I.S.B.: Ginger, My Ugly Little Si ster

Ah,the Memories!

*Ginger was a fat, mean spirited, ugly little four eyed bitch! She's just like Mom, even looks like her. What more can I say? Oh,yeah, She's also one Hell of a Fuck! At least, Now She Is!*

It was a Saturday morning, Ginger and I were at the kitchen table eating our breakfast. Mom was leaning against the counter smoking a cigarette, and waiting for the potatoes to fry, that's when Ginger said
"Guess what, Mommy?" Her mouth full of partially chewed scrambled eggs "I went to go pee this morning and George was in the bathroom with the door Open! AND He was Playing With His Thing!"

In a flash, our mother, all 5'2", two hundred fifty pounds of her, had crossed the room and grabbed me by the front of my tee shirt, nearly ripping it from my body.

"You Nasty! Fucking! Pervert!" Her rank breath, a mixture of last nights boilermakers and stale cigarette smoke assaul ted my senses as she exhaled in my face. She had yanked me out of the chair and was shaking me like a rag doll. With every pump of her fist, her lank greying hair flew in all directions, and her sweaty, grease stained moomoo seemed to take on a life of it's own as it clung to the swaying rolls of her fat.

"You're just like your Father was! Couldn't stop touching that Thing of his! Whipping it out whenever he got the chance, He did! Showed it off to Our Friends! And My Own Si ster! Like it was some kind of trophy, He did! He even Flashed Me Mum! He Did!" She exploded, and shook me even harder, until my teeth literally rattled together and she couldn't catch her breath. My tattered shirt was still in her grip when she suddenly sat down.

I backed away from her,tearing my tee shirt the rest of the way off, and stood in front of her,trembling with rage.

"Oh! He Is a Pervert,alright, Mommy. Know how I know?" Ginger said. There was a glimmer in her eyes that her glasses couldn't hide, and a wicked smile on her bucktoothed mouth. She stood behind our enraged, gasping mother, patting her on the shoulder. "Last week, He was doing the same thing! Only then..." she paused for dramatic effect "He was rubbing his Thing in the gusset of a pair of my panties, that he had Stolen from my bedroom! He was saying 'Oh! Aunt Cindy! Your Lips Feel So Good! Oh! I'm Cuming! Aunt Cindy! I'm Gonna Cum In Your Mouth!"

"WHAAA?!" Mom screamed, sounding like the elephant she resembled. Her face was mottled with red and grey splotches but she was so worked up,she couldn't get out of the chair! She just thrashed about, stomping her feet on the floor!

"That's a Lie!" I yelled.
"No it's Not!" Ginger insisted. "I even saw it when some of that White Stuff came out of Your Thing!"

"Cindy? Cindy?! My Si ster, Cindy?! You Jerked-Off Thinking about My Si ster?! Just Like Your Father! I'm Gonna Kill Ya!" Mom screeched and tried to stand up again!

The entire time, Ginger was pressing her hands to her mouth, laughing! The Bitch!

By the time Mom made it to her feet, I had run down the hall and locked myself in my room.

"I think You'd Better stay in there!" Ginger called out to me.
"Should I call "The Shop" if he comes out, Mommy?"

"You do that,Dear. I'll send Mr.Smith over right away, if I hear he puts one foot out that door!" Mom replied after she had finally calmed down enough to talk.

I sat there in my room,with a chair back jammed under the door knob, and fumed at what a Cunt Ginger is, and what a Hypocrite our mother was.

Hell, "The Shop" is what we call where Mom works. It's really a run down storefront that's downtown and sells outdated dry goods all the while being a cover for the Outdated,Skanky Whores in their stalls out back. Mom runs the place and is there 12 to 16 hours most days. Mr.Smith is their Knuckledragger.
God, how I hate her! Always bitching about Dad, but she has more cock up her snatch on a weekly basis than most married women get in a year!

I still can't figure out what those retards see in her that would make them want to fuck her! I think She's Nasty!

About 10 minutes after mom left for work, Ginger slipped a note, scrawled in red crayon, under my bedroom door. It read: You can come out now. I won't tell. I'm Sorry!

When I opened the door, I was greeted by the site of Ginger standing in the hall wearing an old pair of frilly pastel blue panties, that were way too small, and her training bra. Her fat belly hung over the top of the panties, and her thick thighs had split the sides open.

"What the fuck you call that?" I sneared. "You can lose the bra,Ginger. That's just fat. You ain't got tits yet." I growled. "The panties too, before you lose feeling in your feet."

"I Said I was Sorry! Why are you being so mean to Me?" she spat.
"Me?! What do You call that stunt You just pulled? You do shit to Me All the time,Ginger! You break stuff on purpose, On Purpose! and then Blame Me! You go around telling Lies about Me! And Not just to Mom! Willie told me You said I snuck out last Monday night and jerked off on his si-sters bicycle seat! When I asked him how you would know, He said You told Him that You Followed Me! Ginger, He almost beat the shit out of Me!"

"Nuh-uh! I did not!" Ginger denied it.
"Oh,Really?" I snarled and stepped closer to her,backing her up against the wall. Reaching out, I slid the shoulder straps down her arms, then spun her around and unfastened the training bras clasp. I then took it the rest of the way off of her, and tossed it to the floor.
"Turn around and face Me,Ginger!"

When she had done as I said, I stepped back and looked her up and down. Instinctively,Ginger covered her budding breasts with her hands.
"Drop 'em!" I yelled, and she did. But where I meant for her to take her hands away from her tits, she thought I meant for her to take the panties off, which she did.
She stood in front of me, with her back and the palms of her hands pressed flat against the wall. Totally exposed and vulnerable, staring at me.

"I,I'm calling Mom!" She wailed.
"Oh,No You're Not!" I smiled at her then, taking her totally off guard. "Know why? Because if You do, I'll rat You Out! I'll tell Mom about You and Cousin Phyllis feeling each other up, playing with your pussies when she sl ept over last weekend!"

"But We Didn't!"
"And I Didn't Jerk-Off while saying I was Cuming in Aunt Cindy's Mouth!" I yelled. "Your nipples are hard. When did That start happening?"
"They always get that way when I'm excited. But More since I had a period! O.K.?"
"You had a period?"
"Last month! Shows how much You know! But that doesn't change the fact that, You Did Jerk-Off using a pair of my panties! And... I Watched You Cum In Them!" Then She started laughing. "Close Your mouth. You look like a codfish!"

I couldn't believe she had seen me. I only did that when I was in my room, with the door closed and locked!
"How? H-how could You have seen That?"

I stepped close to her and reached up, lightly pinching her left nipple between my thumb and forefinger. When I gave it a gentle twist she sighed and started breathing heavily.

"I, I poked a hole in the wall. Next to your dresser. I did it so I could watch You Jerking-Off!" Ginger whispered.

"What? Why?!" I gasped.
"Because Watching You Jerking-Off Is Hot! That's Why! And, because I knew what you were doing when I kept finding my panties on the bed, and they were still WET with Your Cum! You Idiot! Like I wouldn't notice?" Ginger laughed again, reached out and undid the button of my jeans.
"I love it when they're wet. After I smell them and lick the cum off, I put them on and shove them between my pussylips." She unzipped my pants and pulled them down. I wasn't wearing any underwear and my cock was getting hard. Fast!

"George? I promise, I'll be nice to You, if You're nice to Me. Deal?" Ginger whispered as she rubbed the head of my cock against her stomach. "And I'll even tell Mommy that I told a fib about you. I'll say I was mad at you for ditching me so you could hang out with your friends at school."

Her left hand began squeezing the head of my cock as her right hand did the same to my balls.
Resting my left forearm against the wall, I reached down with my right hand and pressed my middle finger in the fold at the top of her pussy.
"Oh! George. Rub it. Right there. Please?" she moaned.
I pulled away from her, turned around and walked down the hall back into the kitchen.

"George! Don't Stop! Georgy?" Ginger called out to me.

I was getting the jar of petroleum jelly from the medicine kit in the pantry, when Ginger came in.
"Get Your fat ass out into the living room, Ginger."
"Because. We are going to be 'Nice' to Each Other!" I laughed.

I'm pretty sure that was the first time I ever saw my little si ster skip. But, She's skipped many a times since then,I'll tell You!

"Over there. Next to the hassock." I ordered.
She stood there,trembling, as I went around the room closing the blinds and throwing the deadbolt.
That was to keep Mom out,just in case she came home. I had taken the deadbolt key off her keyring months earlier after a particularly bad beating she had given me. The fucking cow never even noticed!

I walked back over to Ginger and took her glasses off.
"There's 2 of you." she giggled. Without her glasses, Ginger is cross-eyed.
"Shh. Let me look at you." I whispered in her ear.

Ginger must have thought I found her sexy, because she started posing. I let her have her fantasy, for a few minutes anyway, then I told her to stop.
"Just stand there,Ginger. I want to take the sight of You all in!" I lied.

There were only 4 things I was really interested in. Her small, budding breasts with their puffy areolas and stiff nipples, her fat,jiggly ass with it's deep crack and tight puckered hole, her bucktoothed mouth,which I was sure would feel great when I made her suck my cock, and of course her sweet,nearly hairless virgin pussy that was almost hidden by her enormous thighs!

"Damn, she's ugly! But She Wants Me to Fuck Her! Maybe I'm as much of Retard as those men Mom fucks?" I thought to myself.

"Ready to be 'Nice'?" I asked.
"Oh,Please, George! Please be 'Nice' to Me!" She panted.
While I had been staring at her,taking my time, Ginger had squatted down until she could spread her thighs and pussylips open enough for her to expose her clit to me. I was actually surprised at how big it really was, because it hadn't felt that big earlier.

"What should..." Ginger began but,I interrupted her.
"Suck My Dick."
"What? Geor..."
"I Said, 'Suck My Dick'!"

Since neither of us had ever done anything like this before, (We were both virgins, after all) there was a learning curve. After several failed attempts, I found that when Ginger sat on 2 of the couch cushions placed on the floor, she was at the perfect height.
And I was right too! Those buck teeth of hers made for a wonderful blowjob! I could feel her overbite sliding across the top of my cockhead, as her underbite scr aped along my shaft. God was She Good! I almost blew my load after just a couple of minutes!

"Get up and turn around." I ordered.
"Sh,sure." She panted.
"Bend over and spread your asscheeks. I want to look at your asshole."
"O.K.. George? Are,Are We Really gonna...you know. Fuck?"
"What do You think?"
"Oh,God, I Hope So!" She exclaimed.
"Yeah. I Think So,Too! Go bend over the arm of the couch."

As Ginger walked over to the couch, I stuck my hard cock deep into the jar of petroleum jelly and got it all over the head and shaft. Then, after Ginger has assumed the position, I took a big dollop of the stuff and used my fingers to spread it all up and down the crack of her ass and between the lips of her tiny pussy. Ginger trembled and sighed the entire time I was doing it.

"George? Are You Sure We should do this?"
"What the fuck,Ginger?! This was Your idea!"
"I, I Know!" she cried. "But Shelly, my friend from school, said it was really gonna Hurt! Really Hurt! Please don't stick it in Me! Not Yet anyway. Maybe We can just Practice. Ya know? I haven't even stuck a finger or tampon up there yet!"
"Well,Shit,Ginger! Can I at least Fuck You Up the Ass?" I whined.
"Shelly said that That hurt almost as much as the Other!" By that time Ginger was wracked with sobs.
"O.K.,let's try this instead." I said.

I had her stand up and face me. Then I asked her to squat, just a little, and spread her thighs. It took some doing but suddenly My cock was sliding between the slightly swollen lips of her pussy,as we thrust our hips back and forth. I could actually feel her hard clit gliding along the length of my cock shaft, from it's head all the way to it's base as I pumped into her.
Gingers moans filled the room along with my ragged breathing. At one point we discovered a different position and I found myself fucking her between her pussylips,the tops of her thighs and the bottom crack of her ass! I couldn't care less if I wasn't all up in her cunt, because I felt like I was going to die and go to heaven!

Then it hit me! The thought of what I was doing and who I was doing it with. The knowledge that this was Definitely Not going to be a One Time Deal! And the fact that I could fuck my own si ster whenever I wanted, or at least have her suck my cock until She was finally ready to fuck, brought me to the verge of orgasm!

I stepped back,told Ginger to get on her knees and open her mouth. Her pudgy little fingers gripped my asscheeks as I shoved my cock into her mouth and came harder, and more, than I ever had before!
Ginger knelt there gagging,as my sperm drained into her mouth. But she was a good girl and tried to swallow as much of my cum as she could, while continuing to suck my cock, until there was nothing left and it started to become soft.

Ginger let go of me and fell over to lay on the sc attered couch cushions,as I stood over her looking down at the bright pink spot that surrounded her pussy and the tops of her thighs.

"Oh,Georgy! We Need to be 'Nice' to each other All The Time!" Her face was an ugly, sweaty, cum smeared mess and her cross eyes looked to me like they were crossed even more than usual.
"Sure!" I panted. "But next time I want to at least try using my finger."
"Fine. Next time You can stick it up My Ass!" She laughed.
"My finger or my cock?" I asked as I knelt down,spread her legs and began tickling her clit with my greasy fingertip.
"Who knows? Oh,OH! Yes! Right There! Yes! Uhngggh! Just keep doing what you're doing and kiss Me!" She shouted.

In all honesty? I wasn't surprised to find myself doing what she asked. Shit,I ain't that much to look at either.

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