Jerry's New Daddy

The sound of water running in the bathroom caught my attention. "Hay, Jerry! You all right in there?" I yelled down the hall.
"Where's Daddy? I want my Daddy!" Jerry hollered back at me.
"His office just called. He had to go to Work. So I guess it's just You and Me till He gets back later tonight. Do You need something?"
"N-No! I think I can do it myself. Oh!" Jerry exclaimed right before I heard a loud thud. Oh my God! Had He just fallen in the tub?

A moment later,I was down the hall and in the bathroom. Water covered the floor and the only part of Jerry that I could see was his arm hanging over the side of the tub. "Oh Shit! Jerry!" I said, crossing the floor and reaching for him. He was face down in the bottom of the tub and his body was limp when I lifted him out of the warm water. Grabbing Jerry and a towel, I made my way back to the kitchen. I cradled him gently in the crook of my arm, and was picking up the phone to call 911 when I heard him giggle.

"Did I scare You?" He laughed.
"You Little Shit! My heart's about to pound right out of my chest! Why would You do something like that? I should..."
"Go turn the water off?" He smiled up at me. "Sorry. I forgot to."
I wasn't so 'gentle' when I plopped his skinny little ass on the chair next to the kitchen counter and made my way back down the hall.

I was turning the faucets off when I noticed that the hand-held showerhead was missing. I found it on the top of the toilet tank,partially covered with a towel.

"What the fuck?" I mumbled to myself. "Jerry! Get in here!" I yelled.
I was using towels to soak up the water off of the floor when I heard sobs coming from the doorway.

"It was just a joke." he cried "I'm sorry." He came running over to me,buried his face against my chest and hugged me tightly around the waist.

"Jerry,why did you take the shower head off?"
"I didn't. Daddy did."
"What? Your Daddy did? You mean He Still Gives You baths? Aren't You a little too old for that?" I said,ruffeling his hair.
"I don't think so. Why? Daddy always gives me a bath. He takes the showerhead off so we can use the hose. Daddy says that before I get clean on the outside,He wants to be sure that I'm clean on the inside. Says doesn't like dirty fingers or a shity dick."

My knees buckled,and my ass hit the toilet seat so hard I almost broke it.

"What's wrong?" Jerry asked me. "A long time ago,after Mommy left,Daddy told Me that He was taking over Bath Time and He's done it ever since. It's fun! He gives way better baths than Mommy ever did!" Jerry was looking at me with a slight frown. "I forgot to rinse off my dicky. Daddy says that if I leave any soap on it,it will get raw and crack. Has that ever happened to You?"

I didn't know what to do or say,so I sat there and watched as Jerry climbed back into the tub,turned the faucets on,squatted down and proceeded to pull his foreskin back and forth as he held his dick under the stream of water. He kept smiling at me the whole time.

"Watch this!" he said "I can make it go "Poing!" Ready? Watch!" Jerry stood and made sure I was looking at him as he used a finger to pull his dick down as far as he could,then let it slip off of the tip. When it sprang back up he yelled "Poing!" and laughed hysterically. He kept doing it and I was honestly amazed at how long and hard his dick was getting.

I told him to stop but,of course,he wouldn't. "Poing! Poing! Look at it! Look! Johnny can see You now! Peek-A-Boo!" Jerry's dick had gotten so hard that his foreskin was pulled back and his cockhead was clearly visable.

"Jerry?" I had to ask him "What did You mean when You said that your Daddy 'doesn't like Dirty fingers or a shity dick'? Did you mean that He wants to be sure that Your hands and penis get washed?"

His cheeks turned bright red and he said "I'm not supposed to talk about it. Please don't tell Him that I said anything. I don't want to get You in trouble by telling you."
"Jerry,I won't get in trouble. I want You to tell Me. I promise that I won't say a word about it if You don't. Deal?"

"Well. OK. But it's easier for Me to Show You." He walked over to me and pulled on my hands till I stood up.

"First,You have to pretend that You are My New Daddy. OK?" I nodded my head,Yes. "Good. Now. After my bath,the first thing I do is take Your pants off. Come on! You need to do it!" He was getting frustrated because I kept pulling his hands away from my fly. "Come On! You Havetadoit! You said You would! Please?"

"Jerry" I began "This isn't a good idea. Let's forget the whole thing and"
"NO!" He started doing that weird spaz thing some little ki ds do when they start to have a melt down. Jerry was much too old to act this way,but His face was turning red and he began bouncing with his knees and flapping his arms. "You Promised! Just Do It! Puhleeezzz!"

"Damn! What has Dave turned this ki d into?" I thought to myself. "No Jerry. I really thi..."
"I Hate You!" He exploded! "I Hate You and I will always hate You! You're A Lier and a Promise Breaker!" Jerry screamed and then ran passed me. I was standing there in shock,when I heard his bedroom door slam.

"Jerry! Jerry?" I quietly called to him as I knocked on his door. "Jerry,I'm coming in."

"I Hate You! This is All Your fault! My Daddy wouldn't do this to Me!" He spun around to face Me when I walked into his room.

"What do You mean? I haven't 'Done' anything! And quit yelling at Me! I've known You since you were a baby. What's this all about?"

"Look at it!" He wailed and pointed at his dick.
I felt sorry for him. He was like a puppy with it's first erection. Meaning,he was in pain and didn't know what to do with it. Except a puppy can lick itself to get some relief, and Jerry couldn't.

Jerry's dick stood up straight. The skin was stretched tight and his exposed cock's head had turned a deep red! Shit. I remembered when that had first happened to me.

"Fuck. Jerry,I'm sorry! But I didn't do that to You."
"Yes You Did! You Promised to be my New Daddy! My Daddy wouldn't do this to me! He would love me and make it all better! It Hurts! It hurts so bad that I can't even touch it!"

I walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed. Jerry walked over and stood in front of me thrusting his pelvis out,giving me an even better view of his throbbing dick. I have to admit,it is a nice looking cock.

"Daddy?" He whispered. "I'm all itchy. In here." He pointed at the top of his thin patch of light brown pubic hair. "And here." He said,then he turned around,bent over and used his hands to spread his ass cheeks apart,showing me his slightly dilated asshole.

"What am I supposed to do,Jerry? You tell me. What?"
"Be My Daddy! Stand Up! Please!" He said,taking my hands again and smiling at me.

I stood up and didn't stop him when he unzipped my pants. I was scared. Lord knows I was scared, because I knew I was in too deep to stop now,and my cock was getting hard,responding to the situation.

I stepped out of my pants and underwear and was unbuttoning my shirt when Jerry stopped me.
"No. Leave the shirt on. My Daddy always leaves his shirt on. Now let me show You what Daddy means about dirty fingers."

He walked over to his dresser and opened the top drawer. Handing me a bottle of lube,Jerry acted out how I should grease my fingers,then crawled up on the bed.
On his knees and with his face pressing into the mattress,Jerry once again spread his asscheeks wide.

"Daddy always starts with One finger first. He likes to use his pinky. But I want my New Daddy to use his middle finger. Do You know how to do this,or do I need to tell You how?" Jerry laughed.

"I'm pretty sure I know what to do." I said, and without any hesitation I plunged my middle finger two knuckles deep.

His breath caught and he rocked back onto my hand until my finger couldn't get any deeper.
"Oh! Yes!" He moaned. "Fuck My Ass,Daddy! Do it! Finger Me Out Daddy! Oh fuck,that feels so good. Oh,Shit! Now! Pull it out,now! Is it clean?"

"Yes. Yes it is. Jerry,Your such a good boy. You know that Daddy doesn't like dirty fingers,don't you?" I played along.

"Do it some more,Daddy! Do it till Your arm gets sore like you did last time." He begged me. So I did. And seeing as how I was his New Daddy,I threw in a few tricks I doubted his old one even knew. I was right,too.

In no time,Jerry was panting,laughing and begging for my cock,but I denied him.
Instead,I rolled him over onto his back and had him rest his legs against my chest. Suddenly,I slid my two thumbs up his ass and spread him open as far as I could. His groans were loud and I smiled as I watched the grimace on his face. I started laughing when he bit his lower lip and pre-cum started leaking from the tip of his dick.

"Has Your Other Daddy ever done this?" I asked,sliding my ring and middle fingers up into him,and leaning over to suck his dick.

"What are You doing?! OH! MY! GOD!"

Well,what do you know. It seems that Dave had never given his son head before.

"What do You think about that,Jerry? Does it feel good?" I teased him. I began alternating between sucking his balls into my mouth, and licking the very tip of his cockhead as I continued to vigerously fingerfuck his ass. He didn't know how to react to what I was doing.

"You like it. Don't you?"
"Uh hu!" he panted.
"How about when I do this?" I whispered and swallowed his entire dick. I raised up just enough so his glans was between my lips and sought out his prostate gland with my fingertips.

His entire body shook when his very first orgasm struck him with full for ce! He actually cried as his ejaculate filled my mouth. I was pleasntly suprised by the amount, and because of this being somewhat of a momentous occasion,I naturally couldn't help being a little bit of a sadist. It was his first cumshot after all,so I swallowed what he gave me and continued sucking for more! I suckled at his cock like a hungry baby roots at it's mama's tit. And with every swirl of my tongue over the tip of his cock he would shudder and moan. I kept up the abuse until he was begging me to stop.

Finally,I let his flacid dick fall from my lips and pulled my questing fingers out of his ass.

"Well? Does it feel any better now?" I asked,right before I leaned over him and shoved my tongue past his lips,kissing him deeply. "At least he's no stranger to this." I thought to myself.

Jerry wrapped his arms and legs around me and whispered "Now it's Your turn,Daddy. I can't wait to feel your cock in me! Promise Me You'll cum in me. Promise!" He was breathing in short,shallow gasps. Straddling me on trembling knees,and with shaking hands,he guided the head of my cock to the entrance of his gaping,hungry asshole.

"Daddy's never gentle when he fucks me,so I want You to fuck me Hard! Fuck Me rough,like you would screw some dirty crack whore that a man picks up off of the street! And Cum In Me! I want to feel your cum filling my ass!"

He continued his litiny of filth as I began to pound into him. At one point,with my cock still filling his ass,I spun him around and got off of the bed. I stood there,grinding my hard cock into him,making sure that it went as deep as it would go.

He wanted it rough? Fine. I wouldn't fuck him like "Some dirty crack whore", I was going to fuck him like an ani mal!

I carried him over to the window and yanked the curtain open.
"You want people to see what kind of a pervert you really are? Hmm? How about I open it and let everyone hear You as You beg for my cock? Would You like that?" I snarled.

"YES! I want everybody to know that I love it when my Daddy fucks me!" he wept.

I pulled my cock out of his well lubed hole and tossed him on the bed.
"Suck it!" I growled.
"What?!" he shook his head 'No'.
"I said 'Suck It!' No? You don't want to? Well,Do It Anyway!" I laughed at the look on his face when I crammed his mouth full with my dick. "That's right. Like that! You know what to do!"

I could tell that he was loving every minute it. Because no-one that did this against their will could ever get into it as much as He was.
"Enough! Get on your hands and knees!"
"Are You gonna cum soon?" he asked.
"Not hardly. I'm enjoying it too much!" I was too. So much so,that for another half an hour I used him like a fuck toy. I hammered into his ass until he pleaded with me to stop! I didn't. Well,He was the one who said to fuck him hard!

By the time I was finally ready to empty my balls,Jerry's limp body hung between my hands.
"Do You want my cum? Answer Me! Do You?"
He replied with a grunt.
"Well then. Take It!" I panted into his ear.

My cock was swollen and harder than it had been in years,and when I came it almost felt like I was kicked in the nuts! I don't think I had ever cum with such for ce before! Stream after stream erupted from the head of my cock,and the more I kept fucking him,the more I came!

I continued to pound away at his ass,listening to the sound of my cock making and breaking suction. I looked down and saw that a white froth had built up in the crack of his ass,and my cum clung to the hairs of my crotch whenever I pulled back. The sight set off something in me. I was entering into a frenzied state and knew that I couldn't stop it. Time after time I ground into him,pounded his wet,dripping asshole over and over until I felt another orgasm building within me!

My hands wrapped tightly around his waist,I speared him with total abandon,swinging his body from side to side till I was overtaken by my second climax.

I let his ruined asshole push my softening cock out,and watched as a stream of my cum leaked out,covering his balls and splashing onto the floor.

Sitting next to his prone body,I reached over and patted his cute little upturned ass.

"No more,Daddy. Please! No more! I don't think I can take it." Jerry groaned.
"Do You Love Your New Daddy?" I asked and began to massage his anal passage again. The lying,little slut began humping away at my probing digits.
"You know it!" He lifted his head and grinned at me. "Daddy? I know that I said I wanted Everybody to know,but this is still Our secret. Right?"

"Hell Yeah! I won't tell a soul!"
"Even My Other Daddy?" Jerry laughed.
"Especially Him! Now,get up and go take a shower. And Don't fall in the tub!" I chuckled.

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11 months ago
Very horny story!!! Thanks!!!
1 year ago
you have a way with words that makes my cock twitch and throb, pre cum oozing from the tip and my perverted mind racing ahead with each line in your story... pound on sir, pound on!
1 year ago
my man, this is one HOT ass story..i loved it from front to ending..
that boy needed a good fucking. and he got it !
lucky daddy by the way...think I will try to visit your site to see
if there are more of these.
1 year ago
mmmm this is a very lucky Daddy!
1 year ago
Great story. It got a rise out of my cock for sure. Thanks for posting!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
God that was good.
2 years ago
2 years ago
a damm good story