Case #34: Innocence Lust (Mr.Phelps)

"You can start any time you want to Brian." I encouraged. "Take as much time as you need."

"Well...I don't know where to begin. Should I jump in, and tell the juicy parts first, like Jenny did, or can I just take it as it comes?"

"Whatever You want,Brian. Whatever makes it easier for you." I smiled at him and leaned forward to take his hand in mine. It was hot and sweaty, and he was shaking like a leaf in the wind. At a nod from me, Malinda got up and walked over to stand behind him. She kissed him on the top of his head and said "Here. This will help." then began to slowly massage the tension from his neck and shoulders.

A few minutes later, Brian said;

"Well, I was too young to remember the first time I met Mr.Phelps, but one of my earliest memories is of me sitting on his lap, at the kitchen table. He and Mommy were having coffee, and he had his hand shoved down inside the front of my pajama bottoms playing with my dick.
I remember Mommy smiling at us and saying 'I love how you two get along so well together. I'm so glad You're our neighbor,Phil,and it looks like Brian is too! Isn't that right Honey? Say Yes!'


'You're such a good boy! Yes you are! Now give Mr. Phelps a kiss,it's nap time.'
Mommy had walked over, picked me up, sat me on the table, and stood there smiling at us while Mr.Phelps' big hand tilted my head back and he parted my lips with his tongue. Just like Mommy liked to do.

'At least I won't have to teach this pup how to kiss properly.' He panted.
'He's a quick learner, Phil. Wait till you see what he can do with a carrot!"

After taking a quick sip of water, Brian sat there staring at the floor for a few moments, and before I could say anything Malinda said "Hay! I told Y'all about the first time I fucked my dog. Come on Honey. Even Steven,Ya know?!"

Brian's face turned bright red and he sat back up. "You're right. Even Steven." He sighed.

"Things are all kind of jumbled up! I'm not sure what happened when. Mommy had been teaching me how to eat her pussy, and when Grandma visited she would demand that I show her what I had learned. Plus, Mommy was constantly giving me enemas and teaching me how to fuck by using assorted dildos and "Toys" up my asshole.
'Got to get you ready!' She'd laugh.
That's all I can really remember about my life before that day when Mommy gave me to Mr.Phelps."

"Did you like it? I used to hate it when my Aunt made me eat her out. I think it's because her pussy didn't smell as good as my little si ster Carol's did." Clark asked,trying to draw Brian out.

"Every woman smells, and tastes differently, Clark. And You know it. Besides,You were slobbering all over Carol's pussy and humping her big,fat ass before she had even had her first period! That's the only reason you didn't like eating Aunt Amy's cunt. Her cunt was "Seasoned". You were too used to Carol's!" Sylvia chimed in.

"Are You Still Jealous?" Clark asked.
"Not in the least. And You Know it!" Sylvia exclaimed. She leaned back in her chair and stretched like a cat,showing off her nearly perfect physique. She lit a cigarette, blew three smoke rings, one inside the other, then looked Brian straight in the eyes.

"You see,Brian, Carol may be Clark's 'Little Si ster', but she's also My 'Big Si ster', and boy was she pissed that the first time Clark fucked Me, He gave me my a creampie for my 8th birthday present! He'd been fucking Her for almost a year and had never been able to cum , so it was a 'first' for us both! Carol still hasn't got over it. I think that's why she just tricked him into knocking her up!"

Brian and Clark sat there with their jaws hanging open, and Malinda burst out laughing. I looked around at the rest of our group and knew I had to get things back on track before everyone else began talking at once.

"Brian? Brian! Would you like to answer Clarks question? Did You like it?"

"Huh? Wha-what do you mean?" Brian asked me,his face a blank expression.
"That's all I knew. It didn't matter if I "Liked it" or not. I did what Mommy and Grandma told me to do. After Grandma gave me a whipping for Not doing as I was told, I was willing to do anything they wanted me to. But,Yes. To answer the question, Yes. I guess I did 'Like it'. Especially the enemas and toys." He blushed.

"And Mr.Phelps?" I asked.

"Oh,yeah. He'd come over to the house most days around noon and have coffee with Mommy. Sometimes He would have me sit in his lap so I could grind my ass against his hard cock. Other times he would make me stand on the kitchen table, pull my pajama bottoms down, and have Mommy spread my buttcheeks. Then he would dip his finger in his coffee cup and fuck my asshole with it while Mommy sucked my dick."

"Lucky You!" Mark exclaimed, and leaned over to pat Brian on the knee.

"Yeah, guess I was." Brian smiled "But it still didn't prepare me for that day Mommy sent me next door to Mr.Phelps' house. If I remember it correctly, Mommy and Grandma had kept me up most of the night servicing them. Know what I mean?"

His question elicited a mixture of knowing chuckles and nervous squirming from the group.

"In the morning, they Both took turns giving me enemas and a bath. I remember all I got for breakfast that day was a glass of apple juice. Funny how that is The One Thing I am sure of. All I got was a glass of Apple Juice. Oh, and a pill. I remember the pill too, because after I took it, I had a hard time standing up, it's like my whole body was numb.
Then there was a knock at the door and when Mommy opened it, Mr.Phelps came in. He never said a word, he just wrapped my naked body in a blanket and carried me through the back yard over to the open hatchway that led down into his basement. He laid me down on an old bed and asked if I was sl**py. When I told him 'yes' he said "Good. Take a nap."

During his monologue, Brian had gotten up and walked over to gaze out the window at the lights of Boston's skyline.

Turning from the window, Brian asked the group "Can I stop now? The next part is pretty embarrassing."

"Oh,Puhleeeze! Devon sneared. "Try getting caught jerking off in the Mens Room at Macadonald's by the Manager! Motherfucker pulled me into a stall and made me suck his cock till he shot his wad all over my face! Then the Ba stard d**g my black ass through the restaurant with that shit dripping in my eyes and off my chin!"

"Shut Up,Devon!" Lenny, Devon's Twin, scolded him. "You Love doing that shit! Don't forget, I was right there in detention, kneeling next to You, when we were in the 5th grade and Coach did the same thing to Both of Us! Sheeit! I Still don't think He would have done it, if you hadn't locked the door and threatened to charge him with r ape if he didn't!"

"Oh,Yeah? Try waking up as three strange,fat old men are surrounding you and pissing on your face, Devon!" Brian shot back. "At least You were already Going To School! Dumbass! Don't You Listen?"

"Brian, You don't have to continue if you don't want to. You don't need..." I spoke up.

"I Want To Alright?! I want to tell you, All of you, why I Love Sex So Much! Why I Crave it as much as, maybe even more than Malinda, or even Sheri does! Why do You think I'm here? Huh? To keep all that has happened and how I feel a secret? I Need to say it! Because like Them, if it can cum, I Want It! Dogs,Horses,Bulls,Men,I've Fucked and Sucked 'em all! It Doesn't Matter! I Feel The Same Way About Pussy Too! I don't care about colour,creed or age! Young Or Old! Girl or Granny! Human or An imal! Hell, I not only screwed three of my Uncle's mares, I even fucked one of his sows, when I was visiting his farm, and he went into town for the day!"

Malinda motioned for Brian to come back and sit down. When he did,she leaned over and whispered something to him too quietly for me, or anyone else, to hear. Whatever it was,it had an instant calming effect.

"Like I said" he sighed "I woke up to three men, that I had never seen before, pissing on me. Next thing I knew, I was standing on a cold, concrete floor sandwiched between two of them. One of them had his balls pressing into my wet hair,as the other tried to fo rce his cock into my mouth. When we both realized it was too big to fit, I started kissing,licking and jerking on it, just like Mommy taught me to do, until I heard him grunt right before his cum shot out! Time after time it splashed onto my face and into my open mouth! 'Swallow it,Cunt!' He told me, and I did.

'Jesus, Phil. Lil Bitch knows what it's doing. Worth every penny, too. Same time next week?' He said, and I watched him gather his clothes and climb the stairs as another man took his place.

That man's cock was much smaller than the first,and it was at the perfect level to slide right into my watering mouth. I was more than eager enough to show off the skills I had learned from Mommy and before I knew it he was pulling away from me.

I stood there massaging his nutsack, expecting him to cum on my face,but he grabbed the cock of the man behind me and came on his cock and in my hair instead! He was moving away when I tightened my grip on his balls and sucked his cock back into my mouth.

'Fuck Me! Phil! He's Perfect!'
I had opened my mouth to take a deep breath, and that's the only reason he was able to grab my wrists and pull away from me.
'Goddamn,Phil! I'll be back! Next week?'
'You got it!' Mr.Phelps called back.

The man standing behind me slipped his hands under my arms and lifted me easily into the air. He laid me down on the bed's mattress with my ass and legs dangling over the edge. I felt his thumbs spreading my asscheeks apart when I heard Mr.Phelps say 'That's Really Gonna Cost You Extra! Head only or Shell Out! You know the deal.'
'What's it gonna cost?'
'A Lot more than You can afford!' I could hear the anger in Mr.Phelps voice. 'You want to be the first? And I Do Mean,The Very First? Fork out a Grand! Cash!'
'Fuck You,Phelps!' The man yelled.
I laid where I was with my eyes closed and heard the man stomping up the stairs.
'I'll take sloppy seconds. Next time! But I ain't paying you another dime till That Ass is Mine!'

'Stupid fuckwad. There ain't gonna be a next time for him!' I heard Mr.Phelps mumble. "How Ya doing,Brian? Having fun?'

He rolled me over onto my back and knelt between my legs. Lowering his head to my crotch, I gasped when I felt his lips close around my dick and nutsack. I have no idea how long he spent doing that, but when he had finished not only was my groin soaked, even the crack of my ass was slick with his spit.

He had me stand on the floor and face him. It was the first time I had seen him naked. His arms,chest,legs and belly were covered with thick,coarse black hair in a total contrast to his shaved cock and balls. I had never seen anything like it! He was Much Bigger than any of the other men had been. I remember reaching out to touch his cock and my hands wouldn't close around it. I didn't even try to give him head, instead I just stood there slowly sliding my hands up and down his big,beautiful cock shaft.

'Mr.Phelps? Are You going to fuck me?'
'Want me to?' He asked.
'With that?!'
'Yes,Brian. With This!' He laughed.
'But it's So Much Bigger than your finger!'
'And it's going to feel So Much Better,than my finger!'
'Promise?' I asked.
'I Promise!'

He put me back on the bed and buckled wide,fur lined leather straps around my legs,just above my knees. He did the same to my arms. I remember laughing when he strapped me into a harness.

'Brian, You thirsty?'
'Here. Drink it all.'
And I did. The next thing I knew the room was spinning and I fell back onto the bed.

I didn't notice him tying the straps on my arms and legs together,and I barely noticed it when he hoisted me into the air. In fact, I really didn't notice much until later when the effects of the drink he had given me began to wear off.

I was moaning with pleasure as I felt his fingers working deep into my asshole. Then I began to giggle when I could feel something vibrating and tickling my tiny,hairless ball-sack and dick.

'Welcome back. You like?' He asked me and when I tried to answer I realized that there was something in my mouth,making it impossible to answer.
'How about this?' and he sunk a vibrator into me that was much thicker than anything I had ever felt before.

I hung there,totally helpless,sobbing from a combination of pleasure and pain. When he finally pulled the vibrator from my asshole, it came out with a loud "Pop!" and I could feel cold air pouring in past my anal-ring.

'Well,well,well,Still Nice and Tight! But let's see How tight.'

I watched the floor come closer as I was lowered. When Mr.Phelps had me just where he wanted me,he placed the head of his long,turgid cock against my asshole and slowly pushed into me until his cock head was gripped tightly by my rectum.

I tried to scream,but it was muffled. I tried to squirm away,but He held on. I tried to shit his cock out of my ass,but when I took a breath he sank into me until I could feel his balls slapping against my dick with his frenzied thrusts! It seemed like the louder I tried to scream the harder and faster he fucked me,and that was when something inside of me let go. I no-longer cried and sobbed or tried to get away. Instead,I began to moan and smile around my gag. I squeezed my asshole as tight as I could around the cock that pounded into me. I Welcomed what he did. In fact,I wanted more!

I felt him release the strap that held the gag in place and as soon as I was able,I spit it out.

'Muh,Muh!' I panted.
'More? You want more?'
'Yuh! MUH!'
And He obliged, until it became too much!

'Fuck,Boy!' He panted and suddenly pulled his throbbing cock from me. Using the sling,he spun me around and didn't even have to tell me to open my mouth because I was seeking out his cockhead with my lips like a horse looks for sugar.

I opened my mouth as far as I could and began sucking his cock like I did Mommy's tits,as his spunk filled my mouth. We stayed like that,locked in the same position until his cock shrank enough for the head to fit into my mouth and he began shooting blanks.

Later,as we laid in bed next to each other, I began stroking his cock.
'More?' I asked.
'More? When?'
'I don't know. When?'
'How about tomorrow,when I came over for coffee?'
'Can Mommy play too?'
'Can I cum up your ass?' he laughed.

"What a load of Bullshit!" Devon exclaimed. "You makin' that shit up to use as an excuse to cover what a Pervert You are!"

"Um,No offence,Man. But I think I agree with Devon." Mark said. "You don't have to make shit up. We're All Perverts,one way or another. And I for one admit it! Just tell us the truth?"

Brian was looking at the floor again,laughing. "O.K.. You want the truth?" He asked and wiped the tears from his eyes. "I only come here to listen to the stories. I'm still a Virgin!"

It was all I could to keep Malinda from st rangling him.

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VERY NICE!!! Keep "UP" the great work my friend!
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Another great story. WOW