Falling for Emily and her Daughter. part one

This may start a little slow for some but the wait is worth it. Promise.
This happened not too long ago. It is my story.

I got home from work the other day and saw a moving truck in front of the house two doors up the street from me. It had sat vacant for over a year and to keep people from thinking it was abandoned,I had been mowing the lawn each week. No-one asked me to do this. I just thought it was the neighbourly thing to do.
Well,being brought up in the country there was something else I was taught to do. When someone new moves in,you bring them dinner or a welcome gift. So I took a shower,shaved,put on a pair of jeans and a dark green polo shirt. Can't meet the neighbours looking like a slob. Y'a know?
As I crossed my lawn,I noticed the truck was gone and there was no car in the drive. I continued my walk anyway,and was very glad I did. Boxes had been left out on the front lawn and car-port area with nobody in sight. I knocked but got no answer.
I was turning to leave when a downpour began. I tried the door of the shed next to the house and found it was open. When I went in,all that was in there was a table and an old sling chair,so I ran back to my place and grabbed a couple of tarps. Running back,I moved all the boxes up next to the side of the house and covered them with the tarps,weighing them down with a few bricks I found. I then slowly walked back to my place,enjoying the rain and cooling off a bit,opened my truck door and got out a notepad. Jotting down a quick "Welcome Home" on one of the pages I then went back and tucked it in the screen door by the handle. I never thought to sign it. I was just doing what I was taught to do.
It was almost midnight and after several beers I began to worry about these peoples things just sitting out unprotected. I had an extra flood light,one my friend called it a "Jesus light" cause when it came on,all you could do was say "Jesus!" and went back to hang it on the front of the car-port. The damned thing lit up the whole front yard and threw the car-ports contents into shadow. The old man across the street opened his door and started to,I believed, bitch me out. "Have a good night!" I told him and waved then went back to crash.
Every morning and every night I checked to be sure things were ok. No-one was messing with their stuff and the timer on the flood-light worked perfectly.
Three days later,just after dawn,on Saturday morning,I stepped out to get the paper and looked up the street. Still no car in the drive but,one of the cutest,petite red heads I have ever seen turned to look at me,as she ran up the street with my paper and went to the house. I guess the look on my face must have scared her. I stood there laughing.
I was turning to go inside when I was hit with double vision. At least that's what I thought at first. Walking towards me came two red headed girls. They were like book-ends. Almost. They were both gorgeous! The taller of the two was only as tall as my chest and the other was about three inches shorter. Both were wearing bluejean shorty shorts and black tee shirts. The only way I could tell which one was the mom,was by staring hard at the slight laugh lines around her green eyes and I noticed she had slightly bigger tits. They wouldn't even fill the palm of my hands! They were standing in front of me and my face was on fire. Here I was,with a three day growth of beard,my hair un combed and in an old beat-up dark green robe. That plus I was going commando and my cock had started to swell up,so I put my hands I my robe pockets.
"Hi! I am Emily and this little theif is Terry!" Her voice sounded like a c***ds,very high pitched and a bit nervous. "The old man,Charles? Across the street,told me all that you have been doing for us. I am sorry that this is how Terry thanked you." She held out the paper to me and I knew there was going to be a problem. I used my left hand to take the paper and hold it in front of my crotch and then shook her hand with my right,trying to be very gentle. I thought I got away with it but both were looking at the front of my robe jutting out. "Uh,no problem." I stammered "My pleasure.Emily.Terry. Very nice to meet you. Um...I left the water running in the bath and don't want a flood." I lied"Can I come up later? I'll give you a hand,if your Hubby won't mind the help?" "Oh,He wont mind at all!"Terry piped up. I was not too supprised to hear they sounded alike as well. "I'll see you later!" I said and nearly ran back inside.
I could have sworn I heard one of them say,"He's going to be fun to tease!" But then again there was also a heavy pounding in my ears from my heartbeat.
I refused to jerk off in the shower! I could not let me find myself getting turned on like this. "I mean come on,Tory! It's a wonderful fantasy,yes. But they are your new neighbours,Emily is married and her daughter is just a little k**. It's just wrong on so many levels!" I told myself. As I got dressed,there was a slight tapping on my bedroom window. All I could see was a small hand and wrist as it continued to tap.
I opened the back door and said "Yes?" Terry popped her head around the corner and came running over to me at the foot of the stairs. I was towering over her. "I was sent to tell you how sorry I am for swiping your paper. Mom just gave me a spanking and she told me to tell you that too." the poor girl said in a quiet,quivering voice. Fresh tears were dripping down her cheeks. I could not help myself as I watched one fall down and hit right on a nipple that was poking out under her shirt. It was like fate had it in for me. The tear just hung there,drawing my eyes to it. "Please don't cry Terry." I said as gently as I could.
This k** must almost be pissing herself I thought. I'm a pretty big guy. Almost six feet tall,235lbs.,with a bit of a belly but my arms are big with muscle and my shoulders are wide. I have been told I look stern even when I smile.Kind of like a lion wearing an "I'm gonna eat you" grin. "Here,here,baby girl. Please. Stop. Really,don't cry. I don't think I could ever get mad at you. A tad angry perhaps but not mad." I told her as I gave her my fresh kerchief.
I don't know if she really knew what she did or not but,her eyes were closed as she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a tight hug. Terry's beautiful,freckle spangled face pressed hard into my groin. I fought not to tangle my hands in her flaming,red head of hair. She stepped back,smiled and ran off waving the kerchief like she had just won Capture the Flag. "Damnit,another fucking hard-on!" I thought. What I said was,"She may be the death of me."
I got in the truck and went to the store. "Well,I may as well get something before I start moving stuff in with her,husband." I hadn't met him yet,so I wasn't sure what he drank. I bought a twelve pack of two different kinds of beer,a nice bottle of Merlot and a bottle of Sparkling White wine,those I got for Emily. I put together an assorted case of sodas and some sweet tea for Terry and us,then thought about food. Normally I would do the cooking but being short on time,I just went plain old nuts. A couple of roast chickens,all the fixings for a picnic dinner and two pies. One apple and one cherry.
I was driving home when I saw Emily walking down the sidewalk towards the store. I did an about face and pulled up next to her. "Hop in,Emily!" I said when I opened the door. She looked in the truck bed and said,"You must be one hungry fellow!". She started laughing and placed a hand on my thigh,squeezing ever so slightly. "Either that or You're throwing one Hell of a party!" She left her hand on my leg,now patting it.
There is no way to arange ones self when a man is as hard as I was getting again without it being noticed. So I sat there in pain. "Where were you off to,Emily? Nothing is very close,so I can take you wherever you want." I sounded like a frog,with the lump in my throat. "Where Ever I want?" Again in that little girl sounding voice. "I need to pick up some things for tonight. You know,it's going to be a long day." "Um,Emily. The groceries are for you and your f****y. Since it's your first day here,I thought I'ld buy Y'all dinner. Help Y'all out a bit."
Emily gave me a long,searching look. I found myself studying her almost as much as she studied me. Her skin was pale,she was covered in freckles,her bright green eyes shined and her red hair glowed. Her mouth curved slightly,full bee-stung lips covering perfectly straight,bright white teeth and her nose was turned up at the tip just a little bit. In fact,except for the age difference,she looked exactly like Terry. I was amazed and found myself having a hard time breathing.
I heard her whisper to herself,"No.He's not the type. He wouldn't." Out loud she said,"Well before the heat gets to this stuff,let's go fill me up! I mean,let's go fill up the fridge!" At their house,She and Terry emptied the truck bed as I sat there for a couple of minutes praying my cock would deflate. I finally got out and carried in all of the drinks.
We formed a work crew chain for the rest of the afternoon. I carried in all of the heavy boxes and passed the light ones to the girls. I was treated to a double shot of giggling,wiggling,tight,tiny assed,perky titted fiery haired pixies all day. It was killing me but I didn't care and I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face. We finished around sundown. "I can't thank you enough,Tory. For everything. The food,all of the help and for taking care of this place for the last year!" Emily said as she gave me a hug. Tory ran up and gave me a hug too.
"Hay! Not too tight. I'm a bit sore and sweaty. You don't want to get all wet do you?" "To late for that!" Terry said. "Totally!" Emily chimed in. I was laughing. "Besides,what if your husband came home and saw this? I'm not complaining,mind. But where is he? Did he have to work?"
It was like flipping a switch. Terry ran inside and Emily followed her. "You are such an asshole,Tory! You know that? A total asshole." I scolded myself.
I was walking back to my house when Charles walked over to me. "Boy!" He said in his gruff voice. I cut him a look that has made other men actually run from me. He wasn't phased in the least,he just shook his head. He knew I wouldn't pop him one. "Boy,you sure are a tough one to figure out. You have acted like people used to when I was a youngun,coming up before the Big War.The Second one I mean. You been watchin'over that place and taking care of it like it was your own. Saved me the trouble of doing it my own self. But you are so stand-offish. Private like.Folks are afraid to get to know you. Then here comes this Little Momma and her baby girl and you just step up and act like the Husband and Daddy should." I could the capitals he put on those two words. "Did you know she never been married? Are you playing at something? 'Cause if you are,I never would of thought it of ya. I may even take you to task for it. I knew over a year ago they was movin in but something to do about Dr.s and such have kept 'em from it. Oh,don't look at me thatta way. I done told her you're a good man. Too quiet and too alone for your own good. Now go! You smell like a boar hog in heat. Go wash that stink off of ya and have a drink. You earned one today." He made his way back up his drive and I slunk home. I had alot to think about. I was sure both of the girls hated me. They probably now thought I knew all along what was going on,and was trying to take advantage of them.
I chugged the first beer down,loaded my bong and took a big hit. I chugged the second beer on the way to the bathroom. When I finished my shower,I sat in my kitchen and I took another bong hit,opened my third beer and was on my way to my bedroom when I got that feeling,some of us get. There was someone or something in my home. I killed the hall light,the only one I had on and stepped into the bedroom. I held the beer in my left hand, my right one was like a claw and when I saw the slight movement it shot out and closed,tight. I instantly let go because I knew who it was. Now that my eyes were used to the darkness I could see Emily standing there. Naked. She grabbed me and held me tight. Before I could say or do anything she was on her knees. "I wanted to suprise you and say thanks." She held my growing cock in her small hand and rubbed it around on her lips."I think I did." She began licking the tip and sucking on the head,giving little sc****s of her teeth over the top of it. I couldn't help but moan. It had been years since I had been with a woman. I picked her up,holding her under the arms. Her feet dangling off of the floor,and almost crushed her as my passion broke,I was now kissing her deep. Her fingers were claws raking my back and across my shoulders. I placed her on the bed and spread her legs. She was hairless. I started eating her cunt till she became stiff as a board. Then her head whipped from side to side,I felt her nails draw bl**d from my left shoulder. ""Whahuggh,hunnng,Fuck!" Emily screamed."Oh Funnnnnngh,Fuhhhh! Hunnnnng,hunnnnuuunnnnn!"
There was an explosion of liquid. I didn't know if she was squirting pussy juice or if she had just pissed in my face, I just kept licking,shoving my tongue in as far as I could get it. I turned her over ,and spreading her asscheeks began to devour her asshole while I placed first one,then two,then three fingers deep into her dripping cunt. I rubbed her clit with my other hand since my entire face was firmly planted into her ass. My tongue shooting into and out of it's hole. Emily was screaming incoherently and began to beg me to stop. I sat up dripping my sweat and her juices from my face and bl**d from now both arms and the sc****s on my back. My cock felt on fire,like it would explode at the slightest touch. Emily was panting hard when she asked again in that c***dlike voice,"You never would have made a pass at me would you? Even after finding out I'm not married. You still wouldn't do it. I can tell. You have probably been hurt like I was. Maybe you think you are not handsome enough? Maybe you have been told too many times "You're such a good friend?" Well,Fuck That Mister! I want You! I know who else does too."
"It's me." I heard a whisper and felt hot breath in my ear. Then a tongue tip sliding across my neck down to my shoulder. Gentle kisses and licks were covering wherever I bled. Cleaning me like a cat would. Suddenly both of Terry's hands held my face and she kissed my on the lips. I could taste the iron from my bl**d and the sweet juice from her mothers pussy as our tongues danced. My heart pounded. My head swam from the pressure. "I want you to make love to me. Please do it. Please. Take me any way you want. Any way I can please you I will!" Terry was begging me. Her breathing was hard. Her too young voice,oozed with an adults desire and need. She made sure I could only look into eyes. She insisted I see the want shining there,even in this darkened room. I could not believe what I was hearing. "Don't worry,Tory. Mom and I talked this over. Why else would I be here? Please forget how young I am,I know you want me. I want you too.Mom and I both feel it is time I know true pleasure. A man's Real Love. The three of us can do this together. We need this. I need this because I fell in love with you when I heard about you from Charles so long ago. Then when I saw you just this morning,I knew it! Please. Please make love to me. Please remember you told me you could never be mad at me. Because there is something you should know." As Terry spoke she had been holding my hands. Moving them over her face and budding breasts,running them over her petite frame. I could feel her ribs,her nipples hard and small. "Please don't be mad at Us. Please don't hate me. Just love me.Take me and make me a Woman." I heard Emily's breath catch in a silent sob,I felt Terry's hot tears falling on my hands that she was now replacing over her nipples.
High from the effects of the weed and beer. Higher from the scent of sex and the hormones boiling through my bl**d I could only say "Terry,I can and will never get mad at you. Emily,what do I do?" "You Poor,Poor Gentle Man. Make love to her. I. We, want you to. Make love to us both. We want you to love us Both. And then? Fuck Us! Keep on fucking us anytime you want to. Just love Us and mever be mad. Please,don't get mad."
"My god,Terry.Emily. How ever could I be mad at either of you? You are offering me gifts a man can only dream of. Especially a man like me. I cannot help it but,Yes Terry. Yes! I will!"
Emily took a cigarette from the case on the table next to my bed. Striking a match,she first lit the smoke then moved until she was kneeling on the bed behind me. Pressing her small tits into my back,she exhaled,breathing into my ear as she gently bit the lobe inbetween her teeth. "Love us!" She whispered. The match had almost burned itself out but in it's finale second it shed light upon the mystery. Terry stood before me and in the lights final flare she glowed. Terry is an hermaphrodite.
This ends part one. Hope you liked it.
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8 months ago
yyyeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww
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A Very Good story, with an unexpected but wonderful ending. Thanks
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Great story! Keep up the good work and keep on writing!
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Very nicely written!!! Thanks!
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I liked this story and I would have never guessed the ending. I thought it would end like the other mother and daughter stories, but it went totally into the unexpected. Take your time with chapter 2, 3, 4,,,,,,1000, LOL. It was so good, I saved it my favorites which I do not do a lot.
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this is why i check the story category every morning
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Oh, you delicious, beautiful contridiction to the norm. Excellent writing and concept. Total surprise ending ; can't wait for the next offering. Would also love to see the vid in your faves that been deemed unavailable.
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Never saw that one coming. Great story so far. Sure hope you continue. Thanks.
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Great story.It sounds like this will get interesting.
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great story, cant wait for part 2.