Aunt Christine Part 3

I worked in the movies as an usher and wouldn't get off until 10 o'clock. I kept thinking about the surprise Aunt Christine was going to give me. Time dragged, and I saw Stanley, so I knew he wasn't at my house, fucking my aunt. Ten o'clock finally came, and I left for home. As I approached my house, I saw a strange car parked in front. I went around the back and let myself in. I entered the living room and there was my aunt and a blonde lady sitting on the couch. They were drinking Thunderbird wine. Hi, honey, my aunt said. Have a glass of cold wine. This is Dora. Dora was wearing a white halter and blue skirt. She wason the thin side, but had a pretty face. Ilet my aunt pour me some wine and i chugged it down, More please, i said. Dora said what is the big surprise you want to show me, Chris? Aunt Christine poured me some more wine and then grabbed my crotch. Wait til you see this, Dora! She unzipped my pants and pulled out my limp, but growing cock. She started jerking me off and I responded by getting hard. Umm said Dora, it is really nice. I've been fucking it for 2 days said Christine and this boy knows how to use it. I,m a little sore now and i thought you would like some. I'd love it said Dora. Let's go upstairs and party my aunt said. We went up to the bedroom and began to undress. Dora had small tits but really big nipples. When she took of her skirt and panties, I saw she was not a natural blonde. She immediately took my cock and started sucking it. It was really good and I was in heaven. Meanwhile, my aunt, who was also naked, started to kiss and suck Dora's clit. I felt a load coming on and sure enough, i came in Dora's mouth. Damn, she said, I wanted that big boy in my pussy. Don't worry said Christine, he'll be hard again in about 5 minutes. Sure enough, I was and Dora lay on her back, I plunged my new hard on into her tight cunt. She wasn,t as big as my Aunt, but the tight pussy put me in heaven. Meanwhile, Christine sat on Dora's face and got her cunt eaten. She faced me so I could kiss her and play with her tits. After i shot a load in Dora, Christine ate it out of her pussy and then kissedher deep. We continued to play all night. i fucked Dora 3 times and my sore pussy aunt twice, Little did i know that more was to come the following evening. To be continued.....
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2 years ago
loved all 3 parts
2 years ago
This is so great looking forward to the next chapter
Thanks Jay