Over Mom's lips!

I was at the point in my life when I started waking up with hard-ons. Embarassing?
Standing in line to use the bathroom,with four younger s****rs?
Painful,because each and every last one of them was Sexy as Hell!

Standing outside of the closed bathroom door,my cock had sprung from the flap of my boxer shorts. I was in no hurry to hide it. Simply because,I watched my s****rs stare at my boner. They were always licking their lips,whenever they saw my cock. In fact,my youngest s****r,who is five years old,would reach out and squeeze it in her hand,every chance she got!

Kerry,the nine year old,who is the oldest,slapped Megan's hand aside and replaced it with her own.
"It feels so smooth. And looks so tasty!" She giggled,as she ran her hand up and down my cock shaft.

Barb,at seven,the second oldest,knelt down in front of my cock and opened her mouth. Sticking her tongue out, she flicked it under and then over the tip of my cock!

I couldn't help it and was moaning loudly when Shelly,who is Barb's twin and was standing behind me,reached between my legs and squeezed her thumb and forefinger around the base of my nutsack,then yanked down.

"Suck On Those Balls,Cunt!" She told Megan. Which Megan did. I fell against the wall and then slid down to the floor.

"What in the Hell,is going on out there?" My Mom yelled.

We had heard water running,so we thought Mom may be brushing her teeth,or maybe she was washing her face. Instead,she threw the bathroom door open!

I was laying on the floor,Megan's lips were wrapped around my balls and I was at her mercy. Barb stood in front of me spreading her asscheeks apart,pressing her crotch into my face,while Kerry leaned up against the other wall and had two fingers shoved deep into her pussy!

"You Nasty, Little, Fucking, Cunts!" Mom exploded!
"Wait till Your Father Gets home! Get off of Him,You Sluts!"

Mom reached down and took me by the wrist. Pulling me into the bathroom,she then slammed and locked the door!

"You Fucking Perv!" She yelled at me."Will You Really let your s****rs play with your Cock and Balls?" Mom gently reached out and kissed my cheek. She then reached down and firmly took hold of my cock.

"I have been waiting for this." She breathed heavily.

"Get up here!" Mom said,as she pointed to the top of the washing machine.

I jumped on top of the washing machine and watched in awe,as My Mother bent forward and sucked the head of my stiff,throbbing cock, between her Peppercorn Red,lipstick covered lips!

Her left hand pushed against my chest until I was bent backwards, the cloths-wahsers timer pressed in-between my shoulder blades.

Mom was chewing on my cock! She bit it. She kissed it. She sucked on it till I was squirming in pain and pleasure!

My eyes were closed and I was lost in extasy,when to my suprise,Mom stuck her middle finger up my ass! I could feel her curved finger tip pressing against my insides!

Her fingertip was like a magic wand! My cock suddenly grew even harder! Mom began to suck deeper and as she wiggled her finger about inside of me,I began to scream!

My s****r Megan opened the bathroom door just as our Mother leaned back and pointed my cock at her opened mouth. I had no idea what was happening,but suddenly, stream after stream of hot,thick,white liquid shot from my cock's head,past our Mothers lips and straight down her throat!

Mom was sucking on my cockhead when Megan said, "Can I eat the "Frosting",next time?!"

"No!" Mom said. "I'll make sure Your b*****r,"Frost's" You and Your s****rs in the next few days. But We Have to Share Baby!"
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26 days ago
"Over Mom's Lips" - Pre-teen Son and Brother To Four (4) Younger Sisters, Nine Year Old Kerry and Seven Year Old Twins Barbara and Shelly, and Five Year Old Megan, And Their Unnamed Horny, Incestual-Teaching Mother.

The writer sure has the talent and capacity to write the ultimate story of total suspense and intrigue!! The context and theme of this story is awesomely fabulous!! A (unnamed) mother that is committed to incestually teaching her five children, her pre-teen unnamed son and his four pre-puberty sisters, nine year old Kerry and seven year old twin girls Barbara and Shelly and their five year old youngest child Megan.

Each of the children have tendencies of pre-sexually active imaginations, urges, explorations and active foreplay!! Even little five year old Megan already is into immature handjobs and blowjobs on her old brother's virile hardons!!! Their mother is also actively, though limiting the necessary time for satisfying the eager reader, allowing and pursuing the incestual teaching of her five kids in the mature activityof sexual gratification, used and processes.

The writer stopped short of giving us an accounting for what will actually happen, leaving our inept imaginations to ponder the sexual results of these five thirsting-for-sexual-knowledge pre-teenagers.
1 year ago
Four very young, wanton, slutty sisters eager to please their brother's dick every which way possible, and Team Leader Mom willing to teach, train and share the one male dick that each of them prey over!!! Five females and one lonely, sole dick. What is heaven like??? Read this story again! Awesomely fantastic!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Great story!
2 years ago
great story!
3 years ago
great naughty start
3 years ago
3 years ago
I love this, where is the follow-up.
3 years ago
Wheres part two??
3 years ago
A bit young but a good story just the same
3 years ago
Good one
3 years ago
Very good