The Goddaughter Part One

The Company my girlfriend works for,assigned her to a temporary post in Scotland for the next three months. So Em,Terry and I had said a tear filled good-bye,in the early hours of a rainy Friday morning. We had almost gotten into an argument,the night before,about me joining them for a month. Em's argument was,"And what'll I be tellin my folks when You show up? All they know is,we have been seeing each other. I certainly haven't told them about the three of us living together,and I think Terry should spend some time with my s****r." Which Terry did not want to do and kept saying so. "Besides,We will never get the chance for the three of us to be alone! It would just be torture!Torry,YOU know WE love YOU and WE know YOU love US! Everything will be fine! Besides,between the phone and the computers,it's not like we won't see each other!"

Emily had spoken! That's that. Period. No more arguments. All Terry and I could really do was,agree. In every aspect of our relationship,I am the boss but,Em won that round. So,Em,Terry and I settled in for a night of tickling,cuddling,kissing and mind bending sex. I was already missing them before they even left.

Now,being self employed,instead of me going with them,I had decided to take a month off and go to the cabin I had up in the Berkshire Mountains. You know,do a little hiking,fishing and stuff like that. Visit my ol' stomping grounds,as it were. Em agreed with me and even tho Terry was pissed,she agreed too when I told her we would spend a week or two at the cabin when they got back. I loved watching her cute little face light up with joy and her tiny tits jiggle as she jumped up and down with excitement. I love making her happy. I loved it even more when,later that afternoon,as a thank you,Terry shoved my hard cock up her sweet,tiny ass and started fucking me like a wild woman as Em ground her snatch into my face,and sucked on Terry's little cock. And that was just the beginning of what was in store for me that night.

The morning after Em and Terry left,I was finishing the packing of my truck when my phone started ringing. I knew they hadn't made it to Scotland yet, because their flight had been delayed for almost ten hours,but I answerd the phone anyway thinking it was them. I couldn't have been more wrong.

It was my Best Friend. He,his wife and I,have known each other since we were in kindergarten together. I was Best Man at their wedding. I was,in the hospital for the birth of all four of their c***dren,and in fact,I am also their c***drens godfather.

"Thank God I got you,b*****r! I hate to do this to you buddy. Kelly and I have to make an emergency trip out to Montana. We will probably need to be gone for at least three weeks." I could hear the near panic in his voice,so I said,"Dude. Calm down. Just tell me what You need me to do. It's as good as done. What is it?" I knew we were on speaker phone because I heard Kelly crying in the background. "That's why I love you Big T." she said. "You never ask what it is we may need. You just ask what to do to help." I also heard her run out of the room and the door slam behind her.

"Tory,Kelly's folks were in a Really and I mean Really Bad accident. We still don't have all the details,but we need you Bud! Quentin,Chyanne and Echo have agreed to go to my b*****rs place in Georgia but Winter will have none of it. She still remembers a couple of years ago when her Aunt Sharon beat her ass for leaving the pasture gate open and they had to spend three days rounding the livestock back up. I know you're about to leave on your vacation but will you PLEASE take Winter with you? You are the only one she wants. I have never seen her like this,b*o. In fact,she's up in the tree house,you built for them now and refuses to come down till you come and get her. And quite frankly,she has always acted more like your daughter than she has mine."

Now,that was the closest any of us had ever admitted to,or even talked about,what very well may be true. "It'll take me about two hours to get there,Paul." I said. "When do y'all need to leave?" "Within the hour,Tory. I'll tell Winter to stay where she's at. Believe me,she won't go anywhere if she knows You are coming to get her! Love Ya,Man!" And that quickly everything in my life changed. Again.

To say they live out in the middle of nowhere Florida is the truth. He comes from a f****y of multi-millionaires so money,land and belongings have never been an issue for him. My truck was making it's way down the dirt road through the woods to the k**s treehouse when I spotted Winter. She had finally put the ladder down and must have gone back to the house and packed her bags. Either that or Kelly had done it for her, because she was sitting there,barefooted,on a suitcase as I pulled up.

Winter is what you would call an ethereal looking cild. She appears to be a very delicate girl. Slender,long of limbs (for such a small girl) and willowy. Her skin is very pale,almost translucent. She has straight,jet black hair that reaches the top of her ass and her dark green eyes look overly large in her petite,pouty lipped, heart shaped face.

My heart always beats faster and my breath catches in my throat when I see her. She knows it,too.

I stopped the truck,got out and walked up to her,not saying a word. She in turn just held her arms open for me to pick her up. The white cotton,summer dress didn't even cover her mid-thighs and as she lifted her arms it rode even higher and I could see she wasn't wearing any panties, as usual. I lifted her up and her bare bottom was resting on my hairy forearm as she gave me a tight hug around my neck. She leaned far enough back so she could look directly in my eyes and said,"I knew You would come for me. You always do what I want you to do. Don't you?" Winters voice is always a suprise. Unlike Em or Terry,who both have a very high,c***dlike voice,Winters' is deep and throaty. Nothing like anyone would expect just by looking at her. "Not always,Baby. Remember when I wouldn't let you have those cookies before going to bed last time we were together?" I asked. "Uh hu. And remember when I got up the next morning? You had made a fresh batch during the night and had left a box of them tied with a red ribbon on my nightstand,so when I woke up,they were the first thing I saw?" Well,She had me there.

I set her down and grabbed the suitcases. Before I had even put them under the tarp with the rest of the equipment,Winter had buckled into the passenger seat and was drumming with her tiny hands on the console. "Hurry up! Let's Go Daddy-O! We're Burning Daylight and still have a river to cross!" I couldn't help but laugh. "Winter. Where did you get that from?" "From You,Silly-Willy!" She giggled. "Now Let's get crackin' afore my Ass starts Chappin'!" she had a gleam in her eyes I had never seen before and a smile a mile wide. "Winter,do you know where we're going?" I asked. "Nope! And I don't Give a G'Damn Neither! The trails go where I want 'em to,so don't fork me withers!" She leaned over and punched me on the arm when she said that. By this time I was laughing so hard I couldn't drive any farther and I had to take a wicked piss. I put the truck in park and got out. Closing the truck door I said,"Baby? I should have asked earlier but do you need to go to the bathroom? We can still go back to the house if you need to go." "Well" She said,again with that look on her face, "I do need to pee but why go back?" And with that she was out of the truck and had run around to stand in front of me. "Here. Hold my ankle." And with that said, Winter had hiked up her dress,fully exposing her pussy to me and looked in my eyes till I did what she had said. Leaning sideways, with her left hand on the trucks door and her right ankle in my hand, she shot a stream of piss a good ten feet. Suddenly she piched it off and said,"Let go now. I don't want to piss all over my legs as I finish." and she squated there,holding her dress up,now under her chin,still looking right at me and smiling. "When will I get tits,G'Daddy? Hay,look! I made an exclamation point,in the dirt!"

I was not totally suprised by the question,it was her actions that threw me. She had never acted so brazen before and I was wondering what had brought this on. Winter and I always talked about things. In fact,she would ask me stuff she would never talk with anyone else about. Including her own b*****r,s****rs or parents. "In a couple of years,Baby. I can't really say when. Everyone is different. Now if You will excuse me,"Little Miss Modesty",I need to..." She chimed in with "Shake the dew offn your lilly? Peel the bark off a tree? Direct a chorus of, "Here Comes the Rain Again?" Oh,she was having the time of her life and we hadn't even made it out to the main road yet.

I walked several steps away,turned my back to her and as I was unzipping my fly,She yelled, "Aw,Comeon! That's not fair!" I had my swelling cock in my hand and had just started to piss when she added, "I showed you my pussy G'Daddy! And I see Paul's cock all the time when he and Kelly skinny-dip in the pool." Her voice had grown louder as she walked over to stand next to me and stare at me taking a leak. "Damn!" She whispered half out loud. "No wonder Kelly calls you Big-T! Terry was right,too! That thing is huge and it isn't even hard all the way, yet. I can't wait to see it when it is! You're way bigger than Paul is..." She was reaching out with her hand to touch it when I moved away to the side. All the while I was trying to finish because my dick was getting harder. Against my will.

"Winter!" This was the first time I had ever raised my voice to her in her life and the look on her face nearly killed me to have done so. In a gentler voice I asked her, "Baby,what in the world has gotten into you? You have never acted like this before. Why are you doing this?" The entire time I was talking,I was trying to put my hardening cock away. Finally,I had to undo my belt and the button of my jeans just to stuff it inside my boxers. Before I could zip up however,Winter had moved to stand directly in front of me and placed her tiny hands on top of mine,stopping me in mid-motion.

"I heard Mom and Dad talking Monday night while they were in the pool" She began. "Kelly,I mean Mom,is jealous of Emily and Terry. And Me. She called me "The Fey Baby". She said it like a joke but Paul got kind of angry. Then he said,"You know I love the Big-T as well as you do,but honey,it's over. He has Em now. You even admitted it was good for him. It is weird how she and Terry are almost alike in every way but,You're not jealous of Terry as well. Are You?" That's when I saw him take his cock and shake it till it got all hard. Then Mom said,"I guess not. I still have this to play with,don't I?" and I watched as she put it in her mouth and start sucking on it."

I knew she wanted to say more so,I didn't say anything. I did however manage to finally zip my pants up and re-do my belt,despite my throbbing member. "Baby," I finally said into the sudden silence,"We can talk about this later,OK? We are going to go to my cabin up in the mountains and it's a two day drive. We really should get started."

Winters smile was back and so was that wicked gleam in her eyes. She ran full out and was pounding on the console again screaming,"Move your bl**dy Arse! Get a move on Old Man!" I felt I should ask her,"Baby,before we get going,don't you think you should put on pair of panties and flip-flops?" "Nope." was all she said.

So, for the entire time driving,I listened to Winter talk about everything under the sun except sex. In a way I was greatful,but every chance she got she was openly showing me her pussy and ass. Like when she took a half hour nap. She had scooted across the seats till her head could rest on a small pillow by the door,she had pulled her dress up around her stomach. She then lifted her left leg and put her foot on my headrest as she stuck her right leg across my lap. Her bare pussy was almost touching my thigh. I tried not to watch as she was diddling herself for a solid ten minutes. Then,all of a sudden, she tensed up and started to moan and shake. I didn't know a girl her age could have an orgasm like that but the juices that had soaked the cushion and my right leg told another story.

In Southern Virginia we had to stop again for gas. When we went inside to pay,Winter whispered,"I really need to pee and since I'm not wearing any shoes,would you please carry me?" she was begining to dance from foot to foot and the more she danced the worse I knew she had to go. Trouble was,I had to take a piss myself. The gas station bathroom had one toilet,a sink and a door that locked so I carried her into the bathroom. Thank God it was clean. The entire way,Winter was grinding her pussy into my hip and moaning in my ear as she hugged my neck. I sat her on the edge of the sink,locked the door and was putting the paper cover on the seat when she said "Oh,Man that feels great! G'Daddy! Look at me!" Amber liquid was quickly filling the sink and she leaned forward to be sure she could squirt out every last drop out.

Hearing Winter taking a piss,I couldn't hold it any longer. My fingers were fumbling with my zipper and I almost wet myself before I could aim my dick towards the bowl. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Winter finger fucking herself fast and hard,she was also licking her lips while she stared at my cock. Once again my cock started to swell as I put it away. I was praying the cashier wouldn't notice as we walked out. I had picked Winter up and she was riding my hip again. She had placed her right leg over my crotch,so no-one could see my hard on. We were almost out the door when she said,"Stop! I need to get something." She leaned almost backward,gripping my waist tight with her legs, pulling her wet pussy into my hip even harder. Her face was flushed when she sat up holding a brochure. In big letters across the top it read,"Virginia is for Lovers!" Then she said quite loudly,"Vagina Is For Lovers! Can We Stay Here Tonight? IT SOUNDS LIKE SO MUCH FUN!" As I started the truck I watched the cashier staring at us like she couldn't believe what she had just heard.

Three hours later,as we crossed into Pennsylvania,I couldn't drive any farther. My eyes felt like they were packed with sand and I told Winter to look for a sign that said lodging. "Econo Lodge, Super 8, Motel 6,Best Western,Quality Inn? G'Daddy! You're not Taking me in any Roach Motel! I want a Real Place for You to Take Me!" I was so damn tired I really wasn't paying any attention to how she said things. All I wanted to do was stop for the night. "Holliday Inn! We'll stop there! It's just twenty five miles more and then right at the exit!"

When we finally got there,I was so tired that Winter actually started to lead me into the doors. I stopped,took a deep breath and picked her up. That's when she bit me on the neck and said. "Wake up Pops! Sign in and ask for an extra day!"

Like a robot,I was saying exactly what Winter told me to say when I handed over my credit card. I asked for a ground floor and the clerk said,"Honey. I don't think you could carry your little girl up a flight of stairs if you tried. I'm giving Y'all the best room we've got left. It only has a King sized bed,but it's plenty big enough for the two of you. There won't be no wake up call. Nobody will disturb y'all. Damn! I can't remember the last time I seen such dark circles under a pair of eyes as you've got,Sir!"

It was Winter that thanked her as I mumbled something. We walked seven doors down and I opened the door. Winter ran over to the A.C. and turned it all the way down. She also closed the curtains,turned the radio onto an easy listening Jazz station,set up the coffee for the morning and started a warm shower. "We need a shower,Big-T." It was the first time she had ever called me that. I tossed the truck keys onto the table and started to strip when I realised, Winter was naked and undoing my pants. "I said. WE NEED a SHOWER! Hurry up before the water gets cold!"

It had been over fourty eight hours since I had really slept. It felt like a dream as I began washing Winters body and she washed mine. The warm water lulled me into a stupor and I did everything she told me to do. I touched her where and how she said. I kissed her just as she instructed. I folded her into my arms and carried her into the bed. I remember the feel of her hand,wrapping around the shaft of my cock and then the warmth of her mouth as she placed her lips around its head. She was kissing it and licking,talking to it,like it understood what she was saying. As I began to fade away, lost in feelings of pleasure and the need for sl**p,I vaguely rememberd her saying,"Daddy,when we wake up,there will be no mistaking I am yours."
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1 year ago
What a tart little vixen! No explanation yet as to why she has become such a wanton, lurid vixen, practically full-time naked purveyor of shoving and showing her almost totally naked body at her godfather. Her actions sure does continually bring matters "to a head".
2 years ago
Excellent story and your style of writing makes for compulsive reading. Thanks
3 years ago
Really enjoy your writting style, and looking forward to the next installment.
3 years ago
Great story, got to read the rest of the story
3 years ago
very good & hot start
3 years ago
great story, please continue it
3 years ago
mmmm yes really good story well wrighten, next part please.
3 years ago
Wonderful story, Now that you have got me all worked up I hope there will be more to come..