Milking Mommy

This is another story of F amily perversion and y oung i nsest. If these topics disturb you,do not read them!

Mommy and I had been fucking each other,almost every single day,for over a year. And when Mommy's "B aby B ump" started to show,we made the decision to move away. We agreed that living in a small town,putting up with all of the gossip and nosey neighbors just wasn't worth the hassle any more. And neither was Mommy going to work at her shitty job and me dealing with the assholes at my Jr.High School.

Between Our web sites and the on-line sales of our DVD's,We have been lucky enough to be making several thousands of dollars each month,and this made the decision to move all the easier.

So,when Mommy found a small,working farm,in a tiny community located in the northern range of the Adirondacks, off we went!

Since the move,every day Our sex life gets better and alot more kinky! In fact,Mommy calls Us "Fuck Crazy Cum Freaks!"!

The bigger Mommy's tummy got,the hornier she became. My cock was growing,right along with the rest of my body,and Mommy just couldn't get enough of me! We were fucking each other and making movies anywhere you could imagine. Hell! In the first two weeks alone,I fucked Mommy five different times in the mini-van,right outside the towns grocery store,library and City Hall all of which are located on Main Street! We never did take out any books and we only bought groceries twice!

Then one day, Mommy started to lactate. She was crawling around on all fours, naked in the garden while weeding and laughing at how the plants were tickling her belly,when she noticed it.

Calling me over to her,to show me,she got up and knelt at my feet. Seeing Mommy's arms and legs smeared with dirt,her distended belly poking out below those huge,milk filled breasts and her beautiful,smiling face almost made me cry with joy. I stared at her,mesmerized by the milkdrops that hung from the tips of each of Mommy's perfect nipples.

So there I stood,barefoot and naked in the garden,right along with her,as my rock hard cock pointed straight at her chin.

Gripping my cock with her left hand,Mommy pulled me close to her. Making me bend my knees a little,she stuck a milky nipple up and into the piss slit of my dick. I moaned out loud and almost shot my load right then and there! But then she began to squeeze her tit and milk shot up into my cock and all over my dickhead! I almost fainted from the sensation.

"Go get the camera,Baby!" she said,after sucking on my rigid,milk streaked cock. "We need to film this!" Mommy panted.

I was off like a shot,running with my dick flapping in the wind!

After grabbing one of our cameras from the kitchen table,I looked out the open back door and watched as Mommy waddled across the yard,her hands pressed into the small of her back,as she made her way to one of our movie studios that was set up in the barn.

My cock was jumping and flailing in all directions as I ran to catch up with her. When I did,she was already in the last horse stall.

Mommy looked at me with pride while standing naked in front of me. She was still pressing her hands into the small of her back and smiling. Her big,pregnant stomach pushed out even farther and her fat,elongated udders rested on top of it. My cock began throbbing and dancing about as I watched her,watching me.

Because Mommy she was right at full term,We had to work at it together,but we finally managed to get her into the breeding sling and stirrups. Her skin poked out of every opening between the straps as I hoisted her up with the electric winch. When she was securely tied and the sling locked in place, I spread her legs apart and lashed them to the slings chains with velvet straps.

I quickly lathered up her shaved cunt and asshole with lube. And since she was at my mercy,once again,I decided to finger fuck her first,then eat her pussy out until she came before filming what was to come.

I Love the fact that Mommy is a Squirter! And I do mean Squirter! I have collected over a cup of it before,and sometimes,when she really gets going,she just can't stop the flow!

My Mommy never disappoints me!

I finished eating her out and my face and hair were dripping wet. Mommy had squirted so much,I couldn't drink it all,so I held my face in front of her pussy,as she let fly with a stream of her cunt juice!

I returned to my job,but before readying the film equipment,I set out all of the toys I would be using,in this movie on Mommy. We had prepared well for this day! We had several different kinds of milk pumps (both the old and new types) at hand,vibrators,dildos,soft,cloth whips,automatic fucking machines, and one of our favorite things,an E-Stim Unit!

I completed the lighting and sound set up,then turned on the cameras.

I first approached Mommy with a pair of the old fashioned,hand held nursing pumps. They were the kind with small,clear plastic bags attached to the bottom of it and held inside a cup. Mommy's large,brown areolas made the fifty-cent piece sized suction cups look small. I had squeezed on the pump handle only twice when she suddenly squeeled out in pain as her long nipples bottomed out,plugging the hole and pinching them tight. I quickly broke the suction and removed the useless pumps,tossing them onto the table.

I could not help but gaze upon my wonderful Mommy. She is such a pretty little,Red Head! And Oh,So Kinky! My Mommy is So Fucking Hot and Always So Fucking Horny,I wanted to make this an Extra Special Occasion for her!

I stared at those beautiful,engorged breasts as milk began to leak,just a little bit,from the end of each hard nipple. I quickly made up my mind and picked up one of the horsecock shaped vibrators,then coverd it with lube. As I rubbed it over the very tips of her sensitive nipples,Mommy began to moan with pleasure. In a matter of moments,the vibrator was coated with a combination of lube and Mother's Milk. That's when I giggled and smiled at her.

"Don't You Dare,Baby!" she moaned. "Mommy can't take it! I'm not ready! Not today Baby! Please? PLEASE?! PLEASE DON'T! MOMMYCANTUUUGGH! FUGME! AIEEEEFUG!"
She screamed out as I placed the fist sized vibrator's head against her asshole and with one quick movement,sank it about eight inches deep up her ass!

"Don't lie to Me,Mommy!" I laughed. "You Love it! And I know you you want it! If you didn't,why did we give eachother enemas this morning? Now Take IT,You Slut! Who's My Slut,Mommy? WHO THE FUCK IS MY SLUT?!" I scolded her as I began to fuck her ass in earnest with the oversized vibe!


Placing the end of the vibrator in it's holder attached to the sling,I turned it up to High and walked away. Mommy couldn't see what I was doing behind her,but she could hear me.

I crept up to her and put a red,velvet hood over her head and face. She was thrashing about in the sling,impaled on a horsecock sized vibrator up her ass and totally helpless! She had no idea what I had in store for her.

I had taken out the E-Stim and hooked it up. I also plugged in the electric milking machine. It is the same kind farmers use on cows,but I have modified it. I can hook up one,two,three or four milking tubes,what ever I choose! I also had the tubes connected so they would empty into a steril,glass quart jar.

I went to work quickly. I placed the E-Stim's patches around her bald,winking pussy and vibe filled asshole. Mommy was so wet,I just had to get another taste of her cunt,so I bent down and ran my tongue between her cunt lips,making her cry out once more.

Filming MY LOVELY,SLUT MOMMY,in the begining stages of yet another orgasm,drove me wild!

I was covering her body with soft kisses as I finished attaching all but two of the E-Stim's wires. Standing between Mommy's creamy white spread thighs,I began to lightly slap and pinch her clit,until it became swollen and bright red. Her muffled moans and cries filled the old barn. And when I knew she was close to cuming again,I turned on the milking machine and attached a suction tubes to each of her teats.

Wanting to see and show the depths of emotions and range of expressions Mommy went through,I removed the hood that had previously hidden her beautiful face.

She screamed out louder for me to stop playing around,as I pulled first one,and then the other suction tube off of her squirting nipples. I teased her with them. Holding the tubes openings,until they barely made skin contact,I then pulled them away. I popped her hard,wet nipples in and out at least a dozen times,giving her a mix of pain and pleasure before I finally put them on for good.

I hit paydirt,big time! I could hear it as the suction drew forth spurt after spurt of Mother's Milk and began to deposit it,in loud splashes,into the glass jar,making my mouth water!

Mommy moaned,then began screaming and crying tears of pleasure. The milker was working on her swollen teats and the hugh viberator filled her ass,buzzing away non stop! I decided it was time to push her over the edge.

Hooking up the final component of the E-Stim machine to a strap-on belt,I warmed the six inch long,two inch thick metal rod in my hands. Turning the harness inside out,so the device pointed straight up,I inserted the metal rod fully into Mommy's vagina and secured it tightly in place around her thighs. I then attached the final wire to the patch over her clit,flipped the machines switch to "ON" and turned the dial up to what I knew was a "Safe Zone" for her!

Without warning,the rafters showered down dust and it sounded like they were cracking,as she convulsed in the sling! Inarticulate sounds,grunts mixed with partial words and screams,issued forth from Mommy's clenched mouth. Her body continued to spasm then broke out covered in sweat! Her breath came in short,f***ed gasps! Spit flew from her shaking head as her eyes rolled back into her head till all I could was the whites! Her long,red hair whipped back and forth,tying itself into knots and tangles! And the muscles in her arms,legs and baby filled stomach rippled as they corded up and then relaxed between each electrical pulse!

All four cameras caught every bit of the action!

This went on for about three minutes,then I became freaked out by her actions. I yanked the E-Stim's power cord from the wall and rushed to her side.

"Take it out!" Mommy groaned. "Please! Baby! Take it out of my cunt!"

In a race with myself,I undid the E-Stim's harness and removed the metal rod from her pussy. She made a quiet queer sound as I did this,it was like a cry,cough and laugh mixed together. I was reaching next for the vibrator shoved up her asshole,when she told me to leave it alone. "That can stay where it is for now,Baby. Just turn it to medium,will You?" so I did as I was told and began removing the patches I had carefully placed upon my mother's body.

I was in a state of shock. What could have gone wrong? I had placed the E-Stim contact points in the same places I had a hundred times before! Just like she had shown me to do! What in the world had happened?!

I untied her legs,uncuffed her wrists,removed the locks and began to lower her to the floor. When her feet touched ground,she breathed out "My tits,Sweety! Turn of the milker! But be careful! Don't spill anything!"

Cutting off the power and carefully removing the suction tubes from Mommy's tits,I was amazed at the sight of her areolas and nipples. They looked deformed! About half way down the big brown circles there was a ring,and from that ring,they were shaped like three inch long,fat cigars with her nipples jutting out almost another inch and a half!

"Bring me one of the tubes we just used and turn on the machine,Baby."

Mommy had regained most of her composure and noticed the cameras were still rolling. She sat in the Breeding Sling,like a Queen on her throne. Putting her legs back up into the stirrups ,she began teasing her clit and working the vibrator deeper into her ass.

"Can I do that for you,Mommy?" I asked "Or do you want me to eat you out again?" I was beginning to calm down myself.

"No,Baby. I want You to stand here in front of me but facing the wall."

I handed the milking tube to her,like she wanted and turned my back to Mommy.

"You poor Baby. Did Mommy scare you? I didn't mean to. I was in so much pleasure I couldn't take any more,is all. Here,let me hold you" she said, circling me from behind with her arms. "Oh No! Baby! Your Hard-On went away! We can't have that now can we?"

I could tell Mommy had positioned me so at least one camera could catch her rubbing her deformed tits on my back,smearing me with her milk.

Sitting behind me,she began nibbling on my neck and shoulders and then breathing in my ear. She took her free hand and began tickling my cockhead with her long fingernails as she continued rocking back and forth in the sling getting herself off again.

My cock began to harden and rise,when suddenly she shoved the opening of the milk slicked tube over the head of my cock and pushed it down as far as it would go!

She let go of the tube but the machines suction had a tight grip as it began to repeatedly pull me into it,then let go. The feeling was strange to say the least. It was fantastic! Not as good as Mommy's mouth,but different enough to be totally erotic! I kept getting harder and harder! Then I realised I was getting a blowjob from a machine!

I was so engrosed in what was happening,I didn't notice that Mommy had tied my wrists to the slings chains.

I felt her get out of the sling and duck under my arm. She walked around to stand in front of me. Watching as the maching sucked on her son's cock.

Mommy leaned over the table,picked up a pair of nipple clamps connected with a thin chain,and screwed them onto my nipples. I felt her tug on the clear plastic hose that connected me to the machine and the jar holding her milk.

"I'm going to have So Much Fun!" she growled at me!

I felt a wide fur lined leather cuff fasten around my right ankle,then she f***ed my legs apart till I she could fasten the other cuff around my left ankle. There was a wooden shaft keeping me from closing my legs!

I listened as she took a few steps away. I screamed when she turned the speed of the milking machine up! I was hanging by my wrists. It was now my turn to be totally helpless! Mommy came back to me,and I felt the E-Stim's strap-on harness go around my waist. She shoved the metal rod,covered in her pussy juice,straight up my asshole and clipped a wire to the chain running from nipple to nipple.

The world exploded in fire when she flipped the switch!

I hung there from the chains,twitching and jerking about! I was dancing like some possessed marionette puppet! I had no control over what my body did! I didn't realize I was screaming till my throat began to hurt!

Mommy turned off the E-Stim and I caught my breath. But the automatic milker kept sucking away!

"Mommy! I'm Gonna Cum! MommIIEEEEE!" She flipped the switch a second time! I never even knew when I came! It felt like I was lost! My mind spun out of control! Time had no meaning! Then I felt the sweet touch of reality again.

Mommy was laughing at me! "Isn't that Fucking Awesome?" she asked. "God,I LOVED IT! I can't wait till after the baby is born! We are going to have SO MUCH FUN,You AND I!"

I couldn't move. I just hung sweating and there breathing hard.

"I wonder how long it will take for you to cum again? I better turn this up some and find out!"

Before I could say anything she had the machine almost set to the max! I hung by my wrists,gyrating and swinging in partial circles for just under ten minutes before I blew my next load! It took almost another twenty before I had my third and final orgasm of the day.

Mommy took off the leg restraint and untied my wrists. She tied an old pair of spandex tights over her shoulders,across her big pregnant belly and between her legs to keep the massive vibrator in place. She then turned off the milking machine and carried the jar with the pumps still atached to the lid and my swollen cock,as she strained to walk back up to the house. She made sure I filmed the entire thing.

It took almost a half hour of Mommy holding ice against the metal tube and alot of pulling before my cock came out of the milker!

With my cock finally free,I filmed Mommy,as she made a big production of putting the jar with her milk and my sperm into the freezer.

"Oh,My! Will this be tasty or what?" she cooed at the camera "I can't wait to try it! Maybe my Baby here can give me a douch with it and then drink it from his Mommy's pussy and then spit it into her mouth? Would You like that?"

She asked if I was still filming. "Of course I am! You didn't tell me to stop did you?"

"Good! I want to be sure You get all of this! Give me the big pasta pot,will you please,Baby?" she was talking to me and untying the makeshift spandex sling.

I started to hand her the pot,but she told me to put it on the floor. With the pot between her legs she reached down and caught the horsecock shaped vibrator as she pushed it from her ass. Mommy turned away from me and leaned over the table,showing me and the camera her wide open gaping asshole and pussy. Standing back up and turning to face me again,Mommy clutched her sides and made one of the strangest faces I have ever seen!

"OhMY UGGGG!" she screamed and it looked like someone was emptying a bucket from her pussy!

"Did you get that,Honey? Did You?"

I just nodded my head yes and kept the camera pointed at her swollen,bright red cunt! Her clit was huge and stuck out like a thumb! She sat back down onto the kitchen chair and parted her legs. Her pussy was gaping open! It was twice as wide as her asshole had been!

"Hand me the phone,Honey. Make sure you get all of this! Hello? 911? Yes. My water just broke and I need someone here fast! I am about to give birth!"

She was having a contraction,so I yelled out the address into the phone,and sat on the floor with the camera's lense pointed at Mommy's cunt. The camera was still rolling when the paramedics arrived!

Six hours later we welcomed My happy,healthy,totally normal s ister/d aughter into the world!

Two months after that,we had to open another bank account for our business. Movie sales have never been so good!
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2 months ago
FYI, Although I did take the liberty to add a few details, like them fucking in the van while in town, and their zesty barn session, which actually occurred the day before, I happen to know these people. As for the Dr.? It's a very small town, He's old, and He couldn't give a shit what people do. lol
2 months ago
"Milking Mommy" - Non-descriptive, non detailed Nine-month Pregnant, Blood-kin Incestually Impregnanted Mother and Her Son.

In reality, in the real world (which makes this story non-believeable) the son would probably have been arrested for parental physical abuse
of his mother, considering her condition and evidence of physical abuse just hours before her delivery of their new baby daughter!! And, some brilliant medical staff worker might have a thought that there should be a usual DNA testing done which would show more than sixty percent of the mother's DNA in the baby, indicating an incestual pregnancy.

Don't get me wrong about being holier-than-thou as the tone and tenor, the concept and context of the story, but any story must have some degree of realism and believeability--even if the story is hardcore pornography with a heavy dose of inestual seasoning for maximum pleasuring.

The bottom line though is that I absolutely do love the pregnancy of an ideal incestual relationship--mother and son in particular!! This story has those elements in spades, bigtime; mommy's actating tits are a large turn-on, along with the freezing of the mother's breast milk (makes the bast coffee creamer)!
3 months ago
great story
1 year ago
An awesome story,,,I'm keeping it to read over and over
1 year ago
incest is hot
2 years ago
There is hardly any deviate idea left undone in this story. Because mother and son are "man and wife" in reality this story--and both in complete agreement-- it is totally awesome in all aspects!! It tickles my fancy so much that mother just had a baby daughter/granddaughter from there incestual union and life style! Just heavenly stimulatingly pleasure!!! L O V E it!
2 years ago
I love reading incest it give me a big hardon
2 years ago
made me cum so much that I had my moms ass sitting on my hugh cock creaming it with her delicious cum juice...oh I love incest
2 years ago
Holy fuck that was hot!
2 years ago
v good
2 years ago
fuck that was hot.
2 years ago
Nice one ;-)
2 years ago
so good
2 years ago
2 years ago
Man that was very different kind of story..good read
3 years ago
i liked this whether its real or fantasy
3 years ago
Well done, yet another best seller/reader ..
3 years ago
awesome story is it really ur ma or was that just a bit of fun