Aunt Christine Ten Years Later

I've previously wrote about fucking my Aunt when I was 16 and she was 36. She moved away and icontinued with my life. I was now 26 and much more involved with women when lo and behold, Aunt christine reappeared in our lives. she was now 46 and had put on about 20 pounds. Her big tits were now bigger as was her ass. She moved in with another aunt and i hardly saw her for months. It was the friday of Labor Day weekend when my mother asked if I was busy? It seemed that my Aunt Christine had a job interview for a housekeepers position. it was ten miles away and she had no ride. Could i take her there? I really had no choice so i departed to my other aunt's house to pick her up. She was waiting outside when i got there. She was wearing a blue waitress like uniform. She got in and i couldn't help notice how big she had gotten. As we drove, no mention was made of past history. Actually there was no conversation at all. The address of the house was out in the country. I navigated the back country roads and found the house without a problem. She got out and rang the bell. They let her in and I just stayed in the car. After about 20 minutes, my aunt reappeared and got in the car. She was not happy. i asked how she did and she said she did not get the job. I gave my condolences and started the journey home. Christine asked how i had been and i said fine. I looked over at her and noticed that her dress was up by her fat thighs. She smiled at me and asked how my big cock was? I started to get hard and said it was fine. She raised her dress up over her thighs and I could see some pussy hair. I don't have any panties on she said because i wanted to give the interviewer a good shot at my pussy! I miss that big cock of yours. Why don't we stop out here and the sticks and fuck? I agreed and said that i had a blanket in the trunk that we could lay on. She smiled and pulled her dress all the way up, exposing her bushy cunt. I wanted to fuck her bad now so i found a woode area and drove down to it. I parked the car, got out, and opened the trunk to get the blanket. I spead it unde a tree and started to takemy pants off. Christine had already removed her dress and stood there in a bra, nylons, and bare feet. As I approached her to remove the bra a voice starled me. Stop right there Sonny said the cop that had pulled up behind us. Looks like I'm going to spoil your fun. Officer , said christine, can't we work this out? She then removed her bra and the gigantic tits fell out! What do you have in mind said thecop? Let me suck that sweet prick of yours, she said. The cop looked around and then walked to the blanket. Christine got on her knees and unzipped him. His semi hard dick sprung out and Christine gently grabbed it and began blowing him. He lasted about 10 minutes and then shot a load of jism all over her face! She swallow some of it and then smiled. Are we ok now, she asked.You have one hour until i come back here and you both better be gone. After the cop left I went to retrieve the blanket, but my aunt layed down and spread her legs showing me her wet, juicy cunt. We still have time to fuck, besides Imissed that beautiful hunk of meet. She then got to her knees and started sucking me hard. It didn't take long to get hard and then I shoved my cock all the way in her wet box. We fucked for about 15 minutes, changing positions twice. Finally in doggie style, I shot my load on her fat ass. Even though she had gaine weight, she was still a great piece of ass! We left and i thouht we were finished but i would fuck my aunt again 20 years later when she was 66. But thats another story.
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8 months ago
Damn hot, thanks for sharing!
2 years ago
Hot for sure,,,mmmmmm thanks mmmm
2 years ago
Bro we need pics of aunt Christine