Cum Drops! Such Tasty Little Morsels!

My neighbors,Billy and Donna Morriss,are always packing up and taking off whenever the urge strikes them. Sometimes they are only gone for a couple of days but more often than not,they have been known to disappear for a week or two. Which is great,for them. For Me? Not so much. Why? Because every time they split,Billy and Donna leave their twin sons at home to fend for themselves. Don't get me wrong,Dale and Dana are great boys,but they always seem to end up spending most of their time over at my house. I don't mind really,it's just that I'm an old,confirmed bachelor and I'm not used to all of the noise and turmoil that two young boys seem to constantly stir up. Well,that and the fact that they make me horny as hell!


Dressed in nothing more than my old robe and a three days growth of whiskers,I was standing on my bedroom balcony,drinking my morning cup of coffee,when I heard yelling coming from the Morriss's back yard. "Dale! You're such a dumb ass! You coulda killed me!" Dana screamed. I looked over in time to see him wiping water out of his eyes. Evidently,Dale had just pushed Dana into the pool.
"Looks like the Boys are "sans parents" again." I muttered to myself and was suprised to feel my cock give a twitch. I took another sip of coffee then almost dropped my cup when Dana hoisted himself out of the pool. Shit! He wasn't wearing any trunks!

With his arms folded across his chest,Dana stood there naked and shivering,looking around for his br other. He couldn't see Dale,but I could. Dale was crouched behind one of the shrubs and holding the garden hose. I thought for sure Dana was in for another soaking. And I was right,too. Kind of.

Dale stood up and walked slowly towards his br other. Fuck! He was naked too! "Get on Your knees!" I heard him say. "You lost the bet now it's time to pay up!"
"Do I have to? Can't we do this in the bathroom? Please?!" Dana sobbed.
"Nope! You made the bet! It could just as well be Me going first instead,but You're the one that lost! You know the deal. Get on Your knees and spread your butt cheeks!" I couldn't tear my eyes away from the scene that was unfolding! Dana got down on his knees and bent forward till his face was in the grass. I could barely see his tiny,shrivled nutsack but that didn't stop my breath from catching when he spread his ass cheeks apart and I got a glimps of his tight,puckered pink hole! My cock started to swell as I watched Dale come up behind his br other and slowly push the hose's nozzle into Dana's waiting,upturned ass.

"I'll only put a little bit of water in. To start with. OK?" Dale said as he turned the spigot on. "Is there any water going in? Can You feel it?" He asked.
"Not really." Dana answered. "I mean,yeah but it's not too bad. You can turn it up a little,if You want!"
"How does it feel now? Does it hurt?" Dale said,maybe a little bit too loudly,and I watched his wrist twist to the left.
"OH! Shit! Shit! Turn it off! Fucking Turn It OFF ASSHOLE!" Dana pounded his fists and kicked his feet against the lawn as Dale ran over and sk**ded to a stop behind him.
"Don't move." Dale said in a commanding voice,as he held the hose in place. "Nothing's leaking out,so I couldn't have put too much in! Stop being a baby! People do this all the time. You read the same story that I did and it said we need to do this five or six times to be sure there's no more po op left. What was it we heard Mom's friend say? It took her almost 15 or 16 times till All the water came out clean? But I think that's cause she's so fucking fat!" My cock sprung to full attention and stuck straight out,pushing open the front of my robe. It was a struggle not to stand there and jerk off while watching them!

Dale pulled the nozzle out of Dana's asshole and at first nothing happened. "You're pinching,right? Remember,it said you need to pinch your asshole really tight,then relax a little and push! Should I add mo..." He stopped talking and jumped farther to the side as a fountain of water erupted from Dana's ass! "OH FUCK! That feels So Good! Do it again! Do it again!" Dana pleaded. Dale shoved the hose back up his br other's ass and ran over to the spigot again!

My coffee had gone stone cold,and my cock was harder than it had been in months. In fact,it was so hard the head of my cock had turned a dark purple and a couple of drops of pre-cum had moistened the tip. But I was afraid to move. I thought if I did,the boys may catch the movement,get scared and run inside. My hands cramped something fierce from gripping the railing till my knuckles were white,but I knew if I took them off,even for a second,nothing would stop me from bea ting my meat! So I stood there for almost an hour,watching as the boys took turns shoving the hose up each others ass and squirting water all over their back yard. Toward the end,they were seeing who could hold the most water and then shoot it the farthest! Ah,Youth! When they were done,Dale stood in front of Dana and began rubbing the tips of their thumb sized cocks together. I had the perfect view,because they were standing sideways to me,and when they started doing that,well,I backed into my room as slowly as I possibly could.

I kept telling myself to stop thinking about what I had witnessed the boys doing. That and not to jerk off! But I couldn't help it! Watching their young,slim bodies,as they so innocently discovered some of the joys of sexual pleasure,or recalling the sight of their short blond hair shining in the sunlight as they stood there with their hips shoved forward and rubbing the tips of their cock heads together had me so fucking worked up,I almost blew a load of cum onto the carpet! But instead,I promised myself a day of surfing the net for the raunchiest,nastiest,kinkiest porno I could find and edging until I just couldn't take it any more! Hell,I may even fuck myself with my ex-girlfrinds dildo! Why Not? Nothing's stopping me!

I had made it down the hallway,without touching myself,and stared out of the kitchen window. I could see into the Morriss's kitchen,since they faced each other,and as I waited for the coffee to finish perking I thought "Too bad their light isn't turned on. If it was,maybe I could see what the boys are up to." It was like someone had read my mind,because as I was filling my cup,the light flickered to life and one of the boys opened the curtains!

I just knew I was in for a Hell of a Show!

I sipped my coffee and enjoyed watching as Dana and Dale helped each other up onto the kitchen table. They were still naked and I laughed as they danced around like they thought strippers did,then one of them,I'm not sure which one,got down on his knees and started kissing and sucking the other one's dick! I could tell he didn't know what he was doing,but did that really matter? Hell No! In fact,it made this Way More Erotic! To think these two virgin boys had chosen this day to revel in the sins of the flesh was so fucking hot,I was beside myself with joy!

After several minutes of watching,I figured out it was Dale,awkwardly attempting to give his br other head,and my cock was killing me! At first,I thought there was an argument going on when Dale stopped sucking on Dana's dick,but I changed my mind when I noticed Dana hapilly clapping his hands together. I couldn't hear what they were saying,but their actions spoke volumns! Both boys jumped down from the table and were gone for quite a while. I was thinking about going to the computer in my den,when I saw Dana run back into the room carrying a candelabra which he placed in the middle of the table. Once again I spied on them as they climbed back onto the table,and this time I did drop my coffee cup when I realized what they were about to do! Each boy positioned himself over one of the candles and rested his hands on the others shoulders,then together as one,they squated down. Inch after inch of candle disappered up into their asses,and as first one of the boys would raise up the other would sink back down. It was like they were riding a see-saw!

God I'm such a pervert! I stood there stroking my cock and didn't give a fuck if they saw me or not. In fact,I even went so far as to step over to the sliding glass door,open the blinds and take my robe off as I continued to slowly pleasure myself! I was hoping that one or maybe even both of the boys would look over and catch me stroking my long,fat cock while watching them! And They Did!

First Dana and then Dale stood up,knocking the candelabara over. Leaving it stay where it fell,the boys jumped down and ran over to their sliding glass door. They pressed the palms of their hands and faces against the glass and stared at me with wide eyes as I stood there stroking my cock,staring right back at Them!
"Wow! Look at his dick!" I saw Dana say to Dale. "It's way bigger than Dad's dick is! Or even Mr.Mullens! Let's go over!"
I unlocked the door and opened it a crack. Peeking out to make sure no-one was walking down the sidewalk,I motioned for them to hurry up and run over. I barely had the chance to open the door all of the way before Dana and Dale were standing in my kitchen. I checked again then closed and relocked the door and drew the blinds tightly closed.
"We want to see what your dick feels like! Can we? Can we touch it?" They said in unison.
Oh,this was going to be fun! "Sure! You two can touch it all you want!" I stood there with my hands resting on the tops of their heads and let them run their hands and fingers all over my cock!
"Can I touch Your balls?" Dana asked.
"I don't see why not! Go on! Give 'em a squeeze! Just not too hard!" I said. The boys were fasinated with the large size,shape and heaviness of my nutsack. "Hay,before things get too hot for me to stop,I need to take a shower." I told them. I wanted to be clean for what we were about to do. So I walked them into the den and turned on the internet. It didn't take me long to find a really perveted site that specialized in "no holes barred" Father and Son role playing and told them to enjoy themselves. When I got back from my shower,they were watching a movie that featured a much older,grey-haired gent with a huge cock pounding away at some skinny,barely legal,blond twink's ass!
"Look at him go!" Dale exclaimed. "I bet that feels great! Better than some skinny ol'candle!"
"Yeah." Dana sighed. "Are You going do that to Us? Oh Shit!" he said when he saw that the older man had pulled his cock out of the twinks asshole and shoved it in his mouth making him suck on it till the old man came. That Old Man held the twinks head in a tight grip and pumped his cum into the twinks mouth until the boy started gagging from the amount! Using that as a que,I reached out and held Dana's chin between a thumb and forefinger. Tilting his head back and making him look me straight in the eyes,I said "Boy! I'm not only going to do that to you,I'm going to do things to you you never even dreamed of!"
"Oh,shit!" he whispered.

I sat on the edge of my bed and motioned them to stand in front of me. "Let me get a good look at the two of you. I want you to hold your hands up over your head and turn around slowly. Do it until I tell you to stop." Like good boys they complied without a single complaint. I had them stop,facing away from me and bend over to touch their toes. As they were doing so,I parted their ass cheeks and inspected their ball sacks then I tickled their assholes with a fingertip. Sweet! "Stand up and turn around facing me. Well,well,well...what have we here? Two little dicks wearing turtle necks? Why,I may have to throw these boys back! I don't think they're big enough to keep yet!"
"NO!" they howled. "You can't do that to us!" Dale said and stomped his foot.
"That's right! You're not being fair! They get bigger when they're hard! Look! See? Mine is getting bigger right now! Touch it! Please? You'll see!"
"He's not lying! Look! Mine is gettingg bigger too!" Dana echoed.
"Well. I don't know. They look the same to me. Kind of puney. In fact,your dicks look almost identical." I teased.
"It's because We are! We're Identical Twins! Almost. Dale has a few more hairs under his arms and on his balls than I do,and I have some coming in around my left nipple,but other than that...Oooooooh." I shut him up by pulling his foreskin back exposing his dickhead,and blowing on it. I laughed when his skin pebbled with goosebumps and he shivered from head to toe.

"Answer this one question and then I'll decide if You boys can stay or not. Have either of you made "Dick Spit" yet?" They both looked at each other and then held hands. "Be Honest now. Do you know what "Dick Spit" is? No? Remember when that Old Man started shooting all of that white stuff out of his cock and into that boys mouth? Well That! My Dears,is "Dick Spit"!" It was so hard not to laugh at the expression on their faces. I swear,I thought Dana was going to cry. "Well? Go on. Answer me."
"Dale kinda did." Dana whispered. "I mean,there was a little bit of slippery stuff that leaked out last week."
"And Dana had some leak out earlier when we shoved the candles up our butts! Does that count?"
"I don't know. I'll have to think about it." I said in a very stern voice. "Stand up on the bed. I want to try an experiment. First,I want you to watch this and We'll see what happens." I leaned over and clicked on one of my favorite videos. It's one of a petite blond chick getting eaten out by her "Aunt" as her "Uncle" fucks her up the ass.
"That looks just like Stacy from Home Room!" Dale exclaimed. "Naw. Stacy has bigger tits and wears braces. Maybe She's...OhMyGawd ThatTickles!" Dana squeeled. I had dipped my fingers into a jar of lube and began massaging their assholes with it. "I want You both to squat down,just a little bit,and lean on my shouders." I told them,and when they did,I stuck my finger up their ass until I could feel the small knot that is their prostate. Both boys were panting and started grinding down on my hands. I could hear the girl moaning with pleasure as she was being double teamed and I couldn't wait for my reward.
"Stand up straight and keep watching! Who wants the first blow job?"
"I DO!"
Dana answered a slpit second after Dale did,so Dale got to go first. I leaned close and blew warm air across onto dickhead. He started to giggle. Getting closer,I used my lips to push back his foreskin and swirled my tongue around the head of his cock. I kept this up until I felt his legs shake,then I sucked his entire dick into my mouth and proceeded to lip fuck him while fingering his ass.
"Dana! Oh,Dana! Something's happening! It feels like I gotta piss but it doesn't! It Itches and Burns! Oh...My dick Hurts! Make it stop! What's happening?! Ahh,ahh...Oh! Hunggggh!" Dale made such a fuss that Dana had fallen over onto the mattress,so I used my free hand to push his ass forward as I continued to suck and tease him. Finally I pulled my head back until the tip of his cock was between my lips. I continued to suck and tongue him,then I started humming. He went frantic then,but when I started tapping on his prostate he became absolutely spastic. His hips pumped away and he was shaking his head from side to side when suddenly he clamped his ass cheeks together and made a noise that was somewhere between laughter and a sob. "Dana!!!" He finally screamed out,while filling my mouth,as he shot out stream after stream of his very first orgasm! Mmmm,Boy Cum! So Delish!

I opened my eyes and saw Dana still laying on the bed with a look of pure horror on his face. When I let Dales cock slip out of my mouth,I showed him part of his load. Unfortunately,I had swallowed most of it,but there was enough left for them to get the idea of what it was.
I let go of Dale and he fell over backwards onto the mattress. His little dick stuck up straight and proud,it was bright red with a purple head and it was covered with a slime that was a combination of his cum and my spit. He laid there laughing and gasping for breath,so I leaned over his crotch and began sucking the cum drops that kept oozing out!

Mmmm,Cum Drops! Such Tasty Little Morsels!

I stood there staring at Dana,the cum dripping off of my lips and said "You're Next! Come Here!" and I pointed to the bed in front of me.
"I...I was playing with myself while I watched. I'm sorry. But I don't think that there is anything left." He lied. His dick and hands were dry as a bone,something I was about to remedy. "Oh. There's Always Something Left! Now get over here!" Dana walked across the short distance and put his hands on my shoulders then squated down. My finger slid right up into him with no resistance. "He's going to be The First One I Fuck!" I thought,and with that in mind,I proceeded to do the same things to him as I did to his br other. Well,with a few extra teases because he lied to me. But I must say,it didn't take long for all of his shyness melt away. He held onto my ears and tried to fuck my face like he had watched the men in the videos do,but when it came time for him to cum,his legs buckled and I had to lay him down as I finished sucking him off! I was afraid someone may hear his screams at one point because at the moment of his climax,it sounded like he was being bea ten! He thrust his hips up repeatedly slamming his crotch against my face,and altho he lied about not having anything left,I could tell that he didn't have quite as much cum as Dale had.

Mmmm,more Cum Drops for me to snack on! Oh so sweet and tasty! I couldn't wait for tonight and the next course!

I stood at the side of the bed glowering at the two of them. "Well,well,well,I guess,maybe,You Two are keepers after all. My only question now is this "What are We going to do about...? " and I pointed to my engorged cock. A drop of clear liquid was shining like the evening star as it tried to escape from my piss slit. "Holy Shit! Dale! It's even bigger than before!" "And it looks Hungry Dana! Damn! Look at it! It's even drooling!"
"If you boys thought that that Old man earier had a lot of sauce,just wait till I blow This Ol' Thing all over your pretty little faces! Oh,and by the way. I can cum 3,sometimes 4 times in one night! I'll let you catch your breath Dana,but I think I should warn You. I'm about to do some things to You You Never Even Dreamed Of!" I burst out laughing at the sheer look of terror he gave me,while Dale was grinning from ear to ear!
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10 months ago
i usually hate it when others ask for "what happened next?" or for more chapters. this is an excellent short story but has such potential for further adventures that i wonder why you never added to them?
11 months ago
so perverted, so good!
2 years ago
great story, i would keep the twins for two weeks and have some fun with them. i would shared them with my friends
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
WOW so fucking hot!!!! yes more please