Mom-The Cum Addicted Slut part 1

This is a tale of the utmost of depravity. Warning:Shocking F amily content! LOL

Mom is,was and always has been a very kinky and sexual creature. According to Her and my Grandparents,that is. So,when I was still pretty young and Mom caught me shoving the handle of a spatula,that I stole from our neighbors,up my ass? She didn't get mad at me,She just told me that it was OK and to be careful that I didn't hurt myself. Then,later that night,She held me close,placed a leaking,milk filled tit in my mouth and told me that almost all of her earliest memories are filled with images of her playing with Her pussy and asshole.

She told me that she could remember how she used to spend absolutely hours,sticking anything she could find into her pussy or as far up her asshole as she possibly could. Even then She adored the way all of those naughty things made her feel! To her,it didn't matter if it was her fingers,a toy,one of Grandpa's drum sticks,the neck of a soda or beer bottle,or anything else that she could find! She Just Didn't Care! And if she found something that wouldn't fit? Well hell,she would work away on her pussy and ass until it did fit! She Loved It! She said she craved the feeling of having her vagina and asshole stuffed full,and that there were days when she would play with herself from the time she woke up,until the time she went to bed! So I should not be ashamed of doing the thing she had found me doing. "You see Sweetie. It's Just Natural For The People In Our f****y To Do These Things!" she cooed.

Mom loves to talk about how she would sit in her high-chair at the dinner table with her parents,and rub her sippy-cup against her panty covered crotch. She says Grandma and Grandpa always praised her and told her what a good girl she was being.

Now,sometimes my Mom will get this far away look in her eyes and sigh when she tells the story about the time she stood in the open doorway of their mobile home. She was naked and waving to the neighbors,as they watched her diddling herself and giggling when suddenly the pooch from next door ran up and began licking her l ittle cunny. She said she can still hear the cheers and applause they gave her when she got down on her hands and knees and the mut mounted her ass from behind! Man,She Really Loved That!

"Thank God Your Grandma had captured the whole thing on film! Huh? I know that one is one of Your favs. Isn't it Honey?!" Mom likes to exclaim. Mom still owns and loves to show the hundreds of old home movies Grandma and Grandpa had taken of her while she was growing up. Some weekends we have an entire house full of people and she will play them all for two days straight!

One of these movies that Mom likes to show for a "preview",is of her kneeling on the floor naked watching Sesame St.. There She is,grinding her pussy,and frantically humping away on a threadbare Cookie Monster doll,that she had duct taped a coke bottle to and stuffed between her legs! I happen to like that one also. And then there is the one where she is in the kitchen,on her hands and knees,crawling around with two plastic mixing spoons wiggling about as they stick out of her! One of the spoons keeps bouncing off of her inner thighs as it points down,that's the one she shoved up her cunt,and the other one is sticking straight out behind her,that's the one she had stuck up her asshole! As she is crawling away from the camera across the kitchen floor,she starts making piggy noises and we can hear Grandma and her Uncle Phil laughing in the background.

Watching any of those old movies always gets Mom's juices flowing. It seems like it gets everybody elses juices flowing too!

Mom also loves showing off the dozens of pictures she has of herself adorning the walls of her bedroom. One of her favorites was taken when she was in the third grade. It's a black and white. Her Father snapped the photo as she was posing naked in the shed behind their trailer. Her legs are spread wide and she is squating,a Barbie Doll hangs by it's neck,dangling down between her thighs,because she had just shoved it's head up into her snatch. What a kinky l ittle bitch she was!

Another one of the many photos Mom has on display(and I love this one too)is of her,her Mother and Father,and her Uncle Phil.

In this one,Mom is standing in her bedroom on a Strawberry Shortcake quilt and wearing only a wide,cracked black plastic belt around her skinny,naked waist. Grandma is kneeling off to the side and squirting milk from her huge,bloated tits, drenching Mom's tiny,pink nipples and pale torso. You can clearly see the rivulets of milk running down Mom's body,over the belt and then streaming from the dimpled slit between her pussy lips. Grandpa is standing at Mom's left side. Her small hand is holding his long,fat cock and pointing it at her face while Uncle Phil is standing behind Grandma. Phil's meaty,crooked pecker and ballsack are resting on top of Grandma's dark red hair.

You can plainly tell that Mom's cute,freckled face and bright red hair are covered with splatters and globs of her Father's and Uncle's cum. She has her mouth open wide,smiling and showing off her missing two front upper teeth,and her tongue is sticking out. A long jizz rope swings from the tip of Grandpa's cock to her forehead. You can even see a big spurt of cum leaving the head of Uncle Phils cock,as it was caught in mid-air just before hitting her in the eye!

But Mom's favorite,and I mean her absolutely favorite photo,is the one that she says started it all. In it,She looks out at you from an eight by ten inch,Gold filigreed frame that always rests on her nightstand.

She has told me time and time again that that photo "Shows The Moment When I Knew,Without A Doubt,That I Was Destined To Be Addicted To Cum!"

In it,she is wearing a light,leaf green coloured cotton summer dress. It shows off her long,bright red,curly hair and pale,freckle dusted face perfectly. She is laying across my Grandmother's lap as Grandma is holding my mother in her arms. The fingers of Mom's tiny right hand are outstretched and her pointing forefinger is almost touching a drop of milk,that hangs precariously,from the dark,fat,hard nipple of her Mother's engorged bare breast.

My grandmother's head is bent forward and she is smiling,gazing lovingly down upon her daughter laying there. A large dollop of cum has slid from the tip of my Grandmother's slightly upturned nose and is suspended a hair's breadth away from falling onto my mothers slightly parted,rose petal pink lips.

In the lower left corner of the photo,the head and a couple of inches of my Grandfather's thick,blue veined cock are visable. More of his cum has erupted from his piss slit and was frozen in time as it splashed across my mother's cheek,the bridge of her nose and left eyebrow. The hair at her temple is wet and matted and she has some of her Father's sperm dribbling out from the right corner of her mouth!

But Her favorite part of the picture? It's the expression on her face,and I must admit,I have to agree. You see,despite the cum clumping her eyelashes together,and the clotting pools of sperm filling her open eyelids,her dark green gaze never falters as she stares out through the milky white liquid. Through those emeralds of her soul,she is looking out serenely,quite dreamily in fact,straight back at and into the camera's lense. Everyone that sees the photograph says the same thing "It's almost as if You are looking at and thinking about Me!"

Unfortunately,right now I don't think my Mom is thinking about you at all. Or maybe she is. I'm not really sure. And quite frankly,I don't really care. I doubt she is actually thinking much of anything at this moment,except the waves of her f orced orgasm. You see,I have her strapped onto one of our sybians. This particular one I made with a six inch long,two inch thick rabbit dildo in the front and a six inch long,three inch thick segmented dildo in the back. I have her so stuffed,she told me she "Feels like a sunday dinner chicken!". So I put the gag in her mouth,the blindfold over her eyes and flipped the power on! That was about fourty five minutes ago,give or take a few dozen. I kinda lost track for a while there,because I found an old film I don't remember Mom ever showing me before. So I sat down to watch part of it.

Grandma must have been the one filming. This one definately has her artistic flair! It starts with a scene of my Mom sitting naked in a field of multi-coloured wild flowers,as butterflies flit all around her in the soft,golden glow of sunshine. At one point,one of the butterflies even settles on the very tip of her right miniature nipple,and she begins to laugh.
Her wild red hair is braided with yellow and white flower blossoms and she is chewing on a long tufted piece of grass. The film then cuts to sunset. The outline of my Mother's perfect,tiny slim figure is silhouetted from behind against the setting sun,and just before the sun's angle reaches the space between the top of her inner thighs,she throws her hands up and out,s**ttering flower petals as the sun's rays suddenly explode in a crimson diamond under her sweet l ittle pussy!

In the scene after that. Mom is once again laying among the flowers,but it is now under the light of a full moon. Shadows fall over her prone body and three sets of mens hands can be seen gently,slowly lifting her up to the sky. They continue to hold her there as the full moon comes to rest upon the her vaginal mound. They then set her down on her feet and she waits as one of the men lays himself down on the ground. He has a huge erection that points straight up and the camera slowly angels until the full moon takes the place of the head of his dick.

Everything in the film is now coloured in shades of silver,blue,black and grey as She moves in a slow,twirling dance until she is once again outlined by the moon. Then,ever so sensually she places her feet to either side of the man's waist and sways her hips from side to side as she slowly lowers herself to her knees. She leans forward dr****g her hair onto his chest and places one hand on the flat of his stomach,then she reaches back between her legs and puts the head of his cock between the lips of her vagina as she rocks back. Once again the angle changes. This time it is in tight for a close-up.

The screen fills with the sight of my Mothers small young hands coming to rest on each of her ass cheeks. L ittle by l ittle she pulls them apart until her rosebud is revealed,and the skin between her pussy and her puckered asshole is shining and stretched tight. While she is doing that,the man presses himself hard against her,making her growl with lust.

She shifts herself,only a l ittle bit and then spreads her legs wider. The tip of his cock finally starts to slide in. Now the only thing filling the screen is the enormous head of his cock and the surrounding folds of my Mother's tight vaginal lips! And right as the head of his cock begins to open the hole leading into her vagina and he ever so slowly starts to slide into her depths...I heard my Mother grunting from the next room. Damnit! Why didn't I put the headphones on?!

So I put the movie on pause and here I am!

Now,when I finally decide that she's had enough,for the moment that is,I have a big suprise for her. I am going to hoist her up off of our toy,lay her down on the floor and hog-tie her! Once that is done,I'll carry her to the bed and leave her there with her ass sticking straight up in the air!

I Know how much my Mom Loves Cum. Her being the Big Nasty Cum Slut that She is. And because I love her so much,I called a friend of mine who is a veterinarian. I happen to know that He has several clients who own horses, so after slipping him a few bucks? Well,lets just say I have a gallon a stud sauce that is freshly thawed,with a douchebag and hose standing by! I also called Grandma and Grandpa. They're on their way over right now. I can guarantee Mom Is Going To Love This!

I only have one thing troubling me. Grandma isn't a problem. I know she will have no qualms about sucking down Ol'Dobbin's juice straight from her d aughters pussy or ass. But I wonder how Grandpa will feel when I tell him,he can't fuck Mom till I pump both of her holes full of stud sauce BEFORE we double team her?
I'll let You know!
This is the end of part one.

88% (38/5)
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