The Goddaughter Part Two

I had been asl**p for only a couple of hours when I was awakened by the sound of my phone. My mind was too foggy to figure out what was going on and when the ringing stopped,I rolled over and drifted off to sl**p again. But before drifting off for good,I thought I heard my girlfriends voice saying,"Hi Honey!" and my Goddaughter,Winter saying,"Emmy! It's me! Winter!"

The sun had risen and filled the room with a soft glow. The smell of freshly brewed coffee scented the air and from the bathroom I heard Winters voice singing quietly and water running. I laid there in the hotel bed,arms behind my head,my morning hard-on pointed at the ceiling and thoughts of the last couple of days playing over and over in my mind. No wonder my cock was so hard! The last thing I remembered from the night before,was Winter's hand slowly stroking my cock as she was drooling all over its head and softly scr****g her teeth across the very tip. How could I have fallen asl**p with her doing that to me?!

The need to piss is what finally got me out of bed. I rounded the corner and saw that the bathroom door was wide open and all I could see of Winter,was the top of her head and her eyes poking over a mound of bubbles. She looked over at me,sat up a little higher and staring at my cock said,"Morning G-Daddy,I see you brought me breakfast!" and her low,throaty chuckle confirmed I was in trouble, deep.

"Morning Baby." I replied. "Um. Thanks for the coffee and letting me sl**p in."
"No prob." she said. "It's not as late as you may think. Oh,by the way. I talked with Em and Terry this morning." she just kind of threw that out there. "Em wants you to call her when you get up and Terry has something to say to you too. I see you're "UP",so do you want to call them or will you wash my back for me first?" She had stood up while talking to me and had turned around while bending over to show me her ass and sudsy pussy,as she used her hands to pull her ass cheeks apart. Her long black fell to either side of her and was lost in the baths foam.

"Baby,what I need to do is piss like a race horse,grab a cup of coffee and then call Em." I was whispering because,my throat was dry and my lips were sticking to my teeth as I looked at her youthful perfection. "No! What You NEED TO DO,is take a piss,brush your teeth,then come over here and wash me again! You didn't do such a good job last night. You were too tired. AND you fell asl**p on me when I was starting to have fun. Terry said that was naughty of you."

My cock had softened just enough for me to take a leak. I had stopped looking at Winters tiny,bubble covered body and was trying to concentrate,when her last statement sank in. "Wh-What did you s-say?!" I stammered. "Oh. Nothing. I'm not gonna tell you anything else till you brush your teeth and come over here to me."

I walked over to the sink and began brushing my teeth. After rinsing my mouth out I asked Winter,"Where's my phone?" "I'm not telling!"she laughed. "Winter. I'm being serious. Where is it?" I had began to raise my voice,because I was worried over what was going on. What had she and Terry been talking about? Hell! What had she and Em talked about as well?!

"G-Daddy,you either come over here and wash me like I asked you to,or..."she left the threat unspoken. I crossed the room in three strides and as I bent down by the tub,Winter threw her arms around my neck and began kissing me on the lips. She tasted like pink bubble gum. Her tongue was trying to open my mouth and like a fool I did. The harder she hugged me,the harder I hugged her back. I stood up bringing her body with mine. Her bubble covered pussy rested on top of my hard-on and she slowly began to relax and burried the head of it between her ass cheeks. "Oh God,G-Daddy. I want to fuck you so bad!" She mumbled as we continued kissing. "First,I want you to play with my body. Touch me wherever you want to. Feel me all over. Your hands are so big and gentle. And I want to touch you too." she whispered.

Without thinking,I climbed into the tub,turned Winter around in my arms and sat down with her back towards me,I began lathering up my hands. We were lost in warm water and bubbles that smelled like jasmine,I was cuddling her and after parting her hair,I leaned down and began kissing her neck and shoulders when she said, "Play with my nipples,G-Daddy. Pinch them like you do Em and Terry's. Terry told me everything the three of you do together. She even showed me some of those games you all play. I wish I had a penis and a vagina like She does. She really likes it when I suck on her penis and I love it when she puts it in my ass. Oh,yes, please wash my pussy now,G-Daddy. Play with my pussy button! I like it so much!"

Like a wave the answers to most of the questions I had been having became clear. Winter and Terry had been intimate with each other. Often it seemed. I now had a good idea of what was going on. Terry did indeed have both a penis and a vagina but her pussy was so tight we couldn't have vaginal sex yet and altho her penis could get hard she was not developed enough to have an orgasm with any sperm in it. Terry did experience extream pleasure when Em or I sucked on her cock and her pussy would flood with juices when either Em or I ate her out. There was also no denying that Terry loved anal sex,because sometimes I would wake up with her shoving my cock up her ass and bouncing up and down,laughing and demanding I fuck her hard, till I would cum deep inside of her. But Winter didn't know about that. Did she?

Winter had spread her legs and was rubbing her clit because I had stopped. I stood up and got out of the tub,grabbed a towel and began drying myself off when Winter said,"What's wrong,G-Daddy? Why did you get out? I didn't mean to do anything wrong! Terry said I should tell You how we play together!" She was kneeling in the tub with her hands on it's edge. Tears were leaking from her over sized,forest green coloured eyes. Her bottom lip quiver and the bubbles were sliding down her long raven black hair that now covered her body from my view. Reaching down,I scooped her up and wrapped her in the towel with me. I could feel her tiny,hard nipples rubbing through the hair on my chest. Her little ass rested in the palms of my hands as I carried her to the bed.

Winter looked up at me with a small smile on her pouty lips. I stood in front of her as she sat on the bed. She reached out and took the towel the rest of the way off,dropping it to the floor. As she reached out to take my cock into her hands I said,"No,Winter." She continued to reach for it so I took a step back. "Why?!" she began crying again. "You love me! And I love you! Terry said it was alright for us to do this! She said she wants us to do it!"

"Winter. Damnit! I want to do this as much as you do. Maybe even more! And that is what scares me! You have been tempting and teasing me non stop since yesterday. In fact You have been doing it for several years! Always flashing yourself at me. Not wearing any panties and then pulling up your dresses as you bend over in front of me,showing my your pretty little pussy. Remember last year when You and Terry spent the night in the tree house and you "slipped" while climbing up? Thank God no-one else saw it when your bare ass was shoved onto my face as I helped you up the rope and you kept pushing my nose into your pussy slit! God,how I wanted to eat you out! Right there! Even in front of Terry!" I said. "Well You Should Have! Why do you think I "slipped". Terry and I wanted You to "Play" with Us!" Winter sobbed. "Winter I could have gone to jail,for that! I can go to jail for anything we do! Do you understand? This has gone too far. I can't let this go any further"

She sat there,at the edge of the bed looking at the floor,tears dripping off of her nose. She was almost completely hidden by her hair. All I could see was one pale elbow and forearm poking through. "I don't understand." she said quietly,shaking her head. "I want to do this with you so much. I thought you did to. I thought you were waiting for me to get,"just a little bit older" for us to do this. Is it because I don't have boobies? Is it because of Paul and Kelly? Or is it because of Em and Terry? I was going to let them tell you but Em and Terry want Us to do it." She leaned over,reached under the mattress and removed my phone. I could not tell if she was looking at me as she handed me the phone,or not. "Call Em. She'll tell you." As I stepped forward to take the phone,Winter reached out with her delicate,little hand and touched my half erect cock. She then began to squeeze just behind the head of it ever so gently. "Go on! Call Them!"

I tried stepping back but Winter got off of the bed and went with me. She was no longer gently squeezing my cock. She almost had it in a death grip! The shaft was swellin up and my cock head was beginning to turn purple! "Prove me wrong G-Daddy! Call Em. She'll tell you!" I pressed the speed dial and was trying to make Winter let go of my throbbing cock,when Em answered.

"Hello My Love!" were the first words out of Em's mouth. I was making choking sounds and hesitated before saying anything because Winter had finally let go of my cock but she had opened her mouth as wide as she could and sucked the head of it into her mouth! No matter what I did,she kept sucking and nibbling on it. Every step I took,she followed! She planted her feet firmly and was holding my cock with both hands,trying to pull me back to her! "Em!" I almost yelled into the phone. "Shut up and listen to me!" Em said. "Is Winter with you?" "Gaaa" was all I could say. "Good! I want you to use the phone and take a picture of what she is doing right this moment. Don't argue with me! Do it!" Em still sounded like a little girl,even when she was this intense.

I held the phone down to the side and watched as Winter made a production of trying to fit more than my cockhead into her mouth. Her long black hair looked wild. She had opened her red-rimmed,tear stained eyes as wide as she could,making her look almost insane. Her cheeks were buldging out and drool poured from her mouth hanging in long,glistening strings. Winter stared straight into the phones camera,snarling as I took the shot.

I brought the phone back to my ear and said,"My God! Em,I'm so sorry! Winter won't leave me alone!" But pure pleasure had started working its way through me. The hand that had been trying to push Winter away,was now wrapped in her hair as I began to feed her as much of my cock as she could fit in her little mouth. "Send me the picture and hang up the phone,Lover. Remember to go easy on her,I know how you can get when you're all horned up,Sweetie. Oh,and by the way. If you need to blame anyone for this? You can put the blame on Terry and Me." Em was laughing. "We'll talk later when things calm down a bit. Bye Lover! Oh,and be sure to eat her out for Me and Terry as well! Bye!" I pressed the button and sent Em the pic,then hung up.

The only noise in the room was Winter sucking,slurping and breathing heavily as she drooled all over my cockhead. Then with a loud pop and a jolt that shook me to my bones,Winter took my cock out of her mouth and while panting,looked into my eyes and said,"See?! I Told ya so! Now will you fuck me up the ass? Please?! While you were asl**p,I cleaned myself out like Em and Terry taught me to do! And I stole a bottle of lube from Kelly! But first I want you to cum in my mouth! G-Daddy? Don't you want to cum in my mouth? Please? I bet you do! I Know,I Want You To Cum In My Mouth!" with that,Winter once again opened her jaw as wide as she could. She still had a hard time getting all of it in but Terry had taught her well,because this little girl could work wonders with her tongue!

Both of my hands held her head just far enough away so she wouldn't choke herself on my cock as I fed it to her. My knees finally began to shake and my cock felt like it was burning. Chills ran up and down my spine,my nipples were hard as rocks and I felt my cock swell up even more. Winter had begun to humm,vibrating her lips as she pulled back and sucked harder,while swirlling her tongue under the very tip of my cock. We were both so caught up in the moment,neither of us heard the slight tapping on the door. We also didn't hear the lock-card being swiped in the door-lock or its opening as a maid stepped into the room. Lost in ecstasy I grunted,"Oh,My God Winter! Oh,My God!" Winter leaned back with her mouth hovering over the head of my cock. Her tongue licked its tip as I shot out stream after stream of cum into her open mouth and all over her pretty,little heart shaped face. My cum was running down her chin as she sucked my cock head back into her mouth,almost causing my knees to buckle and me to fall to the floor. Cum ran down from her forehead and into her big,forest green eyes matting her eyelashes together and forming drops on the end of some. My jizz made white streaks in her long,jet black hair. Her whole face shined with it and yet she continued to suck and stroke my cock.

Removing my cock from her mouth,Winter then wrapped both hands,as far as she could get them to go, around my cockshaft and continued to jerk untill I shot another long rope of cum up over face and onto her hair and forehead again. She then rubbed the head all over her lips,still kissing it as she looked over to her left and gave a huge smile. I was trying to focus my thoughts when I followed Winters gaze and saw a maid standing there. She had closed the door behind her and stood rooted to the spot, with one hand held to her mouth and the other stuffed between her legs,frigging herself.

The maid was staring at my dripping,still hard cock while fingering herself through her uniform. Her black face was covered in sweat as her hand begen to move even faster. She then looked at Winter standing there holding my cock,with my cum covering her face and streaking her hair. The maids eyes followed a large glob of cum slide down from Winters forehead and run along the leangth of her tiny nose. Winter tilted her head back,stuck out her tongue and caught it as it fell. Closing her mouth and then smakcing her lips she said,"Fuck! That was Great! He's MY Daddy. I don't share!"

I was watching this pretty,huge titted,plump black girl,openly finger fucking herself in front of us! A large wet spot covered most of her skirt already and Winter and I watched as she lifted the uniform up. Showing us a pair of red panties that were litterally dripping wet. She was leaning against the door her hand a blur when the first wave of her orgasm went through her. She began grunting and I could hear the chain-lock banging on the door frame as the second orgasm shook her even harder. Her big brown eyes were locked on Winter's. They were both breathing heavily as the maid dropped her stained skirt back down,stood up and said,"Little Missy,You be sure to hang out the Do Not Disturb sign tonight. Cause if I come back her in the morning and walk in on that again? I'll be eatin out your sweet tiny snatch,as Yo Daddy has that big hunk o man meat shoved all up in my pussy! Hear Me?" She was fumbling with the door knob trying to get out when She said,"I'm gonna have ta go call my Daddy and aks him what he wants fo lunch!" She was still fighting with the door knob,so I walked over and placed my hand over hers to turn the knob. Quick as a wink she kneeled down and sucked my cock into her mouth,bobbing her head up and down five or six times. Then she stood up,licked her lips, gave me a wink and walked out. I heard her put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door.

"Damn It! I wanted the rest of that! Well,at least Em and Terry say there is Always Alot More where that came from!" Winter said while crossing the room. "How long before you can fuck me up the ass?" She was pulling me by the hand back into the bubble bath. As we climbed into the luke warm water she said,"Maybe if you give me a good finger fucking,that will get your juices boiling up again. I know It will mine"!
End Part Two
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1 year ago
The dream of a purely incestual father would be a pussy fuck of their daughter; it ain't (sp) here! The young lady says Emily and Terry want him (godfather) to fuck her, taken to mean a pussy fuck?
2 years ago
Brilliant story. A dream for a lot of Fathers... and Godfathers.
2 years ago
That was a very hot story.
3 years ago
Now "that" was a fun read!
3 years ago
awesome story. Thanks for sharing
3 years ago
3 years ago
This is getting so good
3 years ago
even better than part 1