Aunt Christine Part 2

I awoke in my parents' bed on that hot summer morning. The smell of pussy was in the air. I looked to my left and saw my aunt Christine lying on her back with her juicy cunt exposed to my eyes. I had fucked her 3 times last night and my 16 year old cock wanted more. I reached over and started caressing her right tit. The nipple was big and I began to suck it. I placed my right hand on her hairy bush and began to finger fuck her. My dick was growing very, very hard as her cunt became very, very wet. I flipped over and placed the head of my prick at her pussy entrance. I then mounted her and started a slow, easy fuck. With each stroke I went deeper and deeper. My aunt began to moan and then cry out, more cock, more cock. I buried my steel rod in her pussy. After about 5 minutes she said, kiss me, I,m coming! I buried my tongue in her wet mouth and also shot sperm all in her pussy. I then yelled because the feeling was greater thananything else I had ever done. I pulled out and she looked at me and then shuddered. Oh my God, I fucked my nephew again! I am a true slut and whore. I replied, but it was so fucken good! She looked at me, smiled and said yeh, you're right. By this time my pecker had got hard again. Let's fuck some more, I said. She got into the doggie position and I stuck my cock into her deep hole. I hove it all the way in and I could feel her cunt hair on my belly. I proceeded to grasp her enormous titties and slammed my self into her. She screamed with delight, saying fuck me, honey, fuck me deep! I continued this until I was about to cum. I told her I was about to cum and she told me to pull out and cum in her mouth. I kindly obliged her and she swallowed ounces of jism. You have really fucked the shit out of me she said. You have a great cock and I want more. My 16 year old cock began to harden again. She sat on my face and started to jerk me off. Her cunt was full of pussy juice and i licked her clean. She then moved down and sat on my cock. She made us cum again. Auntie, I said, I have to go to work. OK, honey, when you come home tonight, I'll have a surprise for you. She did, but thats's another storey. Look for Part 3.
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2 years ago
you mean that you still went to work its great being young