my fantasy

You pick me up at the station and I jump in the car. We exchange looks of anxiety and I crack a joke and say "smile, cause later you'll be screaming with pleasure" which loosens
the mood as we both laugh.

We arrive at the hotel and slip into our room. As the door shuts we both gaze at the full length mirror and smile. I smirk as you smile and proceed to drop your bag on the bed.

We sit and exchange quirky one liners easing the tension until finally I move up close and pull you firmly close as we interlock lips and our hands begin fondling each other while increasing our heart rates and settling the tensions.

As your hand slips up under my shirt and begins to wrap around my back your other hand rubs over my crotch and suddenly squeezes my cock as it grows stiff while you pinch my nipple with the other hand as if to subtly imply you're into a little light rough play.

As you continue rubbing me, I slide my hands around your back and down onto your ass
and cup the lowest portion of both cheeks with my hands. Slowly I spread your cheeks apart, which tingles your pussy as your lips part slightly. Then I quickly squeeze both cheeks tight between my fingers and whisper in your ear "just wait... my fingers can instill more pressure and arousal in other places too."

You lightly bite my lip and smirk back "mmmmm I can't wait" as you unbutton my pants and both your hands slip down inside my pants. One fist cups and clenches my balls while the other grips my shaft with a death grip. I smile with timidness and chime back "just wait, I too enjoy a little rough play!"

While standing you squeeze my balls tight as you smile and comment on how smooth my shaved balls feel in your hand as the other hand strokes my shaft, engorging it to become fully erect. As you continue I begin to faintly moan in your ear while I move one hand up onto your breast and squeeze the nipple erect as the other hand slips beneath your skirt and begins to squeeze your inner thigh. You suddenly gasp for breath as my hand slowly brushes up against the outside of your silky thong. I begin to lightly brush my two fingers along your pussy lips back and forth as my fingers encircle your lips. You suddenly stop kissing and your head falls onto my shoulder as you gasp to catch your breath and your legs tighten, which exerts pressure on my hand. I whisper, "relax" as I go back to brushing my fingers against your lips and slowly work the lips between my two fingers. You feel your swollen labias glide between my two fingers as your panties begin to moisten.

With your panties now wet while my fingers continue to work, I become aware that my pants have fallen to the floor. Your hand is still gripping my shaft stiffly while it preforms
intense wrap around motions as you slide you hands up and down my shaft while the other fist alternates its clenching and squeezing of my sac as this rhythm coincides with your gasping breaths for air. Now you become intensely aware that my fingers now begin to slide under your thong and between your pussy lips.

As I continue to rub, I slowly slide your panties down your legs and now begin to rub your moistened clit. Suddenly your feel a finger quickly slide between your lips and penetrate less than an inch which immediately causes your legs to weaken as you lean against me to hold your balance.. Now both of your hands are gripping my upper arms as I now slide my other hand down beneath your skirt and it begins to rub around your upper thigh area. I begin to slide it slowly back and forth against your thighs as the other hands finger slides in and out, deeper with each thrust while moistening you up as our tongues continue to mingle and our bodies begin to tingle with pleasure.

Finally my finger sinks completely deep inside your pussy and begins to perform circles. With each circle I apply more pressure outward as your moaning intensifies. Now my other hands' finger begins to stimulate your clit as both hands develop a rhythm which you concentrate on and your moaning begins to coincide with.

After a few minutes of this moan fest, look you in the eyes and seductively whisper, "mmmmm your moaning could make me cum!"

I slowly lean over and pull your skirt off then slide your top and bra off and throw it aside as you do the same to my clothes. Standing there both naked I look you up and down and comment, "mmmm that bald pussy will look fucking amazing sliding deep onto my cock!"

You smile and grap my hand and lead me off to the the shower. As the hot water fills the room with mist we slide into the stream of gentle spray and cup our hands to allow the water to lap its way down our bodies.

I grab the soap and begin to lather your lower back while gently massaging with the other hand. Continuing, I work the soap all over your back and then around onto your tits while the other hand continues to follow the lather and massage your smooth skin. I concentrate my massaging on your breasts as the nipples perk to life. You suddenly feel me lightly squeeze your nipple which shoots a slight sense of euphoria over your entire body as I lean over to your ear and comment "mmmm, see a little pain can be enjoyable!" Immediately you reach back and your fist locates my balls and squeezes sharply as you reply "I
know," as I wince in slight agony.

I continue lathering your tits and slowly work the bar down your stomach and over your abdomen as the other hand now slides down your back, over your ass and between your legs, where my fingers migrate over your labias once again. As the bar of soap meets my other hand I use both hands to slide the bar back and forth over your pussy. I slowly build the pressure as the bar begins to part your pussy and stimulate your clit. You reach up and latch onto the shower head for support as I move along side of you so I can work the bar of soap better between your legs and thighs easier.

Now you place your free hand on top of my hand and begin to guide it back and forth over your pussy building a rhythm as one of my hands breaks loose and works it way onto your ass cheek and squeezes it tightly to coincide with the ryhthm you have developed. With each tight squeeze, I lift your ass cheek upward which opens up your pussy allowing the bar to slightly penetrate inside of you.

As your moaning quickens and begins to echo of the walls I slide my body up and down the side of yours all the while your guiding hand keeps on tracking back and forth between your legs. Suddenly I drop the bar of soap and you immediately latch on to my hand and
continue the rubbing as my other hand slides up between your lathered ass. I lightly bite your shoulder which just intensifies your pleasure as I say " mmmmm you like my hand between your pussy hmmm, mmm that's it work that hand over your clit..... build that
pressure.....deeper.....yea that's it."

Now I slide one finger inside your pussy as you don't hesitate but keep guiding my hand faster and faster as you grow weak in the knees and begin to slightly bend over. I sense your climax is near, so I remove your guiding hand and place it on the wall where you lean over so both hands now rest on the faucet and the hot water hits your lower back. I slide around to your back side and get down on my knees while my hands rest on your hips. You feel me begin to bite my way around your ass as a finger parts your lips which allows the warm water to trickle over your clit maximizing the sensation. Suddenly you feel my two fingers slide along each lip and squeeze them together which bulges your lips between my fingers as my tongue begin to lick the outer lips. Then I slip my tongue between your lips as a finger sinks deep inside your moist pussy. You concentrate on my tongue encircling your clit while I continue to finger fuck you closer to climax. After a few moments you realize my tongue is the best sensation inside your pussy so you stand and spin around and lift a leg onto the wall exposing your pink pussy with your free hand and say "tongue fuck me?!" Instantly this invigorates me and I lick my way up your thigh until you feel my migrating tongue slip back between your pussy as it begins to sink in and out while encircling and exploring every area. The moaning accelerates as you rest both hands on my shoulders and begin to build pressure until I sense you are forcing me a sitting position.

Then with me sitting, leaning back with both hands out stretched for support on the floor, you move close and reach out and grip the back of my head as you straddle my face while standing. You pull my face deep into your pussy and begin to gyrate back and forth on my face while my tongue explores its way around. Now you reach down and grip my head
with both hands and your gyrating pace quickens as you pull me even harder and deeper into you. I reach up one hand at a time and wrap my hands around the inside of your legs and then up around your waist and arch my back so I can continue to lick my way deeper inside.

Knowing I have myself fully supported you release one hand from my head and reach back and latch on my shaft and begin to stroke it with a steady firm pace. Then suddenly with one quick thrust you pull hard on my shaft stretching me to an extreme length which causes me to pause and look at you as our eyes meet and silently let me know your are ready to cum.

Quickly I lay down on the shower floor as you say "mmmm I want to ride your face to finish" and begin to squat over my face while facing my feet. I see your hands reach back between your legs and cup the back of my head and pull it into your crotch. My tongue again finds it way deep inside your pussy as it sinks deep inside your cavity. I work my tongue sideways, up and down while building a rhythm. Your moaning becomes faint screams of ecstasy as you now grind your pussy deeper into my face.. You reach down and begin to stroke me with both hands as I begin to feel you shake and sense you are close to cumming. I move my tongue over your clit and work little circles around
it until I feel you tense up then let out a deep moan and scream "FUUUUCK" and then fall onto my body and lay there motionless. A minute later you say, "fuck that tongue is wonderful!" To which I reply "lets see how yours is"!

You smile and reach down and grab the soap off the floor as you still sit over my chest. You begin to work the bar all over my stomach and crotch as the water beads down over our bodies. You stand and reposition the angle of water to glide down the wall so you can build a lather up. Getting back to soaping me up, one hand slides up and down my shaft as your fingers begin to squeeze life into my cock. With wach stroke you preform corkscrews alternating pressure with each rotation. Now fully erect and lathered the soap plunks down onto the floor as one hands works over my balls while the other strokes away. Suddenly you feel my slide my thumb deep inside your pussy while my other fingers rest again your pussy lips. This you immediately pick up on and begin to gyrate back and forth on while working you fingers up and down my shaft.

As I begin to moan and lay my head down on the floor I feel you splashing water over my crotch and sudednly a warm moist sensation envelops my shaft as I peer down and see my cock sliding in and out of your mouth.
"Fuck.......... that tongue feels sooooooo gooood... suck it......mmmmm that's it." You
continue to slide me in and out while at the top of each stroke your tongue swirls a circle around the head then back down and up again continuing this process. Every so often you slide your teeth over my head to instill a little rough play to this passionate blow and hand
job. Bobbing your way up and down, your free hands glides along my shaft with your mouth while the other alternates squeezing my balls tightly.

While you continue to work over every inch of my manhood, I reach down and begin to lightly pinch your nipple erect once again. With each pinch I feel your teeth slightly clench my shaft. You feel my thumb begin to stimulate your g spot as you quickly sit up arching your back and slide your pussy back over onto my face. You begin to fuck my tongue as it
sinks deep inside and you lean back over a slip my shaft deep into your mouth. You stop suddenly and after a few last glides over my tongue stand up and turn off the water. Reaching down you grip my hand and lift me up and walk me into the room and sit me down in the corner chair and commence to run your fingers up along each leg. Without
breaking eye contact you begin to straddle my and grab your tits and squeeze them together as you rub them over my face. You lean close and whisper "now it's my turn" as you reach back lift my cock and slowly lower your pussy over it as you glide the head bewtween your pussy lip teasing me erect.

Looking deep into my eyes you stand up and slowly bend over and beginto lick your way over my chest suckling my nipple as your hand latches again firmly around my sac and lightly begins to squeeze. Your tongue meanders down my chest, over my stomach and then down onto my thighs.

You lightly apply pressure spreading my legs as you bite and kiss your way closer to my swollen cock. Placing both hands up under my legs you lift and place my feet on the end of the chair. While holding my feet in place you begin to lick each ball and slowly slide each deep inside your mouth as you suck firmly and release them from you mouth with a
popping noise. You slide both balls inside your moist mouth and work them over with your tongue eventually almost swallowing them they are so deep. With both balls deep, your tongue slips out of your mouth under my balls and begins to slowly slide up along the lower section of my sac. You feel my hands latch into your hair and squeeze tightly as
my moaning begins to single your working magic. After a few minutes of this handless blow jog you pop both testies out lick the head of my cock while looking in my eyes seductivley. Suddenly you slide my shaft deep as I gasp for air and tense up. You grip my ankles firmly and jerk them still while firmly gesturing with your eyes that I must keep

Your hands release my ankles and grip my shaft as you build a heavy amount of saliva on my shaft as lubricant. You slide me out of your mauth and begin to give me a heavenly erotic handjob which alternates a few sucks as you twist and stretch my shaft and balls. as you pull downwards on my sac my moanig intensifies and your stroking pace quickens while you keep my head just inside your mouth.

Feeling my balls retract you know I am close to cumming as you continue stroking. Suddenly you pause and quietly say "don't move!" Next I see you grip my balls and pull downwards which lifts my shaft upwards as you slide it into your mouth. You arch you back upwards as you slide my shaft deep into your throat and bottom out on my pelvis and then slip your tongue out and lick my balls. You continue this deep penetration for a few reps until I begin to squirm uncontrolably to which to responds with thight ball squeezing. Finally I slip out of your mouth, push you backwards, and stand and put you into a a sitting postion on your knees adjacent to the bed with your back resting up against the bed. Standing over you I reach back and grip a handful of hair gently and slide my cock back into your mouth. After you become comfortable with this postion I lift a leg onto the bed and slowly slide in and out of your mouth as you hold onto my hips. My pace quickens and moaning accelerates until you feel a deep rush of hot juice envelope your mouth. I slowly disenguage my cock from between your lips and fall over on the bed helplessly. Laying there you smirk and say "just wait, thats just the beginning!!"
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