Jean. Billy's Mom part 2

No wonder I'm a Perv! LOL

All I could do was stare at Jean's beautiful ass and walk as fast as I could on my tip toes. Her hips swayed back and forth and I saw that her ass had pink splotches,from where my face had been grinding into it. The tight grip she had on my dick began to turn it purple and there was a tingling sensation pulsing between my hairless balls and asshole. At the foot of the stairs She let go of our dicks. Even holding onto each other,like we were,Billy and I almost folded to our knees. My dick was fading to a bright red, but it still stuck straight up. I looked over at Billy's and his was in pretty much the same state as mine. The major difference between us was? His face had become pale and he looked a little crazed. I wasn't sure if I had pissed a littlr bit or not,but the head of my dick was wet and I had pins and needles as the bl**d began to circulate again. It stung and burned and throbbed. It hurt so bad,it felt good!
Jean ordered Billy to go up the stairs first. "You better hurry and get into that bathroom,Boy! But I don't want you getting in the tub. You will kneel at the sink till I get there! Do You understand me?!" Billy ran up the stairs,still carrying her big,red toy. Then Jean turned on me. She glanced at my dick then knelt down. As she lowered her head she said,"I'm going to suck on your cock now,Tory. As a Thank You." She stared in my eyes and licked her lips. "You don't mind. Do You? But I'm only going to suck on it for a bit,because We need to join Billy quickly. I have so much planned for us today." Jean whispered. She blew a warm breath over my dickhead then licked the very tip. A shock flew along my dick and up my spine. Jean then took the entire thing into her wonderfully hot,wet mouth and began sucking as she pulled her head back. She parted her lips,just enough for air to flow in around my dick as she went forward again and repeated the action. She did this six times and the only thing keeping me on my feet was her hands digging into my ass cheeks.

"I think I should stop now. What do You think,Baby?" All I could do was groan and shake. Her laughter was low and throaty. "Your turn. You hurry up those stairs and kneel next to Billy!" As I tried to climb the first few steps my legs shook so badly I had to hold the railing. Then I heard a loud slap and I felt my ass burn where she had just hit me. "I said to hurry up!" I turned to look at her and saw she was smiling but she was also raising her hand for another swat,so I scrambled on my hands and knees till I reached the top.

Billy and I knelt there for what seemed like hours but was really only a few minutes. Both of us were getting more and more nervous. Billy's whole body began to shake and he was holding his mother's "Toy" so hard his knuckles were white. He and I kept looking from each others face to the toy and back. "It looks like a giant dick!" Billy whispered. "I know. Does your Dad's look like that?" I asked. "No way! His dick isn't that much bigger than yours or mine.I saw him in the shower a few times,but it is almost as fat as this." He started poking my dick with it,so I reached over and began to to tug on his. We began to giggle and couldn't stop.

"Well,I'm glad to hear,and see,you are both enjoying yourselves. My Little Men couldn't wait for me? I think this will add something to the fun. Hmm?" Jean had snuck up behind us and was holding a pile of towels and a large red rubber bottle with a stopper and some hoses attached to the bottom of it. She threw the towels down in the doorway and hung the bottle from the towel rack behind the toilet. Billy and I were still laughing as she took the toy from Billy and began to suck on it,staring into first Billy's and then my eyes. She shoved about a third of it into her mouth and popped her cheek with it when she took it out. Jean then stood it on the back of the sink.

"Just you wait." Her voice was low and she was smiling again but I began to realise how she got when she smiled like that. My dick started to bounce up and down all on it's own. When she saw this,she flicked the head of my dick with a fingertip and I doulbed over,gasping! "It's almost bath time,but we are going to play a little game first." She walked over to stand in front of us. Opening the cabinet door above the sink,she took out a jar of Baby petroleum jelly and another toy. This one was black,as big around as three of my fingers and straight. It went into and through another harness that looked like a diaper.

Jean squated in front of us,then sat down on the floor. She leaned back against the side of the tub and reached down with her left hand to spread her cunt lips apart. It shined from the overhead light. Grabbing Billy by the head of hair,she pulled him forward till he fell face first into his mother's bald,wet pussy. She was holding him by the ears now and began grinding her crotch into his face. "Yea! Lick Mommy's pussy!" Billy was trying to hold himself up with his hands on the floor,under her bent knees. "I said eat it! Eat Mommy's cunt,You Little Fucker!" With that she slid farther down the side of the tub,shoving Billy's body backwards but still grinding his face into her. I could hear his gasps for breath under her moans. Billy's ass was poking up into the air and I could see his asshole puckering and unpuckering between his asscheeks. Jean began to nod her head up and down. "Unngh. Hunngh! Suck it! I said Suck IT!" She was drooling,her eyes were closed and I noticed Billy was coughing. Suddenly there was a stream of liquid trickilg from the side of Billy's face and forming a small puddle under her ass.

Jean pushed Billy back hard and into me,then she rolled over and used the tub to help her stand. She took a few shaky steps over to the sink and turned on the tap. I was helping him stand up when she said,"Oh my Baby,Billy! That was wonderful! I just can't tell who is better at eating Mommy's pussy. Yet. You are Both very good at pleasing your Mommy." Jean was still panting and when I looked at Billy he was smiling,his ears were bright red and his hair was plasterd to his face. "Did I look like that?" I asked as I pointed at him in the stand mirror. "Not sure! I didn't get a chance to see before she licked your face clean!" He laughed.

"Now,My Two Little Men. I am going to teach you how to play the game of Poke n Pinch!" I looked over at Billy and he just shrugged his shoulders. "Here. Spread out these towels in front of you. Now,get on your hands and knees. That's right. Lean forward and rest the side of your heads on the towels. Good. Reach back with both hands and spread your cute little asscheeks apart. Stay like that. Don't move!" Jean was speaking in a sing-song manner while filling the bottle she took from the rack behind the toilet.

I felt one of her fingers begin to rub something greasy around my ass hole. It felt great. Her finger kept making circles and every so often it would press gently on my butt pucker. Then I gasped as she slid a finger straight into me! She kept doing this,going deeper and deeper till I could feel her knuckles and I knew she was in as far as she could go. Then Jean began twisting her wrist as she would pull her finger out,then shove it back in. This went on for several minutes. Then,the last time she did it,she curled her finger twords my belly and applied pressure as she pulled it out. My eyes were closed and I was moaning quietly then I heard Billy doing the same so she must have been using both hands. She turned the water back on and we heard her washing her hands. "OK! It's time! First comes the poke." I felt something warm and smaller around than her finger press up against my asshole till it began to slide in. Then it got bigger. And bigger! "Relax," Jean was whispering and cooing to us. "Relax." I tried but could only breath harder.

"Spread those little rosebuds apart!" She began to get louder. I heard Billy start to whimper and knew it was the wrong thing to do. I kept pulling my asscheeks apart and began to clench my jaw. It felt like I was being filled with that big red toy of hers but I knew I wasn't because it had fallen onto the floor and rested by Billy's face. Billy started to cry out and Jean almost screamed,"Shut UP!" Then she did,"This is Nothing! NOTHING!" She gave a final shove and I felt the knot swell inside of me as my asshole clamped down over it and onto the small part of the tude again.

"Let's see who lasts the longest. Shall We?" Jean had stepped between us and was hanging the bag onto the shower rod. She turned her back to us,got on her knees and spread her asscheeks. Her asshole opened and closed. I thought it kind of looked like a small mouth blowing kisses. I leaned forward and shoved my tongue into it as far as I could again,till she squeezed it shut pushing my tongue back out. "Look at how clean Mommy's asshole is. Isn't it pretty? I know Tory thinks so! You couldn't know this,but I had to play this game all by myself when you two little a****ls were out in the woods getting all dirty. I was so lonely. I was crying because I was all alone. You don't want Mommy to cry do you?" Once again she was using the sing-song voice. Standing back up she looked down at us. "We already played the "poke" part. I had so much fun playing with your tight,tiny rosebuds. Yes I did! Now comes the "Pinch" part!" She was laughing as she turned a knob and removed a stopper from the top of the rubber bottle. Warm water started flowing into me. My insides were being filled up and I was dying to push out but the knot held the tube in place!

"I want you both to turn around. That's it. Crawl in a circle till I can see your sweet little rosebuds. Oh! Very good! Who are Mommy's dirty little a****ls? Hmm?" Jean was almost purring. "Babies,does this seem like it is taking a long time? Hmm?" It did,because it was! I saw Billy start to say something so I hit his arm. Jean noticed. "Well," now She sounded almost cross,"Turn back around and face me!" While we had been facing the doorway Jean had stepped into and slipped the diaper toy up over her calves. "I want you to watch this." She said as she pulled the harness up till the top of the toy was just parting her pussy lips. "Whoever wins this game gets the prize. Want to know what that is? Hmm?"

I have always been a quick learner,"Yes,Mommy!Please! What is it?" I managed to croak out. "And You,Billy?" She asked. He stammered,"Please,Mommy!" She started laughing. "Well. Whoever wins,I get to Play With. All Night Long!" It was the deep,molten voice again and I knew I had to win!

Jean reached up with both hands around the bottle and squeezed what was left,through the tubes and deep into us. Then,pulling the diaper harness all the way up,Billy and I watched as she burried the toy into her cunt. She began to dance in little steps from side to side. She reached down between her legs and turned a button on. I heard a loud humm as she began to shiver.

"I am going to take the tubes out now. Remember! You have to Pinch! I don't want to have to mop the floor. I want you both to hold it in as long as you possibly can. The loser is the one that uses the toilet first. While I wait,you can watch Mommy fuck herself. I Know You Want To See That! Then We all get to take that bath I promised." There was no ceremony. In fact it was swift and brutal. Jean gripped the tube as close to Billy's asshole as she could and in one motion pulled back till we heard a faint popping sound accompanied with a small splash,as water squirted onto the floor and towel. The room echoed with Billy's whimpers and heavy breathing.

I grunted like an old man when it was my turn. Some water may have leaked out onto the towel,but I managed not to get any on Her floor.

"Watch Mommy now!" Jean said as she walked back over to the tub and sat on it's edge. Spreading her legs,she began rocking her crotch back and forth. The sound of her toy made my whole body vibrate as it was amplified through the porcelain coverd iron tub. "Mommy Loves to fuck herself! Yes,She Does! You like watching Mommy Fuck Herself Too! Don't You?!" Jean began to pant in time with her rocking. Billy was panting too. His face was getting red and he was sweating. Drool started to drip from his open mouth and his eyes were almost squeezed shut.

"Who is going to do it? Who will win the Prize?" Jean was trying to use her sing-song voice again but she couldn't,her breath kept catching and she ended up in a loud,strangled whisper. She was grinding herself hard onto the edge of the tub. The vibrations ringing loud in all of our ears as she pushed down even harder. That's when it happened. "FUCK MOMMY! FUCK MOMMY! UGGGGH! I'M CUMING! MOMMY IS CUMING FOR HER BABIES!!" and she slipped off of the tubs edge into the water.

An entire gambit of emotions played across Jean's face. Lost in the extasy and thrall of her orgasm,joy gave way to a look of shock,which gave way to embarrassment,which gave way to anger,which turned into a crazy kind of laughter because the vibrator kept going. She was slapping the water with her hands and kicking her feet till foam began to cover the surface,and it sloshed over onto the floor. She reached down with both hands and continued slamming the toy as deep as it would go into her. She didn't hear the toilet lid slam up as Billy straddled the seat. But Jean had opened her eyes in time to see him partially standing over the toilet as jet after jet of water shot out of his asshole into the bowl below.

Billy's eyes were closed and he had a look of pure pleasure on his face. I watched as he would take a deep breath and squeeze his stomach muscles tight. Time after time he kept doing this till nothing but air came out in loud clapping sounds. It was enough to set her off again! She was growling and snapping her teeth together. It was like she tried to bite the air!

I couldn't wait any longer! The pain had grown almost crippling while I had waited for Billy to finish. He had started to reach for the toilet paper when Jean grabbed his arm and pulled him over the edge into the tub with her. Taking his hands,she showed him exactly what she wanted him to do. Jean was gripping the sides of the tub again as Billy repeatedly pulled out the toy and slammed it home into her cunt. Her face was contorted in a snarl,yet her eyes locked onto mine and refused to break away.

I had watched Billy so I knew what to expect. At least I thought I did. There were waves of pleasure/pain throughout my entire body. My asshole felt like it was on fire as hot liquid poured from my depths. Time after time I thought I was done,only to find more pressure needing release! My small,erect cock shot piss across the floor onto the wall and I thought it would never stop!

The next thing I knew I was in the tub as well. Jean knelt in front of me. With one hand She was holding my jaw and we were locked in a kiss. Her tongue entwined with mine. Her other hand had my cock pinched between her thumb,first and second fingers,milking me like she would a cow. I continued pissing all over her crotch. Till she let go.

I fell forward into her arms. She held me and lifted a bright pink nipple to my lips. "Suck on Mommy's tit,Sweetheart." Her whole body was shaking and jerking. She began to hug me tighter and then another gush of water shot from my ass. Pushing me gently away,Jean stood up. She almost fell twice. Finally she managed to undo the strap around her waist and squatted just a bit. The toy dropped from her cunt. As she stepped from the harness she said,"Billy. Pull the plug. I think a shower would be better. Just in case My Little Men have a few squirts left." Her voice sounded hoarse but her eyes still had a twinkle and she seemed to glow even more.

The three of us caressed each other till the water turned cool. Jean stepped from the tub and tip toed over to the pile of towels that were still in the doorway. Kicking a couple of dry ones over the wet ones,she motioned to us with her finger,telling us to come to her side. As the three of us descended the stairs she said,"I almost forgot,We seem to have skipped lunch. What do you want for dinner?" I ducked from under her arm,jumped down two steps and leaned forward,sucking her still engorged hood and clit between my lips and gave it a lite nip with my teeth. Billy had taken one of her tits and began sucking on the nipple.

"Oh no,You two. That can be an after dinner snack if you like. Let's go to town for some pizza. I know My Little Men Love a Great Slice of Pie!" I don't know who was more bummed out over having to get dressed. My bet is it was Jean,because on the way home she complained about how hot she was. That is until her dress landed in the back seat,on top of Mine and Billy's clothes,and her panties flew out the window.
We were walking through the door again just like earlier this afternoon. She was gripping our cocks and pulling us along behind her when She asked,"Who wants some dessert?" as she laid down on the coffee table and spread her legs. "Billy,go get the can of whipped cream from the fridge. Tory,Hunny. You get the ice cream,a big spoon and two straws." When Billy and I returned Jean was rubbing her clit and fingering cunt fast. "We're going to make our own milkshakes!" She rolled up onto her shoulders and rested her knees on either side of her head. "Won't this be fun?!" Pulling her pussy lips apart she shivered as I used my fingers to stuff in the first spoon full. "God! Just what Mommy needed to cool off. It's going to melt fast! Get those straws ready!"

Bily was sound asl**p as Jean and I sat together in the bath. Under a layer of bubbles,she kept rubbing my cockhead between her fingertips sending shudders through my body. One right after the other. "Baby? Do you want to know what Mommy has planned for tomorrow?"

I thought to myself,"I realy don't care,just don't send me home! Please! Don't send me home!" What I said was,"What would that be,Mommy?" I nibbled,then sucked on a neon pink nipple and rubbed her clit with my thumb,burying my other fingers deep into her pussy,twisting them till I felt the water get hot. "You're not sending me home are. Are You?"

"Fat fucking chance,My Baby! You're mine,Tory! All MINE!" She snarled and bit my earlobe.

Part three: The Barn
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10 months ago
Amazing writing,,,such lucky young lads.
1 year ago
A cunt-cum milkshake through a straw!! What heavenly bliss for a young stud wannabe!
2 years ago
I love this story soooooo much !
2 years ago
I've read this story dozens of times and... phew!! it still turns me on. (does that make me a Perv?) Thanks.
2 years ago
Better and better...
3 years ago
very good cant wait for more
3 years ago
very hot & sexy naughty mommy
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read 1 and 2 holy shit a very good imagination those two will never leave home 6/10
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3 years ago
HOLY HELL man! nice work!