Courtney,One Crazy Little Bitch. Part 2

I knew what we were doing was wrong. What more can I say? That I knew it was wrong and that I didn't care? Well,fine. "I didn't care!". There. I said it. Does That Make You Happy?

I had pleaded with Samantha,Courtney's Mother,never to ask me to babysit for her again! Granted,I didn't go into any great detail,but that's besides the point,damnit! I'm sure She has a pretty good idea as to my reasons why.

I mean,it's not My fault,that Courtney is litterally "certifiably insane"! It's not My fault,that I'm the only one who can handle her! And it Sure As Hell isn't My fault, that no-one else will agree to watch her,even for 5 minutes! Samantha knows all of that. She also knows that Courtney is a 60 pound hyper-active,exhibitionistic,escape artist that has been known to terrorize her neighbors and the town!

She also happenes to be Gorgeous!

So,when Samantha has to go out of town for a weekend,Who does she call? You guessed it. Me! And of course Idiot Me,agrees. After all,Courtney is my Goddaughter,and like Samantha pointed out,who else will watch her? I must be as fucking nuts as she is.


"Ah,Courtney! My beautiful,crazy,little Courtney. Why did you have to tell me about sneaking into my room and spying on me last night? Why do You insist on teasing me? Tempting me,and making me want You? Do You want to hear me admit that I need to hold you? To run my hands over the slight curves of your body, and lose myself in the sweetness of your youthful scent? That I need to feel the silkiness of your hair? Am I to tell you how much I want to cover you in soft,loving kisses and arouse your budding sexual desire until You melt with orgasmic pleasure? Is that what You want from Me?"

"Huh? No! I just want to look at Your Penis again! Come On! Show it to me! If You don't,I'll run away!" she threatened. "Or maybe I'll just ask Malcolm to show me his. HE Wants to show me his penis! He tells me that all the time. He almost did it too the last time You came over,but You found me before he could pull it out. Do you want me to do that?" she wasn't playing.

"Ok. I'll show You My penis,but only if You are absolutely sure about this,Courtney." I sighed. But who was I ki dding? I wanted to show her my cock, almost as much as She wanted to see it! Maybe more!

Using her head,Courtney pushed me backwards till I was leaning against the kitchen counter,then her small,nimble fingers worked quickly to undo my belt and pull my pants down. I was suprised by how focused her attention was on the very prominent bulge in my boxer shorts. She knelt down and leaned so close,I could feel the warmth of her breath when she said "Wow! It's even bigger than it was last night!" Then Courtney looked up and batted her long,indigo mascaraed eyelashes at me.

"I get to play with a penis,I get to play with MY Penis!" she sang as she pulled my boxers down passed my knees,and giggled when my cock slapped her upside the head.

"Wow! Look At That Dick!"

Courtney arranged herself till the head of my cock was resting on the tip of her nose and she looked at it crosseyed. I was going to laugh at her expression,but stopped when I noticed a sudden change in her mood. She tightened her grip on my thighs holding me so I wouldn't move. Oh yeah,Courtney was all business now. She parted her dark-green painted lips,baring her teeth like an a****l ready to strike,then flicked her head back and caught my cock on her protruding tongue.

"Mmmmmmm!" She hummed while licking around and under my swollen glans.
"Kissy,kissy!" she laughed and proceeded to do just that!

For several minutes,Courtney lavished my hard-on with hot,soft,wet kisses and giggled when it twitched or I made it bounce around. Each time that happened,she would use her tongue to chase it down,trap it,then take the head between her teeth,making me wince.

"Oh calm down! I won't bite it off. Maybe." She scolded me. "I think I like kissing penises!"
"Why don't you try sucking on it?" I asked.
"Will it get even bigger? I don't think I can fit it in my mouth now!"
"If you suck on it,I'll give you some candy." I teased.
"You'll give me candy anyway or I Will bite it off! While You sle ep! Why do You have eggs in a bag between your legs? They look funny. And They're Moving Around Too!"

Before I could say anything,Courtney let go of my thighs and lifted my ballsack in the palms of her hands. To get a better look,She rested my hard-on against her forehead and leaned even closer. "Oh! That feels weird! They Are Eggs!" she exclaimed as she began to instinctively roll and kneed them gently between her fingers. I started breathing a bit harder. She was making quiet,clucking noises right before she started to softly kiss them.

"Hmmm,Burrrk. Is this O.K.? I don't want to break them. You need to shave off all this hair. I keep getting it in my mouth." she whispered.

"You're doing great,Sweetheart! You can keep kissing them. You can even suck on them,if you want to." I was loving it,but I didn't want to go too far too fast.

"I'm Your Sweetheart? Awww. That's cute. But I think I'll try sucking on My penis now."

"Sweetie,It's actually MY Penis." I chuckled.

"No it isn't. Not any more." She said it so matter of factly I was a little shocked. "This penis," she said and flicked the tip of it with a finger,"belongs to Me! It's Mine! Any questions? From Now On,You just carry it around till I want to play with it again. If You are want to argue the point,We can always take it to Court."

Well,Who was I to argue?

Without any coaching from Me,Courtney became bolder. She sucked on the tip of my cock and began stroking it in her hot little hands. She wrapped one hand around the base and began jerking me off with the other,while swirling her tongue around and over my piss slit!

I heard purring and came to the conclusion that it must be coming from her.

Now,I knew that she had never done anything like this before,and I wondered how she learned how to do it! I was going to ask her that very question when she suddenly sucked the head of my pecker into her mouth and started drooling all over it!

"Oh ,Shit! Fuck! Courtney! You'd better stop,Sweetheart. Really! Stop it!" I insisted. Will-power alone kept me from cuming in her mouth! I reached down to touch her cheek with my fingers but pulled my hand back when she popped my cock from between her lips and snapped her teeth at my thumb.

"Sssssss! I do the touching!" she growled. Then she giggled and said "For some reason,My pussy itches. You may scratch it when I let you. You may scratch it with Your...tongue. Yes. I think that would feel good. I like it when Mommy scratches my pussy with Her tongue. Oh! Look! I just peed all over the floor and now my costume is all wet. You need to clean me up and change me before I get a rash or Something!" and she burst out in cackling laughter!

"Take me to my room,Jeeves! Chop,Chop!"
"You spend too much time watching old movies,Girly." I joked as I scooped her up into my arms and stepped out of my pants and underwear. I had to act like her telling me that She and her Mother,Samantha, having sex was nothing strange or any kind of a big deal. I wondered how long,and just what,exactly,they had been doing.

"You don't have any idea about the stuff I watch. But I promise,You're going to find out! I absolutely Loved The Ghost and Mrs.Muir! I bet He secretly watched as she played with her pussy. I wonder if He tried to do anything with her? Do You think He tried to suck on Her Pussy? Or Maybe stick his penis into Her mouth? I sure would have!" she whispered.

When we got to her room I started to put her down,but Courtney was having none of it. "Sit on the chair and take my costume off. Do it!" she demanded.
"Sweetie. I don't know how. I don't want to ruin it. You look so beautiful,dressed up like a wood-nymph!" I told her.
"Fine. Then just sit there and I'll do all the work!" she was not pleased. Not at all. Then She must have realized what I said. "You think I'm beautiful? Do I have a sexy ass? Tell Me! Is My Ass Sexy? Does It make You want to Kiss it? You didn't kiss it before even tho I told You You could! If I asked nicely,would You French Kiss My asshole?! Please? I'll let You Fuck Me!" she whispered. "Shhhhh,don't tell anyone that!" she said looking around the room. "You never know Who is watching."

With all the work she had to do to take it off,I wondered how on earth she ever managed to get her costume on! And seeing her sitting there on my leg naked,made my cock throb!

Her breasts were almost nonexistant,just slight mounds and bright pink,hard nipples. She arranged herself so I could suck on them,which I did. Much to my delight she moaned and cupped my face in the palms of her hands. "Oh,that feels so good! You are so gentle! Mommy can get kind of rough. Oh,OH!" She exclaimed as I teased her nipples with my tongue and lips.

"You can put me on the bed and scratch my pussy now. But remember. You may only use Your tongue!" she panted.

I did as I was told and was rewarded almost instantly when her legs clamped against the sides of my head and she ground her tiny slit against my mouth. I began rubbing my nose between her pussy lips and pressing it againt her clit. That drove her wild! Courtney tried to pull my hair,but opted to pet my head instead. And then she came,with abandon!

Her legs shot out straight along my shoulders and her back arched! She was panting and I opened my eyes just in time to watch as she gripped the quilt till her knuckles turned white! "More! Keep going! Scratch My Pussy!" she snarled. So I did.

Holding her hips in my hands I went to work! Three more times I made her cum! I ate her sweet,little cunt out till she couldn't breath! Her eyes were rolling back till all I could see were the whites! And I made her cry when I tongue fucking her ass! I used almost every one of the tricks I knew to get her off,but I made sure to hold a couple in reserve. Imagine,If she came like that with only my nose and tongue,she was going to go balistic when I used my fingers. And I couldn't wait to see the expression on her face when I buried my cock up into her!

She swung a leg over my head and rolled onto her stomach. Getting on hands and knees,Courtney tried to crawl away from me, but I caught her about the waist and picked her up. Clasping her tightly to my chest,I french kissed her. Deeply. When we finally broke apart,I saw that she was crying. Shit! What had I done?!

Still holding her closely I sat back down in the chair but when I did the shaft of my cock parted the lips of her pussy. I was thankful that I had not penetrated her. My God her pussy was hot!

Courtney was sobbing but she got up,put her feet on either side of my legs and squatted down till the head of my cock was inbetween the lips of her pussy.

"I can't wait any longer! Do You really Love Me?!" She whimpered.
"Yes! Oh God Yes!" I moaned.
"Good!" She said as she reached down between her legs for the shaft of my cock. I felt her slide my cock head in just a little bit and then she stopped. "Do You Really,Really Love Me?"
"Oh Courtney! You know I do!" I replied.
"Good! Like I said,I can't wait! Not any Longer!" and with that said,she held my cock tightly against her cunt and pissed all over Us!

I think Old Malcolm next door could hear her laughing! "You should see the look on your face!" she laughed as she continued to piss on my cock!

When she finished her wet hands let go of my dick and She began wiping them on my neck and face. My cock,now safely nestled between the cheeks of her ass,allowed Courtney to lean in,and it was her turn to French Kiss me! My Head swam as our tongues danced!

Courtney rotated her hips,stroking my cock up and down between her wet asscheeks. "Your lips are green." she told me.
"Maybe. But Your the one with Green teeth!" I said. She slid off of my lap and ran over to look in the mirror. Lifting her upper lip with a piss moistened finger she cut me a look that would shrivle a lesser man's soul. "Lier! They are not green! Just for that I'm not going to suck on your penis! Ever again!"
"Oh,Yes You Are!" I said and jumped up.
She squeeled, and laughing,began running around the bedroom.
" 'Try and try as much as You can! You'll never catch Me! Said the Gingerbread Man.'" She sang.

We were both laughing so hard,we finally fell onto the bed together. Snuggling up against me,Courtney reached down and began to slowly stroke my cock. Up and down,Up and down. Then she scooted down,laid her head on my stomach and started sucking on my dick between strokes.

After a couple of minutes,and much pleading on my part,Courtney finally agreed to move her ass up till I could tickle her butt-pucker with a spit slicked finger tip. She was humming a tune I remembered hearing only once before as she continued to suck and stroke my cock. I was getting close. Very close!

"Remember when I asked You if You Loved Me?" she said,talking around the head of my dick.
"It's not polite to talk with Your mouth full,Sweetheart!" I joked.
"I'm being theeerrious! Bakawk!" and she bit the very tip of my dick,making me yelp and shove my finger two knuckles deep up her asshole!
"OH, FUCK YES!!!" she yelled. "Well,do You? Do You remember?!"
"You know I Love You,Courtney!" I was so close to cuming! Should I warn Her before I unloaded my nuts or explain it afterwards?
"Will You Promise to fuck Me? I mean,No matter what? Will You Please Promise To Fuck ME?!"
"Oh,I Promise,Courtney! 'I Promise I Will Fuck You No Matter What!' " I chuckled. I meant every word,too. No Matter What,I was Going To Fuck Courtney's sweet,little pussy till she begged me to stop! And then I was going to fuck Her some more!
"Good! You Love Mommy too? Don't You?"
"Yes. Yes I do." Closer. God! Almost there! Courtney's hand flew up and down. Her mouth opened and closed,sucking my cock like a carp sucks alge! She kept drooling all over my cock and I Knew I was about to empty my bloated balls right into her mouth!
"I know You Love Mommy,too. Wanna know how I know? 'Cause She told me a secret. Remember the knight You fucked Her? Well that the night...You Knocked Her Up! With Me! I Love You,Daddy! Mmmmmmmm! CREAM!! MEOW!"

I didn't say a word,I just came in my daughters mouth and continued to finger fuck Her ass! By the way,I always keep my promises!

To Be continued...
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omg...this is so perverted...i love it!!!
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Love this. Thank you!
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Part 3 please.
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verry good cant wait for part three
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Hot Hot Hot!
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very hot, thanks very much for sharing!
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very hot, thanks very much for sharing!
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Very hot, greeat detail, thanks.
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awesome & very good twist