A gangbang surprise

I came home from shopping one afternoon and found my sissy slave husband was in the shower and I could hear he was playing with a dildo,as usual.He is my femdom bitch and he likes it when I fuck him up the ass with my strapon.I was about to join him when I heard his cellphone had a message.I checked the message and it looked like a date was set for some sort of surprise.I contacted the sender and came to know that my pathetic bitch husband was getting five of his gym buddies to give me a gangbang.How nice is that.I secretly met with them the next day and we had a long talk and the scene was set.

It was a very HOT Saturday morning when I was surprised by my husband.I had been hanging the laundry outside and when I entered the house I saw he was tied to a chair in the sitting room and there were five of his buddies in the room.I pretended to be shocked and asked:” What the hell is this,why did you tie my husband up?They started flirting with me and said that they knew I was a dominatrix and they said they wanted to show me a good time in front of my husband.I played along and asked them why they had tied him to a chair.They said it’s so that he will be f***ed to see how real men treat a woman and please her.We started fondling and I could see the grin on my husbands face.He was liking the idea very much.I must say that I liked it too.Five muscled hunks, all for me.OMG I wanted it so bad.

I stroked their cocks still in their pants as they fondled my breasts and sucked my hard nipples.They undressed me to expose my already wet pussy.I asked them to gag my husbands mouth open with a medical gag so I could pleasure myself into his mouth.They did that and let him lie down on his back, still tied to the chair.I could see he was very embarrassed as the hardness in his pants had subsided and that he was very surprised.I squatted over his face and started fingering my pussy while I had many hands fondling my breasts.I was loving it. I quickly stopped and got up to get a chastity that I had bought and proceeded to put my sissy slave husband in it before he could get hard again.I cut all his clothes off with scissors and left him in the chair,completely naked.I could see the embarrassment in his eyes and I loved it.

Then I saw five throbbing hard cocks already in condoms pointing at me and I couldn’t help myself.I was in heaven and started sucking on the closest one as my hands went on to stroke the others.I was quickly on my hands and knees and we were fucking like crazy.I was sucking cock and being fucked at the same time.My pussy was extremely wet and full of hard cock and I was loving it.After a few minutes I got on top of one and then quickly I had three cocks in me.One in my wet pussy,one in my tight ass and one in my mouth.I was squirting hot juice from my pussy in no time.
It was time so I gave the other two guys a wink.They grabbed my husband and tied him on his back to a coffee table with duck tape around his forehead so he couldn’t move at all. With his mouth still kept open in the medical gag he was unable to say a word. One of them squatted over him to hold his legs up. He was trying to scream and move but to no avail. The other guy quickly lubed up his ass and started to enter my sissy slave.I was having the time of my life getting fucked in all my holes as I watched my sissy slave as he was about to get fucked.

Very quickly my sissy slave had a hard throbbing cock deep in his manpussy and was getting fucked like a real bitch. I could hear in his mumbling that he was very disgusted and I told the three guys that were fucking me that they must stick to the plan or else they won’t get paid.I told them that they must cum in my sissy slaves mouth and not in me.
They were done with me after a while and quickly moved over to my sissy slave and then they masturbated over his open mouth.I was standing next to my slave and played with his locked up cock as they dumped all their hot sticky cum into his mouth one by one.I noticed that he wasn’t going to swallow the cum as it started running out the side of his mouth and over his lips ,so I held his nose closed.Very quickly he had to swallow all of it as he had to breath.

I loved watching him get fucked and swallowing cum at the same time.
I took the gag off and shunned him for being such a filthy whore. He still tried to say something but had a cock in his mouth before he could get a word out.He was still getting fucked in his ass and their were two more eager cock waiting to dump their loads in his mouth.I grabbed my camera and took some pictures and short clip as the other two guys swopped.
Now my sissy slave had a fresh throbbing cock in his ass and a cock in his mouth that was about to shoot out a huge load of hot cum.I tore the duck tape off his forehead and watched in surprise as my sissy slave took the whole cock in his mouth and sucked on it eagerly while he got fucked up the ass. He sucked hard on the cock when suddenly with a hard thrust the cock was deep in his mouth.He was getting a huge load of fresh cum straight down his throat.
I could see he was enjoying it as his cock was now swollen and trying to break free from the chastity device.I took the chastity off him and took out my huge strapon dildo. By the time the last guy was ready to cum in my slaves mouth I was ready and had the strapon fitted to my waist.

As my sissy slave started sucking his fifth cock I started forcing my huge strapon slowly but firmly into his very eager and wet man pussy. He moaned extremely as his ass was being stretched but I didn’t stop and kept on entering him as I could see his cock was getting harder and harder as I entered him deeper.

I could see he was loving it.Sucking cock and swallowing hot cum as I started fucking his ass. Soon I had a hard cock in my pussy again as I was fucking my bitch whore while he was still sucking cock . I was getting fucked and in return was fucking my slave harder and faster.I grabbed my sissy slaves hard cock and very quickly he came all over himself in an explosive eruption. His cum over his face and body.I kept on fucking him until he sucked all the cocks clean. Then I fed him his own cum using my strapon to scoop it up.I then squatted over his face and fingered myself so that I could also cum in his mouth.

As I fed him my hot juice he was once again being fucked by one of the guys who were still very horny and hadn’t had enough yet.He fucked my sissy slaves wet manpussy until he came deep inside him.
I am very grateful for the gangbang and know my slave is too.
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10 months ago
So very hot!
10 months ago
oh my yess stevie likes hehehehe
1 year ago
2 years ago
Wow I came so hard that now I'm going to have to clean up thanks
2 years ago
I'd have loved to be your sissy
2 years ago
2 years ago
I like this type of gangbang.
2 years ago
Sounds like some of the cUXsISSY parties I,v arranged for WhoreWives that want their bOI,s converted to sLAVEcUX !!!!!
2 years ago
Hot love to spend my day taking cum and pussy juice mmmmm
2 years ago
You have a very lucky slave.
2 years ago
2 years ago
great story i wish i had a woman like you to treat me that way
2 years ago
I would love to be at your mercy!!
2 years ago
love your storie
2 years ago
I wish I worked out at your slaves gym. I'd love to have your pussy milk my cock before you slave sucks my hot cum out of me.
x x x
2 years ago
I love your story. Do you know where I can find like minded people such as your self to join?
2 years ago
awesome love it
2 years ago
What a great story