Perilous Pauline

I noticed a,not-so-subtle change,coming over Pauline three days after she started going to her new Primary School.

I was in the kitchen,preparing her an afternoon snack,when I looked over to where she was sitting at the kitchen table,and watched,dumbfounded,as she took her panties off!

"God,Daddy! That's so much better!" She exclaimed,hiking up her skirt and showing Herself off to Me. "Da? Do You like Eating Pie?" Pauline asked,while opening and closing her thighs,exposing Her Maidenhead.
"I bet You do! In Fact,Mrs.Rollins said that it was something You probably missed,since Ma Crossed Over."

You could have knocked me down with a feather! There I was,with a Water Biscuit in one hand,a knife full of Nutella in the other,and my trousers full of hardening cock!

"P-p-p-Pauline! C-cover Yourself! Are You Trying to become an orphan?!" I stuttered.

"Oh,Da! Don't be so Old Fashioned! You're not gonna have a heart attack! I just wanted to know. Do You,or Don't You,Enjoy Eating a Sweet Piece of Pie?" Pauline laughed,and fingered wide the opening to her Virginity.

"Damnit,Girl! If I wasn't Yer Da! Ye Know I'd be face down twixt Yer legs and scarfing that pie till I hit the pan!" I panted.

"That's what I thought!" she giggled. "Did You think I didn't notice how much attention You pay to Me Cunny when You give me a bath? That,and how You always lick Your finger afterwords?
Oh,and don't think I haven't watched You when You sniff Me Dainties and then use them to wank Your Johnny T before doing the laundry!"

"Ya Sneakin' Little Harlot! What makes Ya t'ink Ya has ta righ..." I began,then I realized that my 'American' was slipping!

Taking a deep breath I said,"Daughter." And being sure to speak prim and proper like I said,"I am sure that Mrs.Rollins,the Dear Old Soul That She Is,didn't mean what You think She meant. Perhaps she was speaking about an Apple Pie,or a nice piece of Mince,like Your Mother used to make?"

"Don't be silly Da! She Meant,That You! You! You Need To Savor a Nice,Sweet Piece of Cherry Pie! Just Like the kind I have!" Pauline laughed and spread her legs even wider,inviting Me to sup!
"She also said, " 'If He doesn't Hurry and Gobble Up All the Pie that He Can,and then 'Mark His Territory',He's going to find out,much too late My Dear,that the Rats have stolen His Pie, Right Out From Under His Nose!'"

No more urging was necessary!

Never in Me life have I tasted such a Delicious Piece of Pie! And in the morning, when I asked Pauline what She would like for breakfast,I wasn't surprised when She yawned and said,"Sausage and Two Eggs,Please! Oh,and Da? Since I'm not going to School today,could We have Stuffed Chicken with Cream Gravy?"

I answered with a question. "Baby,Is it alright if I have some more Pudding before the Meat and Two Veg?"

"Fuck Me,Daddy! You can have the Whole Buffet if You want to!" She giggled and then sank Her twat down over my mouth!

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