Uncle T,My First Blowjob!

My Cousin Tommy's tale.

Uncle T reminded me of the old time Mountain Men. He's tall,rugged,extreamly well muscled,and has long,shaggy light brown hair,which is usually covering his eyes,and a big bushy moustache and beard. He favors blue jeans,checked flannel shirts,and no matter what time of year it is,He always smells like a combination of wood smoke,wintergreen and Old Spice aftershave. Despite all of that,I think that Uncle T happens to be a very handsome man,and many other people agree!

So,imagine my delight when Mom told Me that He was coming to take me for the week! It's just going to be the two of Us up at His cabin in the mountains!

When He first walked in,I almost didn't recognize him. Sure he was wearing a red and black checked shirt with jeans,but He had shaved his beard and mustache off! Oh My God! If I thought T was handsome before,now He was drop dead gorgeous!
He may still dress and smell the same,but He sure doesn't look it!

T wore his hair pulled back into a long,lose pony tail,thus showing off his high cheek bones and straight,sculpted nose. With a wide,strong jaw,full lips and slightly cleffed chin,He was the essence of what a Man should look like. But it's his eyes! His eyes are what truely completes the picture! They are slightly almond in shape,and a combination of deep forest green with gold flecks. And when he looks at you? He somehow holds You with them. He captures You. You become transfixed. I,for one,can't help but be enchanted by them!

Yep,this man is male supermodel material!
And that's just what my Mom said when she saw him standing in the doorway!

"Damn,T! Come here and give me a kiss!" Mom exclaimed,as he closed the door behind him and walked into the living room. She even ran over to meet him!

I was feeling a little jealous as I watched Uncle T bend down and pick her petite body up. Mom wrapped her legs around his waist and entwined her fingers into his hair,pulling him close. He,in turn,crushed her in his huge arms,kneeded her asscheeks in his big,strong hands and gave her a long,deep kiss. It was like the kind of kiss you would see portrayed on the cover of a romance novel! I could actually feel the heat of their passion as they were locked together in their embrace!

When Mom finally had her feet back on the floor,she refused to let him go.
"Jesus,S is! Another kiss like that and I'll bust the stitching out of my pants!" He laughed. "Come here,Boy!"
Physically moving Mom off to the side,Uncle T motioned for me to come give him a hug. "How Ya doing,Tommy?"

I just about passed out when I saw the outline of his semi-hard cock snaking down the inside of his left thigh.
"Holy Shit! That thing's obscene!" I thought to myself as I stumbled over and let him pick me up. Why had I never noticed it before?

Lifting me so we were eye to eye,Uncle T asked me "Are You ready for a week of fun and adventure?"

My throat was too tight and my mouth too dry to speak. So I nodded my head "Yes" and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. Then,as He was setting me down,I made sure Mom wasn't looking,and I ran my right hand from his crotch down,all along the length of his big,beautiful dick! I acted like I hadn't done a thing,but the look and smile He gave me let me know I wasn't fooling him one bit.

Standing next to the truck,after kissing me Good By,Mom acted like she was all bummed out that She and Dad weren't going along on the vacation too,but I think it's because Mom just wanted to spend all that time in the woods with her br other.

I wasn't suprised,really. Why? Because,I know that they used to fuck each other when they were ki ds. And how do I know? From evesdropping one night when they were dr unk,and talking about "The Good Old days"!

You see,Dad was in the kitchen making more drinks,and I had been spying on them from my bed room window,when I heard Mom say "...and remember when Grandma busted Me sucking Your cock? The look on Her face was almost as funny as that time Mom watched You fucking Me up the ass! She just stood there rubbing one off and making a mess of herself the entire time! Remember? She didn't say a word till You pulled out of Me and I told You cum in my mouth! And then all she could say was 'Holy Shit!'" Mom almost fell out of the chair,she was laughing so hard.
Too bad Dad came back out. I can only imagine what else I would have heard!

That was last month.
It was also the first time I ever jerked off to completion!
I just couldn't stop thinking about Mom sucking on Uncle T's cock! And the image of Him fucking Her up the ass was now seared into my brain! Who could blame him? Mom is Hot! And I don't mean "Pretty",I mean "Smoking,God Damn Hot!" I need to hide a camera in her bathroom,or somewhere and get a few nudie pics of Her! Then I can really beat off! I know I shouldn't think about My own Mother like that,but if Dad and Uncle T got to fuck her,why not Me? I am her son after all! Seems fair to me.

My thoughts were interupted when I heard Uncle T say "I promise to make it up to You,S is. I Swear!"
"Well...OK. When You Boys get back,the two of you can take me out for dinner and drinks. Steve will be gone by then and I'll want to hear All the gory details about what you were up to! And T? I Mean, All The Details." She gave a deep growling laugh,one like I had never heard before,and blew us both a kiss.

The entire time She walked back inside,my eyes were glued to her small,round ass,and my dick was getting hard!

"You may want to close your mouth and wipe the drool off of your chin." Uncle T said,and laughed as we pulled away.
I looked over at him and said "And You may need an ice pack to knock some of that swelling down!" I grinned and pointed at his hardening cock.

"Either that or...and just what would You know about such things? Hm?" He smiled at me and I felt a tingling in my balls.
"Uncle T,I'm a guy. I know what a hard-on is. Hell! I get them all the time,now!".
Funny,I wasn't one bit embarrased talking like this with him when I couldn't even say the word "sex" around my Dad,without cringing.

"Well. If that's the case,You must have it pretty rough,being around Her!" I saw him looking in the rear view mirror.
"Isn't that the truth! She may be my mother but..."
"Don't let that stop You! It's a natural urge for Us. Plus,She is One Sexy Woman!"

Except stopping for gas,the trip went by in a flash. We talked about the mountain and it's secret places,how good the hunting and fishing was going to be,and everything else guys normally talk about. Which is mostly sports and sex.

He wanted to know if I had a girlfriend.
"A Boyfriend?"
I giggled and said "No."
"I'm suprised! You're cute enough! In fact,You're down right pretty! I thought for sure that by now,You would either have one or the other. Maybe even both!"
"You think I'm pretty?" I was flattered and floored. I also started getting a hard-on again!
"Very! In fact,You look exactly like Your Mother did when She was your age!" He took his eyes off of the road and stared at me for a moment,to drive the point home.
Oh God,I thought I might cum in my pants right then and there!

It was almost sunset when we arrived at the cabin,and I was lost im my own little world. I kept thinking about what it would be like sucking on his cock, as the sun went down and the stars came out. Hmm...How do you suck on a cock? It sounds easy enough,but...

"Hay! Earth to Tommy!" His voice brought me back to reality. "I was here yesterday so everything's already taken care of. There's plenty of gas for the generator,so we have electric lights,and a refrigerator that's fully stocked. Hell,We even have satelite T.V.! Alot sure has changed since the last time You and your Folks were here,huh?" He asked. "Some things are the same,tho. We still have to go around back to use the out house,and we still have to get water from the well and bathe in the old tin tub. It's either that,or the creek! Sorry,but that's just how it is."

"Oh,I don't mind. Actually,I think it's pretty exciting! Imagine the look on someone's face if You're standing there,all naked and wet,glowing in the fire's light,and they just happen to walk right in on You?" I teased.

T's laughter filled the room.
"Who are You expecting? There isn't another cabin,or person around here for miles!"
"So,if I wanted to take all of my clothes off and go swimming in the creek,or running around in the woods,there's no-one else that will see me?" I pouted.
"Well. I'll still be here,You little Perv!" He smiled and ruffled my hair.
"Goody!" I said in as seductive a voice as I could.
"Would You mind if I took a bath now?" I made it painfully obvious that I was staring at his cock.
"Um...Ehem. Sure. Let me build the fire up,draw some water and put it on to heat. This may take a while,so let's get You fed and then You can watch some T.V.,or something."
Licking my lips,and staring at the outline of his cock,I said "I'm so hungry,I could eat anything that you put in front of me right now!" YES! His cock was getting harder by the second!

Dinner was great,I got to have a frozen pizza! Uncle T had forgotten to tell me we also had an electric stove! Unfortunately I had to eat alone,because He was too busy getting my bath ready. But that didn't stop him from drinking several beers. In fact,by the time I was taking my bath,He had already downed a six pack.
I started to tease him about it,and was quickly informed that "Boy! Because of My Size,I'm not even buzzing yet. Now finish up and put your jammies on. I'm going down to the creek,for My bath. I think that the cold water will do me some good!"

I couldn't believe Him! Not only wouldn't he look at me while I was bathing,no matter how hard I tried to get him to,He held a blanket up shielding me from view! He also insisted,Insisted Mind You!,that I sit down while I bathe! The Nerve of Him! After leading me on and flirting with Me like that?!

Well,I guess it's on to Plan B.

While Uncle T was walking down to the creek,I was running down the hall and going through the dresser drawers in the guest room. There I found a pair of my mom's panties,at least I think they were my mom's.
You talk about sexy! These are made from baby blue,silk lace,crotchless and happen to be a perfect fit! The t-back sank snuggly between my ass cheeks, hiding itself,and the straps rode high over my hip bones. This left my dick and peach-fuzz covered balls fully exposed,and on perfect display! Suprisingly,the matching cut-out bra I found fit as well! Ok,maybe not as well as the panties,but my pink little nipples still poked out through the openings!

Using her make up,eye shadow and mascara,I worked quickly,and did my best to copy what my Mom does. I realized,as I looked in the mirror that He was right. I do look just like Mother! Now. Time for the finishing touches. I sprayed on some of her prefume,applied the dark red lipstick and let my long,straight black hair fall loose. Parting it down the middle,I tied first one blue silk ribbon,and then the other one,just behind my ears so I now had two pony tails. One on either side! I did it! I looked exactly like she did in the picture from when she was 11 or 12!

The banging of the cabin's screen door gave me warning that Uncle T was back.
"Find everything You need in there?" He called out.
"Yes,Thank You! I sure do bet that water was cold! How can You stand it?"
"After all these years,I'm pretty much used to it by now."

I cracked the door and peered down the hall. He was standing in front of the fire,draining another beer. It's ruddy glow turned the front of his fur covered body a dark auburn color,and accented the shadows of his sunken cheeks. It also let me see his cock for the first time! Oh,Dear Lord! The utter size and shape of it litterally took my breath away! My knees buckled and I inadvertently banged into the door slamming it shut!

"You all-righ?"
Oooo. His speach was begining to sound a bit slurred! Goody For Me!
"I'm fine! Tripped over the chair getting dressed is all. Um,Is there a robe or something else I could wear? I just tore my P.J.bottoms!" I cracked the door again and yelled to him.

I could hear his footsteps as he walked to his room and then come back to mine. His arm thrust out through the partially opened door,and there was a white fluffy robe dangling from his ham like fist.
"Thanks! I'll be out in a minute!"
As He walked away I heard him talking to himself "Suprised You don't want to walk around naked,while tempting fate." he said. I know he didn't mean for me to hear him,but what's done is done!

"Tempting fate?" am I? He has no idea!

While Uncle T was in his room,I threw on the robe,ran to the kitchen and put another six pack into a small cooler. Then I went out front to the porch,found a comfortable chair that was hidden in the shadows and waited. I was shaking with excitement and I felt like a total slut being made up like I was!

"Where You at? Tommy?"
"Out here! I put some beer in the cooler for You! Want to join me?" I hollered back.
"It's not safe for You to be out there alone,Boy." He was saying as he came through the screen door."We have alot of bears around these parts! Are You wearing your Mother's perfume? That will really make them come a runnin!"

"I don't know what You mean. I'm not wearing anything." I lied.
"Damn! I swear I can smell Her on the air!" he said sitting down and opening another beer. It was gone in two long pulls. It seemd to me,like the more Uncle T drank,the more he needed to drink before copping a major buzz.

"I hope You don't mind." He said,and reached into one of the robes pockets. Taking out a pipe,he lit it. I was glad that He hadn't looked over at me in the glare from the lighter.
A strong,almost pine like smell filled the air. He sat back,rocked in his chair and exhaled,blowing a smoke ring out over the railing. "Better." Taking another drag and repeating the process two more times he said "Much,Better!" and I actually watched the tension leave him.

"Want a beer? I can't drink all these,you know."
"No,I didn't know. You won't tell Mom will You?"
Acting dr unk,he said "Nah,ish our shecret! Shhh,Mum's the word!" He tossed me a beer,motioned for me to tap the top of the can with my finger tips and began chuckling to himself. "Damnit! I can still smell Her! This is going to drive me nuts!"
"Like a stearing wheel stuck in your belly button?" I laughed and was rewarded by the sound of His laughter echoing through woods.

He opened another beer and killed that one without putting it down. I was impressed!
"Well? Are you going to drink that or not?" I could see his white teeth gleeming in the moonlight as He smiled at me. "Hello? I know you're still there,because I can hear you breathing. I can't see you worth shit,where You're sitting,but I can hear ya!"
"I didn't want the beer to explode on me! Do You think it's safe to open it now?"
"Go for it,Tommy Boy! Pardon me. I need to peel the bark off a log or two."
"I gotta take a piss!" And with that said,he stepped over to the rail,turned his back to me,and opened the front of his robe.

The sound of his piss hitting the ground made my dick spring to life! I gave the beer can a quick little shake and pointed it at my chest. Popping the top,a fountain of beer shot out,soaking me.
"Aw,Damnit!" I exclaimed. "Fucking thing just spit all over me! God! I'm covered with the stuff!" I chose my words carefully. I was trying to get him excited without Him knowing that was what I was doing.

"Well,take it off! I don't care if You sit around in your underwear!"
"Are You sure?"
I had quietly moved over to stand behind him. Taking off the robe,I let it fall into a pile around my feet,and gave my flat belly another spritz of my mom's perfume. Then I leaned over and lit the candle that was next to his chair.
I wanted him to get the full effect when He turned around and saw me. It worked too! I could tell,because when He saw me the first thing he said was "Shannon? When did You get here?" then he took another,longer look. "Damn My Eyes!"

He smiled that big,wonderful smile at me and I watched those gorgeous eyes of his eyes roaming all over my body.
"Oh,My God! Except for the bonus,You look just like Your mother!"
"Do I? Really? You mean to tell me Gramma let her wear undies like these when she was 11 or 12?" I cooed.
He was speachless! But His cock told me all I wanted to know!

I stood there in front of him,bathed in candellight,and slowly turned around.
"Do You still think I'm pretty?" I asked over my shooulder. "How about now? Do You think I'm sexy?" I asked him again and slid the palms of my hands down along my legs while bending over,straight legged,for his viewing pleasure.

I straightened back up and turned to face him again. His cock was pushing the front of his robe open.

"Ooo. Look who's come out to play!" I stepped forward and lightly touched his ever hardening cock. Then I lifted it with both hands,and licked the single drop of piss that clung to the cleft of his cock head. Lifting my face up,I swung my pony tails over his cock,tickling him till I didn't think he could get any harder. I wasn't prepared for what came next!

I found myself being lifted into the air and his hot,wet mouth closed over my stiff little dick and ball sack both,at the same time! The feeling was unbelievable as he bathed me with his tongue! Then my feet were back on the porch and He actually tore the bra off of me! Encircling me with his arms He held me close to him. His cock throbbed as it my pressed against my bare chest. I could actually feel it pounding with every beat of his heart!

I was panting. "Well. I guess You do think I'm sexy!" I tried to laugh but couldn't. "Is this what it felt like when You and Mom did it for the first time?"

He looked down on me with the strangest expression on his face.
"Oh My!" I joked. "Is that how Great Grandma looked when She caught Mom giving You head?" I laughed and slapped at his shoulder. "I bet it is! But,Can I? Will You teach Me how to suck Your cock? Like the way You taught Mommy to? I will,You know. In fact,it's what I really want! Why else would I get all dressed up like this?" and I took a step back from him,so he could see my hard little dick jutting out from the opening of the panties.

"How? How do You know about that?! Did She tell You? What else do you know? Tell Me!"
I was getting a little scared by His tone of voice,so I told him. "I overheard Mom talking the last time You came over!" I tried to look him in the face,but that enormous piece of meat kept bouncing up and down,and I couldn't tear my eyes from it! Stepping close,I dipped my head,just a bit,and began sucking on the very tip of his cock,while my hands reached down and cupped his balls. Between the sucking and the kissing I whispered "I also know that you used to fuck Mommy up the ass and then cum in Her mouth with this wonderful thing! You can do that to me too,if You want to! Did You ever fuck her in the pussy? Please say You did!"

"Of course I did. How do You think You got here?" He laughed so loud at the look on My face,that birds broke their roost and took flight!
"Oh,don't you worry none! I'm not only going to teach you how to suck my cock,You're going to learn how to be the perfect little slut! If You want to dress the part,you better be sure You know how to act the part! But first..."

He picked me up,and carried me under his arm all the way to his bed. Tossing me down onto the mattress he said "My rules are simple. #1: 'She' cums before I do! Now spread your legs you little Slut,because Daddy's thirsty!" and with that said,Uncle T once again took my tiny dick in between his lips.

I was lost to pleasure! It felt so good! I didn't even realize till much later that He had removed the panties. His mouth,lips and tongue worked wonders! Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined anything as fabulous as that! The heat! The wet! The mounting pressure! I thought about how much I wanted this,and laid there writhing in a mixture of pleasure and pain when He shoved his thick ,sausage like middle finger up my ass! I know that my eyes crossed and I heard my own voice,like it was far away,off in the wilderness lost somewhere. I was begging Him not to stop!
His lips clamped down on my dick head even harder,sucking at me without mercy,and his curled finger continued to plunge into and out of my asshole as wave after wave of extacy broke throughout my body!

I was amazed at how prolonged my orgasm was! Just when I thought it was over,He worked his magic again and again coaxing more and more cum out of me,until I just couldn't give his wanton mouth any more of what it craved! I felt the bed move as he slid off and stood over me,watching me,smirking at me,with his beautiful face.

"Lesson #1: 'She' cums before I do!" again his laughter filled the room.

I laid there unable to talk. Hell,I was so spent,I could barely move! But I could smile! Which is what I did. I smiled up at him,and mouthed the words 'Thank You'. I only had one of my pony tails left,I was soaked with sweat,and I had an uneasy feeling that things were just really getting started.

"You're more than welcome." he said,reaching down to gently pull on my remaining pony tail. "Let's get some sl**p,shall we? This..." and he rubbed the fat head of his cock between my lips "can wait until the morning. That little show you were putting on earlier tonight got me so worked up,I had to go jerk off when I was down at the creek! Hell,I came so hard,I think I knocked a chipmunk out when it was caught by the blast!"

His big,gentle hands lifted me up,and then settled me back down,and I burried myself into his strong,furry embrace,dreaming of the things to come.
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Great story, great writing. Thanks.