Bobby and Steve's Anal Adventure

Bobby's Mother asked me to spend the weekend babysitting him. "Hells Bells! The boy's thirteen years old,Kayla. He doesn't need anyone to watch him!" I said into the phone. "You're one of his best friends,AND You KNOW he steals our booze every chance he gets! Do You Want him to die from alcohol poisoning while we're gone?" So,from that Friday night till the next Monday evening Bobby and I were to hang out together.

I have known Bobby all his life. He's a great k**. He is slender,short,has blond hair,blue eyes,a great personality,an always ready smile,and has got one of the biggest nutsacks I have ever seen on a k** his age. He was already sporting a five inch pecker,but his balls were like two,extra large sized eggs and they hung down a good four inches beneith his cock!

When I pulled up to their house,Kayla and Herb were already gone. I could see that Bobby was out back skinny dipping in the pool. He had the front doors open and had raised all of the blinds in the livingroom. The deck lights were turned on and he had angled them to shine directly on the pool.

At hearing my truck pull into the drive way,Bobby got out of the pool and stood there waving to me. I could tell he was a little buzzed,because he waved to me with his left hand,while his right hand was slowly tugging his hardening cock.

"Hay Sport!" I waved back. "I sure am glad you don't have any neighbors!" I yelled to him. I walked in,shut and locked the doors,then closed all of the window blinds. I went down the hall to the Guest Room,dumped my things on the floor and stripped down,naked.

Going back through the house,I went into the dining room and checked the bar's liquor cabinet. It was locked. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe Bobby wasn't buzzed? I unlocked the cabinet door,made a tripple batch of Margaritas and filled a bucket of ice. I then rolled a couple of joints,grabbed a couple of lighters and the cigarette case off of the bar,and put everything on a tray.

I carried the tray out to the pool deck,my hardening cock swaying in the cool evening air. As I set everything down on the table,Bobby said "Nice to see you,Unk!" and he started laughing as he ran over to give me a big hug. By the way his hair smelled,I could tell he had found the stash of Weed and had smoked some.
"So,He Is Buzzed!" I laughed to myself.
As we were embracing,he sucked on my right nipple and began fondling my balls. "Hay! Hold on there,Sport!" I said,suprised by this. "Oh,I'll Hold on alright!" He said and squeezed my balls a little harder.

"Oh,uh,um,I had to unlock the front door. Steve's Mom is dropping him off. He's going to be staying with us till my folks get back."

"Shit!" I said. "Bobby,you should have told me when I came in! I can see the look on Her face now as she walks in here finding the two of us naked! And who is Steve?" I asked him as I stroked his wet,shoulder length blond hair. "Don't worry!" Bobby giggled,"I have a couple of robes for us to put on when they get here. Steve is Betty's son. Mom's friend from her book club? I have known him for almost six months now." He had quit pulling on my balls and had started to slowly jerk me off. "Bobby! Stop that! The robe won't cover up a hard-on,you know?"
"Party pooper!" He wiggled his ass while walking over to the picnic table and was slowly tugging on his cock again as he came back,handing me a robe.

It was only a few minutes later when we could hear Betty's car driving up and then the sound of a car door opening and closing. As I was putting on the robe and walking through the house,Bobby put on his robe and ran ahead of me to open the front door. I could see the car's tail lights as Betty was driving away. "Your mom isn't coming in?" Bobby asked. Bobby had stepped to the side and I got my first look at Steve as he walked in and closed the door. Bobby instantly locked it and took Steve's suitcase.

Dressed all in denim,Steve was as tall (or short) as Bobby is,but very thin. He had long,shaggy,brown hair,wore wire rimmed glasses and had an angular,fox like face. You know,the kind some female models have? He was not unattractive at all. In fact,he looked like a very pretty,studious girl.

"Hi!" He called over his shoulder,in a soprano toned voice,as he was being pulled through the house by Bobby. "Hay!" I called back as the two of them ran down to Bobby's room.

I went back out to the pool,poured myself a margarita on the rocks and lit a cigarette. It was a couple of moments later when Two naked boys came flying past me and jumped into the water. I barely got a glimps of Steve's long legs and tiny ass as they ran by. Damn! Even from the back,he looks like a girl!

As I watched the two of them playing and splashing around,I began to get curious about how well the boys knew each other. Steve kept throwing his arms around Bobby's shoulders and pressing himself close. As I was pouring my second margarita, I watched as Bobby swam up behind Steve and reached around in front of him with both hands. I was sure he was coping a feel.

"Boys! I'm going to get dinner started. Any requests?" I had palmed one of the lighters and a joint as I picked up my drink. "Mom left us six lobster tails and three pounds of shrimp in the fridge! She picked them up this morning and told me,to tell you to "Work Your magic!". Take your time! You know where we'll be!" Both boys started laughing.

I went back to my room and fired the joint up. I snubbed it out after taking a couple of hits,parted the curtain and peeked out the window. Bobby was holding Steve under his arms and Steve had his long,slender legs wrapped around Bobby's waist. They were locked in a deep kiss. My cock became instantly hard. Well,I now knew the status their relationship!

Back in the kitchen,I prepared dinner,set the table and placed everything into chafing dishes over very low heat. I looked out the kitchen window again and saw that Bobby was sitting on the edge of the pool while Steve's head bobbed up and down as he gave Bobby a blowjob!

My cock was painfully hard and it seemed like I banged it on everything there was in the room. Originally, I had planned to fly out to Vegas and hook up with a chick I knew this weekend,but now...? I hadn't been laid or even jacked myself off for the last ten days! My hard cock was engorged with bl**d. The veins pulsing with my heartbeat and sticking out all along the shaft! The head was a dark purplish/red colour. And my balls twitched and throbbed almost as bad as my cock did!

Filling a bowl with fresh ice and turning on the underwater pool lights I walked back out to the pool deck to get another drink. "What the Hell?!" I exclaimed. Both boys were sitting on the edge of the pool dangling their feet in the water. Each had a drink in their hand and they were passing the other joint back and forth.

Bobby put the joint out and said "I snagged a couple of glasses when you were in your room. Right after I saw you watching us! I didn't think you would mind. I'm sorry." He walked over and gave me a hug,squashing my hard-on up into my stomach. As he stepped back he untied the robe's belt and opened the front.

My hard cock flopped out,hitting Bobby in the chest and I heard Steve gasp "OH,WOW!". As I tried to close the robe,Bobby skipped behind me and began to pull at the back. Steve ran over and helped him. Being distracted by Bobby,I didn't get a good look at Steve's body when he ran past. But I was soon as naked as they were.

Bobby then walked over to the table. He bent over and stuck his ass out as he filled my glass with ice,poured the rest of the margaritas into it,then turning around to face us,he stuck his cock down into the drink,swirlling it around. "It needs mixing." He smiled at Steve and I as he said it.

While Bobby had been giving me a show,Steve's chest was pressed up against my ass and back. He had reached around and began to give me one of the best hand jobs I have ever felt. "Bobby was right." He said in his girlish voice. "I can hardly get my hands around it!"

I gripped Steve by a wrist and guided him to stand in front of me. He pulled out of my grasp and slowly turned in a circle so I could get a good look at his body. His lips are naturally red,he has narrow shoulders,small dark pink areolas with hard,pencil eraser sized nipples. He also has a very slim waist,which gives him hips,a small bubble butt and long lovely shaped legs. He has almost no nutsack,altho his inch long balls are clearly visable under the peachfuzz covering. His hard cock is maybe four inches long and slender. But it has a huge head. It looks there's a red lime stuck on the end of it!

Smiling at me,Steve suddenly dove sideways into the water. Bobby sat my drink down on the table and jumped in after him.

With the underwater lights on,I got a good look at both boys as they played with each other. For a few minutes they were kissing and feeling each other up. Then Steve took a step back and turned around. He bent over till his face was almost in the water and reached back to part his ass cheeks. Bobby reached out and began to finger fuck his friends asshole under the water. Right there in front of me! He then stepped up and sank his cock all the way into Steve's waiting ass.

Steve's long brown hair floated around his head in the water and he looked over at me smiling. "Aren't you going to join us? Come on in! We want to play Marco Polo!" he moaned.

"C'mon Unk! Bring your big,fat dick in here and join the fun!" Bobby slurred.

I dove in. The water was wonderfully warm compared to the evening air. And a mist had began to rise from it's surface over the last few minutes. I swam over to the side and turned off the overhead lights. I then turned off all but two of the underwater lights,as well. Turning around,I found Bobby and Steve had swam over and were now standing next to me.

Steve reached out and took hold of my stiff cock,stroking it. Looking up at me,he said "Are you going to fuck me too? You can if you want to. I came over here so Me and Bobby could fuck all weekend long. I love it when he fucks my ass then makes me suck him off. Sometimes,after I cum up his asshole,he squats over my face and makes me drink it as my cum squirts back out." He was blushing and giggling like a girl.

"Oh yeah,I'm going to fuck you,Steve. I'm going to fuck both of you boys! And from now on,you both will do what I tell you to do!" I whispered. He let go of my cock and started bouncing up and down in the water,clapping his hands. He reached out and grabbed Bobby by the cock,pulling him over. They began to french kiss again.

I swam over to the side of the pool where Bobby had put out the joint. Reaching over to his robe,I dried my hands,picked up the lighter and relit it. Taking a couple of tokes,I motioned them over. Turning the joint around,I put it between my teeth,reached out and grabbed Bobby by the hair. He rubbed our cockheads together as I blew him a shotgun. Taking another toke,I then grabbed Steve by the back of the head and pulled him tight into me. He was grinding against me as our lips touched and I gave him a shotgun,as well. I took one last toke and put the joint out.

Both boys were floating on their backs. The mist from the pool mingled with the pot smoke as each boy slowly exhaled. They were totally limp in the water. I could tell each one was head rushing,and stoned off of their cute little asses. I knew this,because I was stoned to the bone. So they had to be too!

I moved over and looked between Bobby's legs at his nutsack. It floated freely between his thighs, his big balls bulged in the loose skin and his cock pointed up at the stars.

I took hold of Steve's ankle and slowly pulled him over to join us. They were holding hands as I swam away to get the foam noodles. Pushing the noodles ahead of me,I then raised each boys head and slipped one under their necks.

Their eyes were closed and they were smiling. I gently ran my hands up and down their thighs. Occasionally cupping and squeezing their asses under the water. Holding their cocks at the base and gripping tightly,I pumped my hands up and down very slowly. I payed attention to each boy equally and my actions were eliciting moans of pleasure from their lips. I bent my face down to Bobby's cock and sucked it's head into my mouth. His whole body shook. I then leaned over and did the same to Steve. Precum was already leaking out of his cock,so I dipped my tongue into it and swirled it around the tip of his big cockhead. He started shaking and moaning louder,so I stopped and let him go. His eyes opened and smiling big he said "Oh my God. I almost came."

"I know. That's why I stopped. I didn't tell you to cum yet,Did I?" I said. He was floating in the water behind me. His slender arms rested on my shoulders,holding him up. He slipped down to my side as I leaned over again and we took turns sucking on Bobby's cock. He was getting close to cuming,I could tell,so I let go of him and he too stood up in the water.

Taking the boys by the hands I towed them over to the steps and had them climb out of the pool. I told each one to walk over to the table,where the drinks were,and stay there until I told them to move. I then crossed over to the lounge chairs and threw the cushions onto the deck.

"Get over here,Boys." They both stumbled over. "Get on the cushions and lay on your back,Steve. Spread your legs!" He did what he was told,grinning the entire time. His skinny dick with it's lime sized head,waved and danced around in the air.

"Bobby,go kneel down over Steve's face and look at me. Now,put your dick in his mouth!" and he did. Steve was sucking away for all he was worth. As he reached for it,I said "Don't you dare touch that cock! Bobby! Shove your dick into his mouth as far as he can take it!" I was amazed to see Steve deep throating Bobby's dick. The boy had no gag reflex!

I watched the boys for about five minutes. Bobby's giant nutsack swaying back and forth and then smashing down onto Steve's face as he mouth fucked his friend. I looked down and noticed Steve's cock was so hard it didn't wave around any more. It stood straight up and the fat head shined with leaking pre-cum. I knew it was almost time.

Bobby started grunting. "Not Yet! Bobby! You better hold on for a little while longer. You had better not even think about cuming!"

"Please! I can't! Pleae let me cum?!" Bobby whined. I noticed his big balls were almost drawn up into his groin. That low hanging nutsack was now shrivled up and tight as a drum head.

"Keep sucking,Steve! Don't let up!" I said as I walked over and got my margarita. I stood next to Bobby,my hard-on pressing against his lips. He opened his mouth and began to give me a blow job. His head was moving back and forth like a piston. With my cock in his mouth,His moans were becoming mumbled pleas for me to let him cum.

"Quit sucking my dick and stand up,Bobby." I had to help him stand as Steve opened his mouth,his teeth sc****d along Bobby's swollen cock. "Sit up Steve and watch this!" I told him,as I knelt down. I took Bobby's cock into my hand and pointed it at the glass. Sticking out my tongue I flicked it over his cockhead a few times and pumped my fist so slow it took almost thirty seconds to go from the base,to squeezing just under his bright red cockhead. Bobby's knees shook,and he started making strange noises. I let go of his cock and watched as his asscheeks clenched together. I had good aim because jet after jet of his young boy's nut juice fell into the glass. He shot off eight times before the last one hung in a long rope,hanging from the tip of his dick to the rim of the glass.

Steve moved in,as Bobby laid down on the cushions,and wrapped his lips skillfully around Bobby's cock. Bobby twitched and shook as Steve sucked out the last few drops.

"Lay on your back again,Steve. Bobby,while Steve is getting comfortable,come over to me and suck my dick." I smiled at Bobby,and stroked my hand gently through his hair as he sat down. I knew that he had just expierenced the most intense orgasm of his life. Sweat dripping from his body,Bobby did as I asked taking the head of my cock greedily in his hot mouth.

I lifted Steve's legs up and held them apart. I pulled him back to me until my balls were pressed up against his. "Spit all over my cock,Bobby. Lube it up good." My cock glistened as I pulled my hips as far back as I could,and placed the head of my dick against his tightly puckered asshole,that was in front of me.

"How many men have you fucked,Steve?" I asked in a teasing tone,while readjusting myself.

"Just Bobby! I Promise!" his voice trembled with excitement. He looked up at me,smiling.

"I hate to tell you this,Steve. But Bobby is a boy. And I'm a fully grown man. You've seen how big my cock is. Are you sure you're ready for this?" He opened his mouth to reply,but before he could,I f***ed the first three inches of my cock past his asshole,stretching him wide open! A scream tore from his throat and he desperately tried to clamp his asshole shut. That made no difference for him,but it felt wonderful to me. His asshole began to get even tighter! His hands slapped at the decking.

I pulled out till just the head of my big cock was still inside of him. I looked down to be sure he wasn't bleeding. He wasn't. "Bobby,run to my room and in my bag,in the small,zippered compartment there is a bottle of lube. Get it and run back! OK?" He totterd off on shakey legs. Cuming like he had and with the effects from the margarita he drank and the pot he smoked,it made him alot slower than he thought it would.

Steve laid under me. His pretty face covered with sweat,his red lips quivering. He was breathing hard. Every time he tensed his stomach and pushed,trying to shove my cock out of his asshole,my dick sank farther in as soon as he went to take another breath. Bobby finally made it back and fumbled with the top of the bottle of lube. Eventually he got it opened and squirted a stream of it all over my cock and Steve as well.

I pulled fully out of Steve's asshhole and smeared the lube all over my dick. "Oh,thank God you're cock is out of me." he sobbed

Bobby said "I told you he was huge! You SAW how big he is. You said yourself,it would almost be like getting fucked with your arm!"

As Bobby was talking,I worked more lube up into Steve's gaping asshole. I then started fucking him with first one,then two fingers. He began to moan again and then shove his ass into my hand. "Put your hands on his shoulders and hold him down,Bobby." I told him,as once again I lifted Steve's legs and f***ed my throbbing cock in deep!

"GUGGGH!" Steve exclaimed. He was gripping Bobby by the wrists. His knuckles were white as I slowly pulled out then shoved forward going deeper with each stroke. I began to work up a faster pace. My cock was almost three quarters of it's length in,and by his groans and whimpers,I knew he couldn't take any more.

I fucked his tight ass for almost twenty minutes before I could tell he was getting ready to cum. "Bobby. Get the glass and point his dick into it. I'm gonna make this little sissy cum like a horse!" I had pulled my cock back far enough to where I could feel his prostate gland rubbing against my cockhead. Reaching down,I took a hold of my cock and pulled it up,putting even more pressure on his prostate as I continued to fuck him!

He was crying as he came. Shot after shot mixed with Bobby's cum in the drink. It coated the few ice cubes that were left and dripped down the side of the glass. Some of his cum had landed on Bobby's wrist and forearm. Bobby took his free hand and started jerking Steve off. His big cockhead was so purple it looked black but Bobby squeezed even harder and jerked faster as I fucked away. Suddenly,Steve had a full-body spasm then began to shoot out even more cum. It sounded like he was talking tongues,and Bobby was laughing. Four more thick,heavy spurts erupted from Steve's swollen cockhead. Bobby caught every bit of it in the margarita glass. Then leaned over and sucked on Steve's dick a few more times,till Steve slapped him.

As Bobby sat back,I lifted Steve up and sank him down onto my cock as far as he could go. He spread his legs and put his feet on the deck. Clutching me tightly he started kissing me as he used his legs to ride my swelling dick up and down. His tongue flew over mine. He broke the kiss and started sucking on my neck. Pulling back,he said "Please cum! I want to watch you cum!"

I lifted him up and off of my cock. Motioning for Bobby to bring the glass over,Steve then used both of his hands,pumping away on me. His mouth was stretched wide as he sucked harder and harder. I could feel my sperm rising. Steve could also feel it in the palms of his hands as my shaft pulsed. I never said a word as my ten day load began to flood his mouth. He opened his mouth over the glass and drooled my cum into it,then aimed it so everything would land in the glass. Twelve more times my muscles contracted and twelve more times sperm flowed out of my cock!

The margarita glass was almost overflowing. Between the drink and all of our cum,it was filled to the rim. Our spunk dripped down the sides and made a slimy mess in Bobby's hands. He was now holding onto it with both,afraid to drop it. Bobby staggered over to the table and carefully set the drink down. He then began licking Steve's and My cock juice off of his arm,hand and fingers.

I looked over at Steve,ruffled my hand in his hair, then gave him a smile and a wink. He stood in front of me,with some of my cum dripping out his nostrils. I had filled his mouth so full with semen,some had shot out his nose. He reached up and pinched it off,then stuck his fingers into his mouth,sucking them clean.

Bobby called us over to the table. After a couple of tries,I got my legs to unbend and I joined the boys. They had licked the top and sides of the glass clean and were snowballing each other. Bobby lifted the "cumarita",as he called it and took a long pull,draining almost half of it. Handing Steve the drink,Bobby said to me "I found this on your night stand." He held up the partly smoked joint I had taken a couple of tokes from earlier. But instead of lighting it,he lit up a cigarette and handed it to me,as Steve handed me what was left in the glass. I drained it and said "I'm going to make another batch."

I was crushing out the cigarette and turning to go,when Bobby handed me the lit joint. So I stayed where I was and took a toke. As I was exhaling I felt two hot,wet tongues licking along the softening shaft of my dick. I took another toke and held it,as they traded sucking the head of my slowly hardening cock. I put the roach out and pulled my cock from out of Steve's mouth. Turning away,I walked over and dove into the pool.

Swimming over to the water jets,I let the warm water wash over my cock. I heard two more splashes and then the boys joined me. "Time to clean up,Boys. We need to go in." I climbed the steps and crossed the deck. As I went into the kitchen,I heard Steve's clear soprano voice singing "There's Always, Tomorrow!" And Bobby saying "And the next. And the next!"

After dinner and cleaning up,we all piled in my bed together. I was drifting off as both boys stroked my cock. Gently running their fingers up and down it's length and playing with my balls. I was fondling Bobby's balls in one hand and holding Steve's cock in my other while running my thumb across it's big head. They were both getting hard again. "I want to get off again" Bobby said. "Don't you want to let some juice fill your balls up first,before we empty these things again?" I asked. Steve then asked me "Will it feel better if we do? Bobby and I usually keep on fucking till we can only squeeze out a drop or two."

"You'll find out after breakfast. I assure you!"
"OK." Steve said "But you're fucking Bobby that time!" "Oh really?" Bobby countered. "Yeah. Cause if he fucks me again that soon,My ass'll fill up with water and I'll sink when we go swimming!" We were still chuckling when we fell asl**p.
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