Home Schooled by Mommy

"And this,My Sweet,is what a 'Pussy' looks like. So. What do You think?" Mommy asked,as she spread the lips of her glistening,freshly waxed vagina open.
I couldn't say a word,because I was still in shock. Mommy was actually showing Me Her Pussy,and all I had to do was ask!

"You had best answer Me,Young Man,or Today's lesson is over." She teased.

"Mommy,You know I think You're beautiful,and...Oh My God! Mommy...just look at it! I-i-it's Amazing!" I finally managed to blurt out. "Can I get a closer look? Please?"
"Oh,Sweetie!" She purred "I'm So glad You like Mommy's pussy! If You help me get back up,I'll let you look at it all You want to! In fact,You can even touch it!" She giggled. "And My titties! You can suck on my titties,too! Believe Me,Honey,I won't mind at all!"

I slid off of the bed,and ran over to where my very pregnant Mommy was laying on the floor. I tugged on her outstretched hands,helping her stand,then put my arm around her waist as we walked over to my bed. Mommy had just sat down,and I was about to join her,when my little si ster,Libby,threw open the door and came skipping into my bedroom.

Ever since last month,when I accidently walked in on her in the bathroom,as she was taking a piss,Libby never knocked. I couldn't help but think that She wanted a peek a my dick!

"Mommy! You're naked!" Libby came to a halt and exclaimed. Her confused gaze kept going from Me to Our pregnant Mommy,then back to Me again.

"Jeez,Dougy! You're naked too! How come?" She asked,and started sucking her thumb.

"Come here,Baby Girl." Mommy cooed. "Stop sucking Your thumb,Libby. Here," Mommy said as she leaned over,lifting her large,milk filled breasts,offering them to Libby,in an invitation for her to come and suckle. Something she hadn't done in years. Tentatively,Libby took the thumb out of her mouth,licked her lips and came over to the side of the bed,letting Me pick her up.

"Now Baby,You know how Boys and Girls are different,right?" Mommy asked,and sat Libby down between us.

Libby stared wide eyed at my hard cock,crinkled her nose and smiled.
"Yeah. We learned about all that stuff in Science Class. He," she began,then licked a finger,reached over and touched the head of my dick with it "has a peeners! And We have a veg-eyena!" and before Mommy could stop her,Libby stood up,dropped her robe and pulled her Princess Jasmine panties down. "See! Look at Mine Dougy! Just like Mommy's! Look at My Veg-eyena!" She laughed and fell over backwards bouncing onto the mattress.
Letting her panties dangle off of the toes of her left foot,Libby lifted her legs and spread them apart,showing off her sweet little slit.

"Mom?!" I began,but stopped when She said.
"Hush,Dougy. You should consider Yourself a Very,Lucky Young man! After all,it's not every day You get to have two beautiful,naked girls in Your bed,is it? Or is there something you're not telling Me?" She laughed.

"You...Mommy,stop teasing! How can We? You know...Do what We were talking about,with Her here?" I pointed at Libby and felt totally ashamed as soon as I said it. Between the look Mommy gave me and the hurt I saw on Libby's pretty little face,I knew I needed to apologize.

Libby was still laying there with her legs spread,but she had put her feet down,and by her crestfallen expression,I could tell that she was about to cry.

"I'm sorry,Libby. I didn't mean anything. Really! I'm sorry! Please stay." I told her. "You can join Us,if You want!"

"Are You sure?" they both asked in unison,then looked at each other,surprised.

"Sure I am!" I laughed "How often will I ever have two,beautiful,naked girls in my bed?"

"After today? Quite a bit,I'm sure! Maybe even three!" Mommy laughed,and laid back. Instead of lifting her legs,like Libby had,Mommy bent them and let her knees fall to either side. Instantly the lips of her pussy parted,and once again I could see her swollen clit poking out at the top of it.
And when I looked down at the crack of her wonderfully,ample ass,I noticed a large wet spot on the sheets where she was sitting,and that made my cock give another twitch!

Languidly reaching out,Mommy took Libby by the arm and half pulled Her over to her side. She then held up a milk filled tit,and told Libby to suck on it,but when Libby started to roll over,Mommy stopped her.
"Nah-uh,Baby. You keep laying on Your back. Spread Your legs again,too. Dougy needs to give You a proper apology. Now Dougy. You love your little si ster right?"

"Yes Mommy!".

"Remember how I kissed You last night,right before going to bed?" I nodded,yes. "Good. And do You remember how I used my tongue? Well,I want You to kiss Libby the same way. Right here." Mommy instructed.
While She had been talking to me,Mommy had slid her left hand down between Libby's legs and used her fingers to expose the inner lips of Libby's almost hairless pussy.

"Now,You Be gentle! But I want you to get Her nice and Wet! O.K.?"

Libby squirmed and giggled,as I licked away at her twat. She kept squealing about how much I was tickling her,but whenever I stopped,she would pull my hair and grind her crotch onto my face. It wasn't until I tried to stick my tongue up into her tight little cunny hole,that she yelped!

"Don't do that! Dougy,that hurt!" So,I didn't try doing that again. Even tho I really wanted to. I did however continue to kiss and lick her pussy until she told Mommy that I needed to stop.

"Why,Baby Girl?"
"Because,I,I feel,I don't know. I feel funny,Mommy. I..."
"Dougy,You see what I am pointing at? I want You to go between sucking on that little bump and licking it with your tongue. Will You do that for Me?" Mommy asked,then she rolled over on top of Libby. After pinning Libby beneath her gravid belly,Mommy put her knees between Libby's legs and opened them as far as She could,giving me the best possible view,of both of their gaping pussies!

Despite her protests,I continued to do what Mommy told me to do,and I went back to eating Libby out. It wasn't long before Libby was covered with sweat and grunting like an an imal. Mommy matched Libby's grunts with her own,and urged me on. Telling Me what to do,and praising Libby for being such a good girl,because Libby had reached down between Our mother's legs and instinctively began to finger fuck Her!

"You Want this,Baby Girl,don't You?! Oh,I know You do! Keep going Dougy,she's almost there!" Mommy panted. "We're Almost There! Yeah! God Yes! That's it,suck Mommy's titty and finger My cunt Baby! Fuck Your Mommy! Now! Rub Her clit,Dougy! Do It! Faster! The Both of You! Faster!"

My hand was blur as I rubbed my little si ster's love button,bringing her to her very first orgasm! "Now,Dougy! Now! Shove a finger up her pussy and keep on sucking her clit! Do IT!" Mommy yelled!

"OhShiFuhhhShit! Fuck!" Libby screamed,and hugged Mommy as tightly as she could when I shoved the middle finger of my right hand,two knuckles deep up into her maidenhead. I couldn't get it in any farther,because,try as I might,the walls of her pussy had clamped down so tight it trapped my probing digit within her! Libby was sobbing and pressing Her flat chest even harder against Mommy's milk filled tits,causing them to leak all over the two of them,and the bed sheets.

Libby eventually,relaxed enough for me to withdraw my finger from her vagina,and when I did,Mommy rolled off of Her at the same time. I stood up and looked down at their milk smeared bodies,and the smiles on my Mommy's and si sters' faces.

"You were right Mommy,that Was what I wanted! Know what else I want?" she sighed,and pointed at my cock,then giggled again. "Look at the size of it! Mommy,was Daddy's peeners that Big?"

"You mean when He was Dougy's age? No,Baby Girl. Dougy is much bigger. Imagine how big that fat cock of his will be by the time He can get a drivers permit!" They looked at each other smiling.

The two of them kept staring at my hard,twitching dick,filling me with pride.

"Come here,Dougy." Libby motioned to me. "Well? Come On! I want to suck on it! Evelyn told me her big si ster thinks that,that's the best!"
"Mommy?" I asked
"Do as She tells You to,Dougy. Come on. Let Your Mommy and little si ster suck on nice that big cock,of yours. You're going to love it!"

Libby and I helped Mommy sit on the floor and get comfortable. As I piled pillows all around her,Libby went to the bathroom then came back with a warm, soapy wash cloth,and began bathing the milk off of Mommy's belly.

"I feel like a Queen Bee!" Mommy laughed. "Come here My Little Drones. Service Your Queen!"

Libby took her Princess Jasmine panties and hung them over Mommy's right nipple,to catch and drops of milk that may leak out,as she sat between us and went from sucking on Mommy's left tit and the head of my cock!

Whenever Mommy's,or Libby's,mouth closed around the head of my cock,I thought I would lose it! But when Mommy began to deep throat me? I actually moaned out loud! I couldn't help it!

"I can't do that! That's not Fair!" Libby bitched,and then gently bit Mommy's nipple between her teeth and sucking on it as hard as she could.

"Shit! You Little Bitch! You made Mommy cum again! Look what You made me do!" Mommy mock scolded her,and pointed to Her juices as they dribbled out of her pussy.

"Just for that!" Mommy pushed a laughing Libby onto her back,then buried Her middle finger deep into my little si ster's swollen pussy!

Libby was screaming for Mommy to stop. She didn't. In fact,I had to stand there and watch as our Mommy taught Libby a very valuable lesson!

Mommy is The Boss!

I couldn't help it. I began stroking my cock as I watched My Mother bring My little si ster to another orgasm!

"Stop! God! Please Mommy,stop!" Libby begged her,as her body shook with one climax after another,until She laid,gasping for breath,at my feet.

Pulling a rust coloured finger out of my si ster's no longer virgin hole,Mommy reached up and stuck it into my mouth!

Greedily I sucked on it! I loved the salty and slight irony taste! And as I cleaned My mother's finger,She lifted Libby up and shoved My cock back into her mouth!

The Two of them took turns,sucking,biting,kissing and jerking on my cock,until Mommy said,"He's so close Baby Girl,Get Ready! Here!" Suck! "It!" Lick! "Comes!" and my toes curled when Libby squeezed my balls and I felt Mommy shove her wet finger up my ass!

I could feel my fingernails digging into the palms of my hands,it hurt so good! My eyes squeezed shut and I couldn't breath! It felt like someone had touched a burning match head to the tip of my cock! It continued to feel that way until the flow of my cum extinguished the flame,only to replace it with an icy sensation!

As I shot cum all over My Mommy and Si ster's face,my body convulsed! Time after time I emptied myself,not caring where the My cumshots landed! I just wanted it out gone! I wanted it out of me!

I was laying on the floor the next time I opened my eyes,and looked up at Mommy's,then I looked over at Libby,and a huge smile spread across my face.

Thick ropes of my cum hung in long strands from her lips and the tips of both of their noses! I laughed when Libby wiped a big dollop of my cum from her eyes and Mommy stuck a fingertip into her ear,trying to clean it out!

Milk flowed past my lips as I finally got to suck on one of Mommy's tits,but I stopped drinking long enough to listen when Libby raised her head from between Mommy's thighs and said, "Mommy? Evelyn told me that Her Big Si ster also likes Anal Sex. What's that?"

"Oh,Baby Girl! That My Dear is Lesson Number Two!"

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wonderful start!
2 years ago
excellent story.
2 years ago
Thanks Doug for sharing the awesome story, it was a pleasure to read it!
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so hot. luv this one.
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One of the best stories i have read you write thee best once plz keep them coming plzzz
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Keep going. Fantastic so far.
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great story
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great start
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WOW, another hot story mmmmmm ya more please
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excellent & deserves a part 2, 3...
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Outstanding . . . A+