s****r in law

Hello this is not a fantasy but a true story but before I begin heres a bit of background.My wife and I got married just over 5 years ago and a month before the big day I had sex with 1 of her 2 s****rs.
It all began about a year before when we met there was a bit of attraction on both parts lots of flirting etc even my now wife noticed and never left the 2 of us together and constantly bitched that I wanted to shag her s****r if she was angry.

As he Big Day got closer my future inlaws were getting work done and getting house ready for Guests and lucky for me the other s****r and her b*****r went back home leaving girlfriend her parents s****r and me.
So my wife to be and her mum disappered down to shops to sort last minute things out and her Dad buggered off to the garden leaving her s*s and me in house. That day she was pulling up carpets upstairs so I wandered up to give her a hand.

Anyway as I neared the top of the house I spotted her s****r pulling up carpet and she was all hot and bothered looking and sweat lashed off her now there is 1 thing that I love is smell of sweat of a woman fresh sweat not stale bokey stuff maybe it is the pheromones in it but it always gets me and man did she smell fine so I made to go over to help her hoping she would'nt notice I was getting an erection.

The only problem was as I got closer another smell got my attention yep you guessed it whilsst she worked her pussy must have been getting hot as well because it as kicking off a scent that I am not just saying this but if not the best I ever smelt is up in top 3 and the effect on me was expected my penis was rockhard and I started to wonder want to do as she hadnt saw me yet I could creep away to the Bathroom and have quick wank but watching her body and smelling her pussy I knew I could'nt walk away.

I decided to approach her and as we comfortable flirting with each other I knew I could spank her arse to get her attention so I did and she sopped working and I asked if she needed a hand even though my cock going crazy and told her everyone else away out but whilst I doing this I noticed she not wearing a bra and she looked down and noticed my erection and said was I sure that all I wanted was to give her a hand so reading the signs I took the gamble and said to be honest I would rather we had sex and before I knew it she was snogging the face off me.

Whilst kissing I pulled off the T shirt she was wearing and afterr a bit of groping I lent over and sucked on her nipples and worked my hand into her pajama bottoms and as she not wearing underwear slipped my finger into her pussy and whilst I done that she had unzipped my trousers and had my cock in her hand gently wanking me and before she could lead me to the bedroom I eased her to the ground and pulled down her bottoms and using both thumbs to hold her pussy open I proceeded to lick every part of her vagina lips clit and mound all got some and tasty it was but my cock was busting so no more delay I moved into postion and slide him in ohh the relief so I plowed that pussy with all I had but as so horny i came all too soon.

after a bit of recovery she suggested we make way to her room and she started to gave me a blowjob maybe not the best I have had but then no such thing as a bad one but it done the job and brought my cock back to life and this time when I fucked her I managed to keep at her for good 20-25 minutes before I exploded my wad over the inside of her vagina and both satisfied we cleaned up and went down to get cup of tea and relax.

Good and bad now good we contined at any chance we could to have sex again and up to last year when she moved away we maybe fucked about every 2-3 months even when she met a new bloke but is getting more serious so even before our sessions were getting fewer and far between with be lucky if I fuck her again. only other drawback first time we were both horny and got carried away and did'nt use condoms(yeaa) and after that she insisted we use them(boo) even though I pleaded not to use as I hate them still first and second time my cock felt her pussy in all its warm wet willing state so fuck it I let her have her way hoping she would relent but no.

Thanks for reading folks I know it was'nt as dirty as you might like but as the sex drying up I figured someone else might get pleasure from my tale thanks again and goodbye
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3 years ago
For goodness sake! Punctuation!
3 years ago
Excellent Build up to the punch... That's what makes a good story. As you described her, not only did I see her in my minds eye, but I could smell her and taste her. That is what makes an outstanding story. Well done (you lucky bastard)!
3 years ago
good needs better discriptions
3 years ago
We know you have more to tell,so good job,,