Andy and Volfy's Bitch Boy!

Andy slammed the empty beer can down on the table,let out an enormous belch then stood up and unzipped his fly. He reached into his drawers,pulled out his semi hard cock,and laughed as he gave it a couple of strokes. "Here,I wanna show You something. Look at this! Ain't it pretty? Aw,come on Billy! Be a good little br other,and suck my dick!"

He may have me tied to the chair,but I was starting to get pissed,so I responded defiantly with "And what if I don't want to? What then? You can't Make Me Suck You off!"

"O K. You don't want to suck on it? Fine!" He said, and shook his big dick closer to my face. "Then how about I just bend you over and shove This,Up Your Ass!" He removed his pants,and kicked them over into the corner.

"You're dr unk,Andy,and I'm telling Mom and Dad when they get back!" I whined.
"Oh,I don't think so. Know Why?"
"No,I don't! Now untie me!"
"Because,"William,I'm Gonna Tell!",if I even Think You're going to say a word about this,I'm showing Mom and Dad the pictures, that I took last week, of You jerking off Mr.Bell's Husky!" He laughed.

"What?!" I squeaked.

"Yep! And, I'll show them the pictures where You,Little Br other,were letting that same dog lick Your asshole! By the look on your face that must have felt great. I always thought You were a little bitch." He laughed and moved even closer. "Tell Me. Have You let that Big Bad Wolf Fuck You yet? Hmmm? Hell,Billy! If You don't start sucking on this,I may even show those pictures to Your whole class at school!"
When Andy had finished talking,he began rubbing the head of his cock against my cheek.

I couldn't help it, and started crying. I was being blackmailed by my own big br other! I would have happily jerked him off,anytime he wanted me to! Fuck! He could have cum on my face or even in my mouth,with no problem! But for him to think that he had to resort blackmail? Why? If He knew how kinky I was,why didn't he just ask me to begin with?

"God,Andy! Please,don't do that! Please! How can I go back to that school for five more years if You do that?!" I wailed.

"Oh come on! Stop with the waterworks,Billy. I wouldn't really show anyone at school." He sounded so guilty. "I'm sorry. But why don't you want to suck My dick? I thought for sure You would. It'll be fun! For both of Us! I promise!"
He walked behind the chair and untied the ropes,setting me free.

"Andy,Are You ki dding Me? First You tie Me to a chair,then You shove that monster in my face and threaten to fuck me with it! And Blackmail? Really? You could have just asked me like a civilized person. After all,I Am Your Little Br other. Besides,that cock of Yours is ginormous!" I hiccuped. "And,by the way,Yes. Yes it is a pretty cock."

"It is,isn't it?" He smirked at me,walked back over to the table,picked up the empty pint can of beer and held it next to his cock. They were almost the same size!

"So,what will it be? The Folks won't be home till tomorrow afternoon. Let's have some fun! O K? Please? I really am sorry for acting that way." Andy knelt down next to me and used his shirt sleeve to dry my cheeks.
"Listen, I'll even let You have a couple of my beers. Come On! I'm Really Horny and I bet You are too!"

"Andy? Would You really have shown Mom and Dad those pictures?" I asked,sniffling then wiping my nose on my own shirt sleeve.
"Naw!" he said and kissed my forehead. "Damn,Dude,those pictures are Fucking Hot! And I really,really want to get my rocks off! Tell You what,I'll even return the favor and give You a blow job too!" He offered,then went into the kitchen for the beers.

When Andy came back into the dinning room,he opened the cans and handed me one,then laughed at the face I made after my very first sip of beer,ever.

"So,tell Me,Billy." he began. "Have You let Volfy fuck You yet? Sure wish I had a video of that to stroke off to! Now,hurry up and take Your clothes off. Being buzzed and getting naked goes together like bacon and eggs!"

So I did. I drank my beer and when I was buzzed,I got naked.

I was standing in front of Andy,nude and filled with pride,when I heard him say "Dude! That's one Fat Little Fucker,already! You hardly have any hairs on your nuts,and Look At The Size Of It! Your dick's at least four inches long,when it's soft,and it's almost as big around!" He reached out and took my cock in a firm grip.
"Damn,Boy! That's a hand full! Now I know why Mom got You that Doctor's note excusing You from having to take a shower after gym. She doesn't want people knowing about it,does She?" he chuckled when I nodded. "Yeah,Mom did the same thing to me till this Year. I told Her I wasn't going through High School,smelling like some old,dirty,homeless bum!"

Between his hand fondling my stiffening cock,and the effects of the beer,I knew I would have done anything He asked me to. So when Andy asked Me to smoke a little weed with Him,I said "Sure! Why Not?"

We were out back,skinny dipping in the pool,when Andy asked "So,Baby B ro, How ya doin'?"
"Fine,I guess."
"You look a little cross eyed,You're not going to be sick,are You?"
"No. Should I be?" I wrapped my arms around his waist and snuggled close. "Hay,Andy! I can feel Your Hard-On against my belly!" I laughed,then pressed even tighter against him.
"Shhh,Not so loud,Numb Nuts! Listen,I got an idea. Come with me!" Andy exclaimed,then climbed out of the pool. He had to help me,because I told him that I was afraid my feet would fall off!

I was sitting on the toilet,where Andy had left me after carrying me inside,making sure my feet didn't fall off,when I heard to Him talking to someone on the phone.

"Yeah. He's kind of freaked out." I heard him say. "Really? Thanks Loads! No,that's o k. I'll be over in a couple of minutes!"

He came running into the bathroom and blurted out "Stay right where You are! I'll be back in a minute. Boy have I got a surprise for You!"

Well,I hadn't been planning on going anywhere really,so I turned on the shower, climbed over the edge and sat in the bottom of the tub. I was still sitting there,letting the lukewarm water splash over me,and half as leep,when I heard the front door slam.

"Andy? That better be You!" I hollered.
"Yeah,it's Me! Hay,Billy! There's someone here to see You. Go get Him,Boy!"

I was overjoyed when Volfy bounded into the bathroom and jumped straight into the tub with me! He was busy giving me Doggy kisses and was totally soaked,by the time Andy came in.

"Hope You don't mind,but I told Mr.Bell that You were pretty scared,because it's just the two of us at home tonight. I asked if Volfy could come over,and since You walk him all the time,Mr.Bell said 'Sure! Not a problem'. Now We can have some real fun!" He laughed,then clapped his hands together and got undressed.

"Fun? You know what's fun? This." I hugged Volfy around the neck with one hand and slid the other down along the dog's belly. My fingers were still a couple of inches away from their goal,when I heard Andy gasp "Don't jerk him off yet!"
"I wasn't going to. Don't You want to see His dick?" I asked.
"Hell Yeah! But let's go to my room. I want to get this on video!"
"Oh,So You can watch it again later on and jerk off? I don't think so. I'll only let you film Me doing this if You promise that We watch it together. And who knows,if You play your cards right,I may be willing to let You make another one when I take him for a walk."

Using Mom's hair dryer and a couple of towels,I dried off the dog while Andy got the cameras and lights set up. Then we all headed for the kitchen. After I discovered what "getting the munchies" really meant,and how to cure them,I was feeling much better.

The three of us were back in his bed room and sitting on the floor,surrounded by four video cameras,when the husky laid down between Andy's legs,shoved it's nose into his crotch,and began to give his rigid dick a tongue bath.

"Damn,Billy! How did You train Him to do this?"
"I'm not so sure that I did. I think it was Old Man Bell."
"Yeah, You see one day,right after I started taking Volfy for his afternoon walks,I really had to piss. We were out in the woods and no-one else was around,so I whipped out my dick and took a leak,but before I could put it away He came up and started licking it!" I sat there smiling as I watched the dog steadfastly licking away at my br other's long,fat cock.

"Well,from that point on,all I need to do is show him my dick and he starts going to town! Then one day I dropped my glasses,I had bent over to pick them up,when I felt Volfy nudging my butt with his nose. I wanted to see what would happen,so I walked off of the trail,pulled my pants down and bent over. As soon as I spread my butt cheeks,His tongue shot right into my asshole! Wait till You try that! Anyway,when I stood back up,Volfy laid down,rolled over onto his back and began whining with his cock was sticking out of it's sheath. I wasn't sure what to do,but I sat down next to him and began lightly stroking it,like I've seen Dad do when He's in the shower,sometimes."

I was totally embarrassed telling Andy about watching Dad jerk off,but he smiled and nodded his head. "Yeah. I like to watch Him too. How do You think I learned how to do it? Plus,I've watched Mom and Dad fucking. Seen that yet?" I think the color of my cheeks told him what he wanted to know,because he laughed and jerked on his cock a little harder as the dog kept licking.
"Well? Go on!"
"Only if You stop doing that!" I said and pointed to his hand. "You need to save that for later."

"Did you know that male dogs cum a lot? And I mean a Lot! I found that out the hard way. I was covered with it! The shit flies everywhere too,if you're not careful where you aim it. And it tastes kind of funky. Sort of irony and bitter. Don't look at me like that,I was curious!" We both laughed when I said that. "That first time,it seemed like I had to keep jerking him off forever till He finally pushed my hand away. But believe me,I have gotten much,much better! Andy? Why didn't you tell me before tonight,that you knew what I was doing? And how often have You watched?"

"Just the once,but I gotta tell Ya,for the last two months I keep thinking about how hot it was." He said. "How come You never wanted to do that to Me?"
I could tell his feelings were hurt.
"How come You Never asked? You know,You weren't very nice to me earlier."
"I said I was sorry."
"And now,here We are! Watch this!" I rolled onto my back,lifted my legs and in an instant Volfy's tongue was snaking in and out of my asshole. My cock was rock hard and every time the husky's nose pressed into my balls I moaned with delight.

I watched through half closed eyes as my br other got right next to the dog's muzzle with the camera.
"Is his dick sticking out yet?" I asked.
"Like a big red sausage!"
"Want to see something Really Cool?" The husky began whining when I put my legs down but stopped as I motioned at my stiff cock.

"I gotta sit down for this." Andy whispered when I stuck my dick into Volfy's mouth and began humping it.

"Help Me up,Andy." He gave me a hand,then laughed as I stumbled over to the dresser. I took out one of his T-shirts,put it on and called the dog over to me. Telling him to "sit",the husky offered up first one paw and then the other,for me to cover with a pair of Andy's sweat socks.

"What's that for?" Andy asked.
"I don't want to get torn up again. It was embarrassing enough telling Mom that I fell out of a tree the first time it happened. Get ready!" I told him,as I got down on all fours and leaned back.

It was like being hit by a truck when seventy pounds of raw,an imal lust landed on my back. There were only a couple of false tries before the dog found his mark and sank his cock deep into my waiting,upturned ass.

"Holy Fuck! Billy! Wha...Damn,Dude!"
"Are You getting all this?" I grunted,then used my hands to pull my ass cheeks apart as wide as they could go and shoved myself hard against the thrusts until I felt the knot enter me.

This was the first time I had ever been knotted by Volfy and the feeling was incredible. My whole body was awash in a combination of pleasure and pain. Never in my life had my asshole been stretched so wide and the feeling of his cum,as it flowed into me,almost sent me over sanity's edge!
I couldn't believe that I was actually going through with one of my most secret desires. Let alone that my Br other,of all people,was filming it!

I'm not quite sure how long I had been brutally fucked,but the dog eventually stopped thrusting and laid on top of my back,panting in my ear. He may not have been moving,but his seed continued to empty itself deep within me.
I tried to stifle my screams when he suddenly spun around and we were tied together,but I didn't do such a good job.

"Shit! What should I do?" Andy yelled.
"Nothing! He's not finished yet!" I cried. Reaching out I grabbed a hold of the bed frame when I felt him trying to pull out of me. There are no words to describe what I felt when He finally yanked the knot out of my ass! All I can say is,it's something You need to experience for Yourself!

I let go of the bed,and tried my damnedest to give Andy the best view He could possibly get,to video Me as the cum poured out of my gaping ass hole. I felt it coating my hairless nut sack,and following the curves of my body until it eventually dripped off the head of my semi hard dick.

"Andy?" I whispered into my arms.
"Are You still Hard?"
"What the fuck do You think?" he asked sounding incredulous.
"That didn't answer my question. Is Your Cock Still Hard! Answer Me!" I demanded.
"Fuck Me,Billy! I'll probably be hard for the next week!"
"Oh. I don't think so. Come over here,Andy. I need You to stuff that glorious cock of Yours into me!"
"Are You sure?"
"Do You want to get laid or beat off?"

I knew what his answer was when his cock stretched me even wider than the dog had!
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