Mommy's Wanton Ass

My parents had gone out for a few drinks and an evening on the town,leaving my older b*****r,younger s****r and myself,to entertain ourselves at home that night.

The car wasn't even out of the driveway before my s****r was stripped naked and laying on the living room floor. Spreading both of her legs wide and wearing a big smile on her face,she yelled "Come and Get it! Let The Games Begin!"

My b*****r,Kurt,ran down the stairs,wearing only his socks,his hard dick bouncing up and down with each step. As soon as his feet hit the hardwood floor,he slid over to my s****r,got down on his belly and began eating her,sweet,young,hairless pussy out.

In my room,I had finally undressed and pelted downstairs as well,to join in on the fun. Karen,my s****r,motioned for me to hurry over and get on my knees so she could suck on my cock.

There we were. All three of us lined up on the living room floor. Naked as the day we were born. Every light in the room was on and all of the curtains open. We didn't even think about that.

I laid down over my s****rs face,my head resting on my arms on the floor,knees slightly bent,as Karen sucked and nibbled away at my cock. That was when I felt Kurt stick first one,then two fingers up my well lubed,willing asshole. God! That always feels so good. Kurt is an expert asshole finger fucker. As well he should be! He is the oldest after all.

It didn't take long for Karen to begin to squirm around and moan,so I knew Kurt was doing a good job working over her clit and vagina. Her breathing began to come in short gasps while she sucked on my pecker. Suddenly she t****d the head of my dick between her teeth,trying to shove her tongue up into my piss slit.
I love my kinky,slutty,little s****r!

"UngghFuuuuh!" she breathed out,as she came. Opening her mouth and letting go of my cock,she reached up around my waist and pulled my hips back,making Kurt's fingers go even deeper into me. I almost cried when he pulled his fingers out and shoved his tongue into my ass. "Yeah! Like that!" I moaned.

I was so into what Kurt was doing,I didn't hear the knock at the door. Karen was slapping at both Kurt and me,and telling us to stop,when the knock came again. Louder that time.

Wiggling out from under us,she got up and tippy-toed across the room,climbed up on a stool and looked through the peep-hole. She squealed "Stop! Stop it! Get up! Run into the other room! Hurry before she sees us!" Karen hopped down,ran back over to us and pulled at our arms.

We were running into the kitchen when I turned around and saw our neigbor,Mrs.Kelly looking in through the window. She was standing in the bushes! Mom had planted those there to stop just such a thing from happening!

I couldn't help myself. I turned to fully face the ol'bag and wrapped my first two fingers and thumb around my peachfuzz covered package and shook it at her!

Mrs.Kelly's mouth made a big "O" shape and her eyes flew open wide behind her glasses. Then she turned and fell over the bushes.

I was laughing when Karen and Kurt ran upstairs to get dressed. "What's She gonna do? The Old Bitch!" I yelled at them.

"You better get up here!" Kurt yelled back. "And bring us a spoon and the ice cream!" Karen called to me.

I hate it when we can't finish our games. So what if we have been caught a few times before by Mrs.Kelly. What sucked was,each time we were,Karen refused to play any more afterwards. Damnit!

I walked into Karen's room and Kurt was sitting on her bed,wearing his pyjamas. Karen only had an oversized t-shirt on and was teasing me,spreading her bright pink pussy open,as I walked across the room.

"Here's the fucking ice..." I started to say when the phone rang. I wasn't really sure why I did it but,I was feeling pretty wired. The head of my cock throbbed,my balls ached,I was all worked up,and I was kind of mad,so I answered the phone.

"What?" was all I said. The looks Kurt and Karen gave me were a mix of "Are you crazy?" and "What the fuck are you doing!". It was Mrs.Kelly. Of course.

"That's the last time I am letting you little perverts get away with doing what you were doing!" She breathed heavily into the phone.
"And what exactly were we doing?" I asked.
"You know perfectly well what! Parading around naked,doing Lord knows what else,and then you shook that,that,that Thing of yours at me....well! I am just flabbergasted! Shocked! I'm,I'm..."
"A Horny Old,Fat Assed Twat?" I shouted. Karen and Kurt tackled me and were trying to get the phone away as I kept yelling out "Bring that Old,Fat Ass Over Here,Mrs.Marion Kelly! I'll Give You What You Need! I'll shove my cock as far up that wrinkled, old..."

Karen actually yanked the phone cord out of the jack. Before either one of them could say a word to me,I ran down the hall and locked myself in my room. To hell with it! I had lost my hard-on and was too damned mad to play with myself anymore!

In less than an hour,I heard my parents drive up. I saw my dad hurry over to my mothers car door and open it,to help her out. Jesus! Mom was plastered! Our Dad had to help her walk to the house. He was trying to do it so the neighbors,especially Mrs.Kelly, wouldn't notice,but Mom was totally Fucked Up!

Mom began laughing and slapping at my Dad's hand around her waist. "Steven! Tat tickllzzz! Sop it! Sop iter I'mgonna wee! "Wheeeee!"" she yelled. "Wheee!Wheee! Lemme See! I Wanna See A Big Peepee!" Mom kept laughing and yelling as they came through the door.

All three of us k**s were standing in the living room as they entered. Looking innocent as the day is long.

"Thanks,k**s." Our dad began,his voice dripped with sarcasm. "We were at the bar,simply enjoying ourselves by-the-way,when Mrs.Kelly called your Mother. I still don't quite know what it was all about,but your Mom did seven shots of Jack in a row after she hung up! Now! What is going on?"

My mom broke away from my dad's embrace and stumbled over to where I stood. Placing her hands on my shoulders,she kneeled down and looked at me. One of her shoes had fallen off her foot and she gently shook me. As she looked in my eyes she smiled then removed her hands from my shoulders and in one quick motion,pulled my pyjama bottoms down!

Pointing at my dick she said "That is what all of this is about?" She was a bit cross eyed as she looked over at my b*****r and s****r. Then,leaning over so her hands were on the floor as well,Mom got really close to my cock and sucked the tip of it into her mouth,pulling it back as far as she could stretch it.

"Ellen!" My dad exclaimed and slammed the front door shut. "Jesus! What are you doing!"

Still on her knees,Mom went over to Karen and pulled at her t-shirt till it came off. Then She threw it on the floor next to the other shoe that she had kicked off.

"Ellen!" our dad began again.

"Shut up,Steven and get Na-Ked!" Mom laughed at him. "We do iss allthe time!"
"Kurt,honey. Take hose P.J's offn the three of you k**s undress your Mommy." she said while holding her arms up.

Dad was red in the face and shaking. "Don't You even think it,Kurt!" he snarled.

While dad was turned twords Kurt,Karen had pulled mom's shirt up and over head and was undoing her bra strap,as I reached up under her skirt and pulled her pantyhose off,revealing her bare pussy and long,slender legs. Kurt managed to dodge around dad and helped pull off Mommy's skirt.

"Honey! What the fuck are you doing?! What do You mean "We do this all the time?"" Dad exploded! His hands were clenched in tight fists and he stomped a foot on the floor.

"Whuhm I doin? Do't be dumb,Steven. Imm gett-ten Nek-id,Stoo-pid! Weez all gonna fuck!" she laughed and pulled Karen on top of her,licking a finger and then sticking it into Karen's ass crack,making her squeal loudly and then giggle.

"I!I forbid this,Ellen!" spit flew from Dad's lips. "Stop! This! Minute!" His foot slammed into the floor with each word.

My dad is not a big man,nor is he a handsome man. He has mousey brown,balding hair,stoop shoulderes and maybe stands five foot six inches tall. He wears glasses,weighs around one hundred sixty pounds and sports a slight paunch.

My Mom,on the other hand,is a Hottie! She is five foot two. Weighs around one hundred twenty pounds,has naturally bright,red hair(which she always wears in a long braid)and creamy white,unblemeshed skin,speckled with freckles. Her stomach is taut. Her waist is slim and she has a nice firm round ass and hips. Her tits are a little saggy but a beautiful 34 C.

"Oh p*o! Stebbhun. Join Us,or go visit That Mizrzzezz.Ol'Poop Kelly!" Mom was rolling from side to side on the floor. Her bright red patch of pussy hair displayed for all to see. "Come'ere Steeevy baby. Won't you Suck on these two Wet Cunts! Here We Are! Nibble,Nibble,Lick,Lick?!" Mom said as she spread her's and Karen's legs wide. Kurt bent down and fingered their snatches open.

Mommy's cunt was so wet,there was a puddle forming on the floor. Karen was moaning "Please,Daddy! Come eat our pussies!"

To my suprise and horror,my Father shook his head "No". I always thought,He was the One. The One that made Mommy into the Horny Slut she was! I had never asked Karen, but I was positive Dad,not Mom,had been finger fucking my s****r and letting her suck his dick. But no! I even thought He was the one that taught Kurt how to be such a fantastic cock sucker! In fact,I thought Dad was just waiting for my next birthday to do the same with me! I dreamed of it! Guess I should have asked some questions!

I watched as Dad walked over to the door and left.

Karen still laid on top of Mom so she rolled over and they began kissing. Karen would pull her head back from Mom's face and stick out her tongue,then Mom would stick out her tongue and they would dance the tips across each others! I think that is so fucking hot to watch! My Mommy and s****r making out!

Mommy motioned with her free hand,the one that wasn't busy fingering Karen's little pussy,and waved for me to begin the process of eating her snatch out. I could smell and taste the anal lube Mom had earlier filled up her asshole with,as I dove in!

Kurt stood by,almost patiently waiting his turn. In a few minutes,both my Mommy and s****r were shaking in unison. I could taste Karen's cunt juice dripping down,through Mom's pussy hair,mixing with my mothers own nectar.

This was all too much for Kurt! He shoved me aside and buried his face into our mother's snatch. The room was filed with the sounds of his lapping and sucking, and the smells of SEX. I walked up and spread Karen's ass cheeks,wide,so Kurt could get to her pink,tiny rosebud of an asshole. Then,as his face was planted deep into Karen's asscrack,I went to kneel down over Mom's face and fed her my twelve year old cock.

Her mouth was greedier than ever! I thought she would suck my dick right off of my body. "I want your cum,Baby. Cum for Mommy,but not yet! O.K.?!"

Kurt had stopped licking Karen's asshole and had started eating Mom's pussy out again. All of a sudden,Mommy came like a cow pissing! Grunting and moaning the entire time! Squirting all over Kurt and the floor!

An exhausted Karen rolled off of Mom and got on all fours,placing her forhead onto the floor,breathing hard.

Mom also rolled over and told Kurt "Time to give Mommy what she Loves! Fist Your Mommy's Ass! Use both hands,Honey! FIST FUCK MY ASSHOLE! HARD!". Mom and Karen were facing each other again. Karen raised a hand and started squeezing one of Mommy's tits. Pulling on her nipple till it almost reached the floor!
She kept doing this!

I slid under Karen and started sucking her hard,tiny pink nipples. Her body trembled and I couldn't help myself. I shoved my finger into my s****r's bald pussy and worked it around and up till I found her G-Spot with the fingertip, then I began pressing on her clit with my thumb. She came in moments at my touch.

"Uuuuuh! Kurt! Fist Your Mommy Up Her Ass! Izz What I NEEEED! Fuck My Azzzz!" Mom was yelling. "Use both hands! Thazzit! Yeaaaa,liiike thaaaaa! Fasser! Fassss-ter!" She scolded Kurt.

I worked my way out from under Karen and was kneeling behind her. I had just began eating out her asshole,when Mom's arms gave way beneath her,with a thud. Her tits were squashed on the floorboards and her face slid forward,as Kurt suddenly shoved both of his forearms almost elbow deep into her!

"Aaaahhh! Pull Out! Pull the Fuck Out! Now! Fuck My Pussy! Mommy Needs Your COCK! Stick it in ME!"

Kurt pulled his hands out and knelt there staring at Mommy's gaping asshole. We have both fucked Mom's ass, at least two times a week for the last six months, ever since the day Mommy had made me cum while giving me a blow job! But this was the first time things had been so wild!

Kurt moved up behind Mom and pounded his fat,fifteen year old, six inch hard cock into her red,slick,tight cunt,like a jack hammer. I was so turned on watching them,my cock throbbed and burned.

I looked down at Karen's bright pink asshole. My spit was leaking out of it and sliding down into the slit of her bald pussy. Suddenly,gripping Karen by the waist,I positioned my cock head up against her virgin rosebud and shoved forward. She screamed and tried to crawl away,but I held tight and pulled her back,spearing her with my cock!

She was so tight! I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt. Her asshole began squeezing my cock even tighter than her lips did! Karen was clenching her anal muscles tight and then relaxing them,like she did when I fingered her! Oh God,did it feel awesome! I slid in and out of her asshole,slowly at first,then I began to build up speed.

Watching Mommy,and trying to match Kurt's thrusts,I soon found out that I couldn't keep up with his pace,without blowing my wad. My cock felt like lava was swelling and filling it! Karen was crying,but she kept telling me how much she loved it! "Fuck My Rosebud! Make me cum! Make Me cum again! More! I'm cuming!" And I watched as liquid leaked from her pussy.

"Fuck Me! Fuck My Ass!" My Mom and s****r said together,again and again,as they each orgasmed!

"Cum In Mommy's Ass,You Mother Fucker! CUM IN MEEeeee!" Mom screamed as Kurt tensed,pulled out of her cunt and rammed it home into Mommy's upturned ass! He shoved his groin forward,as far as he could,and shuddered like he had been electrocuted! I could tell he blew a massive load by the look of suprise on both of their faces.

I couldn't hold back much longer! Kurt was d****d over the top of Mom's backside,and she was sprawled out on the floor. She lifted her weeping eyes to me and said "Please? Can Mommy Have Yours Too? Will You Help Fill Up Mommy's Poop Chute?"

Karen crawled forward,and this time I let her go. My cock pulled out of her and stuck out straight in front of me! It shined with my spit and the lube juices from Karen's asshole! Karen then pulled herself over to continue kissing our Mother and suck on our Mommy's nipples!

Kurt rolled off of mommy's back,and as his cock plopped out of her ass,some of his cum trickled out to smear in her red cunt hairs.

Mommy raised her hips and ass as far up as she could,and Kurt spread her ass cheeks wide open, showing me her raw gaping holes. I sank my cock,covered with my spit and Karen's juices into Mommy's gaping asshole!

It took only a few dozen pumps and I began to lose control! It felt like heaven to my cock! I thought I would pass out! The hole my cock was buried in was hot,wet and slimy! It felt like her insides were on fire! The sides of her tunnel were spread wide,but they gripped onto my cock just enough to massage and tickle my young manhood!

Waves of pure pleasure sped throughout my body! My fingers and toes tingled and curled! The head of my dick was so hot and sore,and filled with pins and needles after assfucking Karen,I thought I may be bleeding,as stream after stream of my cum erupted,spewing and mixing with my b*****rs!

Mom,fell flat on her stomach,grunting and sobbing. Her face was between Karen's legs,relentlessy flicking her tongue over and around the tiny clit,as she fingered out my s****rs pussy. Karen may have not had my b*****r's nor my cock in her vagina yet,but Karens pussy is one of Mommy's favorite play toys!

"No more! Mommy! Stop!" Karen began to yell and thrash side to side,till Kurt shoved his cock past her lips and litterally down her throat. She could deep throat him with no problem,when she gave blow jobs,but this time it almost choked her.

He removed his clean dick,out of our s****rs mouth, and I saw he was actually getting hard again. So I crawled over to Karen and gently put my cockhead into her mouth. It was like sticking my dick into a vacuum cleaner! She wrapped her lips around the shaft and inhaled it down her throat,swirlling her tongue around the tip as I pulled out.

Mom finally stopped what she was doing and crawled forward,till she covered Karen's entire body,and trapped her underneath as she deeply french kissed her own daughter.

"Go get the candy dish,Baby!" Mom said to me.

I ran off,then returned from the kitchen and handed my mother the candy dish. "Gatheround!" she slurred. The whole time she was pleasuring Karen,Mom had been trying not to leak any of Kurts or My cum out of her.

Holding the dish between her legs and under her ass,Mommy tried to get her feet under her and rock back. She couldn't do it. It took both Karen and Kurt to get her up. Karen smiled as she squashed Mommy's tits into her chest with her hands,and pinched the nipples,tweaking them till they were dark red. Kurt pulled back on Mommy's shoulders till they succeeded.

I lost count as to how many times Mommy farted out cum. We three k**s were on our hands and knees,laughing and watching,as the Cum dripped and dribbled out of Mommy cunt for at least three minutes. Finally,she put the candy dish down on the floor and fell over onto her backside.

For months us k**s had to drawn straws for this treat. But that night, Mommy took the candy dish,filled with the tan and white swirled Love Juice,and poured it all over her face,neck and tits.

A large dollop of cum was just about to drip off of Mommy's left nipple when Karen leaned forward and caught it in her mouth. She then began to suckle like a little baby.

Kurt,latched onto the other nipple,licking and sucking away,leaving me at a loss.

Mommy motioned to me and I walked over to her, presenting her my hardening cock. She took it into her mouth and began to work her magic. Soon, my balls were tight and I felt the tingle begin. I was suprised that I could cum again,but Mom sure wasn't!

A motion at the window caught my eye. Mrs Kelly's face was pushed into the same window as earlier,till her nose was flat. Her glasses were gone and her old,naked,sagging tits swung back and forth,slapping into the window ledge. Behind her I saw my father's face! He had an evil grin as he hammered mercilessly into her from behind,while pulling at her hair!
"I'm gonna cum!" I watched her say,and my dad slammed into her even harder!

I pulled my cock out of my Mother's mouth,and shot my load into her eyes,at the same time my Father came into Ol'Mr.Kelly's cunt!

I knew this,because he gave me the "Thumbs Up!" and tossed her onto the ground while shaking the last few drops of cum out of his cock and onto her prone body!

Maybe I was wrong after all?!

93% (66/5)
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1 year ago
An orgy of sexual perversion going on, a drunken slut mother and two young teen sons and their teen sister. And, all the rampant sex activity--shit fucking, blowjobs, pussy eating of and by daughter and mother--and not one, not even one pussy fucking, except daddy with the ole lady from next door. In actuality, daddy was the only person of three females and three males that actually fucked in this story.
2 years ago
Not my cup of tea, but graphic & vivid nonetheless! Good job.
2 years ago
lol awesome end
3 years ago
THats was a hot story, looking forward to reading more.
3 years ago
wow that was hot. nice little sister
3 years ago
This is an outstanding story! Please write more!
3 years ago
keeping it in the family.
3 years ago
never a failing grade,,this is very good for sure,,thanks,,