over the teachers desk

as we said goodnight there was definate tension in the air between us my heart racing as i got on the bus and it was obvious how both of us felt. it certainly gave me something to think about when i got home and he was on my mind the whole time as i lay on my bed bringing myself to a juddering orgasm.
the next few times we saw eachother we both new what we wanted eventually he said "do you want to pop by my office on friday to discuss your essay i agreed.
knocking and pushing the door open in one fluid movement i was greeted by him standing in front off his desk looking nervous he looked me up and down before inappropriately blurting out "you look really nice"
my heart beat increased "did you bring your essay"
"no i forgot" i sais flipently and smiled a naughty smile i could not believe how naughty ni was being but i wasn't leaving with nothing
there was no chance of that he instantly moved forward placing his hands on my cheek he oulled my face , my lips, towards his. the instant our moths touched he moved one hand to my bum drawing my pelvis towards his and our hips ground together as we kissed each other passionatelyb his cock pressed hard against my crotch i knew we should probably stop but i was far to turned on to pull away his hands were roaming all over my breasts making my nipples stiffen, and soon my top was up and dragging down my bra hungriliy sucking ob my tits.
i turned round and backed up against the desk he approached me undoing his flies he tore of my blouse yanking my bra off fully exposing my ample chest
"oh man " he moaned before sinking his face into my breasts
i had parted my legs with my thighs either side of his, i reached both hands into his boxers and pulled out his raging hard cock stroking it i began ton work up a rythem enjoying the sound of his breath as it shortened and quickened responding to the speed and pressure i applied.
he was now wild with desire and pushed me back on the desk with a devil may care air as reams of paperwork tumbled to the floor . i was still tossing him off and he ws running his tongue over every inch of my body the urge to be really filthy was stuck in my brain and now egged on by his lust it had spilled out of my mind and turned into definate action. i grabbed the back of his head and whispered "put your cock in my mouth "
i knelt in front oh him i could feel his balls run up against my kneck and my chin as his shaft lay across my mouth. curling my tounge around it , i began to lick at his pole ans suck on his balls, before pushing him back slightly and raising my head to allow his fdick to slip between my lips.
he took a fist full of my long hair which made me feel really dirty,ans acting like a total slut , i let him fuck my mouth, taking him deep in my throat as he thrusted.from this angle i could take all of his cock into my mouth, his helmet nudging the back of my throat with every buck of his hips. dragging his cock from my mouth i demanded he fuck me.
letting go of my hair he ripped my jeans off yanked my panties to oneside and buried his face into my cunt sucking and licking my clit like a thirst man at an oasis.
i was writhing around in extasy, unable to control my yelps ans squeals of plessure.
my pussy was so wet he inserted two fingers into me eaily and began to work my hole asw his tongue grazed my clit and hood.wrapping my legs around his head, i kept his face pressed tightly to my cunt he really knew what he was doing shaming guys my age knowing that i really wanted his cock inside me my delicate caress brought him round and he stood up his cock twitching styeering his big hard cock towarsd my wet cunt he looked at me . i knew he couldn't believe his luck, as he sunk his prick into me
his cock felt fantastic as he slowley opened my fleshy folds. then he fucked me and i mean really fucked me his balls banged against my arse and my titts bounced he used all his strength to screw me like iv never been screwed before his a****l lust was only matched by my slutty screams the words that sprang from my mouth could clearly be heard thjrough the office door . he fucked me so hard we diddn't last long and as he pulled out when my first orgasmic scream voiced itself through my nails. i raked the flesh of his sides as he shot a bolt of cum up my tummy and over my titts.
together we howled the place down our orgasms the only thing that mattered rite then
and did this extra-curricular meeting help me get better grades you bet it did!

91% (8/1)
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soz about the typing errors was getting all hot when i wrote this story