Little Old Lady Pussy!

My Folks were gone. My Si sters were gone. Even the dog was at the Vets. Know what that meant? I had the whole house to myself that weekend!

My mom was worried about leaving alone,but Dad told her He thought I was old enough not to screw things up. "Hell,Doris. The boy will be shaving in a year or two. Give him a chance! Shit! My parents left Me alone when I was in the 7th grade. Let's go!"

He was all jazzed up and dying to be off. I couldn't blame him either. It's not often they had the opportunity to enjoy themselves. We weren't well off,so when they won a trip (all expenses paid) for four to go to the city for a weekend,I gladly begged off. Who cared about going to see some dumb ol' play and museums,and it really didn't matter to me if they were going to stay in a 4 Star Hotel. The only thing I felt bad about missing,was going to be my si sters Kate and Meg. Well them and getting to eat in a fancy restaurant. But to be honest,I was getting kind of tired being cooped-up all winter. It was Spring!I'm a boy! I needed a break too!

I stood at the end of the drive and waved good-by as they drove off. I had turned to go back inside when Mrs.Whalley stepped out onto her porch to get her paper. Walking over to say good morning,I picked the paper up and handed it to her.

"Always the Boy Scout,aren't You? And You're growing up to be a very handsome young lad,too!" she said batting her long,false eyelashes at me. Accepting the paper with her left hand she rested the palm of her right one on my cheek.

Why did my cock tingle?

"You know?" I thought looking at her. "For an Old Broad Mrs.Whalley aint that bad!"
I mean for a 70 year old woman,that is. Her face was still very pretty,and She wasn't all saggy and wrinkly like most of the other older women on our block,and the majority of them are younger than Her!

Mrs.Whalley kept herself active,slim and fit,by jogging every day,working out and swimming in the pool at the Y. Her appearance was always propper,neat and tidy,and I think that she liked the fact that whenever she wore a t-shirt,or her work-out clothes,all of the men stared at her. I have to admit,Mrs.Whalley still had a killer body. Big boobs too! I wondered what she would look like in a swimsuit?

"Would you like to come in? I can put the kettle on." She asked.
"I would love to,Mz.Whalley,but my friend Jake is expecting me to call him." I replied. "Later,maybe?"
"Anytime,Dear. Here's an idea,would You like to go swimming at the Y with me? Around 10:00 or so?"
I thought about it and said to myself 'Why not?'. "Sure! Let me call Jake and tell him there's been a change in plans. He wanted to go fishing."
"Oh? Well,please don't change your plans on My account. Instead...How about,(and she ran a finger along my jaw) since You will be home all alone tonight,I stop by and bring some dinner over? I pride myself on my dishes,you know." Her hand had moved down to my neck and she was very lightly stroking it with her fingers and playing with my hair.

My face burned and I really felt my cock tingle then! That's when I realized I was standing there in front of Mz.Whalley with a boner tenting my pants!

"By the way. You can call me Betty. Enough of that Mrs.Whalley stuff. It's making me feel old!" and she gave me a deep throaty laugh. I watched as her big breasts bounced in front of my face.
"Uhhh,uhhh,ummm..." I stammered and nodded my head 'yes'.
"Good! I'll See You this evening!" Betty touched the tip of my nose with a finger,turned around and dropped the paper. I gasped out loud when she bent over at the waist,without bending her knees to pick it up! The white,frilled tennis skirt she was wearing rode up her backside,and I could see the outline of her pussy through the pink mesh panties she had on! It looked like a giant clam turned sideways!

Betty stood back up,and without looking at me,went inside. I stood on her porch for a moment before it dawned on me that I was staring at a closed door!

In a daze,I crossed the yard,stumbled over the threshold,then ran straight to my oldest si ster Meg's room. Meg is almost two years older than me and beautiful. She stands around 5 foot 1 or 2 inches tall,has long waist length black hair,big Doe-like brown eyes and is still pretty much flat chested. But her ass? It's friggin Killer! I actually would like to kiss it! I knew that Meg always leaves her underwear in a basket by her bed,and knowing that she changes her undies 2 maybe 3 times a day,I was certain that I would find her latest addition to the pile. Jackpot! Grabing the pair that was on top,I buried my face into it's crotch and inhaled. Oh so sweet! I rummaged around in the basket and took out two more pair. I couldn't help myself!

Wearing a pair of Meg's panties on my head and sniffing the other ones,I walked down the hall and went into my parents room. I was looking for the underwear my mother had worn last night. I found them in the bathroom. She had washed them already and they were hanging over a rung on the wooden drying rack. Damnit!
My friends all tell me,Mom is a MILF. I have to admit,She is awfully sexy. Pretty face,skinny,long legged with a small ass,and her tits are just a little bit bigger than the palm of my hand. I know. Because once... When she was passed out after a party She and Dad went to,I spent about twenty minutes feeling her up. I had lifted her nighty up and was playing with them until my little si ster Kate busted me! Speaking of Kate.

"I wonder if She has any knickers laying around in Her room?" I said to myself,then walked through her opened bedroom door. Kate is Fucking Hot,by the way. I don't care how old she is! She is just drop dead gorgeous! Her curly auburn hair,big green eyes and pixieish face make it a pure pleasure anytime I look at her! She will be the hit of Edgely Jr.High when she gets there in a couple of years. Why,already grown men stare at her! Women too! And I have to tell you a secret. I think about what it would be like to fuck her. I haven't been laid yet,but when I think about it? I think about doing it with Her!

Anyway,it must have been my lucky day! Because there,thrown on her pillow,was the same pair of panties I had been staring at last night while we were watching TV. From the moment she caught me looking at her,whenever she knew that no-one else could see what she was doing,Kate would open her legs so I could get a peek at her. And once? When it was just she and I in the room,She actually pulled her t-shirt up,to show me her nipples and laid there rubbing her cunny while smiling at me! That was when Meg Almost caught us!

I threw Meg's panties that I was holding down into a chair and dove face first on Kate's bed. I watched as the pillow bounced up and tossed her Smiley Face undies right in front of my eyes. Rolling over,I put my nose to the cotton panel,took a deep breath,then I gave it a lick. Damn! I ground my nose into them,marveling at her scent. It was nothing like Meg's! Why was I suprised by that?

Sitting up,with Kate's panties wrapped around my face and Meg's on my head,I looked between the leg holes over at her dresser. There I saw another pair pair of undies hanging on a picture frame. I got up,rearranged my hard dick,gave it a few rubs,and walked over. When I lifted up the panties I saw that it was My picture they had been dr aped over. They were wet too!. There was a note stuck into the frame,so I took it out and opened it.
"Dear b*****r of Ours,If You are reading this,You are a bigger pervert that We thought. Don't worry,We won't tell. I Really Do Like it when You look at me That Way. If You haven't thought about doing anything like this,We want You to smell these! Maybe even suck on them a little? I Hope that they are still wet when you are reading this. I had them stuffed between my cunny lips rubbing myself with them All Night Long! And I even used them to wipe myself with after I went tinkle this morning,right before leaving! I think I may have even peed a little more on them too! OK,I peed all over them! I Love You and Can't Wait to Be With You when We get back! Love,Your Little Katey-Did! Or is it,Your Little Katey Will? P.S. Look under my Teddy Bear,We left You a couple of suprises." We? Well,if she wanted to pretend like she was Royalty...OK by Me!

I sucked on the panties! I washed my face with them! I wrung them out to see if I could get any of Her juice! Nope! Fuck! I pulled my pants down,took out my dick and then wrapped the damp fabric around it! I was rubbing my cock with Kate's underwear while I walked over to her Teddy Bear. Lifting the bear up,I found about a dozen sheets of paper under him. I had to go back over and sit down on Kate's bed when I saw what they were.

They must have used Meg's camera and printer,because these weren't sheets of paper. They were photographs! Of My Si sters!

The top one was of the two of them. Meg and Kate were on Meg's bed. They were laying on their side,back to back. Each had lifted a leg and spread their pussy lips open. Meg's pussy was just a little darker than Kate's and I could barely see a few whisps of silky black hair between her legs. Kate's was a soft pink on the inside and she positively glowed! Then came Kate,laying on Meg's stomach, looking over the top of Meg,s mound as She held her legs aloft,and Kate used her hands to spread Meg's pussy and ass open! Next was the picture of Meg licking Kate's cunny as she squatted down over Meg's face!

I had to stop and put the pictures down! My mind swam,and now I was sorry that I hadn't gone to the Hotel with them!

There was a pounding in my ears! I was reaching for my cock when I realized that the noise was really coming from downstairs!

"Hay! Billy-Bob Jimmy-Glenn Charley-Bubba Magillicutty! Answer the Damn Door! I've been knocking for over a minute! Pinch it off and wipe,if You have to! Just Open Up!"

I stashed the photos under Kate's pillow,along with Her and Meg's undies. Stuffing my dick back in my pants I slowly walked down the staris. I may have been embarrassed that someone may think I was taking a shit,but I sure as Hell couldn't let Jake see me with a Hard-On!

Jake was cupping his face and looking in through the window next to the door. When He saw me,he began motioning for me to hurry up. I opened the door and saw that his fishing gear was strewed across the porch. He shoved past me,diging at his fly and didn't even bother closing the door as He took a piss in the bathroon off of the livingroom.

I was closing the door and just happened to look back out front again. Betty was standing there wearing a neon yellow one piece swimsuit. Her large breasts looked even bigger and I could see her fat nipples poking out perfectly! Oh My God! The fabric covering her crotch was pulled up tight and lodged between her pussy lips! Then,when she turned around I noticed that the swimsuit seperated her ass cheeks making a long,dark shadow between them! She wrapped a towel around her slim waist and walked over to the car. I knew Betty had seen me,so when she looked back I waved to her and shut the door.
Please don't get hard! I told my dick.

"Get your shit together,Dude! C'mon let's Go!" Jake said as he punched me on the arm walking by and going back outside.

By one p.m. I was done with fishing and Jake was disgusted with me. I hadn't said more than two words to him. Even when he caught one of the biggest trout of his life,all I did was say "Good Job".
That was when He told me to go home.
"I'm tired of dealing with You! Where is your head at today,anyway?"
"Sorry,Jake. Guess I really do miss the fam ily." I said. The more I thought about my si sters,the more I Did Miss Them!
"Want me to ask My Mom if I can spend the night?"
"Naw. Thanks,but I promised the Folks no-one would come over." I lied. Betty! What will Betty be wearing when she stops by? I wondered. I saw Her Pussy! And Those Tits! I...Kate! Meg! I can't believe you two were...
"Hay! Numb Nuts! Get out of here,OK?" Jake said and waved his hands at me. "Let a man fish in peace without worrying his Buddy may fall in and drowned Himself! Go! s**t!"
"Sorry,Jake. I'll go home. Good Luck. Later." I acted like I was depressed. Until He couldn't see me any more,that is. Then My feet flew! I wanted to get back to those pictures! And Maybe I could even catch a glimps of Betty changing! Sometimes She forgot and left her bedroom curtains open,and I could look right in from my room! Oh,please,please,please...

I stood in my room naked,with Meg and Kate's underwear,along with all of the pictures of My Si sters having sex together,spread out in front of me on my bed.
I had opened the window curtains and for some reason,the threat of getting busted jerking off by Betty, made me almost as horny as the photos did.

I was playing with myself,but stopped in mid-stroke. Hunching over I tried to hide my nakedness because I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. Betty had just walked into her bedroom! She was still wearing the swimsuit,but as I watched she was undoing it's straps! I quickly knelt down till I could rest my chin on the window sill. Maybe she wouldn't see me and get naked?!

I crouched there watching in amazement as Betty turned to face me. Slowly,She pulled the swimsuits shoulder straps down and and left them to dangle across her breasts. I continued to stare at her as she reached up towards the ceiling and stretched,but I jumped when her top slid down letting those gorgeous,big tits of hers literally spring out! I fought with myself then,because when Betty stood there rubbing her fingers around and tracing the large brown circles that housed her jutting nipples,I really wanted to jump up and stroke my cock in full view of her! Instead,I continued to squat there like a coward!

It was like I was watching my own old berlesque movie. You know,like the kind they still showed on TV? Betty did a wonderful striptease! But when she took a couple of steps back and I could see her shaved pussy,my hands reached up and grabbed ahold of the sill. I knew if I touched my dick any more it would explode! Something it had never done before!

Betty bent her knees and spread her thighs,leaned her head forward so she could see what she was doing, and began slapping at her cunt! She kept it up till I could see that the skin was turning red!

I was thinking about crawling across the floor and going to the bathroom when we made eye contact. She looked right me! Winking at me,she started to finger fuck herself! Her tits swayed and I could tell something was happening when she started shaking and jerking about! She stopped what she was doing and on shakey legs walked over to open the window.

"I know You are there,so You may as well open the window!" Betty said. She was leaning her hands on the sill and her pendulous breasts swung from side to side as she breathed heavily.

I unlocked the window and pushed it open from where I was.
"Don't be shy! Stand up and let Betty see what You've got! Come on now!"
I did.
Smiling at me,Betty told me to stay where I was and disappeared from my view.

A few moments later I heard the front door open and then the loud,Snap of the lock. The next thing I knew Betty was standing in my doorway wearing a see through,white lace robe that barely came down to cover her snatch! The tie was done up in a bow. She gave one of the laces a tug and it flew open showing me a true Woman of Glory!

The skin was stretched tight across Betty's flat stomach,and her torso was nothing but muscle! Her arms were toned and those big,jiggling breasts of hers barely sagged at all!
"You like this! Don't You? How about this?" she asked and turned around. She clenched her ass cheeks together and I actually saw the muscles ripple! Turning back to face me she stepped close enough for my cock to press against her thigh.
"You know what? All I would have to do,would be to squat down,and Your cock would slide right up My Pussy! What do You think about that?" she asked me as her hand wrapped itself in my hair.

I couldn't look at her. I stood there with my eyes closed,breathing heavily and trembling. I whimpered when I felt her hands on my cheeks and she kissed me. "Don't fret! Betty will take very good care of You." she told me in a low,throaty whisper and kissed me again,this time she parted my lips with her tongue and pulled me into her.

I felt her begin to lower herself and she took a hand to guide my cock till it was resting between her pussy lips! I could smell Her! Her perfume,her pussy,her womanly aroma filled my head! It was so much stronger then Meg's or especially Kate's! Thinking about Kate I started to get cry. I couldn't help it! I had dreamed about fucking her for so long,and now here I was with Betty!

But there wasn't a thought left in my head when Betty pushed herself down,and my cock sank into her! I couldn't remember my own name! I didn't even remember to breath until I gasped when I felt something I had never felt before! My ball sack tightened,my lower stomach hurt,it felt like there was a golf-ball shoved up my ass! And when Betty tickled my nuts,I thought I was pissing boiling hot soda water! Jet after jet of the stuff squirted out from the head of my cock!

I had to hold myself up by gripping Betty's shoulders! My head was swimming and I still had my eyes closed when she lowered me to the floor. I don't know how she did it,but My cock never left the inside of her scalding wet pussy! I laid there on the floor,on my back with Betty straddling my hips. She was gyrating her ass and humping away at my cock till she leaned forward and I felt her fat,hard nipples brushing across my face! "Take one! Put it in your mouth and suck on it! Hard! Harder! Oh,Yeah Baby! Now Bite it! I said Bite It! Just like that! Keep doing it! Oh,Mz.Betty's gonna Fuck You! Can You feel My Cunt Eating Your Cock? No? How about now?!" She screamed!

It really did feel like her pussy was eating my cock! Her cunt squeezed me till it hurt! And when she raised up,she would make her pussy "chew" on my cock all the way back down till our groins smashed back together! She was in the middle of doing just that again when she stopped and started bobbing up and down on just the head of my dick! I was crying again and tried to push her off of me,but it was no use! That's when my body started going into convulsions and I came again! With every spasm that contracted the muscles between my legs,with each thrust and every pump,it felt like I was shooting my life's bl ood deep into her thirsty cunt!

With a motion that belied her age,Betty lifted herself off of my now softening cock and threw her hips forward. Her dripping vagina dropped over my nose and mouth and she demanded that I eat her out! Not knowing what I was doing I tried my best,but it just wasn't good enough for her! Betty began fucking my face as She yelled at me,telling me what to do! Finally reached another orgasm of her own!

I was gasping for breath as her pussy ground down over my mouth,I thought I may pass out when Betty reached between her legs and pinched my nose closed,for cing me to breath through my mouth alone,that was when she filled my mouth with a mixture of our love juices! I swallow as much as I could like she kept telling me to do! Then she rolled to the side and stood up.

"Stay still,Honey. Don't you move a muscle!"

Move? MOVE?! Was she fucking crazy? All I could do was lay there with my eyes closed and gasp for air! I couldn't lift a finger if I wanted to!

It was the flashes of light that made me open my eyes. Betty stood over Me with my digital camera taking pictures.
"Oh,what a lovely sight You are! So Young and strong! And talk about handsome? You are absolutely Beautiful! Even if it does look like someone smashed a melted marshmallow all over your pretty face!" She laughed. "I think I'll add these to Your collection here. I wonder how the Girls will like them?"

I started to quietly cry again.

"Oh,Honey. Don't worry! The Girls are going to Love these! And Sweetie? Remember when I told You that I would bring dinner over? Well. What did you think about the appetizer? Wasn't it scrumptious? I hope it didn't fill you up too much because we still have the main course and dessert to go!" She said as she leaned back over me. I could feel her tongue as Betty began to lick my face clean.
"Yumm-mmmy! I have an idea. Let's go take a shower! I always get horney when I shower with a good looking Young lad!"

I remember thinking "God Help Me!", when we were partway through the shower and Betty got on her knees taking my cock into her mouth. Betty knelt there,devouring my cock untill I started to get hard again!.
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