James and Pandora Pt.2

The last time I had anyone,male or female,piss on me,I was se ven years old and it happened while I was eating out my Mother's pussy. I never did figure out if she did it on purpose,or if it had been an accident,but I was grossed out,and made Her promise "Never Again"!
But this time, I didn't even hesitate when Pandora said that's exactly what She was about to do! I just laid there in the sand,with the sunset turning the sky crimson and purple above us, and helped Pandora squat her sweet little pussy down over my face.
"Ready,Douggy?" she giggled. "Here it comes!"

I was staring at the slit of her partially spread,hairless pussy, when she gave her shoulders a shudder and her hot,clear stream of urine filled my mouth to overflowing. I had to shut my eyes when I finally closed it to swallow, because the little hussy shifted her crotch back and forth,soaking me from the top of my head down to my hairy chest.

"Hoo!" she exclaimed,then lowered her ass back to my face, and rubbed my nose between the lips of her tiny snatch. "Guess I had a bit too much water to drink! Why,that's the third time I've peed since we got here!" Pandora then slid down,until she laid full length on top of me and the shaft of my hard cock was nestled in the crack of her ass. Holding my face between her hands, she opened her mouth and proceeded to give me a very deep,very passionate french kiss.

She broke our kiss and rolled off of me,right into the wet sand,which clung to her young slender body.
"Eww! Now I'm all nasty! Come on!" she said laughing,and grabbed a hold of my cock, tugging on it till I stood up.
We ran down to the lakeside and jumped into the cold water,rinsing the sand and piss from our bodies. By the time we were back on shore it was dark and Pandora was shivering uncontrollably. Her nipples looked like two dark dime sized dots against the pale skin of her body,and my cock had shrunk to half it's size,right along with my ball sack.

"Let's get You warm!" I said. Wrapping her in a towel,I es corted her over to the fire. After adding an armful of driftwood,the flames leapt high,bathing us in their ruddy glow,and I held her close to me as our bodies warmth returned to normal.

"Ah Ha!" James yelled and burst from the tent flap,clutching something shiny in his hand. We watched him run over to one of the coolers,drop what he had been carrying to the sand and grab a beer. Before I could say anything,James had popped the top and downed over half it's contents.
"Dear God! Doug,How can You drink this stuff?!" He asked me,then burped and finished it off. Tossing the empty into the trash bag,he reached back into the cooler and took another one.
"I'm going to have Father give You a few cases of the good stuff!"

"You're going to be d runk." I mumbled,and Pandora gently gave me an elbow to the ribs. "James, that stuff tastes rough, because It Is Rough! In fact,it's probably more than twice as strong as anything You have had before! Let's limit You to the two and see how you feel in about a half hour or so? O.K.?"

"Whatever." he said and joined us at the fire. I still couldn't get over the size of his dick. For a k id his age,James really was packing a nice piece of meat for a se venth grader. Pandora thought so too,because as he stood next to his si ster,she reached out and began playing with his dick till it became fully erect again.

"James? Why did You yell 'Ah Ha!' and what did you drop over there in the sand?"
Pandora asked him quite sweetly.
"Oh. It's the bottle of lube. I figured when I found that,the dildo must be pretty close by!" He sighed,for her fingers continued massaging his cock.

"I hate to tell you this,James. But I watched You,watching Me,and when You left the room,I re-hid it. You'll find the dildo, When I Want You to Find It!" and with that,she flipped her wrist and smacked the head of his cock so hard he dropped to his knees,clutching at his pecker,as the sound of her slap echoed among the rocks and trees of our campsite.

"Shit,Dora! Remind Me not to piss You off!" I said. Backing away from her,I knelt down next to James. Putting an arm around his shoulders,I helped him back up to his feet. "You O.K. there,Buddy? That was quite the shock to the system!" I asked,trying my hardest not to laugh.

To my surprise,when James shook his long,blond hair from his face,He had a huge smile on his lips. His very pouty,very kissable lips I might add.

"It's O.K. Doug. She knows I like it when she does things like that to me." he panted. "She's been doing stuff like that to me for years! I think she enjoys it! The fucking Sadist!"

Pandora threw the towel to the ground and charged him with clawed,outstretched hands! I had to put my hand in the middle of Pandora's chest just to keep her off of him! But a moment later, Pandora had taken my hand and moved it down to the slight,hairless mound between her legs. She slowly rotated her hips,fo rcing my fingers deep into the folds of her pussy.
"Oh,Douggy! That feels wonderful." she moaned in short,rapid breaths. "I'm sorry,James. Do You Forgive Me?" she asked him very coyly.
"I'll let You know. Later!" His violet blue eyes positively shown in the fire's light,and He fixed her with a glare as his lips set in a wicked grin.

"Oh,shit!" Pandora whispered. I couldn't tell if it was the way James stared at his si ster,or the ministrations of my fingers that caused her to catch her breath,moan out loudly and shake from head to toe.

To ease the tension, I slid my hand from Pandora's tiny wet slit,licked my fingers clean and gave each of them a long,deep kiss. I left James,swaying on his feet,as I walked over to the cooler,and bent over to pick up the bottle of lube.
"Nice ass there Douggy!" Pandora called out and laughed when James whistled at me. I couldn't believe that my cheeks were burning! Ignoring their taunts,I placed the bottle of lube on the picnic table,opened the cooler and took out three beers.

Walking back to the fire I said "I know I suggested that we wait for a while,but here,James." I opened one of the cans and handed it to him. "I think You could use this. But this one You'll Sip!" I admonished.

"Do I get one too?" Pandora asked. "I've never had beer before. I like wine. In fact,I have several bottles in one of my bags!"
"Is it the green one?" She nodded 'yes'. "No wonder that damn thing was so heavy!" I laughed and handed her the beer.

I turned my head, to make sure James wasn't slamming his beer, and said over my shoulder "Honey,You probably won't like that,and Seeing how this is your first beer, if You'd rather have some wine..." I began and just as quickly stopped,when I looked back at her.

I watched in amazement as Pandora pinched her nose,held the can to her lips,tilted her head back and chugged the entire pint!
Tossing the empty can into the fire,she drew her elbows against her ribs,gave one last swallow,squinted her eyes,wrinkled her lightly freckled nose,and danced around in something that looked like a cross between a convulsion and ballet!

When she finally quit stomping her feet and flailing her arms around,Pandora gave me a big watery eyed smile,opened her mouth to say something but instead let loose with one of the loudest and longest,echoing belches I have ever heard! Hell,it was better than the one that won Michael Martin the House Cup in my Senior Year of College!

"Damn,Dora! The least You could do is say 'Excuse Me'!" James chided her.
She replied by shooting him off with both of her middle fingers,lifting her right leg and pissing in his general direction!

"God Damn it,Dora!" James shouted. "Now we gotta walk around in Your piss? What the fuck is wrong with You?"

I almost spit the mouthful of beer that I had taken,when Pandora walked over to her br other,pressed the head of his cock between the lips of her pussy,leaned in close and said "Go on. I know You want to. Do IT!" she demanded,and with her other hand cupping his balls, she gently squeezed them until his hands flew to her shoulders and his piss exploded in a rushing torrent,splashing into her pussy and squirting out from the crack of her ass!

After a slow count of fifty,I wondered if he was ever going to stop! I couldn't help myself and began stroking my hardening cock as I watched them,when Pandora suddenly dug her fingernails into James's upper arms,bent her head back and screamed at the top of her lungs "I'm Cuming,James! Oh Fuck! I-I-I-I'mmm Cummmiiinnnnggggg!"

I managed to catch Pandora under the arms just as Her knees buckled,threatening to drop her next to the fire.

Carrying her over and laying her down on the edge of the picnic table,I spread Pandora's slender,shapely legs,dr aped her thighs over my shoulders and ever-so-gently slid my tongue between the slightly swollen lips of her labia minora,while applying pressure with my nose to her clitoris.

I don't mean to brag,but,I have eaten out countless women over the years,starting with my own Mother,and I am actually quite well known for my skills in the art of cunnilinguis. Which I applied with all my focus,until Pandora was pounding her little closed fists against the tabletop,and my shoulders.

James had come over to watch,and with our faces nearly cheek to cheek,I could smell his beer breath and hear Him panting with excitement,as he pressed his body tightly against mine. By this time Pandora had gone from punching to slapping at me. The sound of her stinging blows rang out into the darkness,mingling with her incoherent cries. I moved my mouth just enough to insert my right middle finger two knuckles deep into Pandora's juice slicked,dripping vagina,when she let out a bl ood-curdling scream!
Her entire body spasmed and she repeatedly slammed her thighs together against my head,while pulling at my hair as her orgasm gushed out from her well worked juvenile pussy. I continued massaging her G-Spot and clitorous with my tongue and fingertip until I was rewarded by her second orgasm erupting from her cunt with such fo rce that it spewed out,splashing over both Mine and James's face!

"God,Doug!" James whispered in awe. "I didn't even know Pandora could Do That!"
He crawled up on the table and laid next to his exhausted,sweat covered,panting si ster. With a feeble movement,Pandora reached up and brushed the dripping hair from his face with her fingers,then dropped them down to her lips,sucking on them.

"Hay,Doug? Pandora's never had anything in her pussy before,You know. Except for blow jobs,She only lets me fuck her up the ass." He said,and I could hear the slight reprimand in his voice.
"It's O.K.,James." She sounded like she was far,far away,her voice was so quiet. "Sometimes I like to use My middle finger too. It's just...well His finger is so much bigger than mine! I can't wait to do That again!" She laughed and motioned for me to come give her a kiss.

We were back sitting on a blanket by the fire as Pandora languidly stroked both her br other's and my cocks,when we could hear the sound of an outboard motor in the distance.

"Let's get You two in the tent,shall we?" I said "There's no telling who this might be."

I quickly got them settled inside,with a couple more beers,threw on a pair of cargo shorts,and a flannel shirt and was returning to the campfire with more wood,when an aluminum jon boat beached itself next to my 24 foot Chris Craft. It was Bo. One of my Lodge Br others.

"Everything o.k. out here?" He asked,and I watched as he surveyed the campsite,his attention lingering on the bottle of lube,unsure of what it was.
"Doing a little fishing? Or are You just 'Kickin' Back' like they say nowadays?"

"A bit of both,I guess You could say. What brings You out here so late? Looking for Bigfoot?" I laughed. I loved to tease him about his favorite past time.

The sound of Pandora giggling came from the tent and I noticeably cringed. Bo looked over at the tent,at me,then back at the tent again and smiled.
"Well,You Old So-N-So! I didn't mean to interrupt anything. I'm sorry. I'll just be on my way. Mind if I snag a beer before I go?"
"Be My Guest,Bo. Please! Take two!"
"Naw. Just the one will be fine. But before I go,I want to hear You promise that You'll be careful! I don't know how on earth You didn't hear it,maybe you were distracted?" He looked at me and quirked an eyebrow.
"Hear what,Bo?"
"Boy! Either You're deaf or that gal you have stashed in there is really something!"
"I'd say it's the latter,Bo! I promise to be careful. By the way,what am I supposed to be careful of?" I asked him,walking with him back to the lake and holding the boat steady as he climbed in.

"Why Bigfoot! Confound it! I just can't believe You didn't hear 'em." he said shaking his big shaggy head. "Hell,Son! I was all the way over behind Sugar Tits Point,and even I could hear their mating call! Sounded like it was coming from right around here someplace!"

I gave him a push out into the darkness and stood knee deep in the frigid water,waiting for the sound of his engine to come to life. Once it did,I walked back to the tent and tossed aside the flap. Gales of laughter assaulted me,floating off into the night.
Suddenly I couldn't hear the boats engine any more,instead it was replaced by a faint voice calling out "Confound It! You Can't tell Me You didn't hear That?!"

I was belly down on top of James and Pandora's naked bodies,practically smothering them with a pillow,trying to get them to shut up,as they were literally ripping the clothes off my body!

Part 3 anybody?

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8 months ago
freaky little kids. lovin this
2 years ago
how soon is parts 3 and 4 you,ve got to bring the mums in too
2 years ago
great big yes for part 3, 4, 5, ...
2 years ago
Great story. Thanks.
2 years ago
great tale,can't wait to see if Pandora or her brother gets nailed first.
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Bloody Good! Part three would be perfect.
2 years ago
AWESOME I loved it ! Thanks for posting it for us have a wonderful night