George,And His Daddy

The only penis I had ever seen was my own,until George,and His Daddy showed me theirs.

My best friend,George,and I were in the backyard,playing with his army men,when His Daddy came out and said He wanted to speak with me.

"Donny,Your Mom just called. There's been an emergency and She has to work a double shift at the hospital. So...You're going to stay with George and I tonight!" He said,after squatting down so we could be at the same level.
"All Right!" I exclaimed.
I gave him a quick hug,and ran over to tell George the good news.

It was almost dark before George's Daddy called us in for dinner.
"Now,You boys go and wash up. I want to see clean hands and faces when you sit down to eat. You can take your baths later." He gave us both a big smile and I was surprised when I felt him gently squeeze my butt cheeks as I walked passed. I stopped and stuck out my butt so he would do it again. And He did too! In fact,he knelt there in the kitchen,squeezing and rubbing my buttcheeks till George called out wondering where I was!

Altho I had loved how it felt when George's Daddy played with my butt,I also had to admit that I was a little bit scared. After all,this was the first time I had ever spent a night away from home before,and the more I thought about it,the more nervous I got. Sure I was excited,but I was scared too. And that's just what I told George,as we stood at the bathroom sink.

"Don't be scared,Donny. Daddy won't let anything bad happen. It'll be Fun! Trust Me!"

And it was! I remember laughing all through dinner,but later,when George and I were watching a movie together,I realized that I didn't have any pajamas!
"George? Um,I'm gonna need to borrow a pair of your pajamas."
"Sorry,Donny. I don't have any." He said,then gave me a funny look. "You wear pajamas to bed?" He asked.
"Well sure! Don't you?"
"OK. Then I guess I'll just sl-eep in my underwear." I giggled.
The thought of doing that was kind of exciting,I had never sl-ept without pajamas before.
"Not in My Bed!" George yelled and jumped up. "That's just Nasty! You've had those on all day! I don't want to smell Your Stinky-Butt Undies all night!"

That's when I started to cry. I wanted to go home. I didn't want to be there any more! I wanted My Mommy!

I knew George felt bad,because He was patting me on my shoulder,telling me how sorry he was when His Daddy came into the den.

"Here,here...what's going on?"
"Donny wants to go home." George stammered. I was glad He said it,because I was crying too hard to say a word.
"Oh. Come here little fella." George's Daddy said then picked me up. He carried me all the way to the bathroom and then sat me down on the toilet.
I looked up at He and George through my tears and noticed they both were smiling.

"Donny,You're just a little homesick,is all. What You need,is a nice warm bath."
I started crying even harder.
"But I don't have any pajamas and George said I couldn't sl-eep with Him because I have a stinky butt!" I said between sobs.
"George?" Did You say that?!"
"NO! I said he couldn't sl-eep with Me if he wore his dirty underpants!"
"But,that's all I have!" I wailed.
"Quit being a big baby!" George scolded. "Just sl**p naked! Like Me and Daddy do! Sheeze!"

"N-n-n-naked? Naked? What?" I couldn't believe George had just said that.
"Sure! It's just Us Guys!" George laughed. "You got the same things We do. Or are you really a girl?" He teased.
"I Am Not A Girl!" I said and slid off of the toilet seat. Those were fighting words!
"Then Prove it! Show Me! I bet You don't even have a dick!" George goaded.

I looked over at George's Daddy for some help,but he had his back to us as he filled up the tub.

"George? What's a 'dick'?"
"A 'Dick'! Your Penis! Show me your penis!" George teased. "Bet You don't even got one! That's why You're such a cry baby!"

"Enough!" his Daddy bellowed. "George! That is quite enough! I am sure that Donny does indeed have a penis. Maybe You should show him Yours before He shows You His? That's fair,isn't it?"
"Fine! I will!" George laughed,then started pulling his clothes off.
When He had finished,George stood there in front of me,proud as can be,pointing at his pink,little penis and pale,wrinkled ball sack.
"See? Now show me Yours! You can't take a bath till You're naked,ya know!"

I couldn't move. I couldn't think. All I could do was stand there and stare at his penis! "Uh...uh...George? I've never seen a penis before."

"What? Sure You have,Donny! You've never looked at your own penis before?" He acted incredulous.

"Lay off,George. That's not what He means,and You know it. Donny doesn't have a Daddy,like You do. I'm not surprised He hasn't seen another boy's penis before." George's Daddy said. "Come on,Son. I'll help you get undressed."
George tugged on his penis and smiled at me the whole time his daddy was taking my clothes off.

His hands were very gentle,and when I was finally naked,George's Daddy knelt on the floor behind me and held my penis between the thumb and forefinger of his right hand,and cupped my balls with the fingers of his left,showing me off to George.
I remember how his touch made me shiver,and when he began slowly stroking my penis back and forth,while kneading my testicles,I started moaning because it felt so strange and wonderful!

"See,George? Donny does have a penis. A very cute penis,too." He continued to stroke me,while George did the same thing to himself,until both of our tiny,pink dicks were stiff and sticking straight out.

"Look at Your dick!" George laughed.
"Look at mine? Look at Yours! It's twitching!"

"Daddy? When are You gonna show Donny Your dick?" George panted.
"He has to ask Me,George. You know that." George's Daddy sighed. "I can't show him if he doesn't ask. That wouldn't be right. Donny has to tell Me that he wants to see it. And He also has to promise Us that he will never tell Anyone if He does. No matter what! Donny? Do You understand? Do You promise not to tell? Not Anyone? I'll show you my penis if you do."

"And touch it! He needs to touch it,too!" George whispered and then embraced me. "Do it,Donny! Promise! Please?"

"I-I promise. I won't tell anyone. Ever! Can I see Your d-dick now?" The word felt weird to say.

George's Daddy loomed before us,looking me up and down.
"You can see it after your bath."
"Aw...Dad! Why not now? Please?! I want to show him what happens when I suck on it!"
"Bath first. Dick second! Now climb in there!" He insisted,and patted our butts as we got in the tub.

It was the best bath Ever! Especially when George's Daddy washed my butthole out!

George and I were laying in his bed,playing with each other's penis,when his Daddy came in the room. He was wet from his shower,and the towel that wrapped around his waist jutted out in front.

"Just checking." He said and turned on the lights. "George? Why don't you show Donny how You suck Daddy's dick? I'm sure He'd like that. I'll be back in a few minutes."

"Where's He going? He promised I could see his penis!" I said,as George crawled down the bed and got between my legs. The head of my penis was resting on his chin,and his breath was driving me crazy. It tickled. It tingled. It made me feel like I almost had to go pee!

"He's just getting some toys." George whispered and began kissing my lower stomach.
"Let Me show you something,til he gets back."
Tears of joy fell from my eyes when George placed the head of my penis between his lips and suddenly sucked it into his mouth!

"Shhhh,Donny,don't cry." I heard George's Daddy whisper in my ear. "Or are those Happy tears?"
"Happy! Ohooo,it feels sooo good." I panted and moaned as George's tongue danced and swirled while he sucked my dick.
"He's good at what He does! I'll give him that. Makes Me cum every time! Donny,do you still want to see my penis?"
"Yes! Please! Show Me Your Dick! I won't tell! It's Our Secret!" I yelled out and gripped the bed sheets tighter.

George's Daddy stood next to the bed and removed the towel from around his waist.
At first I didn't think it was real. A penis couldn't look like that? No way! I just couldn't believe it. But then it began to swell!

"It gets even bigger!" George said,sitting up and wiping his mouth. "Look! Look how big it is already!"
I watched then as George rested his chin at the base of his father's cock,pressed it against his face,then reached up above his head with both hands. Only then was it fully hidden from my view!

"Y-You can fit That in Your mouth?" I stammered.
"Hardly! Just the top part!" George pointed his fathers dick at me as his palms slid up and down the length of it's shaft. "But I can fit it in My Butthole!" He laughed wildly. "Wanna see?"
"How about it,Donny? Wanna see?" George's Daddy asked and stepped closer,until his dick was almost touching me.

I remember getting on my knees,and saying "Yeth! Pleath!" as I joined George licking and kissing his Daddy's cock!

"Fine,Fine. First a little teaser. George? Do you think Donny is ready for a little inflatable buttplug action?"

"Why Not? I am!"
"You're right Son. Bend over Donny. Daddy's got something for You!"

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10 months ago
You have the best stories, I can read them all day
10 months ago
I keep telling myself... no harm in fantasies, no harm in fantasies... while my cock spurts in my panties!
10 months ago
hope to read more very hot
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MMMM so young
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Excellently stimulating as usual. Thank you.
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please write part 2
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pls write the continous story:)
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would be great for this story to continue like a serial, yum yum
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Wow, like watching a train wreck....I shouldn't but I can't stop reading!
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so sick and perverted, soooo good!!!!
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some sick shit right here
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Wow,,,this is different,,,
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love it