The Mechanic

My name is Bruce, I am one of those mobile mechanic chaps you call out when something goes wrong with your car. You get to meet a nice variety of people, some good some not so, with some very good looking ladies thrown in as well, which make it nice. A lot of the clientele are people you see a couple of times a year for a car service so you get to know some of them quite well.

I hadn’t had that much in the way of action for a long time. I had split with my wife a few years before and now I always seemed to be working. Anyway it’s not the most attractive of looks when you hands are covered in oil, but let’s put it this way I never look a gift horse in the mouth. I am a bit of a mans man, and when I do get lucky like to make sure I get what I want.

On this day I had car service for a couple I had known for sometime. He works away from home quite a bit and I had always had my suspicions about her. Really good looking woman, nice blond hair in a pony-tail, about 5’6 tall slim and a lovely pair of tits. Always really well presented, dressed either in a dress or a skirt and one of those silky slightly see through blouses that I could see her white lacy bra quite clearly through the thin materiel. Add to that some lovely make up and sweet smelling perfume. She had a deep sexy voice as well. He was one lucky man to have a woman like that; my cock gets hard just thinking about her. I was convinced a ‘butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth’ type woman would have no interest in me.

Anyway on this day they wanted the car serviced, but could I get round after 10am as she, Penny, wanted the car to get to her gym class. I had nothing to do before so bang on 10 I was outside their house waiting, when penny rolled up in her car. Still in her gym kit she looked as good as ever, tight leggings and I am sure I could see the outline of a g-string up her ass. Her nice tits tucked inside her aerobics top. I could feel my beans exciting inside my overalls.

She left me the keys and I got to work on her car. Part of the service I offer is a valet service as well, so once I had finished the engine service I got to work cleaning the car. As I picked up the rubbish I put my hand under the driver’s seat and pulled out a pair of her silky knickers that had been forgotten about for some time. I couldn’t resist having a good look and feel of them. It looked to me as though they had been used to catch a load of spunk in them. It was her perfume; I recognised that and a size 10, what a dirty slut I thought to myself. I popped them into my pocket and tried not to think about them any more. I am one of those guys who love to see a woman get embarrassed, I had an idea I would show her my find later on if I got the chance, which I doubted I would.

Some three hours later I was done. They have quite a big house and in the garage is a sink so I cleaned up my hands and stepped out of my overalls there. In the summer I normally wear a pair of shorts and a t-shirt underneath, today was going to be hot so was no different before knocking on the door to let her know the car was done.
When she answered the door I nearly fell over, a white slightly see through blouse, her lacy white bra quite visible, above the knee skirt with tights I presumed and knee high boots with high heels. Her hair tied back into a pony-tail and lovely red lipstick. She looked so fuckable it suddenly came to me she might be teasing me here, or possibly she was up for it.

She took me through into the kitchen and offered me a cup of coffee. What a turn on as I followed her from behind watching her ass and smelling her perfume. My eyes drawn to her lacy bra, clearly visible through the thin materiel of her blouse. We then went into her lounge with our drinks. I put my drink down on the table and sat at one end of the large four seater settee. I was surprised when she sat at the other end. We just chatted about nothing really, holidays, work, what we where doing later etc. All the time I had to fight myself as I could feel my cock getting hard under my thin shorts.

She asked me how much I owed her for the work and went off to get her cheque book. When she came back she sat nearer to me and began to write out the cheque. I glanced down at her legs and noticed her skirt had ridden up her legs a bit and I was sure I caught a glimpse of a stocking top. She hadn’t noticed me looking so I carried on, yep for sure she had stockings on, and I could now clearly see them. Dirty fucking cow I thought. She must have noticed me looking as she suddenly acted surprised and pulled her skirt back down a little before handing me the cheque.

Now as I said earlier I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, something here wasn’t what I would have expected. Here was a lovely looking woman, sat right next to me, her fragrance filling my nose, wearing stockings and high heel boots, a blouse that I could clearly see her bra through it and lovely red lipstick coated lips that I could only dream about around the end of my cock. I took the cheque from her and as I put it in pocket remembered her soiled panties from her car still in my pocket. She stood up and said she was going to the toilet. Did I want another drink, beer coffee, ohh I will have a beer I said. Dam I thought I had blown my chance.

A few minutes later she tottered back in to the room on her high heels, glass of wine in one hand for her and a cold beer in the other which she duly put down on the table in front of me. I knew I was onto to something here now for sure, she had undone a couple of buttons on her blouse now as well.

Before I knew what had happened she was off to the fridge again for my third beer and her third wine. It was now or never I thought. I took her panties out of my pocket and placed then on the coffee table right in front of where she was sitting. Then she came back and sat back down on the settee handing me a beer and putting her wine glass down.
‘Ohh I found these in your car, under the seat when I was cleaning’
You should have seen her face, it was a picture. It obvious right then I had caught her out and seen something I shouldn’t have seen.
‘Don’t worry though, I won’t let anyone know’ I said, giving her a wink as I did.

I placed one hand on her stocking knee and let it slide under her skirt and above her stocking tops. She tried to stop me with one hand, but it was just a token gesture, nothing more. I took her hand and placed it on top of my shorts for her to feel my now very hard cock. She let out a wince on feeling it
‘You like it’ ‘mmm’ she replied.

I pushed my hand right up to her knickers, then whoa. Little miss money Penny had a secret she had been keeping. There was a nice little cock and two balls tucked away inside her drawers.
This was like all my birthdays in one day. For years I had wanted to fuck a transsexual, although I would never have admitted that if you had asked me. I pretended to mad, but inside I was so excited now.
‘You dirty little cunt’ I said as I gave her cock-pussy some attention.
I pulled my hand out of her knickers and stood up. I quickly stepped out of my shorts and sat back down. By now my cock was like eight inches of rock hard stone.
‘Stand the fuck up you dirty little fuck slut’ I shouted at her. She quickly stood up.
I reached up and took hold of her arms and dragged her over my knees. She tried to struggle, but I quickly told her.
‘The more you struggle and fight me the worse it’s going to be’
With one hand I held her arms together on her back and my other hand pulled up her skirt to reveal her white suspenders and panties.
‘I think you need a good spanking young lady, your lucky I am easy going and you haven’t ended up in a lot of trouble today’
With that I spanked her ass as hard as I could; six times her thinly covered ass felt the palm of my hand against her soft buttocks. She jumped up after each strike, so I know it was hurting her, and it was meant to.
I took hold of her panties and pulled them tight into the cheeks of her ass and gave her six more.
When I let her go the palm of my hand was stinging, god knows how much her ass must have been stinging, and I can imagine it must have felt as though it was on fire.

I turned her around to face me, her eyes filled with tears and her mascara running.
‘I am sorry, I should have let you know, sorry please.’ she whimpered.
I cut her off mid sentence as I took hold of the back of her head, wrapping her pony-tail around my fist and lined the tip of my cock up with her lovely red lipstick coated lips.
‘Now be a good little girl and give me a good suck and no fucking biting bitch’ I said as I pushed my aching cock into her mouth.
I let out a huge moan of pleasure as she worked her mouth around my bell end. I pulled her off the settee and had her on her knees in front of me.
‘There’s a good girl’ I said as I pushed my cock deeper into her mouth, all the time keeping a tight hold of her ponytail so I could bob her head up and down.
‘You got condoms and lube slut?’ I asked her. Of course she couldn’t answer as her mouth was full of my cock. She nodded and gestured towards her hand bag. I got the message.

She was good with my cock, I could feel myself getting too excited, so pulled her off.
‘Lets have a look at those little tits of yours then’ as I reached for her blouse and pulled it out of her skirt and up to expose her bra. I pulled down her bra cups and gave each tit a long suck whilst I pinched and played with the other.
I stood up and pulled her to her feet and quickly had her skirt undone and around her ankles. Roughly I pushed her back onto the settee. My hands all over her, up her legs and up to her love hole. I pushed her silky panties inside her as I fingered her through the thin materiel.

She told me I was crude, but that just excited me more. I was in my seventh heaven with her wearing stockings and suspenders, white lacy panties with her blouse pushed up and her bra cups pulled down exposing a lovely pair of soft tits for me to play with.

I flicked open her handbag and emptied the contents onto the table.
‘That’s what I am looking for’ as I picked up the tube of KY. I had the top off and quickly pushed her legs open. With one hand I pulled her knickers to one side and the other the tube up to her love hole and emptied half of it into her. I pulled her back to her feet and I sat back down. I soon had a condom on and good bit of lube.
I had fucked a few women up the ass and I loved it. There is something extra special about it that I can not explain; I guess it’s a power thing.
‘Please, I think you are too big for me, can I give you a blow job instead’ she pleaded.
‘I don’t think so, now turn around and sit with your back to me’ I instructed her. As she sat back I pulled her knickers to one side and pushed my hard cock up to her glory hole. She tried to stop me but I was way to strong for her. A couple of jerks and my cock was forcing its way inside her. I felt her relax and my cock slipped deep inside her, all the way. She whimpered and gurgled as I gave her cock a play through her panties at the front. Then turned my attention to her tits and gave her nipples a hard pinch.

‘You fucking slut, that’s right the way inside you to my banger plate’ I said to her.
‘I think you need a good hard fucking little girl’ as I stabbed my cock up and down a couple of times, making her cry out each time.
I stood up and pushed her onto the floor and got behind her, all the time keeping my rock hard cock inside her. I started to fuck her, slowly at first, adding more lube around my cock. When I felt she was nice and wet I fucked her for all I was worth. It was great to hear her cry out as I slammed my cock in and out of her love hole. I took hold of her bra and pulled her back, like I was riding a hoarse, and used it to control her. I could hear the materiel tearing but I didn’t care, all I wanted to do was fuck her hard. I pulled her up and over the arm of the settee, my cock right the way inside her as she moaned out. This slut was really getting off on this I thought.
‘Giddy up’ I yelled as I slapped her ass.

I could feel myself nearly ready to shoot my beans so I pulled her to her feet and pushed her onto the settee. I hooked her legs over my shoulders and drilled my cock deep inside her once again. By now I was steaming.

‘Show me those tits’ I ordered her as I slammed my cock in and out of her. She started to fumble about with the buttons on her blouse but I cut her short and just ripped it open. I pulled her bra up over her tits towards her chin. What a sight she was, her bra around her neck, her blouse torn open, panties pulled to one side as I fucked the hell out of her. She loved it as I told her what a whore she was as I slid in and out of her. I grabbed hold of her legs and put them onto my shoulders so I could get me cock as deep inside her as possible.
By now her suspenders and stockings where torn as I rough fucked her and I couldn’t take anymore,
‘I’m coming you slut’ I told her when I felt my balls tighten, I was about to shoot my load.

I pulled my cock out of her and managed to get the condom off before I felt the first of three massive gushes of cum shoot from deep inside me over her tits, face and neck. I flicked my cock at her to get the last drops out before I stood up. I noticed her skirt on the floor beside me and picked it up to wipe my cock clean with. When I had finished I dropped it onto the floor again and retrieved my shorts. I stood in front of her as I pulled them on looking at the mess she was in, my cum dripping from her face, all over her tits and stomach. With the last drop of cum seeping from my now softening cock I used her blouse to wipe it clean before I retrieved my shorts.
‘Well I will see you for next service in six months time then Penny’ I said.
‘Ohh just before I go’ I reached down and took hold of her panties and pulled them down her legs and off her.
‘I don’t think you will mind if I take these will you’ as I winked at her and popped them in my pocket. With that I turned and walked towards the front door leaving her on the settee covered in my spunk.
I still have the panties at home to this day, and when I am feeling horny I get them out and all the memories come right back. The next time she rings for a service I might take my mate along with me. Now that will be a story to tell.

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I think i need a service from you
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loved it :)
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made my clitty stand to attention