Lynn, My Loving Little s****r pt.1

With each eye searing flash of lightning, and mind numbing concussion of thunder,Lynn gripped my hand tighter and screamed for me to pick up the pace.

"Sweetie,it's no use!" I yelled at her,over the buffeting wind. "We don't have any choice! We have to stop! Now!" She and I were still about two miles from the Commune and I knew we would never make it back in time.

"Not here!" Lynn begged "Anywhere but here! There's that old barn up the road. Maybe if We..." her next words were inaudible,because the Nor'easter had finally overtaken us.

"Come on! Time's up!" I called over my shoulder and pulled her along behind me. Back to the gates of the old cemetery we raced,but in the few dozen yards it took for us to reach them,we were soaked through to the skin,and what had been a dirt road,quickly turned into a river of mud beneath our feet.

"Thank God they're not locked!" I shouted "Follow Me!" Without really giving her an option I continued to drag her in my wake,but when Lynn saw my destination she froze. There was no time left to argue,so I scooped her up into my arms and carried her the last few paces.

"I don't wanna go in! Please,don't make me! Please?" she cried.

Lynn's face pressed against my neck and I could feel her body trembling with fear as I stood on the steps of the mausoleum. It's ancient,crumbling stone walls wasn't my first choice of places to be either,but as the old saying goes "Any Port in a storm"!

Steeling myself against what I may find inside,I raised my leg and kicked as hard as I could just beneath the lock. The door was so rotten that the wood splintered under the fo rce of my blow and swung open,it's rusty hinges screeching in protest.

"Oh Cary,I hate this place! I don't care what Preacher said,We should have left the market sooner!" She whimpered to me,as I carried her over and gently sat her down on a stone bench.
We had spent the day in town at the Farmers Market,selling our produce,and altho she may have said it,neither Lynn nor myself wanted to face Preacher's wrath,by leaving too early!

Lynn looked so pitiful sitting there,with her knees pulled up to her chest, rocking from side to side. Her long,blond pony tails hung limply,shedding water,and the whites of her big blue eyes were blo od shot from crying. To top it off, her skinny little legs were spattered with mud,from her bare feet all the way up to her knees.

"What are You smiling at?" she grumbled. "I want to go home! I want Becky!" Becky is Our oldest si ster.
"What? And miss out on all this?" I laughed while motioning around me,then I went over to close the door.
"NO!" she exclaimed,jumping up and running over to stop me. "Don't You dare! It's bad enough just being in here,I don't want to be in the dark too!"

She was pulling the door back open when a gust of wind,accompanied by freezing rain,almost knocked her off her feet.
"Cary,what are We going to do?" she wailed.

"Well,there's always "The Gate Keepers" shack. Want to give it a try?" I asked,hoping she would agree.
"Are You k**ding Me?! That place is worse than this!"
"No it's not! Plus it will be a lot warmer! And it will be drier than if we stay here. I swear!" I yelled as more sleet blew in. "Come on! Let's go!"

"No!" But the storm's sudden v******e made Lynn's mind up for her when we were both thrown to the cold,stone floor. Lightening had struck the oak tree that grew mere steps away from where we hid,and before I could sit up and get my feet back under me,Lynn had taken off! Out into the approaching night.

Regaining my footing,I bolted after Her through the ruined door! It was all I could do to catch up with her,but eventually I did,and together we ran,hand in hand,deeper into the heart of the grave yard.

When we finally got to the 'Gate Keeper's' shack,Lynn was frantic,because the door was locked and no matter how hard she slammed her shoulder into it,the lock held firm. Looking around us,I found a shovel resting against a moss covered headstone. Picking it up,and jamming the spade between the door and it's frame,I threw all of my weight against the handle,but to no avail. It took Lynn and I both,pushing and pulling together before the latch gave way,and when it did,We tumbled over the threshold,landing in a heap on an old,tatty rag rug.

I laid there,on the floor,catching my breath,but Lynn was having none of that. She scrambled up,shut the door and propprd an old stool against it to keep it closed.

"Get Up!" She exclaimed and stomped her tiny,bare foot next to my head.
"Oh,God! This Is Worse than the mausoleum! Look!"

"Aww,Shit!" I exclaimed when I saw what she was pointing at.

There,pushed up against the back wall,was a cot,and laying atop it was a suspicious looking lump. Fortunately,whatever it was,was covered by a faded,moldering patchwork quilt. Crawling over to the bed,I told Lynn to look away then lifted a corner of the covers just enough to peek underneath. My audible sigh was evidence enough to let her know that our fears were unfounded.

"No dead body?" she asked.
"Not unless there's a mouse,or some other critter,that's passed away in there. It's just a pile of old coveralls and a couple of blankets,Sweetie."

I climbed to my feet,looked around and found a box of matches on a shelf. Climbing to my feet,I gathered together a few pieces of wood from the bin,and quickly got a fire started in the ancient,rusty pot-bellied stove.

"You'll be warm in no next time,but we really should get out of these wet clothes. Here." I said,and tossed her a pair of the overalls. "Put those on."

"No way! I'm not wearing those wretched things! You can,but I'm not." she announced and began unbuttoning her dress. I watched her and smiled as she removed the sodden garment.

I had never seen Lynn,or any other girl for that matter,naked before,and even though she may be my little si ster,I could feel my dick beginning to get hard.
I couldn't tear my eyes off of her! I was mesmerized by the water as it dripped from her hair,and fell onto her pale,flat chest. It was then that I became aware of the two,nickle sized patches of light pink skin,which surrounded her hardening nipples.

She stood there,smiling back at me,with only her wet panties on,and motioned for me to get undressed. When I didn't move,Lynn said "Oh,honestly,Cary. I'm Your little si ster,for crying out loud. If We're going to keep warm,we need to get under a blanket and cuddle! Hurry up! I'm freezing!" To emphasize her words,she pointed out the goose bumps pebbling her arms and legs,then to both of her hard little nipples.

I guess I wasn't fast enough for her,because she stepped in front of me and began tugging on my shirt tail until she had pulled it over my head. But I fought with her when she tried to take off my pants.

"Stop it,Lynn,I'm not wearing any underwear!" I told her,and despite everything she started to giggle.
"It's not funny,damnit! I was late this morning because Jimmy hid them from me again,and since I didn't want Preacher to give me another beating for not making it to Meeting on time,I had to get dressed without 'em!"

"I'm sorry,Cary. I promise I won't look. See? I'm turning around. But we still have to cuddle to keep warm,You know. What if I accidently touch know... What if I touch "It"? Whatever will You do?" She teased.

Utterly embarrassed,I held my pants in front of my package,and was crossing the floor to hang them over a peg on the wall,when the tempest without unleashed it's full,unfettered fury upon us!

Glancing out the window,I watched in horror as lightening struck one of the granite monuments and leaped from headstone to headstone,burning it's way through the plot where we had stood only a few minutes before!

I'm still not sure if it was the accompanying explosion of thunder or the hammering wind,but our hovel shook violently,like it was in the grip of a giant hand and the door burst open!
I could barely hear Lynn screaming "Help Me!" and was still trying to blink away the bright green and purple spots that filled my vision,when I felt her press up against my back. "We have to get that door closed!" she shouted,her voice filled with panic. "For God's sake! Help Me!"

Together,we pushed the heavy,rough hewn table across the floor,securing the door which now partially hung off it's hinges. Yet by the time we finished,the damage was done. What little warmth there had been was gone. Leached out into the night,and a coating of freezing rain covered almost everything in the room. Including the two of us.

Hurrying back over to to the pot-bellied stove,I opened the door and loaded as much wood as I dared into it. Opening the dampers,to warm the room back up,I cringed as sleet and ice cold air continued to rush in through cracks that spiderwebbed the walls. But Lynn solved that problem by covering as many of them as she could with the moldy quilt and dirty coveralls that had been on the bed.

"Remember to save a blanket for Us!" I reminded her,and hoped she couldn't hear the tremmor in my voice.

Walking back and sitting on the edge of the bed,she began crying again.
"Oh,Cary,no-one knows where we are,and Preacher isn't going to send anybody looking for us! I hate this place! We shouldn't be here! I'm scared,Cary,and I want to go home!"

"Listen,if that old Bas tard wants his money,he had better send someone looking for us! If He doesn't? I may end up burning his profit trying to keep You warm!" I motioned for her to stand back up and pulled the last blanket off of the bed. "Here,wrap up in this and stand next to the stove. You'll feel better. Promise." I told Her.

"Cary? I'm so scared." she whispered. "What if all those stories are true? I don't care what You say. I know this place is haunted! I can feel it! Everybody says it is,so it must be true! I don't want to die!"

"Who is this 'Everybody' you're talking about? Sweetie,there is No Such Thing As Ghosts." I assured her.

"Yes there is! All the older girls,and s****r Betty along with b*****r Rodger say it's true! Even Preacher won't come here! He doesn't like this place either! It scares Him!" She said while opening the blanket,then she pressed against me and wrapped it around us.

I had momentarily forgotten that I was naked,but feeling the touch of her bare skin against mine made me uncomfortably aware of the fact. Trying not to think about it,and praying that my dick didn't get hard again,I said "Listen,Sweetie. Those two old fools would believe it if Preacher told them that the world was made of fudge and the oceans were filled with Unicorn piss!"

At least I got a little smile out of her. Then she sneezed on my chest.
"Gross!" I laughed and reached for a corner of the blanket to wipe it off.

"Cary,I have to go pee." She said and tears slid down her cheeks again.
"Well,You can't go outside. Not yet anyway. Why don't You go pee over there,in the corner. You can use that old gas can."
"But there isn't any toilet paper!" she wailed.
"Then don't wipe! It's ok. I won't mind. Honest."

She slid out from under the blanket,then stopped,touched my arm,and looked up into my eyes. "Are You going to watch me pee?"
Oh,God! I hadn't thought about that,and now that I did,my cock started getting hard again!

"I won't watch! I Promise."
"But what if I want You to? I mean. I've seen Your "thing",don't you want to see mine?"
"Damn,Lynn. You know I do! Would You really show it to Me?" I managed to ask.
"Sure! It doesn't have all the extra stuff that yours does. It's just a slit with a little bump at the top of it,but Becky told me I have a very pretty one! She calls it a 'Pussy'. Cary? What do guys call their things?"
"Uh,'Dicks' or sometimes 'Cocks'. It means the same thing really. But I thought about calling mine,'Ned'." I luaghed.
"What about those dangly things that hang down underneath?"
"Those are called 'Balls',but some people call them 'Nuts'."
"Oh. Do You have a name for those too? Ok,I'm going to pee now. Kneel down so you can get a good look!" she said,and I did.

The storm was nothing but background noise as I concentrated on the sound of her pissing into the old gas can. To me,it was like music,and there was a very pleasant smell that,for some reason,made Me slightly light headed!

"Do you want to see it closer?" Lynn whispered. "I'll let you,but only if you show me your dick again."

She jumped up and ran over to the bed. "Let's move this over by the fire. It's still really chilly in here."
Chilly? I hadn't noticed. Hell! I thought it was getting hot! In fact,I was beginning to sweat!

I heard Lynn's gasp when I stood up and she saw my hard cock jutting out in front of my groin. Like me,it was actually the first time she could remember seeing the genetalia of the opposite sex.

I shoved the cot as close as I dared next to the stove and added another piece of wood.

"Cary? It's awfully dark in here. Didn't You find a candle earlier? Would You light it? Please? I'm sorry but I'm still really scared of the dark."
"Why? I told You that I would protect you! Nothing! And I mean Nothing will hurt You as long as I am around!" I smiled at Her,and showed off my work hardened biceps.
"Those won't work against a ghost! And what about the Vampires?!
"Vampires?! Please don't tell me you..."
"All the Girls do! Especially the older ones! Tracy told me that She met one in New Lebanon! But She said that He was a 'Good Vampire'. He only drank blo od at certain times of the month."
"Lynn,Sweetie,Why would You worry about Vampires?"
"Because! Their favorite food is the bl ood of a Virgin!" She exclaimed and slapped my shoulder "And I'm still a Virgin!"
"So what? I am too! Tell You what. If a vampire showes up,and Somehow manages to get in here,uninvited...I'll shove this," and I held up a long sliver of wood "Into it's heart and chop it's head off! How's that? Now don't worry. Do You still want to show Me Your Pussy? It's ok if You don't."
"I do! But I'm still scared!" she said, raising her voice.
"Because! I'm Bl eeding!" She broke down in sobs and showed me her panties. My jaw dropped when I realized that there,in the gusset of her panties,was a dark spot.

"Oh,Cary! What will We do? I've never had blo od in my panties before! And I feel so strange!" She cried.
"What do You mean? Lynn,You have got to tell me. You feel 'Strange' how?"
Her fingers were like claws when She reached up and grabbed my head between her hands.
"If You move,I won't be the only one ble eding!" she snarled.
"Sweetie,What should I do?" I asked Her,as quietly as I could,for I could see Her eyes shining with an unholy light.

"What do I want You to do? Baby," She laughed. "I want You to be one of the Good Vampires,and Drink Deep!"

Holding my head between her palms,Lynn for ced my face between her legs and began grinding my nose against her clit.
"I told You to 'Drink Deep'! And it's My turn to promise You that I will do the same!"

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2 years ago
very erotic..
2 years ago
Thanks, Redwings 1968!!!
2 years ago
it was fucking awesome loved the story very sexy c;
2 years ago
That was nasty. I gave it 5 stars. ;)
2 years ago
excellent start on a hot series
2 years ago
Amazing need more