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It has always been my fantasy to gangbang a black chick so you can imagine my delight when it came through.I'd had just started working at this warehouse i got on with everyone there but this black man even more so.we got on the subject of sex and he was telling me his wife was a freak he was telling me some of the stuff they had done like dogging, swingers club, threesomes, but he said her ulitmate fantasy was to be fucked in front of him by a white man. there was this one day when is wife dropped by the work place my eyes all most popped out my head. i did not expect her to look how she did, she quiet pretty with nice firm breast plus ass and legs wer to die for all the men couldnt keep there eyes of her he told me its the same its the every time she come there. as she walked up to us talking i could see her looking me up and down then giving me a little smile before kissing her man it was at that momment i walked of leaving them to talk. after 5 min she left and he came over and told me his wife thought i was handsome. i told my friends about her and what her husband said they told me to hook something up but told them i dont think she up for gangbang but just one. nothing was said for over a month then out of the blue her husband brought up the cuckold subject again to my surprise he asked if i wanted to come around theres i said yes without a thought. he told me come around the saturday coming but i told my friends a there wer begging me to ask if they could get involved. so for a joke i txtd telling him telling him what my friends said, he didnt txt back for a while he then replyed back saying how much i told him seven of them 20min later to my shock he said yes he must have been discusing it with the wife my friends wer delighted. we all went around there saturday night had drinks to start with then it got steamy she was wearing the shortiest skirt there was.we went up to the bedroom there was a camera set up he asked us do you mind him taping we joked as long as we get a copy. me and the friends stripped of and stood in a line while she sucked us all off one after the other while he stood and watched. then she stripped off she was on all fours her husband went under her so her pussy was under his face.i went behind her and stuffed my big white cock up her black fat pussy he started to lick her pussy the same time i was fucking her pussy. my friends wer watching one was taping it then he really got down and dirty one was in her mouth one in her pussy the other up her ass the sight of three white cocks doing this to a fine black chick was delightful she was shouting for us to stuff our big white dick up her black pussy and ass hole we all swapped around so we all had turn on her mouth ass and pussy at one stage her husband was licking her toes as she was getting stuffed. he was watching as 7 white men had there way with his fine ass black wife he then started opening up her ass so my friends could double stuff her better. this went on to what seemed like days by then we wer ready cum inside her so i came in her ass first then another 3 up her pussy then another 2 up her ass again while the other 2 shot a load up in her mouth you could see it all dripping out of her. that black ass had been fucked out good and proper she lay there saying thank you white masters for fucking my black ass and pussy then said her dad would be proud. her black husband then started licking our cum out of her pussy and and ass while i filmed him he was loving it. we then all put our clothes on and left leaving them there he txt me later saying he'll bring a copy into work.

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2 years ago
Super hot story. Ever get another crack at her?
2 years ago
Sounds like a CuxCouple training I did this year. His idea and my KuntTeasings got her to beg for it !!!! He loved cleaning and it,s the first time I had a black man suck my cock clean while his EbonyWhoreWife filmed it !!!!!
2 years ago
This story would be much easier to follow if you would use some capitalization, punctuation and a little better grammar. I gave up trying to read what could have been a hot story.
3 years ago