Farmer Charles and his Fat,Horse Cock! A True Sto

I was on all fours when I heard Charles grunting slightly. I turned my head and watched as he walked out of Gemma's stall carrying a large box over to the stool and set it down.

"Did I tell You to move?" he asked me,because I had turned around and was sitting there,with my arms wrapped around my bent knees.
"No. But I want to know what's going on. Sorry,but over the years I have learned it's better to know what I may be getting into instead of it being a Total Suprise." I said,winking at him.
His laughter filled the barn and set the mares to whinnying again. "Oh! Like You had a clue on Saturday that today,You would be jerking off a dozen studs and getting fucked by me?! Well,Maybe You did. I don't rightly know,but I doubt it. I didn't see That Kind of twinkle in your eyes till we were in the garden this morning!"
"You Bastard." I chuckled. "You would be right,too. What's in the box?"
"Just a little toy of mine. I need to use this sometimes,when I'm just too tired to "Train" My Girls anymore. Which very aint often. But it does happen." he said while opening the straps at the base of the box and lifting the lid.
"I made this here doohicky years ago. My wife and I used to use it ourselves!" I could tell he was proud of the fact. "In the early years it sure was a big help,I'll tell Ya. Don't think that either of Us could have pleasured Our Boys without it! Now,You want to talk about a good fuckin'?! Those Lads can get the job done! Compared to Me,They don't take very long to bust a nut once they got their cock up in Ya,but after having four or five of them cum up your asshole? Hooo! What a feeling! And talk about seeing something Hot? Why,watching My Jenny when she would be strapped to one of the boys and hanging down under it's belly,was just fanfuckingtastic! She would lift her legs,put her heels up on his rump,then work her way down till she had that cock stuffing her cunt almost balls deep! After that? Hell! She just sort of hung on for dear life and let them do what came natural! Why,she used to stay under there enjoying the ride till it's cock would finally shrink down enough to fall out on it's own! Good times! Good Times,for sure! Shit,Boy! I still go out there two or three times a week,My Own Self! Nothing like it! Helps keep me young!" he laughed.

While Charles was talking,he removed a couple of cotterpins and unfolded a long metal arm,clamping it in place. Uncoiling the electrical cord,he brought it with him back into Gemma's stall. I heard him slap her on the ass and some wet,slurping sounds then. "Move over Girl! I know You know what's coming,but You just have to wait is all! Now Move!" The affection in his voice for her was unmistakeable. He returned with a hammer,three tent spikes and a wet face. "Damn near drowned in there!" and He gave another full belly laugh. "Sure You don't want to try a bit of mare pussy first? I know Thelma down there would love to get her some strange cock. That little slut is horney even when she aint in heat!" he smiled at me,winking. "You're big enough to give her a mighty fine time. Ain't nothing like it! It's a totally different kind of lovin'!" he said while pointing the hammer at my hard cock.

"Um...I don't think I'm quite ready for That yet,Charles. But thanks for the offer. Be sure to thank Thelma too." I chuckled.
"You're loss!. Thelma has a real tight one. I know,cause I haven't buried this big ol thing up in her yet." And he hefted his cock pointing it's head at my mouth. "But She does love her vibrator! She likes my tongue too!" he said licking his lips. Squatting down and laying his cock on the blanket in front of him,Charles drove the tent spikes through iron straps at the base of each of the stools legs. "Don't want this falling over on You. Kind of hard to explain it to the Insurance Company. Don't ya Think?" Always the jokester,Charles was.

With every swing of the hammer I watched his big beautiful balls sway around in circles. "Don't move!" I whispered from behind him and he froze at my touch. Reaching out,I cupped his testicles in my hands and began massaging them. I rubbed them together,lifting each one up towards the cheeks of his ass and then I began to work on them with my thumbs. I squeezed them hard,leaned forward and covered each one with kisses. Grabbing him at the top of his scrotum with my left hand I pulled it down,till his balls were trapped and his nutsack was nice and tight. Using my right hand to reach between his legs,I laughed as his cockhead sc****d along the blanket and his whole body shook. Letting go of his balls,I kept pulling his cock back to me and up till his balls were on either side of his enormous shaft. That's when I finally wrapped both hands around his giant piece of meat and stuck the tip of my tongue into his piss slit. Working up a mouthful of spit,I drooled all over his glans,swirling my tongue around the fat,purple head. His cock was growing the entire time I was doing that,and I was amazed at how hard it was to keep it in my grasp. The sheer strength of it! I actually had to struggle to hold onto it! I let go when He began to pound the hammer against the floor and laughed when it landed on the blanket with a "THUD"!

"You're a little fuck! You know that? Boy,I damn near came!" he was laughing again as he stood up. "Get back on all fours. And Don't go nowhere this time,damnit!" He had stepped away from me so I couldn't grab his cock again. "I won't be long." I heard him say as I circled around and arranged myself.
"Sure! I've heard that before!" I teased.

"Good Girl! You like that don't you Sweetheart?" I listened as he talked to Gemma. "Here You go. Yeah,You like that? Oh,I know You do." It sounded like someone was sticking their hand in and out of a half full jelly jar. I was laughing when he stepped back behind me. I couldn't help myself. Then I gasped as something hot and slick pressed up against my asshole and pushed past my anal ring. I knew it wasn't His cock,because whatever it was just wasn't big enough. "How's that feel? Great aint it? Nice and hot! Fresh from the horse's cunt!" he said,and then my brain did a flip!

He turned the machine on low at first so I coud get used to it,but gradually increased the speed. I rocked back and forth while it tirelessly fucked me. I began to buck my hips and meet the thrusts as best I could. It Felt So GOOD! Many years have passed since I had a cock in my ass,even if it was a plastic one,and I had thought those days were over. Guess I was wrong!

I heard noises then and opened my eyes. Charles was leading Gemma out to stand in front of me. Like he had done right before we jerked off the studs. I could actually smell her pussy as she stood there in front of me. I watched,smiling as he lifted her tail and threw a rope up over the rafters. He tied her tail,so it stuck straight up,and moved her around so her dripping cunt was in full view. She stood stalk still,only her muscles quivered as her pussy snapped at the air. "Enjoy the view,Boy! I'll be right back." he said and walked away. And I did!

My hands gripped the blanket beneath me. My hard cock swung and slapped my stomach with every thrust of the dildo and I couldn't wait for Charles to get back and feed my ass his meat! I watched as Charles went from stall to stall. He would walk in then bring the mare out and turn her around so her rump faced me. Just like Gemma,he tied a rope to their tails and lifted them up,till they too were exposing their glistening pussies for my pleasure!

The sights and smells were driving me wild. I couldn't believe how much I was getting turned-on by all of this,but when he began inserting large,vibrating dildos into their eagerly,drippings pussies,and strapping them in place? I had to stop what I was doing and tell him!

"Fuck Me! Charles! Why would You Ever Leave the Farm? My God Man! You have Everything You need right here!" I yelled to him,as I crawled forward and let the dildo that was up my ass flop out and continue to stab away at the empty air,until I went over and turned it off.
"My Boy. 'A Man does not live on bread alone.' Aint that the old saying?" he said.
"Well,between the Girls in here and the Boys out back...Really. Dude..." I was at a loss for words after that. I crossed the floor and stood next to him sweating and breathing hard.

"Here,You get to bring Thelma back so she can be next to Gemma. Those two like that." He said. Then he left me,to walk back and be with Gemma. He walked bowlegged so I could see his cock and ballsack swinging between his legs as I led Thelma over to Gemma's side. Holding his dick in both hands,Charles lifted that monster up until Gemma could lick on it,and I almost passed out when I watched him slide his cock past her lips and into her mouth. Her tongue stuck out and she worked her jaw from side to side as he told her what a good girl she was for not biting,then he scratched her ears and patted her neck.

By then,the barn was filled with a cacophony of noise,as the girls whinnied and whickerd and began drumming their tiny hooves in place upon the ground. They were all arching their backs and fucking away at imaginary studs! I began having a hard time concentrating because of the noise and heady scent. Charles handed me the last rope and had me tie it around Thelma's tail then lift it till her silky,rose pink slit was visable. It stood out in stark contrast from her white coat. I heard Charles groaning and tearing my eyes away from Thelma's wet hole,I said "Hay! You're not going to cum are You?" He could tell I was a bit worried about that happening.
"Naw. I'm getting into the spirit of things,is all! I promise You,I'm just working up a big load! In fact. I'm having a hard time Not shoving You down on the ground and fucking your brains out,right now!"
"Then Let's do it!"
"Not yet. First there's a few more things I want to know. Plus,Poor Little Thelma here needs to be taken care of too! Reach behind that door over there and open the closet. Inside You'll find the harness and sanitizer. Work it all over the vibrator then bring it back over to me." I did what he asked me to do. The black vibrator was smaller than my cock and,for just a moment mind you,I wondered what it would be like to be the first one to fuck Thelma. God! Could My Cock Get Any Harder?!

Following Charles's instructions,I strapped the harness in place around Thelma's rump and then,I'm not really sure why I did it,I parted her wet pussy lips with my fingers and gave her bright pink cunt a kiss,licking it before I gently pushed the vibrator into her and turned it on to full! Her front hooves immediately began to make a rapid tattoo on the floor. She swung her head in big circles then and to my suprise she sounded very much like my last girlfriend did right when she got ready to cum!

"Is it safe to leave them like that?" I asked.
"Yep! They won't go anywhere a'tall. Top Quality! Like I keep telling You,Boy! Trained them all myself!" Charles stepped back,pulling his cock out of Gemma's mouth,and walked over to a different stall then came back,bringing with him another stool.
"Tell Me this,Doug. How old are You?"
"How many years has it been since that teacher first got you to suck his cock?"
I blushed and said "42".
He raised his eyebrows and just looked at me. I had no idea what he was thinking,but I watched as his cock grew noticably harder. It no longer pointed at the floor with just the tip arching up. In fact,when he suddenly smiled at me,that damned thing had grown so hard it started bouncing up and down and was almost at a 45 degree angle! How in the fuck could this old man manage that?!
"And Doug,how many years has it been since you were last fucked by those men?"
"Almost 38." My own cock was throbbing,dancing around in time with his! My senses were being assaulted. My brain felt like it was becoming overloaded! I even started to get dizzy.
"Get a stool and sit down before you fall down,Son." He said in a gentle voice. So I did. When I returned he asked "Were there any other times that You were fucked by a group of men?" he was now using both hands to stroke his cock.
"Sure. Several in fact. Once I was even fucked in a men's bathroom at the bowling alley after a tournament!"
"Damn,Son! Tell me all about it! I want to hear this!" He exclaimed while climbing up onto the stool. I smiled at him,then My jaw dropped open and stayed that way. I watched as he rested his hands on either side of Gemma's dappled rump,and while looking over at me grinning from ear to ear,he parted the lips of her pussy with his giant cockhead and sank his big,beautiful,turgid,anaconda of a cock deep into Her waiting cunt!
She "Squeeeeed" with delight,craning her head out straight in front of her! She stomped on the floor with her front hooves as a flood of pussy juice gushed out! It was almost surreal,there was so much of it! It flowed back along his pistoning cockshaft,soaking his swinging ballsack,and ran in rivulets forming a puddle on the floor!

"Well? Tell Me! And Pay attention to Thelma! Knuckle around the sides of her snatch,Boy. She loves that!" I stood close behind Thelma,because I was afraid of being kicked,and kneeded the sides of of her dripping cunt. Her appreciation was both arrousing and gratifying.
"You can move back some. She won't kick. Like I said..."
"I know. Top Quality! You trained them all yourself!" I finished for him.
"Smart ass!" He grunted.

"O.K.,Charles. Whatever you say." I found myself smiling and started chuckling.
"It was a Friday night and while most of the other ki ds were spending the night with their fam ilies,my neighbor,Pat,had taken me with him to the bowling alley. He was watching me while my Mom pulled night duty at the hospital,and Dad was somewhere over in Europe at the time. Anyway...That night Pat brought me with Him to the Pin 'N' Pool. I was the only ki d there. In fact,except for the woman working the cash register,only men were there. Every one of them was drinking and smoking. I think bowling was the last thing on their minds." I stopped to laugh at the memory. "Pat left me in the back,sitting at a table in the shadows with a Fantastic Four comic book,a plate of french fries and a root beer. After telling me to be sure and stay out of peoples way,Pat went over to join his buddies. I sat there for maybe half an hour when my teacher walked in and spotted me. He didn't even say 'Hi' to me,he just walked over,unzipped his fly and told me to suck his cock. So I did. I was really getting into it when all of a sudden he pulled his cock out of my mouth and shoved it back into his pants. Pamela,the cashier,was working her way over in our direction and I guess he didn't want to get caught. 'Pam!" he said when she came over to see how I was doing. 'Hay,Paul. How ya doing Dougy? Need anything else?' she asked me,but before I could say a word,my teacher said 'Pam. Dougy needs to use the restroom. It's pretty filthy in there,so can He use the Managers? I don't think Steve would mind. Do you?' "No. Not at all! He isn't here tonight anyway. Help Yourself,Dougy!' she said and left to go back serving the men more beer."

I had to interupt my story because Thelma kept backing into me,nudging me with her backside till I almost fell over,and I noticed that when she did,my cock would rub up against her and I was leaving it there longer each time.

"She's telling You Politely,that she wants you to fuck her with her toy! Go On! It aint gonna kill none to help that sweet little thing out,will it?" Charles admonished. I was having an even harder time remembering where I had left off. I watched in fasination as Charles picked up speed and Gemma tried her best to keep him in her at all times. She wanted All Of It! And as deep as she could take it too! Couldn't say that I blamed her any. Not one bit!
I reached down and undid one of the straps holding Thelma's vibrator in place, and began working it into and out of her pussy. She turned her head to look back at me and whickerd softly. It was like she was telling me "Yes! just like that!" and "More please!"
"Where was I?"
"Paul was bring you to the ba..."
"That's right...Thanks,Charles."

"Paul brought me through Steve's office and into his bathroom. It was the first time I ever saw a shower with a toilet inside of it! He pulled my pants off,leaned me up against the sink and had me spread my ass cheeks. He knelt down and rimmed my ass for a few minutes,then he undressed and took off the rest of my clothes too. He brought me into the shower with him,and after unscrewing the hand held shower head,he lifted me up and stuck the shower hose right up my ass! When I was all 'Squeeky Clean' as he called it,he told me to suck on his cock some more before fucking me till he came inside of me. Then,with out any warning,he spanked me. He told me what a naughty little boy I was for making him want me to suck on his cock and fuck me in my ass! I was hurt and confused, until he whispered that we were 'playing a game' and then I pretended to cry. 'Am I going to be punished?' I asked. 'Oh,you're going to be punished all right. So You Like Doing dirty and naughty things?' "Uh Hu!' I nodded yes. 'Well come with me!' and he had me get dressed,but he took my underware with him."
That's when Thelma's pussy started running like Gemma's had been. "Keep doing it like that,Boy! She's going to blow any second now!" Charles yelled above all of the noise. He pulled out of Gemma and stepped down from the stool. He walked to the back of the barn and began putting the mares back into their stalls. "I want to be sure that there's nothing left to do later." he called over his shoulder.

I took the harness off of Thelma,tossed it across the stall door and began working in earnest on her hot wet snatch with my own fingers! I lost all track of time,and leaning in close I watched,enthralled,as she continued to hump away at my hand! I felt a warm breath next to my ear and heard Charles say "You're doing it! Make the Lady Cum,Boy! Come on! You can Do It!" And almost on cue she puckered her ass as tight as she could and I felt her vagina squeezing my fingers! Then Her pussy erupted all over my hand,arm and face!
Charles pulled on the slip knot dropping her tail allowing Thelma to trot a few steps away. She stopped,turned around and walked back to me with her head held low,"poping" her lips.

"What ever You do. Don't move,or she Will Bite You!" Charles whispered to me,gripping my shoulders. I was terrified. Forget having to explain it if a some fuck-machine fell on mey leg,how was I going to explain it when a horse bit my dick off?!
Thelma walked right up to me and put her lips over the head of my cock. Then she started licking it! I was afraid I was going to cum in her mouth! "O.K. Girl. That's enough for today." Charles said and walked up to her shooing her back to her stall. "I told You she was a slut!" and he burst out laughing.
"Why,You miserable Old Goat! I actually thought...she could have... God Damnit,Charles! I told You I wasn't read to do anything like that!"
"Oh Bull Shit! Just look at yourself in a mirror!" Charles disappeared into a small room I hadn't noticed before and came back carrying two 2 ltr. bottles of soda. One g**** and the other orange. "Your choice." I took the g****,thought it may go well with the taste of Thelma,that was filling my mouth. Looking down I saw that Charles's cock was hanging back down between his legs again. "You didn't..."
"No! I didn't! I Told You! I was just working up a big load for Ya! Drink up! Now where were we? I want to hear the rest!"

"It was getting late and I had been passed from lap to lap while the men bowled. Every one of them would feel me up when they thought nobody was looking. Either that,or they would rub my eager little hands on their cocks,letting me play with them. I remember that some of them kept trying to hide their hard-ons under their bowling shirts whenever they stood up." I laughed and sat on the stool facing Charles. I lifted his still moist cock and held it with my left hand just behind the head, as I stroked it and played with his wet balls. Holding it up,I sucked on the tip,tasting Gemma's pussy juice as I did so.

"Finally,much later,Pamela walked up and handed someone the keys to the place. She said 'Boys! You're on the honor system from now on. This Old Girl is headed home! G'Night and Good Luck!'. Not long after that there were only about a dozen men left at the Pin 'N' Pool. One of them being my teacher and the other was Pat. I looked around and realised that the men left,were the ones who had taken their time feeling me up and not hiding their hard-ons when they stood. In fact,I think they were kind of proud of what they had been doing! This one guy,Rudy said 'So Paul,Is it true what they say about Dougy here? He really a little fuck bunny?' 'Yea,Paul. I heard that too. Anyone else?' somebody said. I looked around and watched them nodding their heads. I felt sorry for Pat. He had no idea what was going on and he started getting angry. 'Tony,bring Pat back to the kitchen and give him all the beer he can drink. It's on Us!' Paul said,and that was the last I saw of Pat till the ride home." Charles's cock was getting hard again so I sucked it just a little bit,teasing him,and then I squeezed his balls again.

"I was taken back into Steve's bathroom again and stripped,naked. Paul passed a tube of lube around and said it was only for those that were going to fuck me. But those who were going to get head from the best little cocksucker in town didn't need it because I had the slickest throat that there ever was! The men started fighting over the lube. Before any of them could get ahold of me,Paul passed a condom to each man and told them to 'Suit and Lube". I knew what I was in for and actually welcomed it. I was once again the center of attention! Plus I didn't have to suck their cocks! One by one they lined up,and one by one they crammed their beer filled cocks into me. That's probably why it took so many of them a long time to get off. It sure wasn't me,because i was working my boypussy as hard as I could to milk them dry! Then there was this one dude that came almost as soon as he shoved his dick in me. I laughed at that and he got pissed then stormed out. In the end,I knelt on the bathroom floor among the discarded condoms. I don't know why,but after each man came,for some reason he pulled his condom off and emptied on me. I was naked,soaked in man cum and exhausted,and that's just how Paul put me into Pat's car. Pat didn't say anything most of the way home and when he did it was to ask me if I liked doing 'That sort of thing'. 'You mean getting fucked? Sure! I like it alot. But I like sucking cocks too!' I told him. 'What? You know how to suck cocks?' 'Yep! I'm the best too! Here,I'll show Ya!' I said and when we stopped at a light,I crawled over to his lap,took his dick out of his pants and began sucking him off. We were pulling into his driveway when he came in my mouth!"

That wonderful,beautilful,long,fat cock of Charles's was then standing to attention in my hands! He reached down and handed me a bottle of lube,I made sure to put a good thick coat all over that thing,and squatting in front of him,I used my right hand to lather my asshole up as well. I got on my hands and knees then,and leaned forward. He spread my ass open with his strong,tanned hands and I felt a thrill when he placed the head of his cock against my opening. My nipples were sticking out hard and I shook in anticipation at what was to come! Slowly but firmly he pushed forward and I thought I would die!

It was like nothing I had ever felt before! Wider and wider he stretched me open. I arched my back and grunted,much like Gemma had. I panted,broke out in a cold sweat and at one point I thought I may even pass out! Then I relaxed as much as I could,rested my head of the blanket and began enjoying it as he fed inch after inch into me. It was like what I imagined getting fisted may feel like!

Deeper and deeper he made his way up into me,then it felt like someone had punched me in the nuts when his balls swung into mine with full f***e! Over and over they slapped me as he picked up speed,the sensation was driving me wild with lust,and inch by inch his cock punched deeper!
There was no time. There was no world. There was only that huge fucking cock now plowing away,faster and faster as he drilled my ass!

His sweat mixed with mine as it dripped down my back and the sound of him fucking me was almost as thrilling as the feeling of his cock! He gripped my waist tighter and tighter and I could tell that he was finally getting close to giving me his manseed. I didn't think it could feel any better than it already did until he buried his last three or four inches into me and held me tight against his pelvis. He ground into me then and I felt it when the cum erupted from his cock! Shot after shot filled me,He leaned forward till his chest rested on my back. Then,feeling him rise back up,I thought he was finished as he started to pull his cock out. I groaned and then yelled when he plowed back into me! He wasn't done at all! But now he pulled his cock out till only the head was nestled in my asshole,and that was when he began fucking me with the entire length of his cock! Once again I was oblivious to everything until I felt his second orgasm blast deep within me. When Charles finally did pull out,I heard a nasty squelching sound and a loud "thunk" when his coch hit the floor.

I sprawled there on the blanket and listened as he walked away. A few minutes later I opened my eyes when he droped my clothes in front of me. "You may want those for the ride home." He laughed. "Come on. Bring the basket. Let's get You those veggies,Son."

I waddled after him,still naked,out into the fields,with my clothes in the basket. I was trying my best to pinch my asshole tight and keep it closed but every so often I could feel some of his cum slide out and grease the inside of my ass cheeks. It wasn't till I squatted down in the eggplant patch and let fly with an enormous fart that his seed came pouring out! I don't know how much cum he had dumped into me,but it felt like I had been fucked by one of the studs. I told him that too! Which made him laugh.

Getting dressed and loading up the truck I said "Well?" He looked at me and replied "That's a deep thought." and we both began laughing again. Unfortuneately,when I did,more cum leaked out into my shorts,making for a long wet ride home.

I was waving Good By to him when I heard him yell "Hay! See You next week?"
"Give me a call and let me know what day is best for You!" I yelled back. I almost fell asl eep twice on the way home,wet shorts and all.
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