Jean,Billy's Mom prt.3 The Barn

Mommy can be Such Naughty Fun!

It had been a couple of years since Jean had started teaching her son Billy and I about sex and how to please and fulfill a woman's sexual desires. And Jean liked it Hardcore,Dirty and Kinky!

Alot had changed over those two years.

Six months after my first sexual encounter with Jean and Billy,Bill Sr. moved away. It was very sudden and there was no real fanfare. One week he was the Minister of the town's church,and the next? He was moving two states away,to become the minister of another church who's preacher had passed away.
Jean kept the house and the land. She also kept Billy and Me!

"Now I can finally get the old barn converted!" Jean whispered to Billy and I as Bill Sr. backed out of the driveway for the last time. I was kind of sad to see him go,but glad we no longer had to hide everything naughty we were doing,from Him.

She was holding our hands and tickling our palms with her middle fingers as she said it. I tried not to laugh at the sensation,but I couldn't stop myself from squirmming around and smiling.

I was now living with Jean and Billy full time. My birth mother had made it plain and clear that she was glad to get rid of me. With my father being stationed overseas full time,for the remainder of his military career,my mom was quite happy to have a house with only girls in it.

Jean said it was because my mother was becoming a lesbian. "I swear,your mom may act like one of the worlds biggest prudes,Sweetie, but I am sure she is,"keeping it in the f****y"! Yesterday morning,when I went over to get the rest of your stuff,I watched your Mother finger fucking your s****r Janice's sweet little pussy as she sat on your moms lap. They didn't know I was watching,but your grandmother busted me. Guess what your grandmother did then? She squeezed my ass cheeks when she gave me a good-by hug! And Then! She felt up my breasts and she kissed me on the lips,when your mom went back inside!" Jean was laughing at the expression on my face.

"What would you say,Tory,if I asked your grandmother over to play some afternoon? She is still Hot for a 58 year old,you know! I just know,My Little Men and I could treat her right! Why,I bet she would squirt all over your face if you ate her cunt even a quarter as good as you eat mine,Tory!"

I could tell by the look she was giving me,that no matter what Billy or I had to say about it,Jean was going to invite Grandma over. I prayed that it wouldn't be an end to my living with Her and Billy.

The next morning,Billy and I went downstairs to get breakfast. On the kitchen table there was a note. "I want you both freshly showered. Be sure you are clean inside and out,You Two! You know what to do. When you're ready,come out to the barn and push the button next to the door. The "Stables" are finaly ready! I Love You Both! Hurry Up and Don't Make Me Unhappy!"

I raced Billy upstairs! In the bathroon,the enema bags were already hanging up and filled with warm water and a "Hippy" colon cleaning solution. I made Billy bend over and grab hold of his calves as I smeared a big dollop of lube,first around and then up into his asshole. I did it with my fingers ,and then for fun, with my hard four inch cock. I gave his tight little asshole a few pumps,then made him suck on my cockhead as I shoved the hose deep into him and turned the valve to "ON".

By then he was on all fours with his ass pointed twords the ceiling and his face resting on a towel on the floor. I began to squeeze the enema bag and laughed as he grunted loudly. His stomache was swelling up and I knew he was close to messing the floor up if I wasn't careful,so I stopped and let him use the toilet. I did this to him three more times,just to be sure he was cleaned out.

I had already assumed the position,when Billy came up behind me and,without any lube or warning,rammed the other enema bags nozzle up my ass! He was so much like his mother,if I had complained in the least he would find something else to do to me next. "That's for squeezing the bag so hard,T! And I aint sucking your cock again till after you shower!" Billy laughed. He gave me five enemas as a "small lesson".

Billy and I ran out to the barn,naked as the day we were born. He was carrying a foot long,ankle thick,hard rubber,black dildo(His favorite)and I had a bucket of ice,a big jar of anal lube and a Nerf football.

I opened the small,side door to the barn and Billy and I stepped in. It was pitch black. Jean had all of the window shutters closed. The barn smelled faintly of fresh hay,strawberry incense and pot smoke. I reached to my right and found the button Jean had mentioned. After pushing it,there was a quiet humm and light began to fill the room as a panel slid open in the floor about ten feet infront of us.

"Come down here my Darlings!" Jean was using her sing-song voice,so I knew We were All going to be treated to some of the best,naughty kinds of pleasure there could be. "Just step on the platform and push the green button. Be careful and don't fall off!" She called to us.

I didn't know what to expect as I pushed the green button. The panel Billy and I stood on,slowly sank down and another panel took it's place to slide across above us,sealing us in under the floor.

The room was huge! It was filled with posts holding up the barn's floor above us! There were metal tables s**ttered about. Some had holes of different sizes in them,where a face or ass would go. Pullys covered the ceiling and many of them slid along tracks. There were stalls built into one of the walls with waist high dividers. Two,six foot long,deep sinks decorated another wall. Two toilets sat side by side across from them and by the far back wall,stood an old claw-foot tub with a shower!

"We even have heating and air conditioning,Babies!" Jean sang as she skipped across the floor to us while clapping her hands! "Can you believe this? It's Wonderful,isn't it?! It may have taken over a year but,OUR PLAYROOM IS FINALLY DONE! And,Shhhh,No-One Knows About it. Or! That It's Even Here! I had all the construction done by i*****l foreigners. Then I had them all deported!"
She was wild eyed and giggly,and in one of her "states" again. Jean can get a bit crazy,but I Love Her with all of my heart! I stood there,rooted in place staring at "My Wonderful,Sexy,"Come And Fuck Me" Goddess"!

Jean took a long,deep hit off of the joint she was smoking and grabbed me by my hair. Planting her lips over mine,and pinching my nose closed,Jean exhaled as I inhaled and she stepped back to beam a smile at me.

She then did the same to Billy. "Put your toys down,My Dears. Mommy has Everyting planned for us this morning. But first,Tell Mommy how Beautiful she looks!"

She Was Beautiful! After all the times we had played naughty,sexy games together,I had never seen Jean dressed like she was at this moment! My little cock stuck out straight and hard at the sight of her!

Around her throat,she wore a dark green,velvet collar with silver spikes covering it. Her wonderful breasts were tightly bound with more of the dark green velvet strips,making her tits stick straight out in front of her. They had turned a deep red and dark purple feathers hung off of silver clips that were biting into her engorged nipples.

A sliver belt was tightly sinched over her hips and black,lace suspenders stretched down holding up red and black fishnet stockings. She turned around and I gasped as I fully noticed the buttplug she had shoved up into her ass. It had a real horses tail attached to it! And it hung down to the top of the high heeled,pointed toe,dark green suede,ankle boots she wore!

"C'mon!C'mon! Here! Follow Me!" Jean was waving us to follow her as she "Trotted" down the length of the room. She held her arms up in front of her,with them bent at the elbows and her hands bent forward,so she could make motions like a horse trotting. Her tail swung back and forth and up and down with each step,keeping time with the hair that hung down the back of her neck.

She showed us a large round,wooden table that had three bongs on it and six plush leather chairs aranged in a circle. "Sit down! Here! Hit this." Jean pressed her hand to the back of my head. She guided me forward till I grabbed a hold of the bong in front of me. She lit the bowl and motioned to Billy to do the same.
This was the first time either Billy or myself had ever taken a hit of weed that did not come from Jean's lungs first.

I thought I was falling over backwards. Jean's laughter seemed to come from a place far away,as it echoed through the room. I was coming back around when I felt Jeans lips pressing hard into mine. "Finish your treat Baby." She stared into my eyes "You left some." she pouted. "Waste not,want not!" She re-lit the bowl and I did as I was told. Again,I felt like I was falling backwards but this time there was more! Jean had worked up a mouth full of hot spit and was squatting down and sucking on my cock! She swirlled her tongue around the very tip of my cock and tickled with her tongue just under the head.

I watched as she then did the same to Billy. Her head bobbing up and down and her tail swinging side to side. I felt a tingling all through my cock as I f***ed bl**d into it making it jump up and down. Jean then stood up and reached under the table top,pulling out a hidden drawer. She picked up a leather collar covered with silver buttons and put it around Billy's neck. She then walked over to me and secured a collar that was covered in silver diamonds around mine.

"Now for some Real Fun,You Little Fuckers!" Jean whispered and grabbed us by our hands. She was trotting again,pulling us along next to her swishing tail,twords a large wardrobe. She opened the doors and pulled a chain switch. Light filled the closet showing us the treasures it contained.

Inside,hanging from pegs,there were dildos,butt-plugs and vibrators of every shape and size. Some were even inflatable! She had a large selection of suede and velvet multi-strapped hand whips and two old fashioned,riding crops!

Assorted ball-gags,leather and PVC masks and hoods covered the inside of both doors. But there,at the bottom of the wardrobe,there laid some truely evil looking strap-ons. Both single and double cocked! Some were long and thin,some were long and fat. They All vibrated. She said. There was even one vicious looking device she said she specially made. Herself.

It was a Strap-On to Rule all other strap-ons! If I had put my hands,palms together and then folded my fingers over the tops,the fist would still be bigger in height and width,easily by a good inch or so! It protruded from the end of rubber cock that was as big around as my upper arm! This monster was studded with large and small mounted silver and gold studs. The studs were randomly s**ttered over it's eighteen inch length. Some stuck out maybe a quarter of an inch,while others jutted out at least an inch! I prayed this was not used on me any time soon!

Billy was nothing but smiles. He was running his fingers over one of the larger dildos and I watched as he began to shake with anticipation. Then he lifted one of the velvet hand-whips. "Who gets to go first,Mommy? I can't wait to play! Tory! Get over here and suck my cock!"

He loved it when I did that. He may not "shoot" yet,but I could make him alternate from squirming around,to humping my mouth. I could also drop him to his knees or curl him up into a ball by sucking his nutsack and tweaking his cockhead! He also Loved it when Jean or I fucked his ass with either his favorite dildo or strap-on! Such a naughty,dirty,kinky boy! He was just like his Mother!

"Not yet,Sweetheart!" Jean said shaking an index finger at him. "Our Guest should go first! Don't you both agree?" she asked.

Dumbfounded,He and I looked at each other, then back to Her.

"What guest?" I asked her.
"Follow me! I have another suprise!" she giggled. Running over to the wall where another,even bigger wardrobe stood. She reached it and pulled a lever on it's side,then stepped back several paces.

The doors parted and there was a tall,skinny,grey haired woman standing in the closet in front of us. She was strapped to a big wooden "X". Her legs were spread wide and held in place by fur lined,leather ankle-cuffs. Her arms,stretched out to either side, were also secured with similar cuffs around her wrists. A wide,fur-lined leather belt bound her tightly around her waist.

Jean pulled another lever and the entire contraption began to slide forward three feet.

The woman was crying and moaning. A large ball-gag spread her mouth open wide and drool hung from the holes. She was blindfolded and ear muffs covered her ears. Her fat,long pendulous breasts were held out and away from her body,stretched over an iron rod. Bar clamps pinched her nipples tightly and weights hung down a foot or so on chains pulling them as far as they would stretch!

I looked at her pussy then. A fat vibrator was jammed up into the top of her freshly shaved pussy,pressing hard against the underside of her swollen,red clit. Jean giggled sweetly and said "When the door opens,this turns on!" and she pointed to the vibrator. There were two more bar-clamps screwed together and they bit deeply into the woman's "Meat Curtains" as Jean called them. More chains hung from these as well with even bigger weights on them. The more the woman tried to move away from the vibrator,the more the weights beagn to swing!
"Look at her clitty closely,My Little Men. Can you tell me what I did to it?"

Billy kneeled in front of this lady and flicked his tongue across her distended clit. "I see a rubber band! Did you vacuum suck it and then slip it on her?" He yelled and began licking the clit in a frenzy! This made the woman buck and thrash about. She was trying to scream but only harsh moans came out. The weights began to swing wildly at the ends of the chains on her breasts and pussy,slapping into Billy.

Grunts and sobs filled the air as the weights began to slam into her legs and then Billy started tugging on them.

"Beth! Would you please shut up,You stupid cunt?!" Jean said as she walked over to stand in front of her. Reaching down with both hands,Jean undid the clamps on this "Beth's" pussy and let them fall one at a time onto the floor. She then reached up and undid both nipple clamps.

"Tory,be a dear and remove the vibrator from this nice lady's pussy,will you? I'll take the clitty-band off,but I want Our Little Billy to have free access to that juicy snatch of hers. Then you can help me unstrap her."

Beth. I knew that name. I walked up and stood on my tip-toes. I was staring into the face of my Grandmother!

"Suprise!" Jean actually cackled,with laughter! "Oh don't worry,Baby. Mommy was sure Beth can't see or hear anything. She doesn't even know where she is!" I looked at Jean and smiled. She hugged me and removed the feathered clip from her left nipple. "Here,Baby. Suck from your Mommy's tit. The one closest to her heart."

As I was sucking her tit,I began to rub her clit and finger the very opening of her vaginal hole. I had become an expert in how to give Jean a wet,sloppy orgasm in just a couple of minutes with finger stimulation. I loved the fact she was multi-orgasmic! I knew the signs and as she began to cum,I fell to my knees and sucked at her cunt as the juices flowed out. My face was covered with it,because I always bury my face into her snatch after she cums!

She was holding my ears and licking me clean (our ritual) when we heard the screams!

While we were distracted,Billy had found out how sensitive Beth's pussy was after the abuse she had recieved. He had his big,black dildo shoved almost all the way up into her and was fucking her as fast as his arm could move. His lips and teeth were sucking and nibbling on her clit. The muscles of her stomach were bunching up,and the muscles in her arms and legs were corded. The whole "X" was shaking from Beth's thrashing about. Suddenly a jet of liquid erupted,soaking him! She then hung limp from her bonds,gasping for breath.

"While it's safe,Sweetie. Let's untie her and move her over to a table." Jean was breathing hard,because while we watched what was happening,I was back to fingering her dripping cunt.

It took all three of us to get the job done. But at last,my Grandma was carried to a segmented table and laid face down,then strapped in place. She was our sex slave once again!

"I have a confession to make to you Tory. And like they say,Confession is good for the hole! Or Something like that." Jean cackled again. The wild,crazy look was coming over her again. Leading us back to the round table, She stopped and opened the door to a mini fridge,I must have missed seeing earlier. She handed Billy and I a soda,then poured herself a glass of red wine.

"I guess,she's still a bit fucked-up from last night. You see,I tricked her into going to a bar last night. Tory,I knew your mom was out shopping,because I had called your old house and Janice told me your mom was out. So I called right back and pretended to be her. Your Mom,I mean." It was hard to look at Jean in the eyes as she talked to me. She had put a towel on the arm of one of the chairs and was grinding her pussy into it as her "tail" swished back and forth over the side.

"I told one of your s****rs,Karen,I think, to "Tell Grandma my car was broken down and to meet me at Rodger's Grill." Then I had my b*****r George,he knows her from the car garage,to stop by Rodger's and slip a couple of pills into her drink while she waited for your mom. When she was getting fuzzy from the pills,He called a cabby friend,that owes him Big Time,and had her dropped off at the end of the driveway. I loaded her into the wheelbarrow and brought her here,to the barn. It took me a while but I finally got her up and following my directions. So I strapped her onto the "X" and left her there overnight."

While she talked,she had loaded our bong bowls again. She paused and stood up untying the straps from around her tits,groaning and shivering as the bl**d began to flow again. The one featherd nipple clamp dancing about. We could see all of the dents in her skin from how tightly she had tied them. Leaning over and lighting Bily's bowl,she gave me another big smile. After she lit mine and I hit it,she took my hand and sat down trapping it under her pussy and began grinding away again.

"You're not mad at Mommy are you?" Holding the back of my head gently she placed her left nipple into my mouth,and pulled me tightly into her.

I couldn't even think. I had never felt like this before. My feet were a mile away. My face was numb and all I wanted was for Jean to suck my cock again or let me stick it into her pussy.

"IM nod mab" I mumbled.

"Goody!" She screamed and began bouncing up and down on my hand. Jumping up,Jean spun around and presented her ass to me. "Would you like to play with Mommy's tail? Do you want to fuck your Mommy in the ass with this big,fat butt-plug? Or maybe you want to leave it in and give your Mommy a good fist fuck in Her Hot,Moist,Aching Pussy? Hmmmm?!" She kept swaying side to side. I couldn't focus very well,but what I really wanted most,was to eat her pussy out till she came as I twisted her nipples,and pinched them till she cried. She loves it when I do that to her,and all I wanted to do was please her!

Billy had stumbled over to Beth. "What about Me,Mommy? Can I play with her?" Billy was staring at my Grandmother. I never realized how good looking she actually was. She was always just...Grandma,to me. Now I noticed how she had stayed in very good shape. Except for her boobs being a bit saggy,she had a dynamite body. Her ass was still firm and her skin was creamy white and unblemeshed. There was no cellulite on her thighs and she had very few lines on her face.

Jean held my hand and we walked over to stand next to Billy. "Go get a soda,Billy. And bring me that silver box on the table." Jean was running her hands over Beth's ass cheeks, she then started kissing and licking the inside of Beth's thighs.

"Help me with this,Tory." Jean motioned for me to stand on the other side of the table. "When I count to three,I am going to push this button. You will need to hold on tight and help me lower this section so her feet point tword the floor. Then we will need to lift this front part so she is almost in a standing position."

Billy was back and watching us. My Grandmas face could be seen through the hole at the top of the table. Jean unhooked the ball-gag and pulled it out.
Then Billy handed her the soda and the silver box. Opening it,Jean took out a collapsible straw. Billy and I watched as she dropped two little yellow pills into the soda. We could hear it fizz in the rooms silence.

As soon as the straw touched Beth's lips she drank with greed. The soda was gone in a matter of moments,so Billy stumbled off and got another one.
We were standing there,all of us stroking her bound body,very gently. Almost tickling her. A couple of minutes went by and we watched her body totally relax.

We dropped the table top to a fourty five degree angle and left Billy with his face burried deep between my Grandmas ass cheeeks. His slurping was loud and I turned just in time to watch him shove his hand deep up into her gaping cunt.
A quite moan of pleasure passed her lips and Billy slowly worked his arm back and forth.

I wasn't so gentle with Jean. She was walking in front of me over to the table and chairs. She still had her back to me when,without any warning,I grabbed her by the tail and yanked. Hard!

In one quick motion the butt-plug tail literally "popped" out of Jean's asshole. She screamed loudly as I shoved her over the arm of the chair and then pulled the towel out from under her belly. She was hollering at me "You fucking little asshole! I'm going to beat you for that! How Dare You Do That To Mommy?!"

She tried to stand up but I pushed her down again. Lube was leaking out of her as fast as I could wipe it up. She must have used half a bottle of the stuff!
She tried to stand again and that time I let her. I deserved the full arm-swing face slap she gave me. I stood there and took it! But when Jean realized what she did,she burst into tears!

"Mommy's Sorry! Mommy's Sorry! Oh Baby! Mommy Is So Sor.."

I went to my knees and began to suck on her clit. My fingers teased her blad cunt. I made her lay on the table top and spread her legs as far as she could. My left hands fingers were pulling her vaginal hole open and down,as I began licking and sucking her piss hole. My nose rubbing against the underside of her clit as the fingers of my right hand were squeezing and twisting it! Then I stopped.

Jean raised her head and looked down her body at my face. I peeked over her tummy and winked then shoved my fist wrist deep into her wet cunt. She became an a****l. I was fisting her. Hard and Deep now. She thrashed around. She kicked at me,but I knew she loved it! I began pressing up as I fisted her and I knew what would happen. Jet after jet of hot juice flew everywhere! My arm,face,chest and shoulder dripped with Jean's Love Liquid. I didn't stop. I kept going. Drilling her cunt till she was begging me to stop. I continued anyway. She was crying like I had never heard her before and making sounds like she was dying.

"I can't breath! Op T! CNT BREEEE!" I couldn't believe it when she squirted out a little bit more. I pulled my hand out sucking on my fingers and watched as her eyes rolled back up into her head and she passed out!

"God Damn! Tory what did you do?"

"Nothing really. I did the same thing you did to my Grandma when she was on the "X". Fucked her up till she passed out from pleasure." I smiled at Billy. He stared back at me with a look of pure deviltry in his eyes.

"Well,Beth aint any fun right now. She's sound asl**p. How about we wake Mommy up? You start pinching and sucking on her tits. I'll see if eating her out again won't bring her around!"

"Good Plan! You know. We should spend some of our allowance and take her out to a nice dinner tonight. What do you think,b*****r of Mine?" I laughed and winked at Billy.

"Of course! And Mommy Always has The Best Dessert Waiting For Us At Home! Doesn't She? b*****r of Mine?!" He joked back.

"Damn Right I do,My Little Men! And tonight you get a Double Helping!" Jean mumbled at us then smiled.
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11 months ago
This is a fantastic series,,,I'm loving every word so please keep going.
I do wonder in awe at the mind that dreams up such senarios,,,and envy the ability to do so.
1 year ago
Mommy's devious little devils, aptly trained by "Mommy Dearest". On the job training is soooo much better than verbal or book learnin' ever could be!!
2 years ago
GOD! If I'd had Mom like Jean well...
"Heaven, I'm in Heaven..."
Great story.
Many thanks
2 years ago
Please dont stop writing these stories are great
3 years ago
Love this series, hope you continue it.
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wow what cums next??
3 years ago
Great work on this series. Keep it up.