wifes feet wile she sl**ps

so iv got a foot fetish i have done for a while now, i'll sit for hours just massarging my wifes feet,,, she has a pair of trainers that i know after she wheres them her feet develop the worlds sexist smell in the world (well next her sweet smelling fanny that is) i love it so much that i go into ,keep the trainers on mode, where i'll keep asking her to do stuff for me, and not let her get comfortable to the point that she wants to take them of,,(the winter is the best time for this because she keep her socks on in bed). so i'll be at this all day just thinking about her feet, walking around with a semi in my boxers all day and my cock just dripping with pre-cum to the point i had to change them twice that day.
So its all set and its all most time for bed, iv stayed up real late , so she kept her trainers on for as long as possible, so when we go to bed she will cuddle in and go to sl**p and that exactly what happend, she is fast asl**p, i pulled my arm from under her head not as gental as i normaly would have just to make sure she was asl**p, at that time im as hard as a rock and start to play with my self.
as i get out of the bed, i work my way to the bottom of it, starting to shake with exitment of what im about to do and the fear of getting caught,,so im stood above her beautifull feet, she still has her socks on, i go slowly down on one knee with my dripping cock in my hand , her feet are just resting over the edge of the bad and she is layed on her front exposing the soles, i gentley rub my nose on the soles of her feet just check the water so to speak;
I smell that sweet smell radiating from her feet, they smell like fresh baked bread to me, i hold them both in my hands and bury my face tight aganst the souls of both feet.
i stop and look at them, i start to shake again as i start to think about taking those sexy little white socks off, i dont want to wake her, i just want this to be between me and her sexy little feet..
i slide my finger in to the hole of her socks, i slowly start to pull one sock down just past her ankle , just as i see it i just got to kiss it and give it a little lick just to let it know how much i love the ankle, but now for the bit that could wake my wife up,,,pulling the sock over the heel of her foot, i start to shake even more because of the suspence of working my way to her toes.
i gentley pull her sock over the heel and leave the sock just resting in the arch of her foot and i start to kiss and rub my face over her heel,, i lick it and gently suck at her heel, while i keep sucking at her heel i hold her sock at the arch of her foot and starting from the toes i start to pull away her sock till all the kinks have come out of it, as the sock is hanging straight from her foot i slowly start to kiss and lick my way down the arch as i slowly put the sock little by little, im now wanking realy hard, i just cant help my self thay smell and tast so good, im so horny that i yank her sock off and take her big toe straight to my mouth and start to suck on it working my tongue between her big and second toe, i suck the ball of her foot so i can curl her toes around my bottom lip, still wanking realy hard i can start to feel my self about to cum so i go for what i love the most,,,,, sucking the second toe, it drives my wild to the point that i cant handle it no more,, i need to cum, so i stand up and ieft her foot to my throbbing cock and rub them together, as i start to cum i push the tip of my cock to her toes and watch as my cum fills the gaps between them,, i spray a little on her souls,, i sitt back on my feet kneeling once again to look at her beautifull feet, with my cum dripping from them iv never thought about it before but all of a sudden i just felt so horny that i had to lick my cum from between her toes. so thats what i did i started licking the drips first, then sucking from her little toe to her third toe all in one go, it tasted so good and was turning me on so much.
i worked my way around the second toe with my tongue making sure to lap up every bit of cum i could and swollowed it. i then took her big toe and her second toe into my mouth, licking clean all the cum i had sprayed all over them while thay where deep in my mouth.
i had a little look around to find somthing to clean her foot up properly with, i found a towel and dryed her foot of all the spit and slobber i had left all over them,i gave them a kiss good night then with out thinking about it i got in to bed and fell asl**p.

i wake up to find my wife was not there, thinking to my self that she had sussed what i had been up to and been in a right shitty with me i heard our stairs start to creak as my wife walks in with two cups of coffee, "moning love" my wife says and passes me a cup, i just look at her say thanks and take a sip of my coffee, she put her coffee on the bed side table and sits on the edge of the bed and lifts her foot up to take of the sock off that i had left on, holding it in her hand she turns and looks at me and ses "i dont know why i wear these to bed, i allway end up taking one of in my sl**p".
he he he he i had got away with it again,,,,you see people i just cant help it, i get so turned on when i suck, fuck, lick,and kiss her feet.. the fact that its my little secret makes it all the better

by wayne
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2 years ago
Nice what else have you done when she is asleep
3 years ago
Telling her on you.
Great story nasty boy.
Love to u both