I had to smile.

"Crissy. Are you jealous?" I started to laugh and realised that was the wrong thing to do.
"God! You can be Such an Asshole!" She yelled at me and shoved me to the side as she ran off to her room,slamming the door. I had to admit,she was right.


It was still six hours before our parents would be home,so I ordered pizza from Crissy's favorite restaurant and knocked on her bedroom door after it was delivered. She didn't answer,so I tried the doorknob and found it unlocked. I opened the door and walked into her room. It was like a tornado had struck! She had thrown stuff everywhere. Books and cloths covered the floor. Her underwear drawer was turned out onto her bed and her stuffed a****ls were piled up in a corner! I was putting the pizza box on her bed when I heard her shower running.

Walking over to the bathroom door I peeked in,only because it was part way open. I could barely see her through the glass door of the shower. Too bad it was steamed up! She may just be "coming along" so to say,but she already has a dynomite ass and long slender legs. I know that under her shirt the size of her tits are mostly made up of the training bra she wears,but I caught a quick glance of her titties last week. I couldn't help but notice thst she has big nipples. In fact,that is basicly all her tits are. Two big,light pink nipples!

I needed to leave that room,fast! For some reason I didn't want her catching me standing there. I was walking through her room when I saw that her computer was on. It was open to her My Documents page and her personal folders were visable. I went over and looked at what she had. It was almost the same things that I had on mine. "Friends","f****y","Pets","School" and a bunch of other normal stuff. Then I saw "f****y and Me X". Opening it,I was shocked to see dozens of pictures of our parents fucking! They definately didn't know she had these! I knew this for a fact,because I had asked about Crissy and they told me to think about all the times I had caught them fucking,Crissy was never at home! Then I saw a file marked "His Video" and I knew what That was! I had finished sending all of the files to my computer when I saw another folder marked "Mine". Opening this one,I almost fell over! There she was! My pretty l ittle s ister in a ton of different nude poses! Many of them were pretty tame,but then I saw some where she was spreading her legs and showing her bald,bright pink pussy as she rubbed her clit! In several of these photos,she was on all fours,ass pointing at the camera. Then I saw the pics where She was fingering herself! I made sure to download those to my computer as well!


I stood in Crissy's room with my cock aching to be set free from my pants! I don't know what possessed me,but I stripped off my pants and underwear,right there and gave my cock a several long,loving strokes! But as I was leaving I banged into the door,droping my cloths. I stooped over and grabbed for my cloths,as quick as I could,because I suddenly heard Crissy saying "Is that You? OOooo! I smell pizza! I'll be right out!"

"Take Your time!" I hollered as I hurried down the hall. "I'm going to take a shower! I'll meet you downstairs when I'm through! I left a pizza for you on the bed!" and with that I closed my bedroom door and opened the computer files I had just sent myself. I was breathing hard as My fingers flew over the keyboard! I couldn't wait till I found the pictures of my l ittle s ister fingering herself to orgasm! You could tell by the expression on her face that she was cuming! I just knew it!

I found out there were over a dozen pictures of Crissy finger fucking herself! God,she was being so naughty! It was one of the hottest things I have ever seen in my life! Is this how she felt watching me jerk off? But Crissy is several years y ounger than I am! Is it even possible she could be feeling that way? It must be,because I was watching her do that very thing!

Except for watching my parents sucking and fucking in front of me,I had a very limited experience with porn. I had only seen one Playboy before,and Crissy was doing things that they sure didn't show in That Mag!

My eyes were glued to the computer screen as I jacked off in a frenzy! My hand flew back and forth! The swollen,purple head of my cock slid over my palm countless times,slippery with pre-cum! Thanks to fucking Mom and Dad,I now knew how to make myself cum and prolong the pleasure of doing so! I was getting close to busting my nut and so into looking at the pictures of Crissy fingering herself,I didn't hear my bedroom door open. I was oblivious to everything! And as I felt that wonderful feeling filling my balls and making my cock head itch,I reached for my underwear that was on my matteress. I was in shock when I realized I was unloading my cum into a pair of Crissy's panties! Just the thought made me cum even harder!

"Way to go Big B ro!" Chrissy said from the floor of my doorway.

I spun around,as more cum launched from the tip of my cock swinging in a huge arch! I looked at Chrissy laying there with a video camera pointed at her open,wet,bald pussy! She was soaking wet and her tiny pink nipples were hard as diamonds! I couldn't tell if it was water from the shower or her sweat,but she laid there propped up on her elbows panting with a big smile on her face!

"I see You found my pics! Did You like them?" She said as she got up and walked over to me. Reaching out,she took her panties from my hand and slowly put them on! "Ohh! That feels nice!" Then she bent over and sucked on the head of my cum smeared cock! "Mmmmm! No Wonder You and Mom like to suck Dad's dick! Oh Yea. By the way. Smile! You're on Candid Camera!" She laughed as she stood up and pointed to a camera she had hidden on my book shelf.

"I put the pizza's in the oven to keep warm." she giggled. "Hay1 I have an idea! Lets watch a couple of movies while we have dinner! What do You think?" Crissy said and took my face in her hands. She was smiling up at me as our lips touched and she began French Kissing Me!

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Oh, Please tell us there is many more of these to "cum". My silky, straight, red pubic hair is
Soaked and my pussy is flowing. All this and I have not YET touched it.
Wonderful story, we are all hoping this is TRUE.
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