Meeting with Internet guy

It was around 1am and I had finished writing my Emails to a

few guys and decided to look at chatrooms,Well I peeked

into them all,even the international ones,and found two to stay

connected in,well there was lots of chatter and a couple of

IMs appeared,being polite I answered them from

an American guy and one was from a guy very near my

mums and after awhile the American left the chat the English

guy eventually asked if I was feeling horny..I did feel horny as

it turned out,so he said he would come get me if I wanted

and go back to his place or stay here with me ..It took

another half hour or so of sexy chat to persuade me but I

eventually said 'Yes'.. I asked for his address and phone

number so that I could leave a note for gotta be

safe.I dressed in matching jog pants and top,smart but

casual,no underwear..I waited and heard a toot of the car

horn..I crept out so as not to wake s*s and parents..I was

shaking with nervouse excitement.. 'Hi Babe' he greeted me...

I said Hello' as I slid in beside was warm inside the car

I didn't know before but now I could see he was a hunk of a black guy and I couldn't take my eyes from his body.It

took no time at all to reach his home.Parked up wasting no time we hand straight to his cock again,his to my breasts.
I was very horny,more than I had thought.We moved position,I had rubbed my clit and his dick as he drove,I

unzipped him pulled out his huge black stick.Opening my

mouth wide I lowered it over the head and began to give him a suck while he reached over and

fingered me as best he could.. His breathing was becoming

shallow now..'I'm gonna cum babe,better stop' I ignored him

and kept sucking him until he moaned and shot his thick jizz into

my mouth,it spilled out down my chin.He said "I told you to

stop'...opening the window I spat his cum out and wiped my

mouth with the inside of my top..'lets go inside' I said..putting

his dick away he zips up and we get out.Walking to the

lift.we wait and kiss again,staggering inside while kissing he

presses 8 and the lift moves..exiting the lift he walks off

infront to the door of his flat.He enters and waits as I enter.on

closing the door he walks to the bedroom and strips as he

walks.I wait till I get there and he strips me while kissing my

exposed skin.My nipples are hard and poking out like truck

wheel nuts as he sucks them while his hand is at my

snatch,fingering me knuckles deep, his other hand on my

ass..sucking and nipping my chest buds..he falls to his knees

and licks my bald mound then my clit as my legs open like a

canal lock gate,wide for him to tongue me.Holding my

breasts I squeeze them and pull at my nipples as his tongue

works wonders on my gaping gash.I'm soon moaning as the

first waves flood over me,then I cum and squirt over his

face.Not phased he licks it up fingering me still but

slower..Soon I'm cumming again..I feel it run down my inner

thighs mixed with his saliva.I push him away and suggest the

bed,so we go over and he lays down as I suck him again,the

head at first then deeper each time until he is balls deep.I bob

my head giving long strokes up to the tip and down to his

balls while he touches me again.After an age I ask for a

condom and fit it,I stand and straddle him,lowering myself

down as he holds his cock for me.I feel the big cockhead

open me up and my lips wrap around it as I sit.then I begin to

ride him slowly then fast,slow then fast until I get a rythmn

going that I like..he touching my tits as they swing...eventually

he is cumming followed amazingly by me again...I take the

condom from his cock and draw out the contents over my tits

like in porn movies and he rubs it over my chest..We take a

break with a coffee before doing it once more,both

cumming,before I ask to be taken home.We kiss again

before I get out and promise to call him when I visit my mum

again..I skip off into the darkness as I hear his car startup and

drive away... I creep in and flop on my bed,looking at the

clock it's 5.37am,I grin .It's good to be back in my bad


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3 years ago
Oh this chap was very lucky you were online when you were.Well at least it made you get to sleep
3 years ago
hmmm, such a hot hot story baby! :D
3 years ago
A very lucky guy!
3 years ago
cool ;.)
3 years ago
in answer to Young & Dirty 'Yes it's true'
3 years ago
this true ?