The Horny Mom

Jerry had finally managed to drag himself out of bed..another
Saturday..his mom already left for work..he hated Saturdays ever since
his parents had divorced..with his mom working so much now he didn't
mind helping out around the house..but lately his mom seemed to save
all the wash during the week for him to do on Saturday..he gathered up
the dirty clothes in his room..retrived the basket of wash from the
hall closet and headed downstairs to do the laundry. Sorting the
clothes..darks from whites..another pair of his moms panties into that
pile..then he retrieved them..examining them..the soiled lining in the
crotch..the first time he had ever paid any attention to his moms
dirty underwear..without really thinking he held the crotch of her
panties to his nose deeply inhaling the scent of his mothers
17..he hadn't had any form of sex yet with a girl..and was surprised
his first smell of real pussy had caused an almost instant twitch in
his crotch as his penis began to harden..oh shit he thought to
himself..what kind of son was he..getting hard over the scent of his
own mother..he soon found he stood by the washer with his hard
cock in his hand jerking himself off in his moms underwear..holding
the head of his penis into the crotch of his moms dirty panties as his
semen was expelled to soak into and mingle with the dried secretions
of his moms vagina..and from that moment on he seemed to have constant
sexual thoughts about his mother..even using Saturdays to explore his
mothers underwear drawer..34D front snap bras..size 8 panites..a tube
of vaginal cream for yeast infections..and more surprisingily..birth
control pills and a tube of KY Jelly..his mom didn't date so why did
she need birth control pills unless she was fucking someone..and if
so..who in the heck was fucking his mother..and the KY Jelly..was his
mom getting some monster cock put to her he didn't know about..he
became determined to find out.
Thinking of his mom being fucked by someone..he didn't know
who..Jerry begin spying on his mom..listening in on her telephone
calls..going through her drawers..bedroom closets..looking for any
clue of who it might be..then one day he remembered his own hiding
spot for his magazines..under his matress..he searched under his moms
mattress and to his surprise found a rather large dildo in a cloth
case..but why birth control pills id her only sexual partner was a
fake cock..his spying progressed to the point of his first attempt to
see his mother naked. His moms bedroom had double closets of which
only one was used for her cothing..the only more a juke closet..Jerry
arranged the juke closet so he could hide in it..and by leaving the
bi-fold doors barely cracked open he had a clear view of his moms he planned and waited for his chance. A few days later he
had told his mom he was going over to a friends house after
school..knowing his mothers routine was to come home from work and
bathe before starting super..he now sat waiting in the closet of her
He heard their front door open and close..heard his name
called..a minute or two later his mother walked into her bedroom..sat
down on the bed and removed her shoes..clicked on the TV with the
remote..then he held his breath as she began unbuttoning her blouse..
slid it off her shoulders..then reached behind to unsnap her bra and
remove it..the first view of his mothers tits so excited him that
Jerry now had trouble remembering to breathe as a trembling sweep over
his body..he had seen girls in his magazines..but they didn't have
tits anything like his mothers..his moms breast were ovalish in shape
and drooped down her chest..the heavy rounded ends of her breast
completely capped by large brownish stretched nipples with the oval
shape of her breast lightly streaked with stretch marks..his mom ran
her hands under her tits the briefly rubbed them as he heard her
mumble to herself.."feels good to get out of that bra"..then his mom
stood up with her back to the closet and pushed her slacks down and
off..followed by her panties..his moms ass plainly in
his view..her ass womanish in shape..wide..but not overly wide..full
milky white buttocks jiggled as she waled away into the bathroom off
her bedroom..then seconds later reappeared walking back to stand in
front of her dresser as she brushed her hair..his first full frontal
view of his mother naked..and his cock seemed ready to burst from his
His mothers body was not magazine beautiful..but it was
real..his eyes moved from her breast down over her stomach..more
stretch marks beginning just below her navel weaved down over the soft
swell of her lower stomach leading to a thick tangle of black hair
covering her pube..not a magazine pussy but a real pussy..his moms
pussy..his cock ached with a renewed pounding in his groin..he fought
a sudden desire to burst from the closet and begin kissing the belly
of his birth..then his mother reached under her mattress and withdrew
the cloth case he knew contained a dildo..the tube of KY jelly from
her underwear drawer..thens he lay down on the bed and began rubbing
he tits..then her hands slowly moved down her body to her pussy..KY
Jelly on a finger tip found her clit..and he sat quietly through the
strange experience of watching his own mother masturbate..spreading KY
Jelly over the head of the dildo before placing it between her
legs..and Jerry watched as much of the flesh colored fake cock
disappeared into his mothers vagina..but as desperate as his mother
seemed..she was unable to orgasm.
His mother sat up on the side of the bed giving him a great
view of her hanging tits..then walked into her bathroom again and
returned wearing her robe...put her dildo back under the
matress..walked over to the dresser and looked at her watch..picked up
the phone then put it back down..stood looking at ti..then picked it
up again and dialed.."is Mary there..shes not..what time..ugh
Ron..think you can
come over..Jerry should be at his friends another hour yet..yeah I
know..but I want to see you so bad..(laughed)..yeah..a quickie..ok..
the back door will be open"..the names he heard his mother say.
." couldn't be..."..his mother walked out of the bedroom
and he waited..a couple of minutes and he heard a door shut..voices..
then his mother walked back into the bedroom..with the neighbor from
the house in back of was Mr. Gilland their nieghbor..Jerry
almost laughed out loud hearing his mother tell him.."honey..maybe you
better lock the door in case Jerry should come home"..then he saw his
mothers robe fall to the floor as Mr. Gilland stepped to his mom.
Jerry watched as Mr. Gilland ran his hands under his moms tits
and lift them..squeezing.."I wondered when I was going to get to see
my long titted bitch again"..his mom giggled.."am I your bitch or your
whore..I forget".. both of them laughed before they embraced in a long
kiss..their kiss broke.."neither..your my best pussy and you know fuck Mary..I have to think about fucking can be more than this"..his mother voice cut off Mr.
Gilland.."no Ron..I don't want to start that again..I don't want
marriage..and I don't want to break you and Mary up..(giggled)..I just
want to borrow your cock now and then"..Mr. Gilland laughed..
"yeah..most guys would kill for my situation..pussy at home and pussy
across the back yard..wouldn't they..guess I ought to be happy with
the way things are"..his mother and Mr. Gilland kissed again..then his
mother fumbled at his pants..unzipped them..pushed them down..Mr.
Gilland stepped out of his pants and removed his underwear.
Jerry was a bit startled at his first view of Mr. Gillands was already fully erect..its thick shaft supporting a large
purplish head.."how much time before your son comes home"..his mother
answered she wasn't sure.."maybe we better make this a quickie..I'm
not to sure when Mary will be home either..get doggy on the bed for
me"..Jerry from his hiding place had a full view of his mother
climbing onto the bed on her hands and knees as she presented her ass
to Mr. Gilland who remained standing by the foot of the bed..trying to
quiet his labored breathing as he watched Mr. Gilland wet his
fingers..rub the head of his cock before they moved between his mother
legs for a few seconds before one hand grasped his cock and guided it
as he hunched forward..Jerry stared quietly..wide eyed..watching and
listening to his mother being fucked by their neighbor.."Oh honey..
yeah..I love your got a sweet pussy to fuck"..his
mother moaned loudly.."Ohhh Ron..feels like your cock gets bigger each
time you fuck me..fuck me..FUCK ME"..Jerry watched his mothers sagged
tits swaying beneath her to the rhythm of Mr. Gillands hunching his
cock into her pussy..the loose wrinkled skin of his mothers stomach a
soft pouch on her underbelly..not a magazine beauty by any means but
Jerry found his mother body highly sexual..and he felt envious of Mr.
Gilland..envious of the cock having his mothers pussy..suddenly both
of their moans increased in intensity..his mothers body began
trimbling..hunching back to meet Mr. Gillands thrusting seconds before
he watched their neighbors hands grasp his moms hips..pulling her
tightly against him..Mr. Gillands loud moans telling Jerry he was
ejaculating cum into his mothers vagina..and Jerry felt doubly envious
of Mr. Gillands cock.
Jerrys mother fell forward onto her bed pulling herself off
Mr. Gillands deflating cock..hands moved over his moms ass as she
giggled.."damn Ron..when was the last time you fucked pussy
feels flooded"..Mr. Gilland lightly smacked his moms ass.."can't help
it's that pussy of make me cum like that"..Jerrys
mom giggled as she rolled over and moved off the bed.." my
body is so sexy..droopy tits and all..(giggled) just like
pussy"..Jerry watched Mr. Gilland pull his mom to him..her back
tightly against his chest..his hands moving around to her tits as he
kissed the back of her neck.."how many times I got to tell you I love
your body..I love fucking my long titted woman"..his mom laughed
girlishly.."quit playing with my'll get me started again and
we don't have time"..they turned to kiss again briefly..Mr. Gilland
dressed..his mother put on her robe and they left the bedroom..his
mother returned in a few minutes..removed her robe and went into her
bathroom..Jerry waited a minute after hearing his moms shower running
before sneaking out of the closet and from her bedroom..leaving the
house to walk slowly around the block to give his mom time to finish
her shower before he returned to the house...acting as if he had just
gotten home..acting as though he hadn't just watched his mom being
fucked by their neighbor.
Jerry spent the next weeks..then months..trying to again set
his mother up to watch her being fucked but to no avail..several times
having to manage a way out of her closet and out of the house without
being caught after his moms lover had not come over..Jerry finally
giving up his attempts to watch again as too dangerous..but he spent
many nights in his bed slowly jerking himself off as he replayed in
his head the image of his mothers nakedness..and of her being fucked
by Mr. Gilland. From that moment..he'd occasionally see his mom and
Mr. Gilland talking to each other over the backyard fence..acting like
casual neighbors..he was sure they were still fucking..when he didn't
know..and it burned him to think of Mr. Gilland ejaculating his semen
into his mom..squirting the very vagina he wanted to experience so
badly..countless plans he'd put together in his head to do just fuck his mom..only to abandon them as unworkable..yet he
continued to dream of having his mom as a lover.
The week of Jerry 16th birthday he came home from school to
find his mom packing..her father having a heart attack..his mom
explaining they didn't think it was a real bad one..but she had some
time off from work coming so she was going to fly out to see her dad
and be with her mother..telling Jerry she had called his father who
had to be out of town..but that his fathers mother was coming over to
stay with him until she returned..Jerry liked his other grandmother
alright..but protested he was old enough to stay by himself..his
protest falling on deaf ears..grandma Fay would be over that evening
and his mom left for the airport.
The second evening of his grandma Fays' babysitting..Jerry was
coming down the hall when the main bathroom door opened and his
grandmother walked out from her bath completely naked..almost bumping
into Jerry..his grandmother was a hefty woman in her mid sixties and
though her body showed her weight and age Jerry couldn't help
looking..his eyes almost frozen on his grandmothers tits..her breast
were fat and pendulous..the rounded ends of her breast hanging to rest
on the top swell of her pronounced belly presented Jerry a direct view
of the largest nipples he would ever see..brownish areolas the size of
small pancakes stretched over the ends of her breast surrounded their
nipples which had apparently been well nursed..long...brownish red
leathery nipples at least an half inch long stared back at Jerry. His
grand mother sensed Jerrys embarassment.."honey..I forgot for a moment
I wasn't home..I'm so use to not dressing in the bathroom at
see your mother don't you"..Jerry found it difficult to be standing in
the hall talking to his naked grandmother and not look at her
tits..his voice stuttered.."yes mam..I don't see my mom this"..his grandma chuckled softly.."oh..well it was
nothing for any of our k**s to see me or your grandpa when they were
growing's a natural way for k**s to learn..nothing to be
ashamed about"..again his grandma chuckled.."by the way your looking
at my tits..I think you could stand a little learning"..she took
Jerrys hand and led him into the quest bedroom..Jerry followed
her..his eyes watching the jiggle of his grandmothers ample ass.
His grandma sat down on the edge of the bed..Jerry standing in
front of her.."honey..take your clothes off and let granny see what
you got"..Jeryy protested..saying he couldn't do that..mumbling about
her being his dads mother..grandma Fay chuckled.." still
haven't figured this out..have you..honey..your dad arranged for me to
stay with you..I taught him about a woman when he was 14..(chuckled
again)..just think of this as your birthday take your
clothes off"..Jerry was stunned as he stared at his grandmother in
disbelief.."my mean my dad..and you......"..his voice trailed
off as his grandmother smiled at him.."yes honey..your grandpa had me
teach all of our sons..your daddy rutted with me when he was 14..and
up until he married your mom..I cut him off then like I did the others
when they took a that I don't believe in..after they marry I
mean"..Jerry still couldn't believe what he was being told.."you and
my dad did..did it"..another chuckle from his grandmother.."goodness
honey..I think your dad was the horniest of them all..(chuckled)
know your mom never would give him any before they married..your dad
use to go out with your mom then come home and rut me like the
horniest man you ever saw..(chuckled)..didn't matter none if I'd
already been had when he got home..sloppy seconds never bothered him take those clothes off honey..let granny see your cock".
Jerry stood in front of his grandmother naked..his almost 16
year old cock hard and pulsing in her hand..strange..yet sexually
exciting to hear his grandmother talking "nasty" to him.."honey..
you've cock'd out real fine for you age and good nuts for baby making
someday"..Jerry caught his breath as his grandmother fingers caressed
his scrotum..feeling his testicles.." been making your seed
yet"..Jerry felt his face redden.."you mean..making
stuff..yeah"..his grandmother chuckled as she began slowly stroking
his penis.."well..when I grew up as a girl..we called it a guy making
his seed..think it's mostly referred to as a guys cum now isn't
it"..Jerry blushed again.."yeah..I guess"..her hand left his penis..
then his own hands were guided to his grandmothers breast.."you can
feel my tits..I ain't the most beautiful thing in the world now when
I'm naked..but I got tits and a pussy for your birthday..if you want
em"..Jerry slowly moved his hands down his grandmothers breast to
their leathery nipples..his fingers gently grasping the nipples of her
breast and pulling them.."grandma..can..can I suck your tits"..she
smiled warmly at her grandson.."honey..I'd feel right bad if you
didn't..come here to me"
Because of his grandmothers pronounced stomach..Jerry didn't
have his first full view of her nakedness until she lay back on the
bed..the salt and pepper hair of her pussy below the heavy swell of
her lower stomach now visible to him..her tits sagged heavily to her
sides..he pushed one up..mounded it in his hands and brought his mouth
to its nipple..instinct..he pulled it's long nipple into his mouth and
sucked..the soft flesh of his grandmothers tit felt warm and sexy
against his face as he dry nursed her..minutes passed as he attacked
its nipple with greater excitement..his grandmother chuckled as her
hand mounded her other tit.."honey..don't forget this one"..Jerry
quickly moving to the other side of his grandmother to suck the
offered nipple of her other tit..until it too was fully extruded and
almost sore from his prolonged sucking..Jerry finally released the
nipple.."granny..can I tell you a secret"..her answer softly spoken..
"sure..honey"..Jerry took a deep breath.."sometimes I think about my
mom like this"..she smiled at her grandson.."honey..I don't think matter how old they get..ever stop thinking about their moms
that least once in awhile..your daddy still does..I know
that"..Jerry paused.."you"..another chuckle from his
grandmother.."well..your dad and mom aren't married no more..maybe I
shouldn't tell this..but your daddy rutted me just a few nights
ago"..Jerry felt his cock spasm at that thought..he was so near
already by just sucking his grandmothers tits and hearing her "nasty
talk" as she told him.."honey..maybe we should let my tits rest a know..I have something else I think you'll like"..she moved
her grandson away from her breast..spread her legs..raised and bent
them.."honey..get between my legs"
Jerry sat between his grandmothers open legs staring at the
visible outer lips of her pussy..watching as her fingers opened
herself to expose the pinkness of her pussy fully to him..his fingers
excitedly reached for and explored his grandmothers pussy..probing the
growing moistness of her vagina until he noticed his grandmothers
breathing had become heavier and her hips pushed down to meet his
finger.."honey..grannys ready for you..come up her a hold
yourself up over me guide you"..Jerry felt his
grandmothers fingers take his penis and place it against her.."push
honey..push your cock in me"..Jerry pressed his hips forward..pressing
his cock into her..he felt the head of his cock press into a warm
wetness..feeling resistance he pressed himself forward..then he felt
his grandmothers vagina cease resisting as his cock opened her and he
pushed fully into her..tingles swept the shaft of his cock as it sank
into her spongy warmth..moans escaping from both of them as by some
inner instinct he began stroking his pulsing cock in her vagina.."Oh
honey.. that feels good to granny..ohh that's right..fuck your
granny"..Jerry increased the urgency of his thrusting..not so much
sexually excited by the visual image of his grandmother naked beneath
him..but by the feel of her pussy encasing his cock the wonderful warm
bath of her moist vagina..his voice shaking.."granny..I don't think I
can..much longer"..his grandmothers voice soothing and warm..
"honey..I know this is your first pussy..your gonna nut off
just go ahead and nut off in me"..Jerry hunched his penis into his
grandmother and felt his entire body straining as he held his penis
deeply encased in her vagina as he looked down at his granny naked
beneath him..her large fatty tits sagged lazily to the sides of her
chest..the leathery buds of her aged pancake nipples erect and begging
for a mouth to take them..the fire which had building in his scrotum
suddenly exploded and he felt the tingles of his semen sweeping
through the shaft of his penis before it erupted into his grandmother
vagina..he hunched..ejaculated..hunched..ejaculated..then as his
ejaculations began to fade his grandmother reached up and pulled him
down on her to lay atop her body as one hand moved slowly over his
back as her other pushed a tit to his face and his mouth took its
nipple..her voice soft.."there just lay here on granny and
rest"..his penis weakly flexing to squeeze the last of his semen into
his grandmother.
His penis spent..Jerry moved slowly off his grandmother and
suddenly a bit embarrassed covered his crotch with a pillow and he
hesitantly asked.."granny..I mean..isn't that a sin what we just
did"..Jerrys grandmother sat up and his eyes moved again to the heavy
weight of his grannys sagging breast..aware of her grandsons eyes on
her breast she lifted both in her hands.."honey..a woman was given
tits for two feed her babies..and for a man to enjoy..I
don't see no sin in that..and a woman was given a twat for two to make babies..and the other to please a man..and I don't
see a bit of sin in using my twat to please someone I love..husband..
son..or grandson..I wanted to give you something you'll always
remember..your first did enjoy it didn't you"..Jerry
couldn't have hid the smile on his face if he had tried his best
to.."gee..yeah..I was the best thing I've ever felt to do that"..his grandmother laughed.."honey..if you can
do can say fucked fucked your granny..
(giggled)..and you nut off pretty well twat feels as
full as a ripe mellon"..a fear suddenly crossed Jerrys mind..
"ugh..granny..I can' know..give you a baby can I"..his
grandmother laughed as her hand reached out to caress his
face.."goodness honey no..I ain't had periods in years..I'm past baby
making with a man"..Jerry casually reached a hand to his grandmothers
tit..letting his hand slowly move down its pendulous shape..
"granny..can this again before my mom comes back"..his
grandmother smiled softly as she told him.."just like your
father"...and before his mother did return home Jerry delighted in
sucking his grandmothers melon tits and hunching his cock into her
pussy four more times.
Saturday after his mothers return his dad came by to pick him
up and spend the day with him..taking him to a local lake to
fish..part of the day had passed by before his dad casually
mentioned.."so Jerry..from what your grandmother told've
become quite a man now"..Jerry felt his face blush bright red as he
stutttered.." was grannys idea..she told me you said it was
alright"..his father gave a light chuckle.." mom was my first
piece of pussy and she taught me well..of course she was a lot younger
and had a better body when I first fucked her..but I thought she'd
still be the best way for you to have your first pussy..that is if you
enjoyed fucking my mother"..Jerry couldn't believe his dad was talking
so openly about his mother to him..about their both having fucked
her..his fathers casual tone putting him more at ease.."dad..I know..ugh..fucking was great"..Jerry watched his
fathers face for a reaction to what he had just said..seeing his
father smile Jerry continued.."grannys got big tits..doesn't she"..his
father laughed.."yeah..moms got bigger in her tits from having k**s
along with getting older..most women do..your own mom gained in her
tits after having your b*****r, s****r, and you"..Jerry quipped back
to his father without thinking.."yeah..moms hang down kinda like
grannys but not as big"..his father looked over at his
son.."'ve seen your moms tits"..Jerry swallowed hard realizing
what he had just said to his dad.."well..yeah..I guess..but just a
little"..Jerry had seen more than just a little of his mother but
hoped his lie sounded like the truth to his father..his father again
smiled.."yeah..I always liked your moms tits..great pussy too..I
always loved fucking your mom..but..somehow we just got to the point
we couldn't get along anymore..tell me the truth son..have you ever
thought about fucking your mom".
Jerry again swallowed hard as he adverted his yes from his
fathers..talking to his dad about his mom in a sexual manner had given
him a pulsing erection and he shifted his position as he tried to make
himself a bit more comfortable in the crotch of his jeans..his face
blushing his embarassment.."ah dad..should we be taking about mom like
this"..his father chuckled noticing his son apparent discomfort..
"yeah..I thought maybe you had..heck..your in an easier spot than I
was at your parents were married when I started fucking my took me quite awhile to get comfortable fucking my mom with
dad in the house"..Jerry looked wide eyed at his father.."you mean..
grandpa knew you did that"..Jerry sat intrigued as he listened to his
father tell about the first time with his it had been his
dad who began it..bringing his mother into his bedroom one night..his
mother in a robe..his dad had removed his moms robe and she had been
naked beneath it ..simply telling him his mother was going to teach
him about becoming a man..then leaving them alone..telling Jerry he
hadn't wanted to at first..but that his mother had told him his dad
would punishment her badly if they didn't..also telling Jerry that he
hadn't known until then that his older b*****r had already been
fucking their..then confessing to Jerry that his father had sometimes
watched him fucking his mother..and even making him watch his b*****r
fucking her..then his father telling him if he had it all to do over
again..he wouldn't change a thing..Jerrys mind swirled with all he was
hearing from his father..Jerry asking his dad in a stuttering voice..
"then..ugh..are you telling me it's alright..if..well..if I had the know..with mom"..his father smiled at Jerry.."not at all
son..I think you'd love it..I told you..your mom always had a heck of
a good pussy to fuck..if you ever get the'd be crazy to
pass it up..believe put the mom thing out of your mind..a mom
can be a fine piece of pussy for a found that out with your
grandma"..Jerry took a deep breath.."dad..I really liked doing it with
your mom"..his father smiled warmly back to his son.."I know..I still
love fucking her myself..there just seems to be something really
special about having your mother..naybe you'll be lucky enough to find
that out"..Jerry grinned back to his dad.."yeah..I hope so".
Jerry took his fathers advice and begin letting his mother
"accidently" see him naked at first..then he began leaving his bedroom
door open..his mother seeing him naked more often as Jerry acted as if
it were no big deal to him..he noticed on more than one occasion how
his mother would seem to stare at his penis..until one morning his
mother happened to be in the hall near the bathroom when he walked out
of his room in just a T-Shirt with a morning erection in full bloom..
Jerry feigned embarrassment telling his mom.."oh..sorry..I didn't know
you were up already"..hie watched his moms eyes move down to his
erection..then back to his eyes as she surprised him by quipping.."I
can see looks like your cock got up before both of
us..(giggled) know..I never could understand how a guy could pee
in the morning with their cock hard..I never saw your father pee in
the does a guy do that"..Jerry sensed his mothers
interest..moved past her into the bathroom..leaving the door open as
he stood in front of the toliet.."I don't just have to bend
it down and once you start peeing it goes away pretty quick"..he
glanced over to the open door..his mom stood watching him as he bent
his cock down and began making water..his mother walked in to lean
back against the vanity as he continued peeing..looking down at his
cock.."I see..I never realized how grown up you were becoming..I hope
this doesn't embarrass you..but I think you must take after my dad..I
think your going to have as large a cock as he did".
Jerry pulled his penis..squeezing out the last drops of his
water..took a deep breath.."naw..that doesn't embarrass saying
that..(another deep breath)..or you seeing my cock"..his mother smiled
at him.."well..I thought you must be feeling proud of've been
showing it a lot lately" Jerry blushed.."oh..I just never thought
about it..about you seeing me..I mean..your my mother..I'm sorry..I'll
start making sure I'm dressed"..again his mom smiled at him.."no
honey..I didn't mean that at makes me feel good you can be
that at ease around makes me feel close to you..I'm glad your
growing up not all uptight about your body"..silence between them for
a few seconds..then Jerry eased past his mom.."well..guess I'll get
dressed"..his moms voice stopping him at the doorway.."honey..would
you mind putting me some coffee on first..I feel yucky this morning..
think I'll take a bath first..when its ready..would you bring me a
cup..thanks honey".
Jerry quickly made a pot of coffee..pouring his mom a cup..
"she said she was going to take a bath..and to bring her a cup..
shit..I wonder if she'll be naked"..the mug of coffee trembled in his
hand as he walked back to the main bathroom..he could hear the tub
running behind the closed door.."naw..she'll probably stick her hand
out of the door for the cup" he thought..Jerry knocked..his mothers
voice on the other side of the door.."oh darn honey..I'm already in
the tub..could you bring it in to me"..Jerrys pulse quickened as he
opened the bathroom door and went in..avoiding looking in the
direction of the bathtub as he held the cup of coffee out towards
it..his moms voice.."oh good..I really need a cup this morning..would
you mind holding it until I can get to it..I want to finish shaving
first..have a seat on the toliet..I'll be finished in a
know..we don't get to talk much anymore it seems"..Jerry sat down on
the toilet lid with his eyes to the floor.."so honey..what are your
plans for today"..Jerry mumbled to his mother.."nothing much..just
hanging around the house I guess"..his moms voice.."does it embarrass
you to be in here with me while I take a bath..I don't think there is
anything wrong in a son to seeing his mother don't have to
keep looking at the floor honey".
Jerry mumbled.."I know..I don't either..I just didn't know if
it would make you feel funny if I saw you"..his mother simply
replied.."it's bother me only if it made you feel fuuny"..Jerry lifted
his head...his eyes moving to his mother as she sat in the bathtub
shaving her arm held above her head as the razor
cleaned the stubble growth of black hair from her under arm..her right
breast sagged heavily off her chest while her left breast was lifted
by her raised arm as she shaved..offering Jerry a full view of its
nipple..then her right breast lifted and offered its nipple to his
eyes as his mom shaved under her other arm..then watched intently as
his mother soaped her breast..lifting her tits as she washed
them..under them..then releasing her tits to hang heavily off her
chest she casually told her son.."I hope my breast don't
disappoint you..I know they're not like those girls in your
magazines..I'm afraid babies and nursing really drooped mine"
Jerry felt embarrassed for his mom..yes her tits drooped
firmness in them at all..but to him..his mom had sexier breast than he
had seen in any magazine.."mom..I think you have pretty tits..ugh..I
mean breast"...his mother glanced at him with a smile..almost a light
laugh as she ran her hands under her breast and lifted them.."honey..I
think you were right the first time..I think of breast as being
firm..I think mine are definitely "tits"..wouldn't you say"..she
released her breast to hang freely in front of her son again as
Jerry..gaining courage to talk openly to his mom quipped.."yeah..I
think you have nice big tits"..she beamed at her son.."why..thank you don't you let me finish my bath and maybe we can talk
some more later..ok"..though he had to desire to leave..Jerry left his
mom to finish her bath..quickly jerking off in his room before his mom
came out of the bathroom.
93% (95/8)
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9 months ago
A great story,,,but it was 3 years ago it was posted where's the rest,,,you can't leave us hanging
1 year ago
great start. and then???
1 year ago
Great story - is there a part 2? it's well set-up for a sequel, but haven't found it yet and your profile is restricted. But I won't give up. Gotta know what the finale is! Cheers!
1 year ago
thoroughly enjoyable. the story of my dreams. where can we read the rest of the story
3 years ago
Very hot and nasty!
4 years ago
excellent & part 2
4 years ago
VERY hot!!
4 years ago
Can't wait for Part 2. We're both horny as hell having shared ourselves among multiple family generations. Read our stories.
4 years ago
tad to long.should have broken it up into chapters other wise a good story
4 years ago
i hope there's a part 2