A Rainy Day

I went into the convience store to buy lottery tickets. As I waited a big beautiful Black woman walked in and was looking for coffee. She had on a tight shirt and mini skirt, which had green leotards underneath. I love fucking black women so i began to watch her as my dick started to grow. I purchased my tickets and glanced around the store. She was pouring coffee and I gave her a smile. She smled back and then turned around. I went outside to my car and waited for her to exit. It started to rain but i noticed that there were no other cars in the parking lot. therefore, she must have walked or been dropped off. Finally she came out, but stopped because it was raining. I waved to her and asked if she needed a ride. She said, not really Baby, I'm only going up the street. OK, i said, but then it started to pour, I waved at her and she nodded her head yes. My cock started to get happy. She ran and got in my van. I smiled, said my name was ,Bill and where was she going? My name is charlotte she said and i live up the street. I looked her over and my dick started to get hard. She had nice, big tits and her legslooked good. her thighslooked edible! She asked what was i up too aand I said nothing really, just driving around, Would you like to play? , she asked? Absolutely, i replied. I know a place we can go for $80 dollars. OK, i said. She directed me and soon we were out of town and nearing an Industrial Park. Turn here she said, and we were in a wooded area with a dirt road winding down it. Park here she said, and I did. I reached in my pocket and pulled out 4 20 dollar bills. I gave them to her and she put them in her bra. Let's get in the back she said and she climbed over the seat showing me a lot of white panty. i followed and we began by kissing. Her tongue went deeply down my throat She then removed her shirt exposing her white bra with big boobs dying to get out. She then rolled down her green leotards exposing her panties. The hair on her cunt was sticking out of the panties and my cock became steel. It was pouring out, but my cock wanted to get wet a different way. I unhooked her bra and her massive boobs popped out. She rolled down her panties and there was the brillo bush I was waiting for! I pulled down my pants, letting my enormous prick feel the warm air. She smiled and put my cock in her mouth and began sucking it nicely. I finger fucked her and lick and bit her nipples. Charlotte started to moan and I had to eat her pussy. i dove in and the scent of sweet pussy filled my nostrils. I'm cumming she said and screame out loud!! I then wiped my mouth, put her on her back, and inserted my hard cock. I went deep and fucked her hard. After ten minutes, we both came. She said you must have about 10 inches. i never measuredit I said. You are a great fuck she said. After we got dressed she gave me her phone number and told me to call her any time. I took her home and promised myself that I would get more of that fine, blavk pussy.
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2 years ago
Wow thew next time she should pay you instead