fun in the sun

i am not exactly an exhibitionist but, for some strange reason, i've always loved playing with myself in the open air. i simply love feeling the rays of the sun on my skin and the shivers that run down my spine when im getting myself off under the blue sky gives me such a wonderfull buzz.
its best when its really hot, like it was for a while this summer. i'd get a real thrill listening to the weather forcast on the radio if it said it was gonna be hot because i knwe i'd be out there the next day, sunnhing myself and getting off out in the open.
like one day this july-i remember it so well because it was sweltering, too hot to do any work in the house, and i spent most of the day in the garden.i was only going to laze around in the hammock but, as usual, the urge to feel myself up proved to be to much. on the pretext of protecting my skin, i pulled my dress down around my waist and took out my big, full titts, pouring suntan lotion all over them and working it in gently. i always spend a lot of time on myu boobs. i like to make sure the oil is truely massaged in, rubbing it firmly into my nipples in a pinching movement.ilove pulling om my tits and rolling my nipples between my fingers. when i do that, it's like they're connected directly to my clitty.
that day, i carried on pulling my nipples and rubbing oil into my body, caressing my stomach and letting my hand wonder down past my mound and over my thighs, my hammock swaying softley beneath was so warm and relaxing, i could have spent all afternoon feeling myself up but my excitement was mounting. i pulled my knickers to one side and slid my oil-slickened fingers up and down my labia. my lips parted and sucked my fingers into my crease, all the time i was tugging on my nipple. my fingers rocked the hammock to much- i wss in danger of falling out- so i clambered out and sat on the edge of the flower bed. the last thing i wanted to was fall flat on my face in the middle of an orgasm.
i like to taste my pussy, particualy when im licking the juice off a lovely big cock.when i'm alone, i always bring my pussy-wet finger to my mouth.i licked the tip of my finger, realishing my own taste, before sucking it like a cock. then i ran circles around my tingling clit-it was so smooth ans silky-and i couldn't delay my plaesur any longer. streahing my legs wide apart, i frigged my silky button over and over again untill i shivered in delight, bucking my pussy up to the sun as i came loudly.
a few days later, the hot sun beckoned me and my horny pussy back out into the garden. it was thursday afternoon, and i was completely safe from prying eyes- or so i thought.
i had gone into my garden with my radio,book,drink and oil, and was sitting in the hammock with my titts out, smoothing lotion into my nipples,when i heard a voice shout out "nice tan"
i screeched and nearly jumped out of my skin. it was my neighbour,i shouted at him not to creep up on me like that.
"sorry , i diddn't mean to scare you. i was just wondering if i could borrow your hedge trimmer"he said, oggling my tits, "iv got the day off you see..."
now, ordinarily i would have tucked my bits away and got up, but iv fancied him for quite a bit now.iv never done anything about it as he was neawly divorced, and i don't usually do neighbours. but iwas already feeling pretty horny, what with being in the garden, and he did look hot standing thetre in his ripped t-shirt and jeans, so i just carried on rubbing the oil into my tits, givingt him the eye.
He was fixed on my boobs, so i squeezed them a bit and pinched my nipples. "i like a nice trim hedge." i smirked. sure, it was a cheesy thing to say, but i diddn't care, i wanted to screw him and a cheesy line l8ike that makes sure the guy knows exactly what's what. before he could answer,i told him to come over. after a few seconds, and with a great big grin spreading on his face, he did as he was told. "here," i said. "take this oil and rub it into my body"
he knelt down and gentaly massaged my tits, saying "you dont know how meny times i've imagined doing this. you're gorgeous,"
the growing bulge in his trousers told me he wasn't k**ding. it was a little awkward in the hammock, so i stood up, kissing him deeply and keenly as he squeezed my arse.i yanked at his belt and undid his jeans.
"your so damed sexy," he told me, but i was bearly listening-he had a fat cock and i was trying to get at it. i couldn't believe it when i got my hands on his prick, it was big and thick. i fell to my knees and sucked on it hungrily. i was loving it, getting a taste of his beautiful, thick prick - all the better for being so unexpected. he was moaning and i was hungry for it, so i lay down and spread my legs wide. looking up at that thick rod poking out of his jeans, i begged for him to fuck me. i wanted every bit of that cock and i wanted it immediately.
"oh god" he said, getting down on the ground and sliding his big purple member up my twat. it was sensational. if i'd known he couls screw like that, i would have fucked him a whole lot sooner. he was sliding that fucker in and out, from tip to base, making my tits bounce slowley up and down, and i was absoultly enraptured. i was even crying out, something i dont usualy do. he was getting really excited and i begged him not to cum, i diddn't want this to end. "wait," i said, wriggling him off me. "i'v got an idea."
i got up and put the sun lounger matress under the hammock. i wanted to swing on that cock. so i climbed in and opend my legs.
he saw what i was doing and he took his jeans off and lay on the lounger- his prick standing tall. it was a little tricky at first, but he soon got his cock through the hammock mesh, and i lowered myself onto his member, he was swinging me on the hammock, sliding his cock in and out. being suspended in the hammock and bouncing on his prick was the horniest thing ever, and i laid back and frigged my clit. in no time at all our, athletic fucking gave me one of the deepest, horniest, most satisfying orgasms i'd ever had. it was blinding! we came together, crying out like b**sts in heat-it seemed to last forever for both of us.
he diddn't get any gardening done that day. i persuaded him to stay over at my place for the afternoon, and after a couple of drinks and a bit of a snog, it wasn't long before we were checking out other places in the garden to get it on. like i said , if i'd have known what a great fuck he was it wouldn't have taken so long for us to get together. i've told him about my little habit of playing with myself in the garden and he dosent mind one bit-funny that!the thing is, now we're fucking, i dont have the energy anymore.
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2 years ago
fantastic story...had me wanking
3 years ago
In college, all my housemates knew not to come into the backyard when my girlfriend, Michele, was visiting and we were out back together in my mesh hammock. Swinging in the sunlight together, sliding in and out of her in broad sunlight, in full view of the second story windows of five surrounding houses, knowing that everyone knew what we were doing... man, those were great times.

But hearing my fantasy coming out of a woman's mouth, hearing you describe what it feels like for you, THAT is really exciting!
3 years ago
very hot & sexy & i can see the 2 of you doing that yumm
3 years ago
I like this story. Funny how the guys always seem to stumble upon the girls that don't have their clothes on.
3 years ago
Another great story. Indeed a lovely neighbor to have!
3 years ago
That is a lovely story. You are so naughty